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    Commands /ad [msg] - post an ad in game. Can be used by pd, ems, civs. /anchor - anchors your boat /atm - access an atm machine /bag - toggle on/off bag /bagdebug - to reset your inventory space when it doesn't detect the bag /bank - access bank account in a bank /bed - used to lay down in a bed at pillbox /bmic - brings out a boom mic /bpvest - check status of your bulletproof vest /bracelet - toggle on/off bracelet /cam - brings out a big recording camera /carry - carry the player nearest you. The person being carried can do /carry to be dropped or the person carrying can do /carry to drop the person. Do not abuse or there will be consequences! /cleantable - clear the blackjack table of bugged cards. This is only on your screen only you will see the actions of this command. /cm - toggles cinematic mode /die - makes your character "dead" aka grey screen in death animation to RP out injuries that may not have killed you but you feel like maybe should have (i.e. crashing your car going 140 mph). You do not need to do this. /e [emote name] - does the emote from the list above ^ /e c - cancel an emote /e rprop - removes a prop that you currently have in your hand /ear - toggle on/off earrings /emotes - gives you a list of emotes that you can do /givecartitle- gives your car ownership to the person right next to you.. (this gives them ownership of your car.. use this carefully) /givephonenumber - gives your players phone number to the nearest person /glasses - toggle on/off glasses /hat - toggle on/off hat /id - shows your ID to an officer /job - shows your current job /license - check your owned licenses /looc [msg] - local out of character, used to send an OOC message to those around you (around 50 meters). /mask - toggle on/off mask /me [msg] - used to explain actions that you are doing i.e /me hands officer drivers license /mi - checks all infractions you have on your account (warnings, bans, kicks) /mic -brings out a small mic in hand /neck - toggle on/off necklace /notice [msg] - used to explain actions that someone may notice your character doing i.e /notice is sweating. /pants - toggle on/off pants /playbj - start playing blackjack in the casino at the tables /radio [#] - toggles the radio channel via command in cars. /report [msg] - used to contact an admin that is currently in-game to help you with something. Do NOT abuse this or you will get in trouble. /roll # - Roll a dice /rse edit - starts rockstar editor - this may crash you - it is best to load outside of server. /rse start - start recording with rockstar editor /rse stop - stop recording with rockstar editor /sellfish - allows a player to sell fish at the fish market /shirt - toggle on/off shirt /shoes - toggle on/off shoes /shuff - move to driver seat in a car /sit - toggles your ability to sit in specific chairs that aren't movable. Do /sit again to stand up. This only works in specific chairs. /startgolf - start golf at golf course (need to be at the little round building by the rental area) /stopgolf - stop golfing /th - Take someone hostage /togglechat - turns chat box on or off /toggleme (body, chat, both) - toggle where /me's show up /trunk - open the inventory of your trunk for your car. (esc) will close /vest - toggle on/off vest /watch - toggle on/off watch /invfix - If you get stuck in your inventory use this command in the F8 menu to fix. Keybinds B - Point/Seatbelt in car C - Look backward E - Horn/Interact with jobs F - Hold F to exit a car and keep the car running and the door opened. G - Offer drugs to a local H - Headlights in car K - Lock/Unlock vehicle L - Enter the passenger seat of a car (This will not let you in driver seat) M - Radio/Phone push to talk (Can be change in GTA settings, under general "interaction menu") N - Push to talk P - Map Q - Car radio R - Reload/Punch T - Text box / Command Box U - Phone - You must go to iFruit to buy a phone! X - Hands up Z - Cancel emote 2 - Open vehicle window/door UI 3 - Toggle engine on/off , - Rag doll - - Left turn signal = - Right turn signal Backspace - Hazards Shift H - Cycles through voice range settings Shift + Spacebar + G - tackle Ctr l - Crouch Caps lock - Cruise control F5 - Emote menu F7- Inventory Last updated: March 26th 2021
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    NoLimits Roleplay Job Guide This guide is here to help you through your first stages in our server. While you’re getting used to how the city works, and where everything is, these are some of the basic jobs where you can make money to give yourself a starting point for your roleplay. You are never limited to a job that is a game mechanic, be creative and come up with anything you want. If you want to deliver lettuce to restaurants, do it! You’re only limited to your imagination. - The best advice we can give you is to try, and to find out in character! - Each clock-in job typically has every step that you need to go to posted on the map, so if you’re confused, try consulting your GPS or reach out to someone in character to get help! Clock-In Jobs Noodle Delivery: This job requires you to obtain one of the noodle cars when you clock in by pressing [E]. This will then route you to each delivery. Walk up to the blue circle at the door to make your delivery. Once you run out of supplies you will have to go back to the Noodle Shop and restock your supply by pressing [G] or return your car with [E]. Vineyard: Clock in at the backdoor with [E], then go out to the vines and pick grapes with [E]. Once you have