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  1. Name: Bryan Shepherd Date of Birth: 01-21-1994 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Sex: Male Hair: Dark Brown Eye color: Blue Body type: Fit First language: English Other languages: French Origin: Los Santos, San Andreas (The United States) Early Life Bryan Shepherd, the son of Matthew Shepherd. His dad was also a surgeon and his mother was also one as well. Bryan was born in Los Santos in Pillbox hospital on January 21, 1994, at 5 am. Bryan was very close to his parents, and always spent time with them. He wanted to have the same career as his parents did, which was being a surgeon. Bryan doesn't have any brothers or sisters, as he was the only child. His parents never tried to have another child because of the busy lives of always having to work at the hospital. Once Bryan started high school, he always had a main goal which was getting into medical school, his dreams were the be a successful surgeon, and already had specialties planned. Bryan was a hard working individual and always liked to help other when needed. Bryan was mostly the top of the class because of his hard work, he always stayed on task and was a very organized person. He liked to hang with his friends a lot as well, and depends on what the situation is, Bryan likes to work in groups with people he knew, or worked alone. Bryan wasn't just the "smartest kid in class", but he was well known for being athletic, he loved sports as well and attended on several teams such as, basketball, track. Career Bryan Shepherd attended Liberty University and successfully obtained his medical degree, he has completed medical school and moved back to his city, Los Santos to become a surgeon at Pillbox hospital. Bryan Shepherd has finally gotten a successful career as a surgeon at Pillbox hospital. He is now a Intern, and already has 2 specialties he wants to master. Bryan wants to specialize in Trauma-surgery, and Neurosurgery, and has been doing great so far according to his Resident, and Attending. Bryan Shepherd has been noticed by his skills when it comes to surgery, and will continue to be that hardworking individual he has always been. Some of Bryan's qualities as a doctor are (but not limited to): - Community relations - Operations - Providing the right treatment and medicine - Leadership - Can become serious when needed, and can become a fun person as well. Personal life Bryan Shepherd doesn't own a house since he sleeps in the hospital, he has his own office at the back of the hospital with a nice view. Bryan owns a white Porsche 718 boxster, with the license plate "SHEPHERD" on the back. On Bryan's free time he likes to hang at Benny's for quite a while. Nicknames Bryan Shepherd doesn't have a lot of nicknames, but he would either be called... Chunky, because Bryan Shepherd sounds like someone else named Bryan Chonghi. Mr. Sensitive, because Bryan sometimes get sensitive, and Josh Brill makes fun of that. Shepherd, because my names too long for everyone to keep saying it. Friends Bryan Shepherd has many friends in the city, here are the main ones he always sees: Clarence Teller - Bryan Shepherd and Clarence go WAYYYY back, Bryan always called Clarence for repairs, and ONLY him, for the longest time ever when Bryan wasn't a doctor. They always hanged out together and would break each others cars by accident. Bryan always stole Clarence's Bugatti for fun. Josh Brill - It all started when Josh Brill found me sensitive when I came to Benny's. Every time Brill heard my voice he would always say "Oh great, It's Mr. Sensitive", and I would always laugh after he would say that. Brill tends to be funny when he comes into Pillbox and deny's my treatment. Chuck Burger - It all started when Bryan saw Chuck's head, he always made Bryan laugh because of the way he runs, and the several things he does. Chuck sold Bryan's car's personally and that made Bryan feel special. There's a lot of memories Bryan and Chuck have, and Bryan could never forget. Kevin Cube - Bryan and Kevin go wayyyyyyy back, they met when Bryan first moved into the city. Kevin showed Bryan things around the city, and that's how Bryan knows the city by heart. Dwafen - Bryan and Dwafen met the day Bryan moved into the city, Bryan remembers when Dwafen didn't even work at benny's. Dwafen's also the one who fixes Bryan's car when he needs it. Gabriel Salamis - Bryan and Gabe met in the city 2 months ago, they were interested in cars and would always buy cars to customize them and race at drag strips. Bryan is now trying to help Gabe start a business. Character traits Positive character traits - Loyal - Honest - Responsible - Generous and kind - Hardworking Negative character traits - Easily distracted - Easily annoyed - Too kind Preferences Likes - Sports cars - Surgery - Loves white - Suits Dislikes - Dirty cars, clothes, etc. - Breaking laws (hates it when her friends don't follow traffic laws) Known facts about Bryan Shepherd -ALWAYS wears a white suit on his civ time. -Is now a surgeon at Pillbox hospital -Drives a white Porsche with the license plate "Shepherd" -Sounds like Bryan Chonghi -Friendly
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    Almost died with Tyler but we good - Bryan Shepherd
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    #jobless #lonely #unhappy It's crazy how much life can change - Bryan Chonghi
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    Living the life we wanted, Hopefully you guys are having the same!! - Bryan Chonghi
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    I hope everyone having a blessed life! - Bryan Chonghi
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    I hope everyone is having a blessed life! - Bryan Chonghi
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