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  1. August 23rd Change Log - The server now checks for your steam ID prior to joining queue and connecting (no more "no steam open!" after you try to load in). - New 24/7 at 578 now has a functioning store - New food items for Freaky Friday - Storage on owned aircrafts has been increased - Price changes on some Aircraft vehicles and rentals - New Luxury Autos interior - New Hooker's interior - Banks have been completely redone. FIND OUT IN CHARACTER - Drugs have been completely redone. Heroin will be redone soon. FIND OUT IN CHARACTER - Crafting drugs has been removed. There are a few crafting tables still around for the other legal-type items. - Drug selling has been redone, there is a different way to sell to peds now (Command is /dealer). FIND OUT IN CHARACTER - Car handling tweaks (Ongoing) - Tuning laptop has been rebalanced (worth getting your car re checked for a tune) With the changes just made to drugs we understand that your character may or may not have known how to make the drugs prior however you will need to roleplay out that that is not the case anymore until you figure out the new system. "The Government" did not change how to make drugs, come up with a better excuse! Bug Fixes - Some clean up in loading screen - Rotation with chairs and /sit has been fixed - Scuba drowning notification fixed - Scuba outfit allows for 55 lbs of weight - Some typos in drug selling fixed - /cm now allows you to toggle your weapon wheel - Seating people in a vehicle has been reworked to make it more reliable With the changes that have gone in today if you notice anything weird or unbalanced then please open a ticket in discord and DO NOT mention it in public rooms to avoid meta-gaming and we will take a look at it. Thank You! Big big big shout to the development team who have worked almost non stop for the last couple of days. Special shout out to @Mackadoodle for reworking everything and making the server more immersive with what he has been working on! Jeff, Obama and Mack have been working pretty much flat out the last couple of days to get this update out to you guys in time, let's show them some appreciation in General chat in discord!
  2. Admin Clarifications / Petty Reports / Spawning Stuff Hello everyone, I am going to make clearer how all the spawning in stuff with guns works with admins. The guns that are spawned in are to control the numbers of guns out on the server and from the outside looking in we think it is working really well, we spawn stuff JUST to control numbers of certain weapons in the server NOT for personal gain of our characters. Once we spawn X amount of whatever in and it is handed off to other members of the community the money gotten for the RP is put into a car and deleted off the server, we couldn't care less about the pixel money you get from it, we make RP scenarios out of it, whether that be a convoy, a drop off, anything for us to have a little fun and make it more immersive for everyone involved. My second point is a bit silly to bring up but we have had complaints about it so I am going to address it. People have said “admins don’t go to the events I put on” or something along those lines. First of all being an admin is an OOC role and has no impact on the characters we play, second of all if we have RP reasons to not go to events we are going to follow our character's storyline in that aspect and not go. A good roleplayer tries to support other roleplayers when they do stuff in RP but a good roleplayer also follows their characters storyline and stays true to it and makes it make sense, for example try to be a scary gang who everyone fears, yet you do memeing stuff with PD and civs, if you are a gang be a gang, you should not get along with the whole server. This going the other way too, if you do gang like activities and a gang does some gang shit to you then you can't complain if you are playing just a “Civ”, these are just some examples which segways nicely into the next subject which is gang RP with currency but the main point is admin is an OOC title, our characters are not admins, onto you currency… We also have seen an increase in a lot of petty reports, a lot of people not roleplaying the scenario out first before reporting it and while its going on getting OOC salty about it and saying borderline OOC stuff IC and then reporting every little thing cos you might not like the person ooc/ic which comes across that you are mixing OOC and IC, this is completely unacceptable, if we are to hold ourselves and everyone around us that we RP with to a higher standard of roleplay then we all have to set the example for each other. We are human at the end of the day, not every single scenario is going to go your way or be 100% within the rules, sometimes shit happens, there are no wins and loses in RP, each situation you find yourself in is story progression NOT a win/lose situation, roll with the punches. Sexual / Vulgar Roleplay Should not be saying sexual things in front of people that you don’t know. This can be very uncomfortable and unwanted Should not be making sexual scenes (condoms, certain liquids etc) Should not be making gross scenes (fecal matter and pee) Should not be doing /me’s that aren't sexual but are intended sexual. /notice her cat purr (in context this is still ERP and we don’t allow this) Should not be doing certain emotes that clearly imply sexual interactions Valuing Lives Cops: Okay, I’m going to start off with pd, lately we’ve been having a lot and I mean A LOT of reports about nvl and i don’t mean just cops not valuing their own life but not valuing other people's lives too. For bank robberies I understand that it’s kinda repetitive for you guys when it comes to the same demands but that’s how it is on this server and any server you’re going to play on and I’m sure you guys don’t / Shouldn't be upset with that as I’m sure chasing the criminals is way more fun than sitting at mrpd filling out the paperwork. So when you’re negotiating with suspects and they threaten to shoot the hostage don’t go “ If you shoot him I shoot you” No that’s not okay, you’re implying that you don’t care about the hostage’s life or it’s okay for the hostage to be shot cuz you’re going to shoot the criminals. Instead try to de-escalate the situation and show them that you care about the hostage life as it should be your number 1 priority. Now when it comes to shootouts, this is going to be as simple as I can put it. If you’re in a shootout and you go down and somehow get transported to pillbox and by the time you’re out the shootout is still going. Don’t I repeat DON'T go back. Value your life you’ve just been shot and you’re still injured, going back into the shootout is suicide. What you should do is wait till it’s over and then you can go help transport the downed people but don’t get involved in the shootout Crimes: Moving on to criminals. For the love of god please stop having the “No man left behind” mentality for example getting into a shootout and leaving and THEN coming back for that 1 friend that got downed. No this isn’t being a good friend or whatever you wanna call it. It’s NVL, take a moment to think about it, is it really worth putting everything you worked for at stake and I mean the rp you bullied up, all the cars you got and all the connections you made on that character just for that 1 person not to go to jail for x amount of time ? That’s how your character should be thinking. You’re about to go shoot up the whole pd ( possibly hit the person you’re trying to save in cross fire) and potentially risk your life for 1 person going to jail and it’s not even prison for life. This doesn’t just apply to pd and crime, I’m talking crime on crime too. Is it really worth risking your gang members and your life for a shootout / gang war over someone calling you a bitch or even twitter drama? No not really.. So make your rp make sense Civs: Now civs, being in a car doesn’t remove the NVL rule, I’ve noticed this happens wayyy too many times where civs would get guns pointed at them and they would just drive off. Some would argue that “ oh I’ll just duck and hope the bullets don’t hit me cuz I’m valuing my life” No, you’re just saying no to potential RP by running away. You don’t know what that person wants from you, could be someone robbing you that you’ll go hunt them after for revenge or you could be a hostage for a fun bank robbery or try to talk to the crimes and have 1 of them slip a name or something that can help pd find them.There could be a lot of fun things to do from just being a hostage but driving off and hoping bullets don’t hit you isn’t the best way. As well as if you’re just a civ not a criminal. Don’t go after big gangs. It doesn’t make sense for business owners and civs to go start shit with gang members that can just shoot you and end your life. Stop thinking like oh, I’ll just be shot, revived and continue to talk shit. Value your life. Creativity Hello everyone, I'm here today to talk to you all about creativity in roleplay. Lately it has seemed that everyone including myself and other admins are stuck in the same old rut. We log in, fix a car or two, go to guidos, yeet to your house and then log off to do the same thing the next day. There’s something to be said about switching up your every day, same old, same old to make everything more interesting for everyone. Now I know what you’re saying, “well I can’t play a crazy old Mexican lady who runs around with an old British man yelling dementia gang” but here’s the thing you don’t have to. There’s more ways to be creative than just creating a new character that’s completely out of the ordinary and while we strive for everyone to be different we also strive to have everyone be as creative as they can be. So how can I be creative? Well first things first branch out, you don’t have to have constant dance parties with your friends, you can go, grab a taxi and show a new person around town making new friends for the both of you. Y’all need to allow yourselves and your groups to be more inviting and to let more people in, you can’t judge a book by its cover and that person might be the one to constantly crack jokes and keep you all laughing but you never know until you live a little. Or they could be someone that you think is a friend and instead is a rat for the opposing gang and ends up stabbing you in the back. You never know what a new person may bring to your group but until you let others in you’ll never know what could’ve happened. The second thing I wanna talk about is being creative as a criminal and as a cop. This is something I cannot stress enough… creativity goes both ways. Criminals let me tell you something, y’all need to have some fun and try something different. Instead of bank hopping for three hours spend an hour planning out the most perfect heist for you and your boys. Then go and find your victim that you’re going to use as a hostage, not your friend, if you use your friend grandma will personally walk into the bank to chop you with her machete. Then once you have your hostage or even hostages if your plan was good enough then go rob the bank. At the bank don’t ask for the Los Santos special, allow for your roleplay to happen. Make each cop pop one of their tires and then go on your chase. Let me also say this…. Crims and Cops… you both have to be willing to win and lose, because let me tell you something. That money that you just got from the bank isn’t real and you’re not going to jail irl to get your hand held by big tiny. No you’re providing a fun experience for both yourself and the cops and you can make that money for your Jesko another day. Creativity is not about the cars you have or the money in your bank and inventory. It’s about providing a fun experience for everyone involved. At the end of the day it’s a game, nobody that you walk up to at the grocery store is going to care that you ride around in a Bugatti, clapping cops and drugs, hell you’d tell me that and I’d laugh my butt off while calling the cops because you’re insane. What I would care about though is you sitting there laughing your ass off while telling me how you juked three cops in a reliant Robin by hiding in a bush while dressed in a clown costume. Just have fun and let yourself be open. Make friends and let your creativity guide your experiences, try something new while letting yourself get caught. Winning or losing do not matter. What matters is whether or not you, pd, safr, mechanics, your friends, the hostage, and any one else that may be witnessing whatever you are doing have fun. OOC vs. IC People DMing OOC because of RP conflicts .. open a ticket or don’t respond If you have a problem with something that happened IC, report it. Do NOT go into that persons Discord DM’s and berate them for it. Don’t go and vent your frustrations to them, or anyone else who will listen. Leave it in the server, deal with it in the server. Don’t take the OOC feelings you have about what happened IC into someone else’s DMs. If you get a negative DM from someone about RP that happened, don’t engage. Don’t fuel their fire. Take a screenshot and report it and we can talk to them about taking things OOC. There is NOTHING that cannot be solved in character. There is rarely a reason to take anything to someone’s DMs In RP insults are taken more seriously than Gun play, where in real life shootings are a whole lot worse than any fighting words. Deadly violence needs to be taken seriously. Gunplay ENDS Roleplay. Those that have known me for a while, know that I have probably said that line a thousand times. Guns are tools for roleplay, but they are tools for intimidation. Having a gun in your hand - not even pointing it- should make the person you’re engaging with take notice. Roleplay needs to be taken more seriously. If you were out somewhere and someone pulled out a gun- your entire demeanor changes. You do not want to upset this person, because you might die. You only get one life IRL right? You’re supposed to have that same feeling in server. 