enough, you need to go back to the barrels and stomp them to make juice. You can sell the juice to the selling spot located on your map, to other players, or figure out what else you can make with it. Mining: Clock in at the truck icon location (Davis Quartz), enter the quarry and mine towards the center of the Work Zone. You need to be close to a rock wall then press [E] to mine, and click your left mouse button to mine. Then [Backspace] to stop mining. Once you get enough rocks, you can take them to the dam, to wash the rocks to get ores. Then you take those ores to the smelting factory where you can either make them just a liquid, or turn them into ingots. Lastly, you then take them to the selling post in the city. Taxi: The clock in for this job is located at Downtown Taxi Co, near the casino. Once clocked in, you will need to retrieve a taxi cab. You can get one by pressing [E] in the small orange circle near the barrel in front of the building. After you have retrieved your vehicle, you will notice there are several staging areas located around the map. Follow the prompts on your screen for instruction. Drive your taxi to one of these locations and wait to pick up a local fare. You can also take taxi calls from other players if they text the taxi line in their phone. Peaching: Peach picking requires you to clock in, pick peaches from the tree with [E] then going back to the juicer machine (near where you clock in). Once you make juice you can either sell it to other people, or take it to the selling spot located on your map. Trucking Job: Go to the trucking depot on your GPS and clock in with [E]. Then head over to the rental facility and pick out your truck [E]. Then you will need to go to the trailer spot to get the trailer you will need [E]. Back your truck up to the trailer. Then you need to get out of the truck and attach the lines and other various steps by following the guide at the top of your screen. Once your truck is ready to go, follow the GPS to your drop off location. You will need to back your truck into the delivery spot and press [E] to unload the cargo. They can be pretty tricky, but just keep trying! After you’ve delivered all of your cargo you need to take the truck back to the depot. - This is a fully custom trucking job now! It uses a "rank up system" where the more you do it, the more XP you get, the better routes/trailers you unlock. You get paid a flat rate based on the distance of your total route. You get paid at the end. Garbage Crew: Head down to the yellow garbage truck icon on your gps. Once there, you will need to press [E] in the circle to get your garbage truck. You can also do this job with your friends. Up to four people can join the job, yourself included. One person has to start the job and the other three just need to get in/on the truck. Once inside your truck, your GPS will update with each pick up you need to do. With all other participants on/in the truck, the driver will need to drive to the location on the map, then press [E] at the destination with the truck inside the yellow circle. That will then prompt the ability to pick up trash for everyone. Press [E] twice to pick up, and twice to throw in the back of the truck. Once done with your route, drive back to the garbage bay and return your truck. Hobbies: Fishing: Drag your fishing rod to “use” in your inventory. (Using bait prior to casting is optional.) Once you are waiting for a fish, you will be prompted to try to catch it with a mini game by pressing [G]. Take those fish to the fish selling posts and use /sellfish to make some money off your catches! Scuba Diving: Grab yourself some scuba gear and head over to the scuba clock-in area located on your map. Once clocked in and you have your gear on, head to the water in that marked area and you will see the spots in the water where you can search for treasure. Make sure you don’t go too deep! These items can be sold at the pawn shop or around the city. Casino: Head over to the casino and buy some chips at the cashier located on the right. Once you fill your pockets with chips, head into the room with the black jack tablets and do /playbj to try your luck against the house. Place your bets and play your cards with the prompts on screen. Crafting: We have several things you can craft in our server. We aren’t going to give you any hints though, it’s more fun to find out in character! Trial and error is part of the process. Other Illegal Jobs: We have a delivery job that is illegal, chop shop, plant growing and harvesting. We also have several different robberies including: ATMs, pacific bank, fleecas, money trucks, jewelry store, and houses. As always, the best way to find out, is in character. Anything else you can think of doing, you can with the right mindset and imagination, with or without actual game mechanics! Last updated: March 25th 2021
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    OPENING FUND RAISER @ 7 PM EST Bishop's Homeless Shelter is intended for new arrivals to the city, people with no purpose or a place to go. We aim to help in any way we can, from answering questions and sharing information to offering food, shelter and potential job opportunities. Even funding a motel room for the longer term residents is a possibility. Bishop's Homeless Shelter is a non-profit organization set up by MWR & Company as a part of their community outreach, after property and maintenance costs the shelter functions mainly on donations. Due to health & safety regulations, the shelter is unable to accept food donations.
