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    October 10th Change Log We have been working on getting rid of a few useless things in the city as well as things that have been causing some performance issues. Our plan is to iron out all the texture issues that we may have (which may hopefully fix the man face issue, as well as the tokovoip issue) and then we plan on maybe increase server size once this is done and fully tested. Reminder that you can make suggestions on the website right here. Changes - The old black market interior from months ago has been removed - Police speedo inventory fixed - More food has been added to Burgershot - Vehicle rental at cemetary has been removed - The Rehab interior was removed because it was causing performance issues, blip has also been removed - There are a few "roof top pools" in the city that now have a teleport so you can access them. These are great spots to go hang out on a roof with friends. You go up to a door and it will say Press E to go to roof, there is then one on the roof that says Press E to go to ground. - There is a new pawn shop in Paleto - A female hair has been added to the whitelist for the wheel - Some changes to racing have been made - You can now craft a new repair kit. Won't give out too much info with that - The old law office was removed and a new one was put in that is already a gta interior in the city. - There is a new motel in the city - The tutorial has been removed, it was useless and out of date - The no trespassing signs at dock were removed, we are reducing amount of resources in the city and this was its own. - Racing has been altered a bit to have more visuals - Police, EMS and Mechanics can now go OFF DUTY without reporting to admins. PD: lockerooms, EMS: Pillbox lockeroom (we just realized we need to move this due to garages for ambulances) Mechanics: Somewhere in Jeb's interior. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CLOCK OUT WHEN YOU ARE GOING OFF DUTY FOR THESE JOBS. You can stay on the character and "be civ", but CLOCK out first. Some server stuff requires "cops on duty" or "ems on duty" - Motel inventories should work now. Al figured out the issue that was causing them to break and has fixed. If you store multiple weapons in your motel, you should be fine, ammo does not stack on them and will remain independent in the motel inventory. - Loading screen updated - You can now use a bag of weed to get the raw cannabis back. Car Changes - McLaren 720s no longer rolls, top speed buffed - Aston Martin Vanquish no longer spins off line and corners - Porsche 918 no longer flips when taking sharp turns - Lambo urus body roll fixed and wheel spin fixed - 911 turbo s improved handling - Bentley cont. super sport speed buffed and turning fixed - Sultan RS buffed - Zentorno now RWD and handling fixed - BF raptor brakes and handling fixed - Supra handling fixed - Audi r8 brakes better - Omnis reduced speed, but improved handling -Infiniti G35 handling buffed - Honda s2000 handling buffed - Jeep SRT no longer a boat - BMW m4 handling improved, top speed lowered a bit - Rolls Royce Wraith no longer spins off line and better turning - Acura NSX better grip and handling - Dubsta 6x6 turning fixed - Silver s15 sound changed and wheel spin fixed. Bug Fixes - Explosions at Pearls should stop - Repair kit timers have been fixed to 45 seconds instead of 60. - LS customs now has a 15 second repair time when you press E. - Robbery truck timeouts fixed - Two errors with drug script have been fixed, they were just minor, had no impact, but are gone now As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord. If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!
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    September 26th Change Log This is a smaller change log when compared to most. Al has spent a lot of time this week working on a new queue and getting our server as up to date with current fivem releases as possible. Many behind the scenes issues have been resolved. Thank you everyone for being patient while we continue working on updates on a bi-weekly manner for you guys! Reminder that you can make suggestions on the website right here. Don't forget, we have a community meeting this Friday, October 2. Look in #announcements in discord for more information! Changes - The old Jeb's towing lot has been removed. That lot used to drop your FPS by 20. - New (not really "new" but our old one) Jeb's towing lot by Bennys. It is marked on the map and all job functionalities have been moved to that lot now. - The docks parking lot has some new signs. - There are now two functioning bars in the restaurant by Legion Square. - The pole in the Vanilla Unicorn now has no collisions, you can properly dance on it now if you line it up properly. - When you do /respawn, you now spawn at Lower pillbox outside - Loading screen has been updated - House robberies have some new items in them and chances. - We now have a new queue set up - The /help menu was removed as it was pretty useless Bug Fixes - Benny's should be able to see all suspension upgrades now. - Senior admins and above can now do /oi without any issues - A lot of behind the scenes server side updates that would bore you have been done as well. As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord. If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!
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    SASP Scared Straight @Bolingbroke Penitentiary, 8PM EST
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    VU costume party at the Vanilla Unicorn.
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    Pj Birthdaybash
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    Member Representatives What is it? How does it work? - The main focal point of Member Representatives is to help connect the staff team with the community and bring forward and concerns that the member base may have. You will work with the admin team to express concerns about the community and what you see occurring from your perspective. You can bring up pressing topics to admins to help bring a change to the server. Admins have a limited perspective on the server and may not see everything “the average player” sees. - You will not have any special privileges in the city or server. You will have a discord role and access to chat rooms with admin reps.. (Not admin chats). - This role has NO effect in the game. You are a regular civ, you will not be dealing with tickets or any admin related reports. This is an ooc role. - Member Representatives will meet with the 5 Admin Reps. on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis and have a verbal meeting about any issues or things they would like addressed. - The Admin Reps will work with the Member Reps to try to come to an agreement (if they can not, the admin reps can reach out to other admins). Once an agreement is made, a member rep can post in #community-updates about the solution or what has been discussed with the admin reps. - Member Reps. will also be speakers at the community meetings each month. We plan on having a community meeting once a month now, this will mean that the meetings will be shorter, and we are able to connect as a community and express any issues that we have before they become larger. - This group is voted into their position by other members to represent them. While being a Member Rep you must: - Promote a higher standard of personal behavior and RP. - Work with staff to create a better community environment for everyone. Admin Representatives: - The following 5 admins are leading this initiative at the beginning: Matt, Toro, Kitty, Umee & Mack - After the first term, admins will be nominated and voted after similar to the members, but only senior admins+ can serve consecutive terms (Due to a smaller pool of people and not everyone wants to take this responsibility). - Each term must have at least 1 Director, 1 Senior Admin, and 1 Admin. Up to a total of 5 admins per term. How to go about being a Member Representative: - We will open applications to nominate yourself as a Member Representative. You must have a clean record, be friendly with the current Administration team. If you were banned and had been unbanned, please reach out to see if you are able to nominate yourself (This will be case by case). - After nominations have been made, we will open the voting up to the general public. Everyone can vote for as many people as they want, but those with the top 5 votes will be “elected” for that term. The reason for voting is we want people that the community can trust to communicate their concerns with admin reps. - All members of this team are voted by the community. We will allow up to 5 members per “term”. Each term will last two months. When the end of a term comes, we will open up nominations for 3 days and then allow voting for 4 days. After the 4 days, the 5 most voted for members will gain the role and position. - You can be removed from the Member Rep. team at any point. Some reasons for removal: Being banned, inactivity for a month, not filling your position as expected. - Admins can not run for this position. You may also not apply for any admin position while being a Member Rep. - If a Member Rep is removed, the other Reps can choose someone to take their place (as long as they are not an admin, and agreed upon by the admin team overlooking the Member Reps.) This person will serve the remainder of the person’s term. - If you were a Member Rep for one term, you can not apply for the next 2 terms. This is to give more people a chance. If you were brought in as a replacement for a Rep, then you can run the next term. If you think this is for you, then nominate yourself here: https://forms.gle/ReDpTZoLcJC5UNtE6
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