99 times out of 100 if you pull a gun on someone in server you SHOULDN’T SHOOT IT. It’s a tool to get that person to comply. If they don’t comply, aim the gun at them. If they still don’t comply - REPORT THEM for not valuing their life. The amount of gun fights in the server that people engage in on a daily basis is fucking stupid. The point was driven home to the admin team when we realized people took their life MORE SERIOUSLY in the purge event than they do everyday in a roleplay sense. That’s sad. Actually shooting someone - taking another persons life - IS A HUGE FUCKING DEAL. There’s mental ramifications from murdering someone, there’s legal ramifications- life in prison. I’m sure we all have felt the urge to just end someone IRL because of the frustration they cause. But we don’t because we think of the ramifications and it’s not worth it. We ask you to think of the ramifications in character and not be so quick to pull the trigger. “But I’m in a gang- gangsters don’t care - gangsters shoot” Here’s the thing- You’re NOT a gangster- you’re roleplaying. Roleplaying a gangster is all about building up the conflict, and if you are so quick to shoot that you don’t allow people to truly roleplay with you, then you’re not roleplaying. Go play GTA Online, and shoot whoever you want. There are plenty of other ways to strike fear in those around you, and intimidate those you come in contact with- without shooting your gun… ever. Keep in mind - Once you down someone , they don’t remember what happened. The fear you think you put in their head is gone. Want someone to fear you? Take them somewhere, threaten them, and leave them there… alive. So they remember the interaction. Be creative and use your imagination. The people who shoot all the time are not the ones being recognized in RP appreciation. Roleplay is a dance - why would I recommend a partner who stepped on my toes and didn’t let me dance with them? People need to understand the consequences of their RP actions, both positive and negative. When you do something in roleplay you gave a piece. Everyone involved gets the opportunity to add to it, and give their piece. Roleplay is essentially improv. Everyone adds to it. The outcome is not up for any one person to decide. You never know where things will end up. The things you do or say in roleplay have consequences - good and bad. You need to roll with the punches if something turns out differently than you expected. It’s the beauty of roleplay. You never know how things are going to turn out. Just deal with it in character, keep it all in the server and enjoy the ride. People are not playing characters, but themselves and that is the reason why they can’t separate IC & OOC issues. When you’re new to roleplay it’s really easy to create a character very similar to yourself to get used to roleplay. You know how you’d react to different things and it makes that initial adjustment easier. I completely understand the reasoning, but I’m here to tell you it will end up causing more problems than it’s worth. When you play someone so completely different from yourself it’s really easy to separate the character and the roleplayer. Things can happen in character and you laugh them off out of character. It’s not a big deal - it doesn’t bother you. It’s very obvious that what happened doesn’t affect you personally, because you would have handled that in a different way. Said something else, done something else. There are distinct differences between you and the character. This is improv acting, it’s the true definition of roleplaying. Taking on a ROLE to play out. When you log in and essentially play an avatar of yourself the things people say or do to your character bother you. Your feelings get hurt, you take offense. You -behind the keyboard- feel an intense emotional response to what is happening to your video game avatar. It’s especially true in conflict. Someone wrongs you in roleplay, the scene is over and you log out- still having that feeling of being wronged. Like it happened to you. This leads to an inability to separate IC and OOC. Someone made you mad in character, and now you’re mad IRL. This behavior is what I refer to as “second lifeing. It’s not improv acting, you’re not playing a character, you’re just hanging out in a virtual world as an avatar of yourself. It’s not roleplay. People who second life in the server are bringing down the quality of roleplay for everyone who interacts with them. If you feel offended right now, I suggest you get out of your comfort zone and create an alt character. Someone completely different from you, and I promise you’ll enjoy the interactions so much more than you do right now. Gang Roleplay Gang RP is clowny Everyone is friends, helping each other because ‘friends’. For a gang it is ok to like people, want the best for them. However, you should be more focused on your own members. Making sure they are fed first. Sure a friend of yours might be robbed. Maybe you find out it is some random person and you help them. If you find out, or know it was a gang then your attitude towards that should be “well shit happens”, not to run and defend your friend at all cost. So many people have connected characters that do so much, it is impossible not to have conflict with someone who is no “friends” with a gang. Makes it so everyone is friends with everyone and conflict seems petty. Be slower with the gang rp. Have a reason for what you do. Stop poking bears with gangs. Talk shit to a gang expect them to come find you. If you do not want that RP, think it is dumb, then do not RP that way. Leave a gang alone and they will leave you alone Cops should be the “X” factor in your gang rp. Your gang RP should not be surrounded by going after PD numerous times. Inclusivity, LGBT Friendly As a community it's very important everyone feels comfortable and valued. We've been noticing lately that some people seem to have forgotten that we're all just humans and want to remind everyone; You should be treating everyone with respect and not discriminate/harass based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or any other identifying characteristic to a person. We have people from all over the world, with different backgrounds, in our community, and we are proud to say this. We take pride knowing that we have reached so many different and wonderful people all across the world as a community. You should especially not be making jokes about sexuality, race and genders. There is a fine line between "funny" and harassment, we are a whitelisted server and 99% of you are 18+, meaning you agreed to our rules and have an understanding of what is socially acceptable in todays current world. We all play video games as an escape from reality, we roleplay to be someone who we may not be able to be in the real world. Respect each other. Just because you are a part of that sexuality/race/gender does not mean you can make jokes about it. Sure, it may not be offensive coming from your friend, but if a random person hears that, and then makes that joke, people get offended and we get reports, leading to people say "well so and so said that to x and didn't get in trouble". We can see you guys sending n-word over text or the f-word over text, and ooc in our discord as well. This has to stop, and we will start taking action when we notice it, even if no one reports it. Everyone has a place in our community. If you at any point feel like someone is not treating you equally or mistreating you for reasons above, please report this to the staff. We care about our community and will take the necessary actions to make this community an enjoyable place for everyone. We have removed players in the past for harassment, and will continue to do so if needed. Do not bring up racist, homophobia, rape, child molestation, or anything else that can be a sensitive topic. We are here to RP and have FUN. It is not fun to deal with hearing or seeing that type of stuff in RP. If someone does bring up anything that can be racist, REPORT IT. do not feed into the rp and continue it and label each other ‘racist’ or ‘homophobic’ you are apart of the problem if you continue that rp. Mob Mentality / Crim & Civ Roleplay / Win Mentality As of late, the admin team has received an increased amount of reports disparaging criminal vs. cop roleplay. There has been an increased amount of cop-baiting, mob mentality, and win mentality from both sides. Both cops and criminals are guilty of this and neither side is innocent, so please don’t go around pointing fingers. As you all know, baiting cops by doing burnouts in front of them, shooting, or just doing stupid stuff to incite a chase or shootout is NOT allowed. You will be warned or banned for baiting cops, so stop participating in this behavior, you know who you are. Additionally, some criminals are guilty of only doing criminal activities when they KNOW they outnumber the cops by doing /players and seeing cop activity is low. Doing this is win mentality to an extreme. You shouldn’t only conduct criminal activities when you know you can win against the amount of cops that are online. As a general guideline and rule of thumb, if the cop activity is low, you should do criminal activities in groups of 4, if the activity is medium, then groups of 5, and if the cop activity is high, then running around with 6 people would enable both sides more interesting roleplay and make it more fun for both parties. By no means is this guideline a rule, if we receive reports about “they have 6 criminals and the cop activity is low” we will simply inform you that it’s not a rule and close the ticket. This is simply advice we’re trying to pass onto the community to hopefully encourage people to not outnumber cops in every scenario and improve the roleplay between cops and crims. Moving on, cops need stop to using their vehicles as weapons. Running over criminals at 150 MPH while they’re running away isn’t ever acceptable. The only thing that you should generally be using your vehicle for is to 1) drive and 2) use as protection from bullets, not slam into criminals or pedestrians at mach 3. Lastly, if you use emotes to gain an advantage in shootouts or any part of roleplay, this is win mentality and emote abuse and you WILL be warned or banned. This is a call-out to all of you who think it’s okay to /e passout3 in vehicles during a shootout. By no means is this ever acceptable. We do not care if you say “well so and so does it too” or “well this person said it was fine,” if you are caught doing this you will be warned or banned, end of discussion. Win mentality. Losing builds so much more. Stop screaming the second you lose. Be quiet if anything and take the loss. Log off and do something else until you can OOC accept the loss your IC pixel took