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    TokoVoip Setup Guide For those who don't know, TokoVoip is a client-sided TeamSpeak plugin and script that adds an alternative voice chat to FiveM. It provides a better quality audio, as well as much more control. Here’s a short list of things it does: Proximity-based audio Directional audio Radio system Phone calls Radio effects Radio clicks It overall works like TFAR from Arma 3. You join a waiting TS channel and once you’re in-game and the script is running: your TS name gets changed, it moves you to the configured game channel and proceeds to handle the other player’s audio. In this guide, I will be walking you through every step you need to take to install and run TokoVoip as well as joining the NoLimits Roleplay TS channel. Requirements Disable in game voice chat in settings - turn it completely off 1) Download TS3 - https://teamspeak.com/en/downloads/ 2) Download the TokoVoip Plugin : https://github.com/Itokoyamato/TokoVOIP_TS3/releases/download/v1.5.1/tokovoip-1.5.0.ts3_plugin Installation I'm sure you all know how to download and install Teamspeak so I won't drag this out with how to install that. But if you have any troubles or questions we will have a specific room dedicated to help you get Tokovoip up and running. Step 1: Once you have arrived at the picture below, go ahead and click install. make sure you have Teamspeak running when you do this. After you click install, it will prompt you to install Teamspeak, but you should already have that installed! Step 2: Restart Teamspeak. This is a very important step. Without doing this, the Tokovoip plugin will not start. If installed properly, you should see Tokovoip in your plugins menu in Teamspeak. Joining the Teamspeak Server After you have confirmed that TokoVoip is showing under your plugins menu, you are ready to join the NoLimits Roleplay TS server. Step 1: Click on the connections tab in the top left. Step 2: Next, in the field that says "Server Nickname or Address:" copy and paste ts.nolimitsroleplay.com Step 3: Click connect. This will bring you to the main server screen and put you in the "Welcome Channel" Step 4: To be put into the "In-Game VOIP" channel, you must be in the "Waiting Room" channel. Once you are in-game you must click on the connect button under plugins and TokoVoip as shown in the image below. Tips and Tricks You can also add the server to your "Bookmarks" by selecting the bookmarks tab and then clicking "Add to Bookmarks" To change your push to talk set up: To disable annoying woman lady sounds - you need to restart teamspeak for this to take effect! You must open teamspeak before you join our server. If you open teamspeak while in the loading screen, you will get bugged and need to restart both. Like I mentioned before, if you have any problems with getting everything installed and set up, we will have a dedicated room for troubleshooting. This is a big step for immersion and personally, I'm very excited to see TokoVOIP make its way to NoLimits Roleplay. I'll see you guys in Los Santos!
