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  1. 3.0 Relaunch Common Questions How will government job applications work with 3.0? There will be an application for the chief/owner role. Everyone in the PD, EMS, and Mechanic will keep their job, however they will start back at the lowest rank, and the chief/owner will promote who they see fit from within after they have been trained as hierarchy is needed. All other jobs, and businesses will need to be reestablished through storyline in character. There will be some other applications for bigger businesses, but everyone will be starting over with those. How will Patreon work? Depending on your highest paid tier of Patreon (anytime since February 2020, the beginning of our Patreon) you will receive a voucher for that tier for one month. Example: If you’ve paid for both a Gold and Diamond tier in the past, you will receive a Diamond voucher. You will get the X amount of plates, and a number change according to that tier. (Diamond 4 plates, Gold 3 plates, etc etc.) There will be no reserving of plates or numbers. You will not receive any compensation for cars you previously owned. You will get the ability to purchase them back in the server with in-game currency. You will need to open a ticket to request your voucher at any point in which you choose to use it. You do not need to use it right away. What’s the plan with the economy? The economy is being completely wiped. Nothing is coming over that has to do with assets, money, guns, items. The entire economy is being reworked, and will not be as inflated as it previously was. Jobs are going to be changed, some new and old ones. The economy will be very player driven. If a store is out of stock of an item, then someone will need to haul deliveries over to it to restock. This promotes more RP between jobs and players. What is going on with bans? Anyone banned from the beginning of December 2021 until 3.0 will remain banned and need to appeal their ban via the ban form on the forum. However, anyone before that period of time needs to fill out this form (https://forms.gle/5sksAMBeRPbdBjNK6) if they want to come back. This basically states you’re acknowledging you’re on thin ice, and can be re-banned again without warning if you’re breaking rules. You also understand your negative behavior impacted the server, and you plan on working on self improvement. Note: These bans are not guaranteed to be wiped, any bans that fall into hate speech, harassment, or after December 2021 will not be accepted. Will there be new maps, cars, and clothes? Cars and clothes will be similar to how they are currently, but reintroduced at a slow pace. New maps are included, and some will be added back in over time. Are we having a memory wipe? You can keep your memory if you plan on rolling out the same character you had in 2.0. Since everything is going to be changing, we expect everyone to use the storyline of anything similar to the “economy crashing” for the big changes to jobs, gang territories, and other storylines. If you wish to not have memory of this, you are more than welcome to reroll another character. Are we allowed to bring back dead characters? The short answer is no. Since we are allowing you to keep your memories, it doesn’t make sense to bring back a dead character. You can reroll a character similar to your dead one if you would like to play that character again. Will there be a voting system for Mayor? Yes! There is a voting system with the new framework and will look into using it down the line. What will businesses look like with 3.0/wipe? There will not be any MLO businesses at the beginning. Down the line you will go to the Mayor's office to get those businesses approved. They will be your main person between that line of IC/OOC contact for dev/admin approval. There will be no more website suggestions for businesses. We will be slowly introducing this as the server progresses. Will guns be automatic? Yes! There are also some other changes with weapons that you will need to figure out in character. Headshots will still be removed. Will there be more crackdown on rulebreaks? Yes! It is always the goal to make the server more enjoyable, which also means more action taken against those breaking rules. Anyone who comes back that was previously banned will be on thin ice. We are also moving our player reports to the website in a ticket form, and they will no longer be in Discord. This is to promote members to accurately fill out reports, and reflect on the situation using the guided questions. What is changing with gangs? If you want to claim a “lore friend gang block” you will need to be running that gang in it’s respective area. You can still make your own gang with your own name, but you cannot claim an area that is GTA lore related without using/being in the correct gang. (Example: Forum = The Families [green], Grove = Ballas [purple], 180 = Marabunta Grande [Blue] etc etc.) Why should we choose NoLimits over another server? You would choose no limits after the wipe because, how often do you get a chance to roleplay on a server from the beginning where everyone is on an even playing field? Going to another server you will be starting from the bottom but up against established people on the server already. In addition, we have a fair staff team who put roleplay first. We do everything we can to promote good roleplay in the server, by doing things like workshops like we have in the past for anyone in the community. We also aim to have one of the friendliest and most inclusive communities on fivem and I think that is what really sets us apart from other servers. We are always trying to better the community for everyone and listen to the community with any feedback they might have. 3.0 is a good example. A lot of the community wanted the things that we are bringing with 3.0 and part of the decision for bringing something new was feedback from the community. Why was 3.0 announced so early, without a release date? We wanted to release the information as soon as we could. We have a goal set to be the first week of February. We have been working on this update for over a month and a half now, and is the reason why there has not been a lot of new stuff being added to the main server. We didn’t want players to think we just halted all dev work, when really there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. We are also trying to be more transparent with everyone with what is going on, and what we are doing. We know that announcing it this early “killed player activity”. We are planning on doing quite a few fun events in the main server prior to wipe to fully get that “economy crash” RP set up, so it’s not just a big shock when players return.
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