  3. More info in #announcements in discord!
  4. June 18th Change Log Changes - New key system! Keys no longer get buggy with the lock and unlock feature! You now get a set of keys whenever you spawn a car (police menus, garages, rentals, jobs etc.). This is not permanent (it resets when cars are put back in the garage / deleted / despawned etc.). Anyone with keys can lock the car and unlock it. For example: Stacy has a set of keys to Matt's house. Stacy goes to Matt's garage and spawns Matt's Panto. Stacy automatically gets keys for that panto. She can lock it and unlock it and store it back in the house garage. If Stacy DOES NOT do /keys give to matt, Matt will NOT have keys to HIS panto. Essentially, you only get keys to a car if you spawn it, regardless if you own it, or if the driver gives you keys. The keys disappear for everyone when the car is garaged or server restart. Keys do not last permanently. Cars are still registered in the database for the person who bought it. Which means if Stacy got pulled over in Matt's panto, it would come back to Matt. Stacy also can NOT sell the car, even if she tried. Police cars can now be locked. (Eventually the blacklist for police, ambulances and tow trucks will be removed since the lock system is 10x better). (Also eventually local cars will be locked and you will need to lock pick into them, but for now, you can steal local cars and get keys to them and lock them etc.) The new commands: /keys give - this gives keys to the passenger seat player (you must be in driver seat to do this) /keys remove - throws keys out the window of the car (must be in the car) /keys grab - grab keys for the car from the driver seat - New feature added when you hold rev on a car - Loading screen has some new photos and music - The amount of trucking stops has been decreased (many people complained that trucking had sometimes been too grueling) - You no longer aggressively speed walk after shooting and punching - DMV test has been moved down south - Auto school MLO has been removed - Milk added to convenient store . . . and beans. . . - Burgershot store can now be accessed behind the counter as well - Some trunk sizes increased - Some new custom items for businesses added in (You know who you are, open a ticket whenever :)) - Tequi-lala now has a custom job (do a /report to ask for it), a society, and door locks on the doors to prevent squatters - Tons of more stuff, but FIND OUT IN CHARACTER Bug Fixes - Weapons that had issues being put into trunks have been fixed - Dark chat now does not jumble the message history and stays in order - No longer get notification that car is stalling when passenger - The ped for oxy sales now shows for everyone in the server and is not invisible for other people - Drowning notification fixed - Throwable items no longer stay in inventory and glitch out (causing you to have to drop them) - Two glitchy crafting tables moved to a more safe location (near the same spot) - Weapons now properly calculate the weight when you are buying items (you no longer will go over weight limit) - Riding a bike should no longer have a glitchy hat effect for players. - Lexus GX460 dirt texture fixed - Harley Davidson seating position for driver fixed - Police BMW dirt textures fixed - A lot of EMS and PD cars had their LODs lowered (meaning their lights and car won't be loading in from miles away)
  5. Extending Roleplay/Win/Cop Mentality I want to talk a little bit on a trend I am seeing lately within RP, first of all let me say you guys are super important to the way new people perceive the server when they first join and if their first interaction is with a “hook and book” cop with little to no roleplay then that first impression is not going to be good. It is completely fine doing the job because that’s how it would be IRL but we gotta remember this is an RP server and is not real life so we have room to bend a few things that would not happen IRL. As a crim I think I would be much happier spending the time in prison IF I had good interactions or a good chase before it all. Too often we are seeing a car chase that should lead into a fun little foot chase end too quickly with someone tazing and instantly cuffing the person leaving no room for the other person to respond or do anything, we have a tackle mechanic for a reason, use it and when you do manage to tackle them before going in for cuffs ask for them to turn around and put hands up so its safe for you to go in for a cuff, not whilst they are in the tackled animation where they can do anything, yes they can start running again which is fine then you can warn them that they are going to be tazed if they don't stop and if they don't taze them that's fine, saying this crims if the cops have tackled and surrounded you and asked for you to put your hands up stop running and comply, this goes both ways, it’s kind of win mentality abusing your PD powers, there is a reason why it is a whitelisted job and requires more steps to get into than other jobs as you have a lot of tools at your disposal and just because you does not mean you should have to use them all the time. This leads me into my next point about matching the level of weapon the crims are using to make the interaction fair to an extent, there were situations while i was on duty where a crim was using a melee weapon and swung at an officer and missed but the officer decided to pull a gun and down the crim, you have batons use them if you need to, you guys have a toolbelt full of stuff that can be used to defuse any situation, just take a step back and think about it before engaging. My last point is being aware of how many officers are responding to a call and not inserting yourself into a scenario you was not initially part of, remember we changed the rule somewhat in your favour, you are to match the number of the crims +2 so you will always outnumber them, communicate how many people are involved and communicate who is responding and if you are not part then you should not be responding, we will start to enforce this rule more if we carry on seeing it broken and we get reports about it, also let the officers who were initially on scene decide what is happening, same scenario as I mentioned above about the crim who swung a crowbar at an officer once and then ran, when he ran we was on a foot chase with him and another officer came and basically did a drive by on him and drove off, that was not your scenario to insert yourself in as you was not part of the initial interaction. Nothing wrong with being a hard ass cop, or a hook and book cop but you can be both while still extending the roleplay for the person you are roleplaying with, thank you for coming to my ted talk. Email Roleplay In regard to the "email RP," emails for documents that you need to "sign in-character" are fine such as and not limited to: Dynasty 8 documents, PD warrants and documents, business contracts, order forms for businesses, and lawyer documents. Emails such as: “Hey, are you awake?” “Hey, did you just shoot this gang member?” “Hey, did you get kidnapped?” are bad and considered metagaming (even if you address it "ic thru dms"). You should NOT be using Discord as a “group chat” for a gang or for meta information. If it is something you can utilize a phone in-character for to text/call someone or have a face-to-face conversation, you should not email (DM someone). Text messages do not need to be responded to right away.. let the rp slowburn and wait for a response in character. Only in situations where you absolutely must and cannot conduct the RP through in-game means should Discord be utilized (reasons above). Essentially before “you email another player” think.. Can this be done in game without discord. If it is something you can text a player, text it to them. You can send photos over the phone, you can tweet, call, etc. You do not need to get an instant response. Part of the fun of roleplay is logging in to seeing a bunch of texts and messages on your phone from stuff that you may not have been around for. I personally log in to 10+ texts every day on Matt. I enjoy spending my first few moments waking up and responding to all the texts.. Most of the time someone responds and then I instantly get roleplay without having to search around. Playing phone tag with others can be a lot of fun.. Matt and Alec have been playing phone tag for like 3 weeks at this rate, and I have no interest in rushing the RP we have “through emails”. It feels way more genuine and immersive when it is all done through in game and in character means. It’s not really immersive when you get “an email” and the message above it is a message that has nothing to do with RP. Response Forms Just going to briefly go over some of the response forms that we got from the announcements. Anything I do not cover will either be covered later in the meeting, is something dev related and is being discussed or is something the admin team did not think needed to be discussed at this time. We wanted to bring up more noteworthy issues, or bigger community problems. If your response wasn’t answered and you still want to talk about it, feel free to shoot me a DM. Perma RP - Please do not auto disconnect when perma’ing your character. We do have a mortician who loves that kind of roleplay and it is a very limited role play she gets, as people do not perma very often. It may not seem like a lot to you but it is to her. If it becomes ‘too much’ just /looc her, and she will do less in depth when requested. Driving - There’s no reason to be constantly driving at your car’s top speed just because you can. If you’re rushing someone to hospital because they’re injured and there’s no one from SAFR around? Fine. Racing? Fine. Running from cops? Fine. So on so forth. But just to be going fast just ‘cuz you can is pointless. I’m not saying you can’t be a criminal and have to stop at every red light and go the speed limit. I’m just saying to slow it down a bit. Job progression - Like trucking, there were several requests for civ jobs to have progression stats. Just a quick update, the devs liked this idea, and it’s something they will be working on. - Also a note: some changes to trucking are coming. - We will look into balancing jobs so they are a bit more equivalent. Dropping items - Please stop reporting dropped items. With infinity it does not cause server lag like it used to. The only time it needs to be brought to our attention is when it's like 30+ different items that haven’t been picked up. If it’s like 5-10, just snag ‘em and pawn them if you want, or leave them. You never know if it could be part of someone’s RP. I did ask Jeff, our dev, if we could make them not float in the air, and he said he’d look into making them go to the floor so they don’t look weird. Jobs - Clothing: Wear clothes that make sense to what your character is doing. If you’re picking peaches you shouldn’t be wearing a suit. If you’re a mechanic, you shouldn’t be wearing swimwear. We’re all trying to be more immersive, and this is just one little thing that gives more depth to your roleplay. Camping/Robbing: There should be slim to no reason you should be job camping with intent to rob a civilian doing a job. If you’re that desperate for money, go work for it yourself. If you’re a gang character, go beef with other gang characters, make a storyline out of it, then rob them. The only time you should ever be robbing someone doing harmless jobs is if you genuinely have a storyline built up with that person already, and this is potentially a revenge or retaliation in regards to that conflict. We will start warning people who are aimlessly robbing people for no reason. Make your RP make sense. You’re supposed to be logging in with intent for roleplay, not GTA Online. Vehicle Balancing Poll We have had a few people mention how fast our cars go in the server and wanted everything slowed down to a more realistic version of handling and speed, what this would mean is more realistic acceleration even though its pretty good in that aspect right now, for example the tuner cars that are priced between 400 to 900k are 10 second cars which means they do a ¼ mile around 10 seconds. Slowing down cars to the point that the fastest cars would do around 200 would also help people who fall through the map when driving fast. We are going to do a poll and what the majority wants and I will work towards that. My aim was to make it semi realistic and fun at the same time because it is a video game at the end of the day and we all play to have fun Keep cars as they are now, no change Reduce speeds/acceleration/handling down by approx. 25% Complete overhaul, realistic handling, more chances for cars to spin out and be less controllable at high speeds etc. Keep in mind this will make a lot of cars drive the same and won’t be individually unique as they are now. IC vs. OOC Once again, people not being able to separate IC and OOC are becoming a prevalent and common issue. Obviously, every single character in the city isn't going to get along, there's conflict RP and we support it. However, you, as a role-player, need to draw the line on where that conflict ends. Just because a character shot you IC doesn't mean you should go to a private and hidden Discord room with your friend group and sit there and shit talk them. NoLimits is a community of adults, with the exception of a few children (Zod), you should all be mature about the situation. Going into a private Discord call or text channel to make fun of someone and giggle about someone because of what they did IC is childish and has no place in this community. If you've gotten to the point where you can't separate this IC and OOC conflict, you either need to take a break or quit RP. IC conflict has no place OOC and OOC conflict has no place IC. Going after someone IC due to something they did or said OOC is first off, metagaming, and second off, immature. Conflict RP is supposed to have an end goal, the majority of conflict lately has just been a bunch of bickering between groups of individuals with no end goal or objective in sight, it's just bickering to bicker and it reflects poorly on the image of the entire community. Constantly going after another character every single day of nearly every single hour is NOT okay and is borderline bullying. Constant character conflict makes people not want to get on because they know they'll just get attacked by the same group of people. This goes along with slowing down RP; slow down your RP and think of more creative ways to create conflict rather than bickering over Twitter or shooting one another, there's plenty of creative people in this community so we know you're capable. If you feel that RP is affecting you OOC, and it can happen, open a ticket and discuss it with the admin team so we can advise you on how to proceed to evade that RP or consider taking a break from RP. To touch up on relationship RP again, we, the admin team, do occasionally receive complaints about community members harassing or messaging others that they participate in relationship RP with OOC. If this happens, block the player through all avenues of communication, and if it continues, please