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    NoLimits RP New Player Immersion Guide We as an admin team wanted to expand on the new player guide to give everyone the best experience possible. We understand there are new players, and very experienced players mixed in our community. This guide will help everyone have the best experience and not break people’s immersion. We appreciate you taking the time to read this and go through all of this information! We hope that it helps! Use of /me The /me command is very useful to show actions where there is no emote available. This is great for things like: /me holds his/her hand, /me looks sad, /me fiddles with the radio. /me grins, /me winks. But it is ONLY for actions, NOT for thoughts. We’re not mind readers. Wrong: /me thinks Betty White is a bad bitch. Right: /me looks at Betty White, nodding their head in approval. If you are wanting to have a thought expressed, or have an interaction with use /me as “/me has a puzzled look on their face”. That will usually give an RP response of “what are you thinking about?” being said out loud. You can even use /me to let those around you know that you need a sec to pause the RP without ruining anyone’s immersion. /me looks lost in thought. Then type into local ooc - /looc afk 45 sec. Use of /notice The /notice command is used to help another character insinuate or "notice" something about your character. Examples of this are: (For the sake of the examples, your characters name is Terry) /notice is texting Stacy Davis a picture of the perfect romaine lettuce /notice looks upset /notice looks lost in thought /notice has a shred of lettuce stuck between his teeth. /notice has a gash to his right knee In game, this would appear as: "You notice Terry is texting Stacy Davis a picture of the perfect romaine lettuce". or "You notice Terry looks lost in thought" /notice gets replaced for "you notice [your character name]" As with the /me commands, /notice is NOT a command to convey thoughts. Wrong: /notice is thinking about eating the juicy burger Right: /notice is licking his lips, looking and drooling at the juicy burger "Flexing" a Muscle and Voice Chat Sometimes players need to know how to do certain things. As an admin team we love that people want to help and not flood our /report in game. Be creative when telling someone how to do something. Bad example: When telling a player how to put their hands up to “flex your ‘X’ muscle”. Where on the human body is the “X” muscle? "Use your 3 muscle to start the car!" Good examples: Try to be more creative with your responses! Use things such as: “Put your arms in the shape of an X”. “Turn the key 3 times to start the car”.. These can be fun to do and create. A lot of times though, the use of /looc is best for that. See a cool emote you would like to know? Use /looc to ask “/looc what emote is that”. It might seem like splitting hairs but many players would rather see an /looc than to hear “think about dancing silly 4 times”. Telling people to ‘flex their ‘e’ muscle’ is not going to catch you a warning, but it can be done better. Don’t be lazy with your roleplay, think of creative ways to explain things, and if they are just not picking up what you’re trying to put down just tell them in /looc. When someone “sounds like a robot” they most likely can not hear you. That is another time /looc would be perfect to use. The fix for a person sounding like a robot is for them to go into the settings and turning voice chat off and then back on. Using local out of character for this would look like “/looc You sound like a robot, turn your voice chat off and back on”. A lot of players know this fix and simply saying “/looc you sound like a robot” will inform the player and they will fix it on their own. Game Crashes/Glitches Sometimes your game will crash, or glitch out, causing a need to restart FiveM, or maybe you need to go afk over something IRL real quick. Bad example: "I need to reset my brain" Good examples: Try to be more creative with your response: "I need to go to the bathroom!" and then excuse your character to an actual bathroom interior or to a bush maybe. "I need to take this important phone call" and do /e phone is another good example. You will not get in trouble for saying "I need to reset my brain", but it can be done better. Most players understand you need to restart. If someone is having voice chat issues, you can suggest “I think you need a nap”. It helps with the overall immersion of players. Sometimes it has been overheard “Why do you need a nap”. From personal experience when texture loss is an issue it has been heard as a response “I can see the ocean”. That is great. It is like that person is so tired they are seeing things they should not and need a quick power nap to get things back in order. Admins in the City As most of you know, the admin team loves to RP too. We would like help from all of you to make sure our immersion is not broken. Too many times, while in an active RP scenario, admins are approached and said to “Hey admin, can I ask you a question” or “Are you a god?”