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  1. Kitty

    Taserski - 9pm EST

    Brought to you by Luxury International:
  2. Kitty

    July 4th

    Server Fireworks throughout day, feel free to host events
  3. Kitty

    July 4th

    Server Fireworks at Midnight - Feel free to host events
  4. *Copyright music will be played.
  5. [Invite Only - Via Text] *Copyright music will be played.
  6. Kitty

    Grape Vyne

    Grand Opening
  7. Kitty

    Community Meeting

    More details soon. 5 PM EST in Discord
  8. Scavenger Hunt 4/2! Event will start at 8pm EDT – 1am BST – Take part, and the first team to find all locations wins $100k total, second team $50k. You can have 2 people per team. Must be driving a burger car. Meet at Luxury Autos (carpool please) 15 minutes before start time to get your vehicle. The first picture will be posted, then after you find each location, you'll need to email @Kittyy#0001 or @Umee#0001 (Vylette or Omar) with a selfie at the location to get the next hint!
  9. Kitty

    Taser Tyres!

    Luxury Autos Presents: Taser Tyres Wednesday, March 31st @ Postal 843- University Campus – 7pm EST – Midnight BST Tasers and Vehicles for the event will be provided so leave your cars and weapons at home! This will be a 1v1 bracket style tournament with the winner taking home a Drift Yosemite and $100k, there will be prizes for second place too! The goal? To take out all your opponents tyres with a taser before they take out yours! Simple! Free sign up’s will take place anytime between now and the event, just come see Omar or Vylette.
  10. Commands /ad [msg] - post an ad in game. Can be used by pd, ems, civs. /anchor - anchors your boat /atm - access an atm machine /bag - toggle on/off bag /bagdebug - to reset your inventory space when it doesn't detect the bag /bank - access bank account in a bank /bed - used to lay down in a bed at pillbox /bmic - brings out a boom mic /bpvest - check status of your bulletproof vest /bracelet - toggle on/off bracelet /cam - brings out a big recording camera /carry - carry the player nearest you. The person being carried can do /carry
  11. NoLimits Roleplay Job Guide This guide is here to help you through your first stages in our server. While you’re getting used to how the city works, and where everything is, these are some of the basic jobs where you can make money to give yourself a starting point for your roleplay. You are never limited to a job that is a game mechanic, be creative and come up with anything you want. If you want to deliver lettuce to restaurants, do it! You’re only limited to your imagination. - The best advice we can give you is to try, and to find out in character! - Each clock-in job typically has ev
  12. Feel free to fill out a feedback form here: https://nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/forms/13-nolimits-roleplay-feedback/
  13. Can still view them at PDM. Just can't buy them there. Not really needed when we're never busy. We're basically always open.. Just text the line. We don't wanna stand around all day so we go RP.
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