let us know so we can take appropriate action. We have and will continue to remove community members who harass other community members or make others uncomfortable. The big takeaway with relationship RP in the city is that it is just that: roleplay. We understand that occasionally relationship RP can and will make its way out of the city, but please ensure that this is only done if both parties willingly understand and consent. Do not continue to try to take relationship RP OOC if the other party does not show interest. NoLimits isn't Tinder. If you message someone OOC and they don’t respond, take the hint. Just because someone wants to hold your hand IC does not mean they want to do it OOC. One of the big tips to ensure that IC RP does not bleed OOC is to ensure that you're playing a character different from yourselves. Many community players aren't playing characters, they're either just playing themselves or an exaggerated persona of themselves. Playing a character that's similar to you is only going to cause you to take IC conflict, things said and done to your character, OOC and make you upset. When you roleplay yourself, it's harder to comprehend that you're actually playing a character instead and that what's happening is happening to your character and not you personally. To summarize, in regard to those who are bringing OOC conflict IC and creating IC conflict because of it, stop it. Just because you dislike someone’s roleplay or dislike an individual OOC does not mean you need to create conflict with them 24/7. If you dislike someone’s roleplay, avoid them as best as possible. Bringing your OOC quarrels in-game ruins the roleplaying experience for those who see it and are around it. Just because someone said something about you OOC doesn’t mean you need to bring it IC and shoot them for it or ruin their interactions with others. Nor do you need to take conflict that occurs IC into private text channels and Discord calls and make snide remarks about other community members. Once again, being unable to separate IC and OOC RP has no place in this community and WILL result in retaliation from the admin team. Better Explanation of Roleplay vs. Ruleplay We would like to remind everyone that the concept of roleplay over ruleplay doesn’t give you the right to break server rules. There are a few things that you need to consider before intentionally breaking a rule, stuff like, What rule is being broken, with who are you breaking that rule. If a rule break can create some fun and enjoyable roleplay for both sides, then it is fine. Both sides should be having fun. Rules should not be broken just because “you want to win a scenario” To expand more I’d like to reference 1 of our old announcements about roleplay vs ruleplay. For example Fail drive: If you’re by yourself or with a friend and want to enjoy a silly ride up mount chililad in a twizzy or supercar, Go for it. But if you're running from the cops and you want to get away so you yeet your Bugatti up a mountain , yeah no.. don’t do that Rdm /VDM you want to punch your friend just cuz they have a bug on their face, want to hit your friend (with a car) that is waiting for you to pick them up? Go for it. You saw your enemy and you decided to run them over cuz your character doesn’t like them, yeah no. There are many more examples but you can get my point. Just in general have fun with your roleplay while making others have fun with it too! Please try to avoid reporting RP scenarios for other people that you weren’t involved in . Do not revenge report other players. We know when you are revenge reporting. Example: Person A reports you for something. And then you open a ticket about something person A did in RP to you 3 days ago after you get /warned or banned for something. If you didn’t have an issue with it 3 days ago, you don’t now. Warnings aren’t that big of a deal unless you get reported for the same type of RP multiple times. Warnings are just a documentation for admins to know that you were talked to about a scenario that could have been improved Discord Meta We have the rule of having a senior admin or above in all discords that relate to NLRP. Any discord for a business or gang must have a senior admin or above in. This also includes ANY PRIVATE DISCORDS that has ANY information regarding the NLRP community in it. If you have a private discord that has information relating to anything IC in a hidden room and we find out as admins, there will be consequences for this. Discords are not meant to be a meta fest. Some things that you can use NLRP related discords for include: Scheduling meetings and events with employees, groups Writing rules, regulations, SOP for the group or business Posting votes, polls, photos of members (not recipes) Phone numbers, radio frequencies Ads, announcements You must have a senior admin + in your discord with all permissions and access to every channel Post inventory or stock and prices once it is discussed in character Do not: Have full blown in character conversations “through a group chat”.. Do it IC. Set a time to meet up in character in the city… OOC convos are whatever as long as nothing IC is brought up through those. Post things that happened at a specific location or conflict. Meet up in the city to discuss this “beef” Use info found in your discord that you have not found out about in character (have a meeting to learn the info.. Not just a discord room that you saw while laying in bed irl) Do not have private discords that you claim aren’t NLRP related but have private channels hidden from most of the discord that talk about in city related things Recipes.. Do not just post photos of recipes.. Teach them in character through roleplay. Tell them what they need, do not just be like here is a photo of my screen! Misc.: Dark chat has been fixed up so the messages are not randomly jumbled anymore. Start using that a lot more when you notice the change is put in the next update. We don't care if you tell people ooc if you plan on being around or your schedule IRL. Just do not “hey are u flying in”... find out through IC means if someone is around and in the city. Not through a discord message. Text someone when you wake up. Self Transporting (To Hospitals) So we have heard from both sides of community, ems and civilians alike that some people are self transporting, which we would just like to say is completely fine in some cases, like in real life you probably wouldn't call an ambulance for the smallest thing and you might transport yourself to the hospital on your own, which again is completely fine, but there is a fine line between self transporting that makes sense and then having potential medical RP stopped (scenario) say for instance that you are just chilling with your friends and someone falls down a flight of stairs and role plays out that he has a fractured wrist, having yourself or friends transport you to the hospital is more than alright, where as on the contrary imagine you were just in a vehicle collision at 150 MPH and you are roleplaying out that you broke one leg, and both arms, that is most likely something that you would not transport yourself or have someone else help transport to pillbox, boom that is where you would call and EMS to help with that scene as they (in RP) would have the tools to treat that. Now this does not mean think about self transporting hyper realistic here as at the end of the day it is roleplay and we are all here to have fun and have fun interactions, if you want to just go that extra mile then don't self transport in a time where you think you technically could, and give the EMS that roleplay, have fun with injury RP it has the potential to be the best. Just a little PSA if you want to come into the medical field in RP but you are struggling because you don't know much about how to treat injuries, our amazing nurse Misha Davis has made a copy and paste /me guides for all injuries, if you have any interests in working in pillbox as a doctor please feel free to reach out to Misha on discord for more information DOJ / Lawyer With the re-launch of DoJ the lawyers and judges will be roleplaying out different scenarios involving paperwork. (Marriage licenses, requests for name change, divorce decrees, etc.) to add to the immersion of DoJ roleplay. If you were already 'married' before DoJ was implemented and are asked for a marriage license by someone from the courts, you can just "/me hands over necessary paperwork" We are not requiring actual physical documents. If you would like to produce these documents to add to the immersion of the roleplay that's fine too.
  6. May 28th Change Log Thanks to all the Developers who did all these changes! This has been one of our bigger change logs in a while. Many thanks to Obama, Mack and Jeff Don't forget our Community Meeting is this Sunday, May 30th at 5pm EST! It will be in discord and streamed on twitch as well. We hope everyone can make it! We have some exciting things to announce. Changes - Police, EMS, Mechanic cars should not be super expensive at LS customs anymore - Some racing changes - Some car handling tweaked - 150+ new house props thanks to Kitty - Paychecks are every 20 minutes instead of every 15 minutes - Honda NSX has been replaced with a lower poly RHD model - Crusade hospital blip has been removed - Tequi-lala has an upstairs bar now - Midnight lounge has a blip on the map - Rental prices of trucking lowered (Trucking will see other changes soon as well) - Some 24/7 convenient store "interact" has been moved back - SAFR has new liveries for their tahoe (coroner and pillbox staff ones) - Station 7 vending machine now works - Cars no longer automatically go back in your garage on server restart. You now must pay impound fee if your car never makes it back to the garage. (This was a QOL that we thought was necessary given people not valuing their cars. If lack of valuing cars continue (from many people), we may increase impound costs or continue warning for it.) - Emote changed for a few drugs - Vehicles now stall for a couple of seconds if you crash them at a certain speed - Jail time now decays at a rate of 15 x slower while offline. (Example: 10 minute sentence online = 150 minutes offline). This means you can play another character while in prison or log off and not have to sit in jail afk - /emsrevive now heals the player as well and stops bleeding, injuries, limping, irritation etc. - Weapon animation no longer plays when you get out of a car. (no more being able to meta if someone has a gun on them by them touching their booty) - /scenes menu is easier to navigate through now - Keybinds updated in loading screen - When swimming underwater you now get a notification when you are running out of air - /me command added whenever you craft anything (this will be monitored for meta gaming and if we as admins start to see issues with it, we will remove it on some items) - Drinking and eating certain foods now have better animations - Police Tahoe is no longer available for master troopers - Removed the run vehicle plate from the police f6 menu. - Motorcycles and Bikes no longer force a default helmet on your character - Vehicle Stations for emergency services have some changes made to them - When one bank is robbed, no other bank can be robbed for a certain time frame (we will monitor this change as well) - Criminal activity payouts have been buffed to make it more rewarding for the risk you will be taking to complete one, with the buff and bank cooldown the admins will be monitoring the RP provided at said bank jobs to make sure people are providing new and an exciting RP for all parties involved. Bug Fixes - Annis hellion trunk space now reflects the size of the vehicle - Drive thrus can now be accessed from the car by pressing "E" - Chop shop now allows you to properly chop a 2 door car without having to take 4 doors off a panto etc. - Weapons now have a weight in your inventory - Jail menu fixed for police - You no longer get released from jail by relogging after doing certain things in jail - No longer have to buy tattoos twice in order for the last one to save - Weapons script cleaned up heavily for performance - When juicing peaches, if your inventory is full it will not let you turn the peaches in the juice despite the fact that you will have space once the peaches are gone - has been fixed - When picking peaches, if you have space for one more but you pick more than one it will not accept the extra peach - has been fixed - When choosing a walk and then going back to default and crouching the custom walk no longer comes back.
  7. April 23rd Change Log Changes - Pillbox bed times have been changed. There is a 2 minute, 6 minute, 8 minute option - Respawn timer has been raised to 5 minutes when no EMS are on duty - Hospital bed check in time is now 5 minutes - BMX Bike handling has been made more fun - New item added to mining - New Hooker's logo on the Army Flatbed - The repair circle at MRPD has been moved downstairs due to cops not being able to see the extras when it is night time - There is now a police impound in Paleto bay - Pirate lockbox from Scuba Diving is now a usable item. Found out in RP how to open it. - Prison sentences are no longer broadcasted in the "chat box". They can be found at a news stand. - New "newspaper" has been added to the city. You can go up to a newspaper stand and do /paper and read the news. If you have the "reporter job" (you get this from clocking in to weazel news. Check the job guide for the commands on how to update the newspaper.) ANYONE CAUGHT DOING RULEBREAKING NEWS ANNOUNCEMENTS IN THE PAPER WILL GET A WARNING/BAN. Do not troll with it. It is there for people who want to actually report news in an immersive way. - You can now change into the prison outfit at the prison inside of the shower area. - All job circles and icons have been made consistent across the board. Some jobs optimized for performance - Mechanics can no longer spawn props through their menu. - Armor added to PD circle upgrades (to be on par with civs being able to have armor) - Added a command to put players back in character creation for admins (check admin chat for it) - Casino clothing store map icon removed - 'Wig station" or barber shop added to the VU dressing room - Societies are now logged properly - /drag has been given to the nurse/doctor job at pillbox. - You can now slash car tires by doing /slash if you have the appropriate tools in your hand. - Morgue location (the press e to morgue) has been moved to hospital that you can take the elevator to (the dim hospital with no lights). - ATM robbery notifications changed - Handling Overhaul for GTA car's mainly (If any issues let Umee know) Bug Fixes - Pharmacy is now back at lower pillbox. It was accidentally moved - Lux workers can now return a vehicle in any seat in the car - even if someone else is in the car. - Vehicles can now be renamed properly in your house garage - House garages now sort alphabetically - Cruise control keybind removed from controller keybinds (making it more controller friendly). Cruise control can still be used using 'caps lock'. Controller players must use caps lock if they wish to cruise.
