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    Our 3rd event is going to be on 7/23 starting at 9pm CST.
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  6. VENUS' UTOPIA : SECRET GARDEN Enter our Secret Garden, and enjoy the water show performed by our exquisite water dancers. Masked visitors are welcome to roam our Secret Garden and indulge, note that you must only reveal your identity to our security. Traveler's Guide: Upon landing to Venus' Utopia you are blessed with Venus' preservation aura, everything on your person is indestructible, even foreign money is waterproof. Once you depart from our utopia Venus' aura is revoked, and your visit will be merely but a memory. Ticket details: Date: JULY 16TH Arri
  7. More info in #announcements in discord!
  8. Music, drinks, fireworks, cars. Everything we need to celebrate murica. Event begins at 7.
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    Beginning at 6pm CST, the 2v2 Lazer Tag event will be hosted once again at The BLUE Center. More details on the event will be released soon.
  11. Kitty

    Taserski - 9pm EST

    Brought to you by Luxury International:
  12. Kitty

    July 4th

    Server Fireworks throughout day, feel free to host events
  13. Kitty

    July 4th

    Server Fireworks at Midnight - Feel free to host events
  14. Ponsonbys: Polished to Perfection will be hosting a grand opening for all of the community to enjoy!
  15. Vanilla Unicorn Friday July 2nd 7pm EST Advert to follow.
  16. Everyone's on the pinklist, meaning everyone is welcome! JUNE 25TH - 7 PM EST, 12 AM GMT - ZIP 713 Music, drinks, and free delicious juicy pizza from none other than Guido's!
  17. The Blue Light Ultimate Event Center (The BLUE Center) is going to be hosting the first Lazer Tag event. This event will consist of a minimum of 12 teams. Registration forms will be posted on 6/20 and teams will have the opportunity to pre-purchase a team pass for $20k a team. General Spectator tickets will be $1k a ticket and VIP Spectator tickets will be $2k a ticket. A bartender will be serving food and drinks during the event and a waiter will be roaming the arena to hand out beverages. Certified Medics will be on site to assist in any medical emergency. Event Security will be stationed ar
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