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  1. More info in #announcements in discord!
  2. June 18th Change Log Changes - New key system! Keys no longer get buggy with the lock and unlock feature! You now get a set of keys whenever you spawn a car (police menus, garages, rentals, jobs etc.). This is not permanent (it resets when cars are put back in the garage / deleted / despawned etc.). Anyone with keys can lock the car and unlock it. For example: Stacy has a set of keys to Matt's house. Stacy goes to Matt's garage and spawns Matt's Panto. Stacy automatically gets keys for that panto. She can lock it and unlock it and store it back in the house garage. If S
  3. Extending Roleplay/Win/Cop Mentality I want to talk a little bit on a trend I am seeing lately within RP, first of all let me say you guys are super important to the way new people perceive the server when they first join and if their first interaction is with a “hook and book” cop with little to no roleplay then that first impression is not going to be good. It is completely fine doing the job because that’s how it would be IRL but we gotta remember this is an RP server and is not real life so we have room to bend a few things that would not happen IRL. As a crim I think I woul
  4. May 28th Change Log Thanks to all the Developers who did all these changes! This has been one of our bigger change logs in a while. Many thanks to Obama, Mack and Jeff Don't forget our Community Meeting is this Sunday, May 30th at 5pm EST! It will be in discord and streamed on twitch as well. We hope everyone can make it! We have some exciting things to announce. Changes - Police, EMS, Mechanic cars should not be super expensive at LS customs anymore - Some racing changes - Some car handling tweaked - 150+ new house props thanks to Kitty - Pay
  5. April 23rd Change Log Changes - Pillbox bed times have been changed. There is a 2 minute, 6 minute, 8 minute option - Respawn timer has been raised to 5 minutes when no EMS are on duty - Hospital bed check in time is now 5 minutes - BMX Bike handling has been made more fun - New item added to mining - New Hooker's logo on the Army Flatbed - The repair circle at MRPD has been moved downstairs due to cops not being able to see the extras when it is night time - There is now a police impound in Paleto bay - Pirate lockbox from Scuba
  6. Vigilante Roleplay Vigilante Roleplay...Intruding on roleplay scenarios that you have no involvement in. An example is if you see a cop randomly being taken hostage at legion square and you run in with a gun and save the cop from the hostage taker. It is frowned upon as you are randomly stopping someone else’s roleplay and scenario that they may have going on. Another example that we often used to see was people going to the police stations and shooting them up to “free their friends”. This has not been happening as much recently, but keep in mind that once you are in police custody, a
  7. Matt

    Community Meeting

    The start time will be: 4pm PST / 6pm CST / 7pm EST / 12am GMT This is being put on calendar to prevent events from being planned during this time, as the server will be down during this time. Keep an eye out in discord announcements for more information! Hope to see everyone there.
  8. January 28th Change Log Keep in mind we have our admin application open which can be found under the "Applications" tab on this website! - Apply by Tuesday 2/2 if you want it to be responded to in this wave. Our Member Representative Term ends on 2/5/21, we will post a sign up for that as we grow closer to that date. Exploiting... We really should not even have to be worrying about this... especially from whitelisted members. If you are caught abusing anything for your own personal gain (or do not report it to admins in a ticket) you will be banned - not warned. It is in our rul
  9. January 5th Change Log The casino is subject to removal/changes depending on how it impacts the main server and if there are exploits that have been overlooked. We heavily tested it but you never know. For the GRAND OPENING of the Casino (casino is not player owned - it is a public place), it is going to have a max limit of players in it. There will be PD outside keep track of how many are inside. We are not going to have 50 people run into the casino in 10 minutes. Listen to the cop outside please. If you have ANY bugs/exploits found you are required per rules to tell us. If you wi
  10. December 4th Change Log Hello everyone! Just a reminder that we are having a community meeting tomorrow (12/5/2020) as well! The meeting will be at 6pm CST in discord. The server will be down during the meeting. Changes - Snowballs can now be picked up with 'g' and thrown. They do not do any damage - All items can be dropped again - we have a new way to find out if people are throwing a bunch of items on the ground to min/max profit gains. Dropping an item is fine, if you have a reason in RP. Dropping to make more money at jobs is not allowed. - Items now sh
  11. November 20th Change Log Hello everyone hope you are all doing well! First of all let me say thank you for your continued support! We have been working really hard with our small development team and pushing through with a lot of highly anticipated stuff which we hope you guys will enjoy. Alongside bringing you guys new content we have been working on improving and optimizing the server to make it as smooth and enjoyable experience for all, we hope you guys like it! Changes - CUSTOM HOUSING. We are going to do this in character as much as possible. It is going to be ran b
  12. November 7th Change Log We have been working on optimizing the server and making it more smooth. While we were testing on the dev server our fps have increased by 10-15. We are still going to continue working on smoothing out scripts throughout the week and finishing up on the last few car textures that are problematic. Reminder that you can make suggestions on the website right here. (They will get looked at eventually once we finish the current tasks - they are never unnoticed.) Changes - Jeb's map updated - New loading screen and music - Blackmarket has be
  13. October 10th Change Log We have been working on getting rid of a few useless things in the city as well as things that have been causing some performance issues. Our plan is to iron out all the texture issues that we may have (which may hopefully fix the man face issue, as well as the tokovoip issue) and then we plan on maybe increase server size once this is done and fully tested. Reminder that you can make suggestions on the website right here. Changes - The old black market interior from months ago has been removed - Police speedo inventory fixed - More fo
  14. Community Meeting Transcript (10/2/2020) This is a copy of what the Administration Team used to help guide the community meeting. I decided to post it here on the website for those who were not able to make the meeting to read and catch up on anything that they may have missed. Topic 1 (Message from Directors regarding the Admin team - Matt) The growth and development of roleplay on this server has improved so much in the last 10 months. The quality has risen, and we are strict when enforcing rules to maintain this level of quality. Some of the community supports us o
  15. Member Representatives What is it? How does it work? - The main focal point of Member Representatives is to help connect the staff team with the community and bring forward and concerns that the member base may have. You will work with the admin team to express concerns about the community and what you see occurring from your perspective. You can bring up pressing topics to admins to help bring a change to the server. Admins have a limited perspective on the server and may not see everything “the average player” sees. - You will not have any special privileges in the city or
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