  8. Vigilante Roleplay Vigilante Roleplay...Intruding on roleplay scenarios that you have no involvement in. An example is if you see a cop randomly being taken hostage at legion square and you run in with a gun and save the cop from the hostage taker. It is frowned upon as you are randomly stopping someone else’s roleplay and scenario that they may have going on. Another example that we often used to see was people going to the police stations and shooting them up to “free their friends”. This has not been happening as much recently, but keep in mind that once you are in police custody, at MRPD or wherever, the RP shifts to the arresting / prison RP. If you want a chance to get out of cuffs you need to be on a prison transport bus - which was discussed at the last community meeting. One last concern community members have had in regards to vigilantism involves Civilians interrupting cops (examples: going past barriers, guns, cones. Specifically @ bank robberies. If you see cops have an entire street blocked off, go around, find another way. Don’t try to drive thru or “get a front row shot of what is going on. Go from a distance if you are really that nosey. Use your phone or binoculars. Random Weapon Play Random tasing (exclude organised events) Flailing guns around with no valuing (cops and crims) Pulling out guns for stupid stuff too fast. -> Talking shit doesn’t need to lead to guns. Drugs / Robberies Using supercars to peddle drugs on the street just to get away from the cops when they show up is a very win mentality mindset. If you are selling drugs the key is not to be noticed and to blend in with your environment so you don’t raise suspicion, using your own vehicle is fine but jumping out a Lamborghini to give packages to locals does not make sense RP wise, dress like a local, use local cars that blend in, the goal is not to get caught and for anything to come back to your character so why would you do it in your gang colors and personal supercars that will lead straight back to you, try to think about all aspects of what you are doing before you do it. Police now have the right to permanently impound your cars if you are continuously using them in your own criminal RP. If you are using the same car to sell drugs all day or rob banks and the cops take it X number of times, they will permanently keep it and crush it or auction it off back to the public. Same goes if you leave your citations unpaid for months, there will now be stricter RP consequences for people who chose to continue to do this type of criminal RP "Weird Roleplay Choices" When you hear gunshots in real life, you realistically would not run towards them. You would be running away, taking cover, and cowering from the sound (usually). Even in roleplay this is how you should be treating the sound of gunshots. We all understand that in roleplay you respawn if you "die/go down", but that is not an excuse to be curious as to what events are causing the noise. You need to fear for your life in roleplay as if you only have one. This essentially could fall under the NVL rule. Are we really going to be this nitpicky?- Probably not. But if you seem to be a rubbernecker who constantly finds themselves in the middle of things you don't belong in, you may end up with a warning for it at some point. Use scenes to leave clues. Not all clues have to be self incriminating.. Give cops something to go off of. Stop hinting at rules in character. There's no reason the phrases "you need to value your life" should be coming out of your character's mouth. Roleplay first. Report after. We as admins can deal with rulebreaks as they come up and are reported to us, it's as simple as you opening a ticket. Just because you can point out "you shouldn't have 5 people right now" doesn't mean you need to. Sometimes breaking rules are good for roleplay. If you end up not agreeing with it, that's fine just report it, but stop talking about it in character. People are seemingly so salty lately about just handling roleplay first. Impersonating cops is no longer frowned upon when it comes to getting clothes from clothing stores. However, there needs to be a roleplay purpose behind it. Don't just impersonate a cop because you feel like it one day. Have a plan, or scene set up for it. Repetition of stuff is annoying, make it fun for everyone, not just yourself. Just do not do it everyday or every other scenario. - The reason this is changing is due to the fact you can realistically just buy police clothing off of things as easy as ebay. Don't be a troll with it though, otherwise we'll just revert this back to the old way of having to get clothes from an officer. Talking while down and not focusing on injury: There is a reason your radio shuts itself off when getting downed. You turning it back on is an exploit of a mechanic, and is warnable. Don't do it. Focus on your injuries and stop making call outs when you are down. There's also no need to be making phone calls either when downed. - When with others, have them text EMS for you. If you're alone and done with the scenario that leads to you being down, then text EMS if you have a phone. - Don't just ping your friends to your location because you want a way out. If you plan on going the route of blackmarket MD, again, wait til the scenario is over to contact a friend. Anyone can do medical RP and help out with injuries. Make it easier for EMS, assist with the scenario, make it more interesting, and let them know what you did once they get there. Even if it's a simple "Oh I just help pressure on his wounds" whatever the case may be. Locals Locals should be treated as “players” downed locals..shooting locals should be valued.. They are not “just NPCs” who give you their car for free. Try to be more creative with locals. If you arrive to a scene as ems/PD you can use /me commands to locals, the player around should answer the /me command truthfully about what happened to the local.. “/me looks over local for any injuries or clues as to why they are on the ground.? The player who may be in the area can answer using like “/me the local has gun shot wound to shoulder” blah blah. Shooting locals “oh its locals - from civs” and cops just ignore.. If locals get hostile, you have reason to shoot. Self defense. You should not just recklessly around the server shooting and punching every local you see in sight. Value them. Would your character really go punch someone on the street? Would your character really steal a car? Stealing local car after local car.. Especially in pursuits is very win mentality ish. Cops are told if their car gets disabled to pull over, call a mechanic, or drive back to the station to fix their vehicle and not go back in the chase. It’s okay to steal a local car for reasons of disconnecting etc, but you can still always call a taxi, call a friend, send someone a gps to pick you up Slowing Down Slow down your RP. Not everything has to happen in one week or one month. We are trying to build stories, what’s the fun in getting a mansion or your bugatti or whatever in 1 week? Once you get it then what? The same goes for friendships / relationships.. Try to build a slow burn effect in character. Not everyday do you have to do a big grand thing, some days you can just go walk on the beach with friends, go out to lunch, go out for dinner. Just because Pearls is “not open” does not mean you can not go there and RP with a “local waiter” etc..Not everyday has to be hosting an event, or robbing a bank and shooting up people. Change it up, have fun. Doing the same thing everyday on the same character can get very draining and boring. Make new characters, have fun. Waiting for Licenses and cars / Offices* One thing I have noticed is that people want that car right now. Or expect to get a business license or office overnight, glossing over the fact that these offices need to be “Zoned/Built/Filed with the city” There is often RP behind the scenes. For example, when you come for a business license, while I could just say “Yes good good” and send you on your way, I choose to go to a lawyer, draft a contract, come back and have you sign it. The contract and deed and then provided to the Police department etc. There is no need to rush each step of your RP. Relaxing and letting things progress slowly will extend the life of your current “RP Project”. Police interaction: As a cop there are occasions where people are eager to be booked ASAP. or wrap up their interactions with the Police and get back to their “ Real RP”. There is so much to be given from both sides through investigations, interrogations, or simple back and forth interactions from a crime or incident. Using tasing as a first-line reaction in order to restrain and individual can also constitute as rushing the interaction. There is plenty of interaction to be had from a prolonged non-threatening chase. Use Calendar for events on website IC vs OOC PLEASE Don’t play yourself as a character. You might think it’s a good idea because you know what you as a person would do in any situation that you might face but it’s not a good idea. You can easily get offended for something that was directed to your character and only to your character. Roleplaying a character that isn’t yourself allows for more imagination and fun / immersive roleplay for example having that character in a different voice rather than your real voice. It will keep yourself and everyone around you immersed and will be even harder for you to break character ( obviously not everyone can do voices which is perfectly fine I was just giving an example of what you could do ) Also, Don’t think “how YOU would react in different situations but rather think how would your character react in that situation whatever the situation might be, getting robbed,kidnapped ,trash talked etc” Depending on the character story, different characters will respond differently to conflict. Which brings me to my next point. The difference between IC conflict and ooc bullying. It’s perfectly okay for characters to not like each other and hate each other. Not everyone is going to get along with everyone, BUT you need to draw a line where things will end. That doesn’t mean your characters “hatred” for each other should end. But the constant back and forth needs to have an end goal / come to an end. Constantly going after someone everyday just because your character has conflict with them isn’t okay and is borderline bullying. It makes some people not want to get on the server because they know they’ll get attacked by the same person /group of people over and over which isn’t okay. If you ever feel like an rp scenario is getting to you ooc and that you can’t roleplay it out please feel free to open a ticket and discuss it with the staff team, we would be more than happy to help you out / give advise. With relationship roleplay, we as admins get occasional tickets from community members about people harassing or messaging each other on discord based on roleplay that has happened in our server. We mainly advise players to block the person, and if it continues to let us know and we can take appropriate action. (We have banned players in the past for harassing others ooc and saying very explicit stuff that was non consensual). The big takeaway with having a relationship in the city is realizing that it is In roleplay. It is your character. Your character, is not you. Just because someone wants to hold your hand and touch your thigh in the server, does not mean they want to do that with you outside of the city. - If you choose to do so outside of the server as well, that is your prerogative. Just keep in mind, there are people that do not want to take that outside of roleplay. - We as admins aren’t telling you to not be friends ooc, but if you message someone for the first time on discord, and they ignore you, take the hints. Some people may not be looking for out of character friends or a relationship outside of the city. It does not invite you to message them on discord and trying to get that “ooc”. Becoming friends with others ooc because you roleplay with them is bound to happen, a lot of people RP with their close ooc friends. A lot of people also meet brand new people in RP, and just because you meet in RP does not mean you have to talk ooc or be friends or continue that relationship outside of rp. We as admins want to just remind everyone that we are roleplaying as characters. What happens in roleplay is happening to our character. Not us. Roleplay vs Ruleplay We have noticed that some people think that roleplay over ruleplay gives them the right to break server rules which isn’t the case. People need to pick their fight like who they break the rule with and what rule specifically is being broken. If a rule break can create some fun and enjoyable roleplay for both sides, then it is fine. Both sides should have fun. Rules should not be broken just because “you want to win” I would also like to add that. Not everything should be reported. This isn’t me telling you to not report stuff to us. But there are some reports that shouldn’t be reported but instead roleplayed out IC I.E 1) cops “Powergaming fines / time in jail” Corrupt cops are allowed on the server. If you run into 1 and you want him / her to suffer consequences for their actions, go to their supervisor IC and let them know. Corrupt / snitch RP in general isn’t bad and can create some good conflict RP in the long run, Also there are a lot of RP scenarios that could be roleplayed out and be enjoyable to get justice for your character IC rather than insta reporting someone for something that you didn’t like. Also please try to avoid reporting RP scenarios for other people that you weren’t involved in . If they don’t report it, most likely means that they enjoyed / didn’t mind the RP scenario and preferred to Rp it out. To expand more I’d like to reference 1 of our announcements about roleplay vs ruleplay. For example Fail drive: If you’re by yourself or with a friend and want to enjoy a silly ride up mount chililad in a twizzy, Go for it. But if you're running from the cops and you want to get away so you yeet your bugatti up a mountain , yeah no.. Friendly hostage: You thought of a funny / enjoyable scenario for a bank robbery for both robbers and cops and you want the hostage to be in on it. Go for it, Tryna get as much money as possible from chain robbing banks and using your friends as fake hostages. Yeah no that’s nvl Rdm /VDM you want to punch your friend just cuz they have a bug on their face, want to run your friend over that is waiting for you to pick them up? Go for it. You saw your enemy and you decide to run them over cuz your character doesn’t like them, yeah no. There are many more examples but you can get my point. Just in general have fun with your roleplay while making +others have fun with it too! DOJ / Lawyer DOJ is being built by the ground up; need people to build. Lawyer apps are open. You can fill one out on the website. Once you do so you will get instructions on how to continue. Go into the RP that comes with being a lawyer, and all the RP avenues that open when there is a DOJ.
  9. Matt

    Community Meeting

    The start time will be: 4pm PST / 6pm CST / 7pm EST / 12am GMT This is being put on calendar to prevent events from being planned during this time, as the server will be down during this time. Keep an eye out in discord announcements for more information! Hope to see everyone there.
