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  1. Discord Roles Directors: Directors are owners of the server. They run and manage everything from the community to the admins. Please remember to follow chain of command prior to reaching out to them about server related things. Lead Admins: Lead Admins are here to help everyone! They keep the Directors in check with not only the Admin team, but with the community as well. They manage the acceptance and training of new admins and any punishment with current admins. They also handle everything listed below for admins. Senior Admins: Senior Admins are admins who have been in the admin position for 6 months consecutively. They help with voting on admin applications, and assist monitors NLRP related Discords. They also handle everything listed below for admins. Administrators: Administrators are those who deal with any issue you may come in contact with. Whether that be rule breaks, having answers of typical FAQ's, to helping with any tickets that end up being an admin related. They are your go to, and always willing to assist. Trial Admins: These are our baby admins in training! This is not a guaranteed spot. This is the period of time they get to see everything that being an Admin entails. Once they complete 2 months of the trial phase, they can progress to full Admin if approved by the Senior+ team. Bare with them, as they are learning! - Our admin app can be found here: https://nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/forms/11-admin-application/ Please note, you must be whitelisted and been part of the community at minimum 3 months and active before applying. Discord Mods: These lovely people manage nearly all of the Discord chats. They try to make sure everything is going as it should. They are here to help with any game and Discord related questions. They also take care of all of the member applications when they are available to ensure they are responded to within 48 hours. Please keep in mind as all of these people are volunteers at the end of the day and sacrifice their free time to assist with keeping the community a fun place to be apart of. Developers: These are the goats of the server. They are constantly working on bug fixes, and producing new things to better the server! Please remember to keep all suggestions in regards to the server on the forums suggestion page, not in their DMs unless they ask! They're working hard to give you new content! We are always looking for new devs! Message @Jeff Musk (Jeff M#1825) directly on Discord for more information. Live On NLRP: This role is given to you automatically by the bot. If you stream our community be sure to put NoLimitsRP in your stream title to be detected with the bot. Make sure to have your game activity on, twitch account connected, and streamer mode on as well! This role is removed once stream has ended, or the title is removed. Noticed Member: This person is chosen by you, the community - for great roleplayers within the server! Cast your votes for Noticed Member here: https://nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/forms/32-noticed-members-submission/ This player once voted on will receive: The special role, Diamond Queue Prio for the month, and a spot on our Wall of Fame! Event Coordinators: These people sign up to host public events in coordination with the admins for items they may need spawned in. These events are not business related, and they create these events for everyone to enjoy. Usually they give out great prizes in coordination with sponsors from businesses. Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze Supporter: These are current supporters of the server! Your generosity in helping support the server is so appreciated. This role sticks with the person from month to month as they continue to support. They also get great perks alongside their donation. Thank you all so much! - Check out our Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/NoLimitsRoleplay Early Supporter: This role is for anyone who supported the server in anyway, within the first 3 months of NLRP opening up. Thank you so much! Supporter: This role is for anyone who is currently supporting, or has supported in the past. As said before, thank you so much for your generous donation to the server to help keep it up and running! Nitro Booster: This is anyone who has used their Discord Nitro boost perk on our server, another form of supporting the server. Thank you! Event Winner: This role goes to anyone who wins our server wide events! Typically this is done once a year, and during the server anniversary week. Keep an eye out for one of our yearly Purge events. Member: This is anyone who is whitelisted in our server. We hope you enjoy your stay! - Our member application can be found here: https://nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/forms/7-member-application/ Gang Leader: Anyone who has opened a ticket and let the admins know they are running a gang. Please see our gang rules at the bottom of: https://nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19-nolimits-roleplay-rules/ Dev Tester: This is anyone who signed up to be a tester of development when we need help, during open enrollment. Non Member: Anyone who is a part of the server, and not yet whitelisted.
  2. Misconceptions / Clarity on Questions Why do admins own the big businesses? For example D8 lux and tuned in. These businesses were owned by an admin prior because of having to implement them into the server from a micromanaging POV for the sake of the server’s health. Another example is Umee own’s lux, which he got before +becoming an admin, as well as Jake who got D8 before he became an admin. Tuned-in is now owned by a non-admin after it was implemented and the hype died down. Another misconception is that Lux workers and D8 workers make a million a week. They don’t. Their automated paychecks are less than the EMS’s and PD’s. The owner of D8 makes $550 a check while the chief of PD makes $800 a check. Now when it comes to the weekly checks, D8 and lux are commission based and you have to be active to get paid. They also have caps on weekly earnings which means no matter how much a worker works in a week they can only make a specific amount of money. I have seen some of you guys make more in a few days than some of these employees make a week. These people put OOC work into forms and other related things, so it makes sense they make commission. Why is It hard to get a job or why is an admin gatekeeping a job? It’s roleplay. Build a relationship and a connection IC. People aren’t going to hire a character they never met before or someone who has 500 citations or felonies. Why do Certain Admins favor specific groups? We don’t. We vote on everything as an admin team. It’s based on the majority