. That is going OOC and is against the rules. Remember, the rule states that you are only to go OOC when an admin asks you to, not the other way around. If you have a question type /report followed by your question in game, or make a ticket. If you are going to refer to admins in game, we would appreciate it if you referred to us as “the Government / City Council’ For example “the government is importing new cars soon”. We are not “Gods” and referring to us as actual admins breaks people’s immersion at times. But do not go up to admins in game and call them “the government worker or part of the city council”.. Darla is not a part of that, Darla is a part of the SAFR.. Stacy is not “on the city council” she is on the SASP. In-Character (IC) Vs Out Of Character (OOC) What occurs IC is not a reflection of who you are, or the person giving the RP as a human. We are all playing a character. That character should not be a direct reflection of who you are IRL. Sure some bits and pieces might be sprinkled in a character. What this is basically suggesting is if person A says that person B is a heartless bitch, they do not actually think that way about you. It is how their character feels about your character based on the RP given. With that said, any IC conflict needs to be handled IC. Someone has a problem with your character, then you need to figure out a way for your character to solve that issue. Going to DMs to solve conflict takes away a chance for good RP. Most good people who RP always leave a door open for conflict to be resolved. It might be as simple as an apology, or it could be a more complex way of showing good faith. You have every right to RP your character to have a “fuck it” attitude and decide mending that relationship is not worth it. If that is the choice you make for your character do not be upset or take it personally when shade is thrown your way by another character because of this. Furthermore, understand that some characters are tied together. Being that if two characters are close, then expect that if your character has a problem with one of those people, the other might have a problem with you as well. Depending on what the RP is, any conflict can be resolved eventually once the solution is figured out. Like so many staff say to people, want to know how to solve and resolve conflict? Find out IC. Use of Alt Characters The use of alternate characters is amazing to be able to start a new story. Alternate characters are often referred to as “cousin, uncle, sister, and brother”. Get out of your comfort zone. Try something completely different. If all your characters are related it can get really meta’y and hard to keep track of the details. We prefer NONE of your characters be related to each other for this reason. ‘But everyone recognizes my voice, and calls me by my Main, so I made this one related’ - To me, voices are so meta. If you recognize a voice and greet them... and they tell you “you’re mistaken... that’s not me.. I’m so-and-so.” Do NOT push the issue. Realize OOC this is an alt character and have your character introduce themselves as if it’s a stranger. Do not meta this information. Your character has no idea these people are ‘tied’ somehow. - Information that is known on a different character should not be shared. Doing so, saying your alternate character is somehow related to another character of yours is considered META and also falls under powergaming. Reminders: What happens to your character good or bad is NOT happening to YOU. What is said to your character is NOT TO BE TAKEN PERSONALLY. It wasn’t directed at you.. It was directed at your character. That’s the fun of Roleplay. You can have these back and forth interactions with people. Good AND bad interactions, and you KNOW it’s all pretend. This isn’t real life, It’s roleplay. Roleplay is a dance - You do something, people respond to it. They do things, you respond to it. Do not be afraid to lose. Losing brings such great roleplay. Nobody ‘wins’ all the time. Not criminals, not cops, nobody wins all the time. Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug. Don’t take things so personally. Letting someone make you look weak, and them look strong in a scenario is ‘taking a loss’ and hopefully roles will be reversed next time. Roleplay should be drawn out, do not try to end a scenario in 5 minutes. Put effort into building the story, dance a little bit with the other person, go back and forth, give in, give out, have fun. New Player Guide Link Rules Link This was created by: Toro and Currency Posted and formatted by: Matt
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    New Player Guide Welcome to NoLimits Roleplay! Make sure to read all of our rules that can be found here: NoLimits Roleplay Rules Please take the time to read over this guide, as it will help you set up everything to get started in the city! Be sure to join our Discord for your whitelist role, and to stay up to date on change logs, and community events. We also did a comedic “Good vs Bad RP” video you can check out. Mic Setup Follow this awesome guide made by @Mack to set up everything Teamspeak and Tokovoip related: Registering a Character When you first join the server, you will be prompted to register your character. Please choose an appropriate, realistic name, and date of birth that matches your character’s story. Once completed you will be spawned at the airport to customize your character. Make sure you cycle through the “tshirt” and “arms” options to make sure you have no poking through clothing or your arms showing through in some places. If you don’t see clothes at first, give it a little bit of time to download as we have custom clothing in our server and it will fix itself. If you accidentally back out of character creation, or you decide something just doesn’t look quite right, head to the “lips” (plastic surgeon) on your map to fix it. Alternatively, you could F8 Quit, relog and delete the character and start over. You can have a maximum of 5 characters, each have their own unique items, inventories, cash, jobs, assets, etc. Licenses & Jobs It’s highly suggested to get a drivers license asap. You don’t want to get a ticket your first day! The DMV is located on the map as “DMV” with a white driving wheel marker. The driving school starts with a written test, then a driving test. There are 3 different driving licenses you can obtain: regular driver’s license, motorcycle, and CDL. You can also obtain your weapons license at the ammunation for a cost. Once you get the proper license, find a job that is perfect for you! You will earn your salary (paycheck) every 7 minutes