  10. January 28th Change Log Keep in mind we have our admin application open which can be found under the "Applications" tab on this website! - Apply by Tuesday 2/2 if you want it to be responded to in this wave. Our Member Representative Term ends on 2/5/21, we will post a sign up for that as we grow closer to that date. Exploiting... We really should not even have to be worrying about this... especially from whitelisted members. If you are caught abusing anything for your own personal gain (or do not report it to admins in a ticket) you will be banned - not warned. It is in our rules, and you guys agreed to those rules when applying and getting accepted. DOJ Apps are open on the website as well. If you would like to become a lawyer, please DM Mack (Senior Admin) on discord to set up all that. The DOJ apps are for those who want to be a Judge currently. Changes - Loading screen has been updated - There are now multiple fishing sell spots around the map. - /sellfish is the command to sell fish at the fish markets on the map. - When you hold "F" when exiting a vehicle, the door will remain open, and the car will stay running. - New drug effects for all drugs - When sent to jail, your phone is "taken by the guards" but when released "your phone is given back" - Scuba diving has been completely redone. You must 'clock in' at the spot and go diving in a dedicated area that will be marked on the map. Only the area on the map has search spots. - You can not search the same scuba spot unlimited times, but spots are closer together now - Scuba gear has an animation and time to put on now. Scuba gear lasts 25 minutes now as well. -Trucking job has been completely redone. We have a fully custom trucking job that was made by Al. It uses a "rank up system" where the more you do it, the more XP you get, the better routes/trailers you unlock. You get paid a flat rate based on the distance of your total route. You get paid at the end. - Weazel news job is back in the city. You can clock in on the map. There is a weazel news rental for a news van as well /bmic - brings out boom mic /mic - brings up a regular mic /cam - brings up a camera and it will tell you on screen how to use camera /news - send out a news alert in the city in the command box (like an advert - do not abuse) - There are new mixed drinks that can be made at the bars across Los Santos. It is available for everyone. Mainly bartenders should be using the circles in the establishments that they are at You can create the mixed drinks in the menu at the bars. - The stores at the bars have been moved to the back corners so only the person behind the bar can access them. - The self check in at pillbox has been moved to the "main room" and there are 4 beds that you can randomly be placed into (prevents cuddling - but it may still happen). - There is a new Nurse / Doctor job for Pillbox staff to continue their RP without having to worry about EMS being online. Pillbox employees can now not worry about "counting for the ems counter". These jobs have the ability to: 1) Put players in beds 2) Send players to morgue 3) /emsrevive and 4) /hospitalrelease. For more clarification on these commands talk to fellow SAFR employees / Pillbox employees on your protocols. - The /respawn location is now inside the old self-check in room. You will respawn inside upper pillbox in that room in Ward D. - There are 275 new furniture items for housing - VPD has been removed. - VPD still has vehicle spawner, deleter, and repair circle - New MRPD has been added. This is designed to be the main police station again. (We are going to monitor this new interior in the main server for performance reason. It was fine in the development server - It is subject to be removed if there are major issues) - Pillbox has gotten upgrades in terms of parking spots. There is a vehicle fixer inside the employee parking garage in the back. (We are going to monitor this new interior in the main server for performance reason. It was fine in the development server - It is subject to be removed if there are major issues) - Dynasty 8 now has office based properties. Keep an eye out in #business-ads for IC explanations about it etc. Bugs - Getting put into a car while dead and "seeing grey" still has been fixed. You should not be able to walk around while dead after being put in and out of a vehicle. - Spelling of "Baller" fixed in vehicle rental menu - Dodge Demon dirt issues fixed - Porsche 918 dirt issues fixed - BMW M4 dirt issues fixed - Cop explorer handling has been changed - Camaro Exorcist handling has been changed - Porsche Panamera no longer crumbles like paper. - Porsche Panamera textures have been fixed. No more black and red Porsche Logos. - Donator Lexus LFA has a newer and nicer model and has been replaced. As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord. If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!
  11. January 5th Change Log The casino is subject to removal/changes depending on how it impacts the main server and if there are exploits that have been overlooked. We heavily tested it but you never know. For the GRAND OPENING of the Casino (casino is not player owned - it is a public place), it is going to have a max limit of players in it. There will be PD outside keep track of how many are inside. We are not going to have 50 people run into the casino in 10 minutes. Listen to the cop outside please. If you have ANY bugs/exploits found you are required per rules to tell us. If you withhold a gamebreaking exploit from devs/admins you will be warned or banned depending on the severity. We heavily enforce that rule. Changes - Major changes to PDM. You can only purchase cars under $100,000 there now and donor vehicles. - New furniture to the housing menu - MRPD and Pillbox now have helicopter spawners for EMS and PD. You must be trained with a supervisor to use these. Speak with department leaders. - New player list that will fit up to 100 players - Some items moved around in shops - Snowmobiles are now retired from the server - City hardware store was moved to Davis Mega Mall (was requested) - LS customs now is not as picky with forcing you to "fix your car" before using it. It now checks your engine health to see if it is below a specific threshold before making you pay for repairs. - Many job payouts have been altered - Mining has been reworked to have a new step on the map while doing it - You can now do /mi to see all your warnings/kicks on your record. - You now must do /bank and /atm to access a bank or an atm. - Police can now use the pillbox roof teleporter - Issues with reviving and checking yourself in at all different hospitals has been fixed. - Snow is now permanently removed from server restarts. - Scenes now automatically delete after 4 hours to save server resources. - Respawn and being carried bug has been fixed. - Golf is now back! You must do /startgolf at the little circle hut by the "rental" at the golf course. You can then do /stopgolf to stop golfing. - Changes to loading screen music - Peaches are now fully functional again - Casino interior and blackjack are in the city. /playbj is the command to start the game. You buy chips at the cashier. Each chip weighs the minimum of .1 lbs. You can hold 550 chips max with empty inventory and bag. Each chip is worth $25. The controls will show on your screen while playing. You sell the chips you win at the same spot. While gambling, you can gain more chips that your inventory can hold, that is fine. You can not drop chips. - THE CASINO IS A GREENZONE. ABSOLUTELY NO GUNPLAY, NO ROBBING, NO DRUG PEDDLING If caught doing any of that inside the casino / penthouse you will be warned. This may be changed in the future, but with the casino being new, and the hype it will cause, we are limiting this RP from occurring in this area as admins. - Midnight lounge has a custom texture now - Pawn shop is only opened during specific times during the day now. - Weather syncing issue is now fixed. You will now see rain/thunder properly. - Handling to some cars have been altered - Dirt textures on a6, chiron, some cop cars, i8 LW, 20 silverado, and raptor have been fixed to not be so ugly and dirty As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord. If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!
  12. December 4th Change Log Hello everyone! Just a reminder that we are having a community meeting tomorrow (12/5/2020) as well! The meeting will be at 6pm CST in discord. The server will be down during the meeting. Changes - Snowballs can now be picked up with 'g' and thrown. They do not do any damage - All items can be dropped again - we have a new way to find out if people are throwing a bunch of items on the ground to min/max profit gains. Dropping an item is fine, if you have a reason in RP. Dropping to make more money at jobs is not allowed. - Items now show how much they weigh in your inventory. - New winter-themed wallpaper on your phone - Bean machine now has a functioning society - Respawn timer is now 15 minutes with ems on duty. Call them and RP out your injuries properly. They play a pivotal role in the community, utilize them. - Coordinates for stores have been cleaned up performance wise - Comedy club interior removed -Legion restaurant removed - New bar added at legion square - City hall in paleto removed - You pay your citations in the city a the courthouse now - Mirror park garage is now in the city. (All the cars transferred, you won't have to pay a fee if you had it at Mirror park) - Mirror park house robberies removed. - New robberies added around the map. (We plan on introducing more houses to be robbed, but more have been added today than removed. - we are working out a system with real estate and house robberies still, so bare with us!) - ALL PAYCHECKS ARE $150 MORE. This is a "Tax Return" essentially. For all the citizens of SA being good citizens and paying taxes. We will lower the checks again back to their normal state in 2 months or so. - More items added to furniture list (you can now have a stripper pole) - Wine sell spot has been moved to a better location (you can sell grapes there, grape juices, and wine) - Bug with carrying has been fixed. You can no longer us radio while carrying a player (Carrying and using radio allowed for running) - Fixing vehicles at LS customs will not work if two Jebs employees are on duty. (This is not finalized, but put in place for now, we will monitor how this change is and look at feedback) - All societies for food places now give 100% of the item sold. (Original was 85% - restaurant societies will make more money now) As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord. If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!
  13. November 20th Change Log Hello everyone hope you are all doing well! First of all let me say thank you for your continued support! We have been working really hard with our small development team and pushing through with a lot of highly anticipated stuff which we hope you guys will enjoy. Alongside bringing you guys new content we have been working on improving and optimizing the server to make it as smooth and enjoyable experience for all, we hope you guys like it! Changes - CUSTOM HOUSING. We are going to do this in character as much as possible. It is going to be ran by Matt and Al at the beginning. They will conduct interviews IN CHARACTER in the server. Do not message us regarding housing or getting a job/buying a house on discord. Each house can have a different interior and you can buy your own furniture and place it. You can give keys to others, invite people in, knock on doors etc. They have inventories and wardrobes that can be placed anywhere. Some houses may have a garage. You can ONLY buy houses through a real estate agent. Today and tomorrow (11/21/2020) Matt and Al are going to RP out setting up the business in character and getting licensing and establishing it. We are not selling houses right off the bat. Pay attention to twitter and adverts in game as well as on the in-character rooms on discord! - Some house robberies have been removed to make rooms for custom housing. - The percentages for some illegal items from house robberies have been increased slightly to compromise for the above. - Custom clothing and hair have been redone. You will join the city with wacky clothing options probably. Please go to a clothing store and barber shop and look at some of the new stuff added! - Decals added to clothing store. - Paleto PD service circle moved and added a vehicle delete. - /help removed from loading screen. - Law office renamed to Dynasty 8 for housing office. Car Changes - Some textures lowered on some cars. - Some handling lines changed. As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord. If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!
  14. November 7th Change Log We have been working on optimizing the server and making it more smooth. While we were testing on the dev server our fps have increased by 10-15. We are still going to continue working on smoothing out scripts throughout the week and finishing up on the last few car textures that are problematic. Reminder that you can make suggestions on the website right here. (They will get looked at eventually once we finish the current tasks - they are never unnoticed.) Changes - Jeb's map updated - New loading screen and music - Blackmarket has been removed. The items are still in the city elsewhere. (No longer a 'hidden blackmarket') - vMenu has been removed. Admins know of the new commands. - Rockstar editor is available for everyone. /rse ['start' or 'stop' or 'edit] - A lot of doorlocks have been removed for performance - Laundry no longer reduces sentence by 2 minutes. It is the same as other prison jobs now - There is a new craftable item that used to be at the blackmarket. - Mouths should now move when you talk - Penal codes and citations have been changed for PD. There are a few new citations. - You can now fire people at societies and promote people when they are offline Car Changes - A lot of cars have been lowered on textures to help combat texture loss - Almost every single car has had their handling altered in some way. Some are better, some are worse. If you have questions, problems or concerns DM @Umee As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord. If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!