and not because of “one person favoriting a group”. Do admins spawn guns for themselves? No, Matt and Laura spawn guns to admins who create plans and ideas on how it could benefit the entire server. Admins also do “mini heists” with community members who open tickets and have a roleplay and storydriven reason for it. Want to make a heist into zancudo and need armed guards there? Admins can be those guards that you take down to get whatever you are looking for. (Which can be a drug stash or guns etc.) It just needs to make sense. Why do admins or devs get away with stuff like breaking rules? If you have valid suspicion/proof that an admin is doing something they shouldn’t be doing, you can make a ticket about it, or if you don’t want the admin to see it, fill out the admin report on the forums. The last step would be to DM Matt directly. We don’t tolerate admin abuse. If you’re not taking the appropriate channels to report people, including admins, then we don’t know there is an issue. Laura and Matt don’t know everything that is going on. Some admins have been removed for stuff such as abuse of powers in the past. Dev applications are open and have been open for a while. If you would like to become a developer for our server feel free to DM Jeff, please do keep in mind that we’re looking for people who already have knowledge about coding and we’re not looking for vehicle devs. Fire-Starting If you are going to firestart anywhere you will be banned. We have no tolerance for it. Firestarting is when you are purposely posting something to cause issues and arguments or negativity. I have personally banned a dozen people for firestarting and have no problem with continuing to do so. There is a difference between fire starting and wanting to help make change and bring up concerns and issues. Spreading false rumors will also result in a ban as well. We are all adults and the server is 18+, even though some of you act like you’re 14. We don’t care if you have been here for over a year, you firestart, you’re gone. If you want to bring up your concerns or want clarification on something you can open a ticket, DM the Leads or even Matt, or report a person/admin on our website. You do not need to firestart. TLDR: Mini Meetings We're briefly going to be going over some of the things that were discussed in our mini meetings. Please note, not everything can immediately change, however we’re doing our best, both admin and dev wise to accomplish changes. We appreciate everyone who came to the meetings, and discussed what was on their chest, and it helped us gain a lot of insight on what people are looking for, as well as clearing up some questions. The first thing that always gets brought up is a wipe of the server. And while we agree for the most part, we cannot wipe the server and have nothing to give in return. What I mean by this is there is no point of wiping the server, just to go back to the same economy. With no changes dev wise, it would end up back in the same state the server is already in. To do an overhaul is a huge project, and as of right now we do not have the dev team to produce that kind of change. If you think people are grinding now, imagine a wipe where it will be much more heavy of a grind than any other time. Our dev is currently working on bigger projects like a fully custom MDT for our server amongst other things that we don’t want to give away just at this time. There were mostly dev things discussed at these meetings, and I will go over some of the things that were suggested, that are going to be worked on by devs, so you can look forward to seeing them in the future. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on our public Trello to see what is coming up! The first one was adding more refuel, and repair, stations for aircrafts, as well as adding a garage close to a couple of the airports to put your vehicle away. We also agreed this is a good idea, and plan on implementing it. - More co-op legal jobs were also discussed, and we are thinking of how we can do this. If you have any suggestions specifically we’d love to see your ideas on the forum! - The cops wanted a Class 2 weapon so they can match criminals instead of just 1 upping them with ARs/Shotguns. We have a plan for this cops, don’t worry! It was also suggested that we add a /rob command, to avoid /me Fail RP. We have discussed this, we agree, and plan on implementing something for this. It may not be the traditional /rob you’ve seen on other servers, but we are going to work it out! There were a lot of more suggestions that we plan on looking at going forward, but these were some of the main ones that we felt like we should address at this meeting. Moving past dev things, here are a couple other things that were brought up. Ignoring Scenes - If there is a visible scene somewhere that portrays to your roleplay, or whatever you’re doing, make sure you react appropriately. If there is a scene of a locked door, you need to treat it as such. If you are trying to get past that door, to create conflict or for any other reason, make sure you are using /me’s and leaving trails of scenes that show the other party what happened. Roleplay is a two way street, and if you’re just deleting other people’s scenes with no roleplay behind it, and not leaving additional scenes to add to the roleplay, you are breaking the Fail RP rule. Foul play - The only thing I’m going to say about this is, go read the rule about Offensive RP. “Practice better bathroom etiquette” was added to the rules and we don’t want to hear about people on people, or leaving poop in places other than in a toilet is disgusting. Laugh all you want now, but it’s gross cut it out. Exploiting - This will get you banned with no question. If something isn’t working as intended, and you happen to find out, report it immediately to avoid getting in trouble. If you think it’s smart to create a character, drop the money you get at start, and then delete the character, you’re sadly mistaken in thinking we won't catch you. Also, for those using EMS Revive on yourselves, or using it on your friends without proper RP… You will also catch punishment. There is no reason you should EVER be using this feature on yourself. This is the immediate catch of Exploiting and Fail RP. Go check in like everyone else. This goes for both PD and EMS. Exploiting is much more than this, but this is just an example. Lawyers - We want them just as much as you! The only issue is the lack of players wanting to roleplay that part. We are posting an updated list of those in practice, with their contact information in a IC chat room #state-news-feed that we will update as more join! You can use that information IC to contact them. If you’d like to be a part of DOJ, or be a lawyer, contact Billy for more info
  3. Kitty