in game. After being around for some time and getting the hang of things, you can choose to apply for some of our whitelisted jobs such as PD, EMS, mechanic, lawyer/judge, or any of our other businesses. Whitelisted Jobs: Application for EMS Application for Police Application for Lawyer/Judge Note: You are never limited to a job that is a base game mechanic, be creative and come up with anything you want. If you want to deliver lettuce to restaurants, do it! You’re only limited to your imagination. Click here to see our more in depth job guide. Apartments Apartments will charge you 3% of the original cost, daily. You need to have this money in your bank, not in your pockets. It will charge you regardless if you are online or offline. If you fail to keep enough money in your bank to cover your apartment costs, you will not only lose your place to live, but also everything in it. These items will not be refunded because of eviction. Garages and Cars You can purchase vehicles up to $100k from the PDM dealership. (You can also purchase donator cars here too.) This dealership is good for starter cars, but typically isn’t manned by anyone, and is with a game mechanic to view, then purchase the car. We also have a dealership called Luxury Autos that sells all cars (including those at PDM, and donator cars). This is a player owned dealership! We have tons of custom cars, and a lot of GTA V base cars as well. We add cars very frequently to the server. Going to this dealership provides a great optimal roleplay experience. Use the favorites option in your phone to reach out to someone if no one seems to be around and they will be in touch! Public garages are located all over the map. You also have the ability to have one at your apartment or house, if you own one. At the garages, you will see a red circle (where you store your car), a green circle (where you take out your car) and a yellow circle (where your car is sent if impounded). You can only store/pull out cars that you purchase in your garage, unless you share a house with someone. Cars are impounded if: you leave your car in a non-populated area and run out of the area (car normally just disappears - FiveM/GTA thing, we can't change that). Police can also impound a car if you are sent to jail, or one of the towing companies may impound your car or take it back to their lot for you to pick up for a small fee. Players can also steal your car if it is unlocked. If your car is in your garage or impound, that means it is somewhere out in the city. You can wait until a server restart to get it back or try to find it. Do not abuse this system to pull out multiples of your own car, this is considered exploiting. You can sell cars back behind the dealership (you lose money obviously) or you can sell them to other players permanently using the /givecartitle command (must be next to the car that you own, the person must be right by you and the car as well). This command moves the car from your name to the other player's name, so use it wisely. You are actually giving the car to that player for good. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! - You cannot do this with donator cars. Large Weapons Taking big weapons out from your buttcheeks is considered fail RP. If you have a weapon larger than a handgun, please walk up to your car to 'retrieve' it or do a /me takes gun out of bag. The same standards are held for officers and will be treated equally when reported. How to Roleplay We are a serious roleplay server that welcomes new players. We do not care if you have 0 RP experience, as long as you are willing to learn and try, then you are fine. However, we are not going to put up with people who are trolling, or who have no intent to actually roleplay. We want our community members to always be in character and do as their character would. The biggest thing to realize is IC (In-Character) vs OOC (Out of Character). Do not take anything out of character. If someone has some "beef" with your character in-game, RP it out. There is no reason to get offended OOC and bring it into Discord or other forms of out of game communication. Along with that, do not bring OOC, In Character. If your character didn't see it with their own eyes, or gets told the information verbally or via text/twitter, then your character knows nothing about it, this is metagaming if you use it in character. You will know a ton of things OOC, but you cannot use that information IC because your character hasn't been given that information. Keeping IC vs. OOC separate is something every roleplayer has to do. Examples of roleplay reactions: You are jaywalking and all a sudden a car hits you going 40 MPH. You get knocked out by the car. What should you do? You can "call EMS" using your phone (U). When EMS arrives on scene you can verbally talk and tell them what hurts you or you can use /me commands to tell them your injuries. For example: *EMS comes up and checks your pulse and looks for injuries, etc.* You do: /me is unconscious and seems to have gotten hit by a vehicle. Left-arm has a lot of scrape marks and blood. Right leg is twisted weirdly. EMS will then help treat your wounds, you should continue responding to them in /me commands or you can become conscious again and start talking or making sounds of discomfort. You do not always need to roleplay unconscious! Never break character with EMS! You get into a verbal altercation with someone. The person decides to swing at you, punching you right in the face, you fall to the ground. What should you do? -Call EMS. When EMS arrives on scene you can verbally talk or use /me commands depending on what you believe your injuries are. For example: *EMS comes up to you and checks pulse, looks for injuries, etc.