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  1. Name: Kyrie Fuentes Date of Birth: 1/18/2000 Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Sex: Male Hair: Black Eye color: Hazel Body type: Medium Built First language: English Other languages: Serbian Origin: Dominican Republic, Puerta Plata Early Life Kyrie Fuentes, better known as ICEMAN was born on January 18th 2000, in San Felipe de Puerto Plata. Kyrie Fuentes had an older brother Sergio Fuentes. Growing up ICEMAN was a normal child who seemed to have a bright and good future. ICEMAN and his brother often went hunting to gain extra money for their family even though they had both a mother and a dad. Their dad owned a small carpet business which gained them a good amount of money. On April 26th, 2016 ICEMAN and Sergio went hunting in the forest as it was everyday routine. That was the day when ICEMAN got lost in the forest due to him chasing to catch a deer. He walked around for about 2 hours looking for his brother instead he ran into a hungry and lost wolf. The wolf attacked him, slashing his face with his paws causing him to lose his left eye. In the fight with the dog ICEMAN managed to grab his knife and stab the wolf in the head. Due to ICEMAN being in a lot of pain he loudly yelled in pain before falling in a coma. He was unconscious for 2 weeks due to the loss of blood. It turned out that as soon as Sergio heard that scream he ran towards it finding his brother laying right next to a dead wolf bleeding. Waking up and recovering from the wounds he got from that wolf ICEMAN cried for days due to him being insecure about his face. Sergio saw that and as a gift he bought him something that sticks with ICEMAN until now. That was his shemagh that sticks with him today too and he hasn’t taken it off until now. When he recovered, he soon returned to business college he was studying in. Everyone kept looking at him weirdly as he wore that shemagh. One certain group kept messing with him and one day ICEMAN had enough of it. He was a smart person, whatsoever he had mental issues. The day he had enough of it was the first time he has comitted murder in his life. No one found out about it for a while. One day the person was reported missing, everyone from his school was interviewed by the police. The only one they suspected to be capable of that was ICEMAN, as when they interviewed him he looked the officer dead in the eyes making the officer fear him too. They had no evidence against him so nothing could’ve been done about it. Until the day that they got a report from one of the eye witnesses seeing him choke that person to death in an alley where he hid him. So on February 12th of 2018, the Dominican law enforcement had no sight of ICEMAN anymore. Career ICEMAN was used to be just a regular hunter at first. Growing up he saw that people do not respect him and wanted to earn respect by force. As ICEMAN first landed in Los Santos he was a drug smuggler, whatsoever it all changed as he became apart of Senora Cartel. Due to the war with Arctic he became a convicted terrorist and it was hard for him to get job anywhere. He worked at Benny's for a day and is a gun runner in the background. Personal life ICEMAN was a regular hunter, became a criminal due to the disrespect. He was never in a relationship due to him being afraid of losing his partner. Has deathwishes due to him losing his brother and often relieves his anger on others by being harmful towards enemies making them usually fear him. Dislikes Disloyal Bullshitters Most of Angels of Death Troopers Nicknames ICEMAN OG Crazy Motherfucker Friends Keith Peterson; Met KP through his brother Sergio. KP had an interesting personality to ICEMAN. They became very good friends due to both of them sharing same interests (money, etc.). As ICEMAN joined Senora Cartel, he got to know him even better which made him like KP even more. Anthony Varela; ICEMAN met him through a mutual friend Keith Peterson. They met when Anthony was in process of becoming apart of Senora Cartel. First thing ICEMAN has seen Anthony do is walk down Forum Drive naked pissing in the backyard of Arctic's house. The friendship is still very strong Dwafen Waffle; met him due to Keith mentioning rebuilding the Cartel and the only 3 remaining members are ICEMAN, KP and Dwafen. Dwafen is a good friend of ICEMAN and also is under ICEMAN in Senora Cartel. The friendship grew due to both of them staying loyal to Senora Cartel and relied on eachother. Jesus; Met him in Paleto Bay as Anthony bought a new house. ICEMAN kept messing with him and that's how the friendship started. Mike Lowry; Met him at Diamond Casino. As Keith was writing documents for his brand new business Mike and ICEMAN started talking and soon got to hang out. They did many things together and ICEMAN considers him a brother JoJo Rodman; As ICEMAN returned he drove to Benny's for a vehicle repair. That's where he started talking to JoJo and Jamal Brown. They talked about Nate's car and how sick it was. They exchanged numbers and soon they were all in Vagos for a little bit, now all of them do their own things but still hang out. Jamal Brown; Met him the same way he met JoJo. They talked at Benny's about Nate's car did many jobs together both good and bad. The friendship stayed strong Mark Scott; ICEMAN met him the day he first landed in Los Santos. They met at Lux and became very close friends. They still talk a lot as well as hang out a lot. Mark replaced Sergio as Sergio passed away due to the incident with law enforcement. Character traits Positive character traits Can be soft some times Loyal Caring Trustworthy Fearful (Good and bad) Negative character traits Psychopath Short-tempered Fast thinker; sometimes makes bad decisions, but doesn't change his mind once the decision is made Doesn't forgive easily Doesn't trust anyone Hides emotions Known facts about ICEMAN He is a psychopath Apart of Fuentes family One of the heads of Senora Cartel Convicted terrorist Certified slav Wears a shemagh Has a license plate on his Chino Luxe ˝ICEMAN¨ as well as a 2017 ItalDesign Zerouno with license plate ˝FUENTES˝
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