    Hosted by the Event Coordinators 8pm EST - Wednesday October 27th Cash Prizes! - Zip code: 401 Bring a radio, everything else will be provided!
  4. Community Meeting 7PM EST in Discord
  5. Monster King of the Hill •Date: Wednesday, September 29th •Time: 8pm EST •Location: The Island off of Zip: 962 / Davis Quartz Mines •Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Places. Do you have what it takes to be King of the Hill? Are you ready to push your enemies off the island and cheer in victory? Park your cars along the shoreline, and be shuttled over to the Tug Boat for the best viewing angles! The only thing you need to bring is a radio. Sign-Ups will be conducted day of.
  6. NLRP Community Meeting - 7pm EST
  7. Kitty

    Taserski - 9pm EST

    Brought to you by Luxury International:
  8. Kitty

    July 4th

    Server Fireworks throughout day, feel free to host events
  9. Kitty

    July 4th

    Server Fireworks at Midnight - Feel free to host events
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  11. [Invite Only - Via Text] *Copyright music will be played.
  12. Kitty

    Grape Vyne

    Grand Opening
  13. Kitty

    Community Meeting

    More details soon. 5 PM EST in Discord
  14. Scavenger Hunt 4/2! Event will start at 8pm EDT – 1am BST – Take part, and the first team to find all locations wins $100k total, second team $50k. You can have 2 people per team. Must be driving a burger car. Meet at Luxury Autos (carpool please) 15 minutes before start time to get your vehicle. The first picture will be posted, then after you find each location, you'll need to email @Kittyy#0001 or @Umee#0001 (Vylette or Omar) with a selfie at the location to get the next hint!
  15. Kitty

    Taser Tyres!