* You say: "I was standing over here at Legion square, this man got aggressive and he punched me right in the face, my right eye is really hurting me right now!" EMS would then treat your wounds and make sure you are okay. Continue to respond to EMS. You can also call the police if you wish to press charges against someone. You get shot by someone multiple times. What should you do? When EMS arrives on scene you can verbally talk or use /me commands depending on what you believe your injuries are. For example: *EMS comes up to you and checks pulse, looks for injuries, etc.* You do: /me got shot multiple times, losing blood quickly and has a low pulse. Was shot once in the arm, twice in the right leg. EMS would then treat your injuries and take you to the hospital for treatment. Additional Notes: We are not a cops vs. robbers server. We should all be trying to build up character storylines, we do not want to just start robbing banks or kidnapping cops within our first 24 hours in a new city. Try to make friends and build connections. On our server, we try to avoid gunplay as much as possible. 99% of the time a gun is pulled, it should not be fired, use it as intimidation. Taking someone's life is a big deal, and should be roleplayed as such. We want people to have fun, create a character, and be able to enjoy their time with us. If you need an admin, you can simply to /report [explanation of what happened] and it will be dealt with accordingly. Everyone is here to roleplay and have fun, do not ruin it for others or there will be consequences. Be sure to read the rest of this guide as well as our rules posted on this website! If you ever have any questions, be sure to use the #help-room in discord. Roleplay is a dance - You do something, people respond to it. They do things, you respond to it. Do not be afraid to lose. Losing brings such great roleplay. Nobody ‘wins’ all the time. Not criminals, not cops, nobody wins all the time. Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug. Don’t take things so personally. Letting someone make you look weak, and them look strong in a scenario is ‘taking a loss’ and hopefully roles will be reversed next time. Roleplay should be drawn out, do not try to end a scenario in 5 minutes. Put effort into building the story, dance a little bit with the other person, go back and forth, give in, give out, have fun. Last updated: March 25th 2021
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    NoLimits Roleplay Rules If you break rules you will be spoken with, which can lead to a warning. 3 warnings is a 24 hour ban, 6 warnings is a week ban, and 9 warnings is a permanent ban. We let minor things or slip-ups slide, and believe in roleplay over ruleplay. If you need an admin do /report in game, or make a ticket in discord. Temp bans cannot be appealed. All kicks/bans are admin discretion. Bannable Offenses Exploiting- If you find a bug or exploit in the server, you should open a ticket in discord and let staff know. Hacking- Any kind of hacking (mod menus, money, etc.) This includes crosshairs, we're a roleplay server. Not GTA online. Offensive RP- Roleplaying sexual assault, suicide, terrorist, and pregnancy, etc. is not allowed. Torture RP must be agreed upon by all parties beforehand. This can be a simple /looc. Respect- No racial slurs, politics, homophobic slurs, religious hate etc. Do not call people derogatory slurs because of who they are behind the screen, if a "male" is roleplaying as a "female" do not call them offensive slurs. - Do not have any political or religious activities/names included in your roleplay. Warnable Offenses Breaking character- Do not break RP unless spoken to by an admin who is investigating something as an admin. Combat logging/storing- Leaving the server while involved in an active scenario with other players (being arrested, in the hospital, in a traffic stop, etc.) You are also not allowed to store a car in your garage mid pursuit or run into an apartment/home/motel to deposit items mid pursuit. ERP- Is not allowed. We are going to draw the line at the point where clothes start coming off and graphic sexual acts become a thing. Hand holding, kissing, hugging, dirty dancing are all fine. FailRP- Using actions that can be unrealistic to real life or disturb RP experience of other people. Multiple rules fall under this. Green zones- All hospitals are green zones. This includes, for example Pillbox's sidewalk, but not across the street. (Zero combat or guns allowed in these areas.) Large groups- You should not be in a group that is larger than 5 people in conflict. If conflict occurs, communication must be had to decide who will leave. This also applies to cops. Metagaming- Using knowledge gained outside of in-game RP. In our community, you are NOT allowed to use third-party communications at all. Do not go into other players streams while you are actively in the server. New Life Rule- If you are downed and use /respawn you must not remember the scenarios leading up to that ‘down’. You can try to piece things together by asking around and gaining knowledge with clues, but your character will not remember it without proper investigation, and you should RP as such. Both parties should try to avoid each other for at least 25 minutes prior to engaging in any further interaction. If you get injured and down, you should focus on "healing" and "getting better" not focus on getting revenge. RP out your injuries. You may not use /respawn if EMS/PD is on the way to rescue you, or if you are in the middle of a scenario. Note: Being in a gang war is no exception to this rule. Planes/helicopters- Do not steal helicopters, planes (or tanks) from anywhere on the map. Powergaming- Using in-game or RP mechanics to alter a situation to benefit your character. RP every situation to the fullest and do not ruin the experience of others. Do not corner people in RP and force them to do stuff with no other choices. Character must be human. No super-human