  15. October 10th Change Log We have been working on getting rid of a few useless things in the city as well as things that have been causing some performance issues. Our plan is to iron out all the texture issues that we may have (which may hopefully fix the man face issue, as well as the tokovoip issue) and then we plan on maybe increase server size once this is done and fully tested. Reminder that you can make suggestions on the website right here. Changes - The old black market interior from months ago has been removed - Police speedo inventory fixed - More food has been added to Burgershot - Vehicle rental at cemetary has been removed - The Rehab interior was removed because it was causing performance issues, blip has also been removed - There are a few "roof top pools" in the city that now have a teleport so you can access them. These are great spots to go hang out on a roof with friends. You go up to a door and it will say Press E to go to roof, there is then one on the roof that says Press E to go to ground. - There is a new pawn shop in Paleto - A female hair has been added to the whitelist for the wheel - Some changes to racing have been made - You can now craft a new repair kit. Won't give out too much info with that - The old law office was removed and a new one was put in that is already a gta interior in the city. - There is a new motel in the city - The tutorial has been removed, it was useless and out of date - The no trespassing signs at dock were removed, we are reducing amount of resources in the city and this was its own. - Racing has been altered a bit to have more visuals - Police, EMS and Mechanics can now go OFF DUTY without reporting to admins. PD: lockerooms, EMS: Pillbox lockeroom (we just realized we need to move this due to garages for ambulances) Mechanics: Somewhere in Jeb's interior. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CLOCK OUT WHEN YOU ARE GOING OFF DUTY FOR THESE JOBS. You can stay on the character and "be civ", but CLOCK out first. Some server stuff requires "cops on duty" or "ems on duty" - Motel inventories should work now. Al figured out the issue that was causing them to break and has fixed. If you store multiple weapons in your motel, you should be fine, ammo does not stack on them and will remain independent in the motel inventory. - Loading screen updated - You can now use a bag of weed to get the raw cannabis back. Car Changes - McLaren 720s no longer rolls, top speed buffed - Aston Martin Vanquish no longer spins off line and corners - Porsche 918 no longer flips when taking sharp turns - Lambo urus body roll fixed and wheel spin fixed - 911 turbo s improved handling - Bentley cont. super sport speed buffed and turning fixed - Sultan RS buffed - Zentorno now RWD and handling fixed - BF raptor brakes and handling fixed - Supra handling fixed - Audi r8 brakes better - Omnis reduced speed, but improved handling -Infiniti G35 handling buffed - Honda s2000 handling buffed - Jeep SRT no longer a boat - BMW m4 handling improved, top speed lowered a bit - Rolls Royce Wraith no longer spins off line and better turning - Acura NSX better grip and handling - Dubsta 6x6 turning fixed - Silver s15 sound changed and wheel spin fixed. Bug Fixes - Explosions at Pearls should stop - Repair kit timers have been fixed to 45 seconds instead of 60. - LS customs now has a 15 second repair time when you press E. - Robbery truck timeouts fixed - Two errors with drug script have been fixed, they were just minor, had no impact, but are gone now As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord. If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!
  16. Community Meeting Transcript (10/2/2020) This is a copy of what the Administration Team used to help guide the community meeting. I decided to post it here on the website for those who were not able to make the meeting to read and catch up on anything that they may have missed. Topic 1 (Message from Directors regarding the Admin team - Matt) The growth and development of roleplay on this server has improved so much in the last 10 months. The quality has risen, and we are strict when enforcing rules to maintain this level of quality. Some of the community supports us on this stance and others do not. We have always aimed to be a top notch roleplay server. Serious, with a healthy dose of fun. That being said, we as admins strive to have a community that is inclusive and non-toxic. We expand on those values by trying our best to have an admin team that is non-bias and transparent as possible. Recently we have had a few issues I'd like to address: If you are being spoken to about a report and you are uncomfortable discussing it with an admin you can ask for another admin to be present if available. This does not mean the first admin is banished from the conversation. It's a compromise we are willing to make. Being able to pick and choose which admins you deal with is not in line with the inclusivity and non toxic direction we are aiming for in the community. If they are the only admin online, be respectful and deal with them and when you’re done, you can open a ticket if you so choose to discuss the issue with additional admins. If you have a problem with someone on the admin team we have a report on our website you can fill out. It is only viewable by Directors, so feel free to air your grievances against the staff there with concise and well thought out answers. The Directors and other admins are constantly monitoring the logs of the server. We monitor each other as well. We have access to logs for everything. This includes /me. Admins are also allowed to be in Twitch streams to monitor those as well. This is not considered 'meta-gaming' - this is an admin doing their job OOC. If you feel an admin is bringing this OOC responsibility IC to metagame - please bring it to a director’s attention and provide proof. We preach transparency. That being said - If you DM an admin about an issue in the server, chances are that DM will be shared with the admin team. We are a team and we like to approach these problems as a team. If you feel comfortable reaching out to a particular admin, feel free to continue to do so but know- we do share the info we get from community members with each other. We do this so every admin is on the same page, and we can improve the server as a whole. Topic 2 (Gang Gang - Currency22) Gang RP is very delicate. The gangs have a very clear understanding of how they interact with each other. Let me outline those interactions Gangs take time to figure out who owns what territory. When a gang expands their territory, or moves their territory, a meeting is called to discuss the change of territory. Conflict RP- This is a rule that is listed on the website. Gangs have every right to roll as deep as they like. However, if gun play occurs, the gangs understand that only 5 may shoot. If one gang member goes down that does not mean the others can shoot. So if a gang rolls somewhere 8 deep vs 3 and tensions rise and gun play happens, only 5 of those 8 can shoot. The other 3 either leave, or stand watching. That would mean if the 3 who are being shot at, down the original 5, the other 3 remaining, if they are still there, must take the loss with the other 5 and accept the 3 they were shooting at won, and get to do what they like. Gangs, just like with anyone else, must make their intentions known if they are going to declare war, or green light someone to be killed. Gang vs gang a meeting is called. At that meeting they state they are going to war, and discuss the rules of that war. Usually gangs will not want to shoot on site at a business, but those terms are outlined. At said meeting, the gangs will let the other gang part ways without shooting. Usually waiting a few hours or a day to actually start the war. Civilians, or other criminals must do the same with a gang. If you are upset with a gang, call a meeting with them. Gangs will grant meetings. It is part of their RP so people do not get blindsided by a gang. However, it is unfair for a gang to get blindsided as well, no matter how big or small a gang is. Gangs are not going to bother you if you are using a business in their area. Gangs though do patrol their area. If they see you they may try to pull you over to talk with you. Usually that conversation is to figure out who you are, and what you are doing. 99% of the time, if you pull over and have a simple conversation with them, the gang will leave you alone. If you run, be rude, shoot at them, you will absolutely have a bigger problem. With gang territory, they do not mind if anyone uses main access roads. Gangs discuss with each other very small specific areas they do not want other gangs in. If you are a civ or criminal and end up in one of those areas, the gang will let you know. It is your choice if your character abides by the gang request or not. If you choose not to, then do not be surprised if the gang gets hostile towards you. Even then let me explain how that would look in RP. Since I rp as a Vago I will use the Vagos in this example. Lets say you are hanging out in the Barrio. Vagos tag the barrio, and only the barrio. We see you there and we tell you that you can not be there without being invited. You decide to tell the Vagos to fuck off. Vagos warn you not to be there and make it very clear. Then you decide to show up again. Vagos will remind you to not be there. Then the Vagos will make it very clear if they catch you again they will shoot at you. If you show back up a 3rd time uninvited expect to be shot. That is the RP route you are choosing. Own up to your player decision. Respect is not a foriegn idea with gangs. It makes sense as a person as well. Someone talks shit about your character, your character usually is not going to let that fly. Why would a gang? It would make them look weak if they let someone post negative things about a gang on twitter, or talk to other people about it. Talking badly about a gang is creating conflict for your character. Do not cry wolf if you decide to talk badly about a gang, and next thing you know your character is being kidnapped and taken to a secluded location to talk about what your character has been saying. Colors- Gangs do not care if you wear their color, or have your car in their color. They might talk to you, but overall you can wear their colors. The gang will have a problem if you create conflict, or commit a crime and claim to be in the gang associated with that color. If an entire gang is absent from the city for an extended amount of time, do not expect to come back and have things the same as they were before. RP changes, evolves. It is the same as the business. If you owned a business and left for months, you would not expect the business to still belong to you. Gang territory and clout surrounding a gang works the same way. Gangs are closely monitored by the admin team. If you think a gang is breaking a rule, please report it. Gangs are not above the rules. Topic 3 (Reports - Toro) It is very common to hear during admin sits “why should I get a warning when everyone else does it”. This is not a valid excuse to get you out of a warning. If you see something you know is a rulebreak, please send in a report. Admins cannot see everything that is going on at all times. We like to roleplay too. Doing a /report lets us know there is something we need to investigate and we have no problem going and talking to that person. If we don’t get the opportunity to address it, the issue just gets compounded. Someone else sees the person do the thing and then THEY think it’s okay behavior. Now there are multiple people doing the thing and it grows out of control from there. Not every /report results in a warning. We need the opportunity to address the behavior and help the person understand how they need to adjust their roleplay to coincide with the server we all enjoy. A big one is fail driving. Mainly during a police pursuit. If you crash your car- consider it a loss. Let the cop have that win - even if the crash was out of your control. Admins will warn people for rolling their car more than once - and continuing to drive it to get away from the cops. So in the future, please - if you see something- Report it. We don’t know if you don’t report these things. Topic 4 (/carry- Ashed/Glitter) So many times EMS get a call to a location and the person will not be there. Then soon after they will get a call to Pillbox and said downed person will be there on the floor because a friend, or someone carried them to Pillbox. Please stop doing this. It is a big waste of time for EMS and takes away from the medical RP they would like to enjoy. It is also FailRP. Someone is seriously hurt, even if they are not seriously hurt. You put in a call and it ends up being a waste of time for the EMS because people will not wait for EMS and simply /carry them to Pillbox. It is also yikes because it is awkward to do medical RP on the floor at Pillbox. You know EMS is on because of the timer. Using the 600 second timer to realize EMS is on duty is good Meta. So if you see the long timer, call for EMS and wait. If the timer goes off and you can /respawn, feel free to do so. That is not fail. Calling for EMS and then get carried to Pillbox is FailRP and a bit rude. Topic 5 (Event Coordinators - Laura) We’re looking for event coordinators. Currently we have 3 Omar Anthony Vylette Skye Stacy Davis You can contact any of these in game if you’re interested in organizing events on a weekly basis. Perks of being an event coordinator Cool role Easier access to have admins spawn in cars you need for your event Permits are done by Stacy Davis Helping the community grow and bringing people together Topic 6 (Dropping Items - Mack) STOP DROPPING ITEMS. It hurts the server. Crashes it, drops performance. Find a local car, put it in the trunk of the local car. Do not know how to do that? Get in the driver’s seat, then press “Y” to access the trunk after getting out. Put items there. That is completely fine. But don’t just drop things on the ground. We still see players doing that. Caught doing so, you will get warned. Plain and simple. If you see people doing that please report it. It is so unfair to the server that performance becomes an issue because people will drop stuff. You know why it is wrong because of that. It’s also a min/max mentality. You do not want useless items, but that is part of the fun. Sometimes you get good stuff, sometimes you do not. Dropping stuff because you want to be able to carry more of the better stuff is a win mentality that we do not accept from people playing on the server. Topic 7 (Jebs - Para) This is very similar to the EMS topic. If you are going to call Jebs to have your car fixed, do not leave your vehicle. You know you are going to get a repair kit, then do not call Jebs. There might only be one Jebs tow worker on duty. They are answering your call, making another person