    Luxury Autos Presents: Taser Tyres Wednesday, March 31st @ Postal 843- University Campus – 7pm EST – Midnight BST Tasers and Vehicles for the event will be provided so leave your cars and weapons at home! This will be a 1v1 bracket style tournament with the winner taking home a Drift Yosemite and $100k, there will be prizes for second place too! The goal? To take out all your opponents tyres with a taser before they take out yours! Simple! Free sign up’s will take place anytime between now and the event, just come see Omar or Vylette.
  16. Commands /ad [msg] - post an ad in game. Can be used by pd, ems, civs /anchor - anchors your boat /articleleft (or /articleright) - edits the newspaper body once clocked into the Weazel News job /atm - access an atm machine /bag - toggle on/off bag /bagdebug - to reset your inventory space when it doesn't detect the bag /bank - access bank account in a bank /bed - used to lay down in a bed at pillbox /bmic - brings out a boom mic /bpvest - check status of your bulletproof vest /bracelet - toggle on/off bracelet /cam - brings out a big recording camera /carry - carry the player nearest you, the person being carried can do /carry to be dropped or the person carrying can do /carry to drop the person /cleantable - clear the blackjack table of bugged cards. This is only on your screen only you will see the actions of this command /cm - toggles cinematic mode /decal - toggle a decal on and off /die - makes your character "dead" aka grey screen in death animation to RP out injuries that may not have killed you but you feel like maybe should have (i.e. crashing your car going 140 mph). You do not need to do this. /e [emote name] - does an emote from the f5 keybind if spelled out /e c - cancel an emote /e rprop - removes a prop that you currently have in your hand /ear - toggle on/off earrings /emotes - gives you a list of emotes that you can do /frequency ### - Lets you change frequency of radio channel while it's on /givecartitle- gives your car ownership to the person right next to you.. (this gives them ownership of your car.. use this carefully) /givephonenumber - gives your players phone number to the nearest person /glasses - toggle on/off glasses /hat - toggle on/off hat /health - gives a notification of health status /id - shows your ID to an officer /invfix - fixes/refreshes any stuck/borked inventory problems /invin [ID] - invite someone into your apartment /job - shows your current job /keys give - give keys to the passenger (front seat) - you must be in the driver seat /keys grab - grab keys to vehicle you are in (must be in driver seat) /keys remove - remove your keys for current vehicle /license - check your owned licenses /looc [msg] - local out of character, used to send an OOC message to those around you (around 50 meters). /mask - toggle on/off mask /me [msg] - used to explain actions that you are doing i.e /me hands officer drivers license /mi - checks all infractions you have on your account (warnings, bans, kicks) /mic -brings out a small mic in hand /myid - shows the number above your head, this is good to use when in a car instead of the ` key /neck - toggle on/off necklace /notice [msg] - used to explain actions that someone may notice your character doing i.e /notice is sweating /pants - toggle on/off pants /paper - open the newspaper at a red newspaper stand /playbj - start playing blackjack in the casino at the tables /players - shows emergency service presence and total number of players in city /radio [#] - toggles the radio channel via command in cars /removespikes - pick up spike strips after being placed /removecone - pick up cones after being placed /report [msg] - used to contact an admin that is currently in-game to help you with something /roll # - Roll a dice /rse edit - starts rockstar editor - this may crash you - it is best to load outside of server /rse start - start recording with rockstar editor /rse stop - stop recording with rockstar editor /sellfish - allows a player to sell fish at the fish market /shirt - toggle on/off shirt /shoes - toggle on/off shoes /shuff - move to driver seat in a car /sit - toggles your ability to sit in specific chairs that aren't movable. Do /sit again to stand up. This only works in specific chairs /slash - with appropriate tools, you can do this to slash a vehicles tires. /startgolf - start golf at golf course (need to be at the little round building by the rental area) /stopgolf - stop golfing /titleleft (or /titleright) - edits the newspaper title once clocked into the Weazel News job /th - take someone hostage /togglechat - turns chat box on or off /toggleme (body, chat, both) - toggle where /me's show up /trunk - open the inventory of your trunk for your car. (esc) will close /undershirt - toggle undershirt off /vest - toggle on/off vest /visor - toggle up/down visor /vol - allows you to change the volume of your radio or phone /watch - toggle on/off watch /xhair - toggles in-game crosshair on/off Keybinds B - Point/Seatbelt in car E - Horn/Interact with jobs F - Hold F to exit a car and keep the car running and the door opened. H - Headlights in car K - Lock/Unlock vehicle L - Enter the passenger seat of a car (This will not let you in driver seat) M - Radio/Phone push to talk (Can be change in GTA settings, under general "interaction menu") N - Push to talk P - Map Q - Car radio R - Reload/Punch T - Text box / Command Box U - Phone - You must go to iFruit to buy a phone! X - Hands up Z - Cancel emote 2 - Open vehicle window/door UI 3 - Toggle engine on/off , - Rag doll - - Left turn signal = - Right turn signal Backspace - Hazards Shift H - Cycles through voice range settings Shift + Spacebar + G - tackle Ctrl - Crouch Caps lock - Cruise control F5 - Emote menu F7- Inventory Last updated: November 4th, 2021
