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Welcome to the NoLimits Roleplay!

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Welcome to NoLimits Roleplay!

We are a GTA roleplay community that strives for serious, yet fun, story-driven roleplay. A place that people can indulge in their stories, and develop fantastic characters.

NoLimits Roleplay strives for roleplay

NoLimits Roleplay is tight knit, yet welcoming, FiveM community founded in August of 2019. A server created with the goal of achieving serious and enjoyable RP. Now almost a year into operation, the server is managed by a staff team of 15-20 knowledgeable and proven storytellers. NoLimits hosts a community Discord with about 5,500 members, where there is always a place to interact with the community.

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As an employee of a whitelisted job you're the face of the server. Do you think you got what it takes? Apply now!

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We're always looking for individuals that are dedicated to improve the quality of the server. Are you interested in this position? Fill out an application now! 

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We're looking for quality role players with at least basic understanding of GTA V role play, that's why we've chosen to whitelist our server. We value quality over quantity and believe that the overall experience has increased since our whitelist. We understand applications can be tedious but we can promise you it's worth the effort! We reply to applications within 24 hours. See you in RP!

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    Oscar Steinbeck (SubUWU)

    You are such a delight to roleplay with. You're always trying to include people in your roleplay, and create a fun time for everyone. We love the ideas you've come up with for Smoke on the Water. You think outside the box from other people when it comes to hustling like when no one thought to open a little stall at the tuner shop fishing tournament selling bait and fishing polls but you did and that is one of your strong points. Thanks for always being you, with your puns and humor!

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