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  1. Every two weeks when Member Representative meet, they will nominate 3 players that deserve the role until the next nomination. If you want to nominate someone (not yourself) for the next term of the @Noticed Member role, DM a Member Rep and let them know who, and why. The perks include: A pretty shiny role right under Member Reps, and prior queue if you don't already have it. 07/21/2021 Juan Pablo Zapato Juan Pablo from the immersive mexican accent, to the loyalty to Santa Muerta Vagos even when you were left on your own, you stuck to the roleplay a
  2. December 13th Change Log We had a community meeting (12/5/2020) if you missed it you can watch it back here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/827172313 Changes - You can now anchor your boat with /anchor - PD can now enter houses that are getting robbed (bug fix) - Added a fun surprise to the vehicle rentals - Lowered prices on furniture - Re-branding of Jeb's to Hookers Towing and Repairs - Clothing - Vehicle Livery's - Phone name - A6 no longer has sirens - Fixed Taurus handling -
  3. Laura

    RC event

    4PM est Redwood light track
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    Sign up required Vinewood Bowl
  5. Laura

    Ugliest Car Show

    7PM EST Sandy Airport
  6. Laura

    Turkey Tag

    5PM EST Kortz Center Bring your own tazer
  7. Definitely will have a talk during out meeting about the amount of force that is acceptable to be used in all kinds of different scenario's!
  8. Also to add, that this is not my opinion directly! I definitely think having more options as a gang drug and territory wise is definitely going to help. Also, it's fairly easy for one 'rotten apple' to ruin it for the rest, so please don't be afraid to continue your gang RP!
  9. Thank you to everyone who has taken their time to respond to the survey. It really helps us as a community to see what has to be changed and what are the positive things in the community that we want to keep promoting in the future. I will be going over each topic, highlight the positives and the negatives and 'respond' to some of the criticism where explanation is needed. 1. What do you think about police RP right now Officers are trying to end scenario's too quickly. Too quick to use lethal force or other 'tactics' like pitting, tazing and tackling that end role
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    Congratulations DIRECTOR! ❤️

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  11. Name: Stacy Davis Date of Birth: 02-20-1995 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Sex: Female Hair: Blonde (wearing a wig, slightly balding in the back of head) Eye color: Blue (wearing prescription glasses, 20/80) Body type: Fit and trained First language: English Other languages: A little bit of German Origin: Sandy Shores, San Andreas (The United States) Early Life Stacy Davis, the daughter of Mia Davis, a nurse, and Henk Davis, a retired BSCO Sheriff, was born on a Monday, February 20, 1995 in Sandy Shores Hospital, San Andreas. Stacy has had a very decent upbringing. Bot
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