  17. NoLimits Roleplay Job Guide This guide is here to help you through your first stages in our server. While you’re getting used to how the city works, and where everything is, these are some of the basic jobs where you can make money to give yourself a starting point for your roleplay. You are never limited to a job that is a game mechanic, be creative and come up with anything you want. If you want to deliver lettuce to restaurants, do it! You’re only limited to your imagination. - The best advice we can give you is to try, and to find out in character! - Each clock-in job typically has every step that you need to go to posted on the map, so if you’re confused, try consulting your GPS or reach out to someone in character to get help! Clock-In Jobs Noodle Delivery: This job requires you to obtain one of the noodle cars when you clock in by pressing [E]. This will then route you to each delivery. Walk up to the blue circle at the door to make your delivery. Once you run out of supplies you will have to go back to the Noodle Shop and restock your supply by pressing [G] or return your car with [E]. Vineyard: Clock in at the backdoor with [E], then go out to the vines and pick grapes with [E]. Once you have enough, you need to go back to the barrels and stomp them to make juice. You can sell the juice to the selling spot located on your map, to other players, or figure out what else you can make with it. Weazel News: Clock in at the front of the station with [E] to get the reporter job. This will give you access to a number of commands. /cam will bring out your camera. /bm will bring out your boom mic. /mic will bring out the reporter mic. With having the reporter job, you also get the ability to update the city newspaper. The newspaper has 2 articles that can be edited. The left article can be changed with /titleleft [title of left article], /articleleft [body of left article], /titleright [title of right article], and /articleright [body of right article]. The best way to edit the newspaper is to have it open when editing. You can do this by walking up to a newspaper stand and doing /paper. Please do not abuse or troll using the newspaper. We have logs and will know who edits what. Mining: Clock in at the truck icon location (Davis Quartz), enter the quarry and mine towards the center of the Work Zone. You need to be close to a rock wall then press [E] to mine, and click your left mouse button to mine. Then [Backspace] to stop mining. Once you get enough rocks, you can take them to the dam, to wash the rocks to get ores. Then you take those ores to the smelting factory where you can make them a liquid, then into ingots. Lastly, you then take them to the selling post in the city. Taxi: The clock in for this job is located at Downtown Taxi Co, near the casino. Once clocked in, you will need to retrieve a taxi cab. You can get one by pressing [E] in the small orange circle near the barrel in front of the building. After you have retrieved your vehicle, you will notice there are several staging areas located around the map. Follow the prompts on your screen for instruction. Drive your taxi to one of these locations and wait to pick up a local fare. You can also take taxi calls from other players if they text the taxi line in their phone. Peaching: Peach picking requires you to clock in, pick peaches from the tree with [E] then going back to the juicer machine (near where you clock in). Once you make juice you can either sell it to other people, or take it to the selling spot located on your map. Trucking Job: Go to the trucking depot on your GPS and clock in with [E]. Then head over to the rental facility and pick out your truck [E]. Then you will need to go to the trailer spot to get the trailer you will need [E]. Back your truck up to the trailer. Then you need to get out of the truck and attach the lines and other various steps by following the guide at the top of your screen. Once your truck is ready to go, follow the GPS to your drop off location. You will need to back your truck into the delivery spot and press [E] to unload the cargo. They can be pretty tricky, but just keep trying! After you’ve delivered all of your cargo you need to take the truck back to the depot. - This is a fully custom trucking job now! It uses a "rank up system" where the more you do it, the more XP you get, the better routes/trailers you unlock. You get paid a flat rate based on the distance of your total route. You get paid at the end. Garbage Crew: Head down to the yellow garbage truck icon on your gps. Once there, you will need to press [E] in the circle to get your garbage truck. You can also do this job with your friends. Up to four people can join the job, yourself included. One person has to start the job and the other three just need to get in/on the truck. Once inside your truck, your GPS will update with each pick up you need to do. With all other participants on/in the truck, the driver will need to drive to the location on the map, then press [E] at the destination with the truck inside the yellow circle. That will then prompt the ability to pick up trash for everyone. Press [E] twice to pick up, and twice to throw in the back of the truck. Once done with your route, drive back to the garbage bay and return your truck. Hobbies: Fishing: Drag your fishing rod to “use” in your inventory. (Using bait prior to casting is optional.) Once you are waiting for a fish, you will be prompted to try to catch it with a mini game by pressing [G]. Take those fish to the fish selling posts and use /sellfish to make some money off your catches! Scuba Diving: Grab yourself some scuba gear and head over to the scuba clock-in area located on your map. Once clocked in and you have your gear on, head to the water in that marked area and you will see the spots in the water where you can search for treasure. Make sure you don’t go too deep! These items can be sold at the pawn shop or around the city. Casino: Head over to the casino and buy some chips at the cashier located on the right. Once you fill your pockets with chips, head into the room with the black jack tablets and do /playbj to try your luck against the house. Place your bets and play your cards with the prompts on screen. Crafting: We have several things you can craft in our server. We aren’t going to give you any hints though, it’s more fun to find out in character! Trial and error is part of the process. Other Illegal Jobs: We have a delivery job that is illegal, chop shop, plant growing and harvesting. We also have several different robberies including: ATMs, pacific bank, fleecas, money trucks, jewelry store, and houses. As always, the best way to find out, is in character. Anything else you can think of doing, you can with the right mindset and imagination, with or without actual game mechanics! Last updated: Sept 25th 2021
  18. Feel free to fill out a feedback form here: https://nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/forms/13-nolimits-roleplay-feedback/
  19. Can still view them at PDM. Just can't buy them there. Not really needed when we're never busy. We're basically always open.. Just text the line. We don't wanna stand around all day so we go RP.
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