strengths. RDM/VDM- Random/Vehicle deathmatch. You must interact with players and not kill others without a reason or any in character exchange. No hitman RP. Do not kill or down players before a server restart as a way to "mess around." Robbing people- You can not force someone to /givecartitle, force them to go to their apartment/house or to an ATM to take more of their items/money. You can only rob what that person has on them at the time. Robbing/taking hostage of cops- When attempting to steal ARs from cops, you are only allowed to do so if you have had sight of that weapon (in their hand) during that scenario. Once you lose sight of it (in a chase/you lose sight of the police officer), that resets your ability to steal it. If you don't see it, you cannot take it. - There must be a minimum of 4 cops on duty for you to take one of them. You should not take cops or rob them from their police issued items if they are short staffed. Valuing lives- You must value your life as if it were your last. If someone is holding you at gun point, you must comply. If you are outnumbered, you must comply with their demands. - If a person values their own life and are following all orders, you may not kill them. If they are not cooperative, you do not have to value their life. Vigilante RP- Please do not go around as a vigilante and trying to save other players from players. (Civs from cops, cops from civs etc.) Guidelines Discords- If you created another discord for either a business, gang or anything else that is server related, you must invite a Senior Admin+ to that discord and give them full permission to view every room. This rule applies to Admins who own a NLRP discord as well, the Senior Admin invited must be someone non-affiliated to that group. Firestarting- Do not post stuff in ooc places that will intentionally start arguments or hostility towards or between other community members. This includes streams, and Discord. Permadeath- You decide when your character is actually dead. If you /me no pulse, dead - you are to delete that character. No one can powergame you into killing off your character. Using /me- /me commands do not describe thoughts. If someone does a /me command to take your phone, tracker, radio, or weapon, you must not use those items until they are returned to you. You can NOT lie using /me commands. You must cooperate, even if it "self incriminates." Gang Rules If you are not a whitelisted gang, please keep in mind of the following: Until you are whitelisted, you are considered a criminal organization. Criminals Orgs are limited to 5 members at any given time. See 5 man rule. (You cannot have the max 10 members that whitelisted gangs are allowed to have.) This also means you will not be able to claim territory, or declare war on any other org, or gang. Once whitelisted, you will be able to claim territory, declare war, and have the max members. Please note: Whitelisted gang status can be removed based on server rule breaks, and admin discretion at any time, for any number of reasons, ex. inactivity. Gangs are not above server rules, and are closely monitored by the admin team. All gang/org discords must have a senior admin + in them with full permissions. Gang application can be found here: https://nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/forms/30-gang-application/ Whitelisted Gang Rules: 10 Man per gang, 5 Man per criminal activity. War rules MUST be laid out before in an IC meeting with both leaders. Terms should be then written out and posted in the #gang-war-terms discord channel once both parties have agreed upon them. (We ask for this so we know what is going on, and when not to intervene. Ex. if you have shoot on sight agreements, we don’t want to warn someone for RDM if it was agreed upon.) Additional things we think you should discuss, but not limited to: Shoot on sight, who can be involved, and amount of people that can be involved (up to 10 when gang v gang. 5 Man rule still applies to other criminal activities), where attacks can happen, times, interactions with downed players, end goals, etc. You may have as many members as you want in your territory. If a fight starts on your own turf, then all members can participate (up to the total of 10). However, if you go to another gang’s turf, you can only take up to 4 of your members with you (for a total of 5), and be prepared if you start something for possible retaliation since you’re on their turf. When having meetings with other gangs/leaders these are to be held on neutral grounds where the 5 man limit will come into affect. If things get heated do not run back to your turf to involve the rest of your gang, this also goes for when you are going up against PD, it is powergamey to run back to your block to get the rest of your gang involved. If during war police show up, gangs are not to turn on the police and open fire. This would be breaking the 5 man rule as the situation has turned into all gang members from both parties vs police. Limit your turf to holding a block/area. You don’t own half the map. Gang war must be 1v1 only. You cannot use alliances during war. Additional tips: Build storyline, you don’t always need to result in gun play, we are not a WW3 GTA:O server. War needs to have resolution. You also aren’t hot shit on day one, don’t just come into the server thinking you are the baddest gang banger out there. Issues that are not listed in our rules will be up to staff discretion - staff have the final word in anything, do not disrespect them or argue. Expect more to be added or changed here. We will notify everyone if significant changes happen to our rules. If you have any questions or concerns about the rules you can open a ticket in our discord. Immersion Guide Link New Player Guide Link Thanks for reading! Last Updated: April 2nd, 2021
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