who is waiting for Jebs properly to sit and wait longer. If someone happens to show up and give you a repair kit, be a nice person and text Jebs to let them know they are no longer needed. Waiting sucks. Going to a call where no one is there sucks more. Being the other person waiting for Jebs longer because they go to a ghosted call sucks just as much. Be nice. If you call Jebs, wait. If you end up getting help let Jebs know. We are teaching trainees to at least tweet out when a mechanic is on the way to the latest call with the first 3 digits of their phone numbers. Lately we have been lucky to get one or two mechanics on duty, this wasn't always the case. There was a time we had more than 5 at any one time, so I will address that. We understand it is very frustrating, especially for the new players, when they have to go and fork out 1,500 dollars at LS because there are no mechanics on. In character, Jebs is going through some changes, all for the better and hopefully, you'll start to notice them starting this weekend. We want you to have interactions with the mechanics rather than a quick fix at LS. I have had quite a few people ask me about their applications to Jebs so to those of you still waiting on a response, it is coming, again, hopefully within the next day. What we do ask is when you put in an application, put as much effort in to it as you can. One word and one liners will straight up get denied, make us want you. Another point on the apps, I get that it is super frustrating to have put some effort in, have it denied due to something minor and then have to wait a week to reapply. That's something else that I'm hoping will get sorted for everybody. The plan is to make Jebs the place it used to be and continue to grow it so you all have that interaction and the affordable prices too with plenty more mechanics on duty. Topic 8 (Crims vs Cops RP - Toro) I want to bring the community back a few months. Few months ago Staff saw a problem with criminal RP vs cops. They would fight tooth and nail to get away from cops. After listening and observing the community, we realized part of the problem was the massive amount of time a player would spend in jail, as well as the fine they would get associated with that. Fines and jail times have been lowered substantially. The RP got better, but it seems like crims have the mentality as they did before. Forgetting that we, as a staff, made it more RP friendly for criminals. Now, Cops feel like they are a mechanic to get things done. That their only purpose in the server is to unlock the ability for a crim to do something. For example, you can sell drugs only when at least one cop is on. I am sure lots of us would sell drugs whenever, but we have to wait for a cop to get on duty. What is happening after- is where the problem is. So said person waits for the cop to get on duty, starts selling drugs, and the cop shows up. We totally get it that you want to run from the cop. Cops love chases. That is completely fine to run from the cop. What is not fair is you drive the cop into an ambush. Even worse, if you get caught, your friends show up to get you out of the cuffs. Cops take a lot of losses. Their win loss ratio is not in their favor at all. For every person you see a cop send to prison, at least 5 have gotten away. It is not fun for a cop to catch you, only to get surrounded and shit on by your friends. It has made cops not want to log on to play. Cause when they do they feel like they get stomped on. That is not fun for anyone. If you commit a crime, and a cop gets you. Let them have the win. If they provide evidence don’t deny it, admit fault if the proof is there and you may end up with a more lenient sentence for cooperating. Do not have your friends show up, surround the cop and hide behind No Value of LIfe to get your buddy back. We get the frustration, especially while in a chase, when a local or another player is somewhere you are not expecting and ends the chase early. Do not take out your frustration on the cop. That has happened to us all. Think about the cops as humans. If you have a good attitude, then the cop is going to have a good attitude back. They might knock off a charge, or decide to not fine you for every crime committed. Depending on the RP the cop may not. Let them have their RP and know you will return to your RP eventually after prison. Pay your fines. It is not acceptable to rack up a large tab of fines to use that as a reason to shoot at cops, and resist so vigorously to not go to prison. You committed those crimes, and are choosing as a character reason to not pay your fines. Cops are going to hit you with more time depending on the amount of your unpaid fines. That is on you, not the cop. If you do not want unpaid fines to be a factor in your sentencing, PAY THEM OFF. For some of the criminals, think about how silly you look not wanting to pay 150k in fines, while driving half million to millions of dollars worth of cars. Respect the RP choice you make, and the RP that occurs because of it. Cops - Play along with some of the shenanigans that people bring to you during these scenarios. Say yes to the roleplay. Crims - The cops are more likely to play along if you make it interesting. Think about the scenario you're planning beforehand. Is this going to be enjoyable for everyone? If I was a cop in this scenario would I have fun? Topic 9 (Business Licenses - Mack) Go over expectations of obtaining a business license and what that entices. Go over the price of $100,000 for the licenses and negotiations for renewal fees. EXPLAIN THAT I DO NOT POCKET ANY MONEY FROM THIS. IT GETS YEETED FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT. Advise that if you are gonna own a business, try to be active with it. I get DM after DM for places that currently have been licensed out but nothing is being done with the location. Advised that no additional development work will be done right off hand for your business. You are supposed to be using your imagination and being clever with the business to create the roleplay. We do notice people that give exceptional role play at these businesses and when the time comes, we can talk about possibly doing something to help with the business or something to help excel your roleplay being a business owner. I really do appreciate everyone that has given me the roleplay and have created some interesting scenarios regarding Mack and the business licenses. If I don’t respond right away, don’t think I forgot about you or anything like that. I can get very busy but I promise I will follow up via IC email or IC in the city. Thank you to all business owners for bring that roleplay to the city. You guys are awesome. Topic 9 (Lux RP - Car Meta - Umee) I want to bring up the RP surrounding Lux lately in the last month or so, we try to roleplay out being SALESPEOPLE yet people don't go along with our RP and because they already know the process and bought a car before they rush the RP to get it over and done with e.g. giving ID before asked, signing tablet before asked to do so, some people treat us as mechanics to just sell cars at cheaper prices than PDM, we would like to RP too, we are not here just to hand you all discounts and let you be on your way with your shiny new toy. Just because Matt asks for car suggestions does not mean you can bring this up in character. When he asked for suggestions a couple of weeks ago I have overheard conversations in lux about cars people have suggested “I think I will wait for X car” at which point Omar always asks how you know that car is coming in before him as he is the owner of the main car dealer in town, all this information is META and it takes away RP from lux workers. New imports into the city is one of the few times we get to do something different and that opportunity does not come often for us so we would like to make the most of it, it ruins our RP when there is a “win mentality” to get the new car first. The last shipment we had, people flocked to lux to the point where I did not want to RP there cos it ruined everything I had planned RP wise for you guys, let the car dealers do the hype building and reveals. Saying stuff like “I hope X gets imported” is completely fine but saying stuff like “I know X car is getting looked at cos I suggested it or I saw it on the government notice board” is complete meta and we want to put a stop to it. Topic 9 (Member Representatives - Matt) Follow this guide on explaining: https://nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/topic/4375-member-representatives/
  17. September 26th Change Log This is a smaller change log when compared to most. Al has spent a lot of time this week working on a new queue and getting our server as up to date with current fivem releases as possible. Many behind the scenes issues have been resolved. Thank you everyone for being patient while we continue working on updates on a bi-weekly manner for you guys! Reminder that you can make suggestions on the website right here. Don't forget, we have a community meeting this Friday, October 2. Look in #announcements in discord for more information! Changes - The old Jeb's towing lot has been removed. That lot used to drop your FPS by 20. - New (not really "new" but our old one) Jeb's towing lot by Bennys. It is marked on the map and all job functionalities have been moved to that lot now. - The docks parking lot has some new signs. - There are now two functioning bars in the restaurant by Legion Square. - The pole in the Vanilla Unicorn now has no collisions, you can properly dance on it now if you line it up properly. - When you do /respawn, you now spawn at Lower pillbox outside - Loading screen has been updated - House robberies have some new items in them and chances. - We now have a new queue set up - The /help menu was removed as it was pretty useless Bug Fixes - Benny's should be able to see all suspension upgrades now. - Senior admins and above can now do /oi without any issues - A lot of behind the scenes server side updates that would bore you have been done as well. As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord. If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!
  18. Pfft. Give @JoshuaWashua @Mackadoodle and @Stacy Davis a wet kiss. I just typed this up
  19. September 11th Change Log Thank you everyone for being patient while we continue working on updates on a bi-weekly manner for you guys! Reminder that you can make suggestions on the website right here. Changes - Prices at the DMV have drastically been lowered. Forgot to lower those when we lowered other items in the city. - Fuel price lowered a bit.. The issue with people not being able to buy fuel may still be an issue, I could not replicate the issue.. If it happens to you, open a ticket and let us know. - The price of all juices (except peach) have been increased. You can sell grape juices at the restaurant near legion for a profit now (before it was not worth to sell those juices) (remember to be clocked in). - Females can now smoke a weed. /e smokeweed - A new crafting table - You can now check into the prison hospital.. Even if EMS are on duty. This will allow you to get healed in the prison. - New trucking job! The old trucking job has been removed and we replaced it with a new one. Keep in mind some of the spots require you to get out of the truck to "deliver the goods".. Don't drive the truck right on top of the circle for all them. - There is a 5% chance for police to get a notification for when you shoot your gun. It will be a "local calling" because they hear gunshots. - Police can now issue a parking ticket in their f6 menu. It will send an invoice to the player that owns the vehicle for $500. - SATRA now have their own /r channel in game - SATRA bks now only show for SATRA officers and they do not receive police or ambulance BKs - SATRA now has their own /stracker on/off system to seek other SATRA officers on the map. They can not see PD/EMS - Some new clothing textures have been added LV vest for male undershirt Female and male radio over the shoulder (bulletproof vest) Some female dresses Heels for female (they dont fit with a lot of the pants so you have to find something that works) Bean Machine shirt and bag - Repair kits can now only be used outside of a car and will no longer eat the repair kit without repairing. - Mechanics, similar to above ^ have to be out of the vehicle to repair, but should not have and issues with the car not repairing - /carry has 3 new changes You can no longer carry someone who is in an emergency vehicle You can no longer carry someone if you're cuffed You can no longer carry someone who's currently driving a vehicle - New garbage job on the map! It can be done with multiple players - Some houses around Los Santos can now be robbed. Some of the interiors have a few "disappearing item" issues. We are working on a solution for that, but the functionality is there. - Car Handling: BMW M4 LW has been fixed 2018 Lambo has been fixed 2018 Urus has been fixed LP700 Lambo has been fixed 2016 Huracan has been fixed McLaren 675 LTSP has been fixed 2015 Huracan has been fixed Brioso has been fixed Sultan classic has been fixed Toyota Supra has been fixed 2017 Porsche Panamera Turbo has been fixed LW C63 sound has been changed Panamera sound has been changed Bug Fixes - Crafting exploit has been fixed. You can no longer craft over inventory limit. - Circle at wine sales is no longer floating in the air. - Typos in the fishing job have been fixed. - ATM robberys have been cleaned up a bit behind the scenes. - ATM robbery now goes on cooldown if you fail to rob it - GSR tests have been fixed for PD - You can no longer mine while in a vehicle - doing ANY action like mining etc while in a car will cause your car to fly in the air like a tornado.. Don't do silly stuff. - You can now seat someone while dragging them. No more teleporting if you have them dragged and then seat them - Chop shop issue has been resolved.. You can now chop multiple cars in the same session without relogging. As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord. If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!
  20. August 28thChange Log Thank you everyone for being patient while we continue working on updates on a bi-weekly manner for you guys! Reminder that you can make suggestions on the website right here. Changes - Scratch off tickets are now available to be purchased from convenient stores! #Gambleaway - You can now call a local taxi with the command '/taxi'. The driver will (usually) follow traffic laws, so it is almost always more efficient to call a player taxi first in your phone favorites to see if one is available. The Ai taxi driver is not the smartest driver ever; you may end up looped in a never ending u-turn or crash into a wall a couple of times. however, in my experience you almost always make it to the destination. Note: Try to call the taxi somewhere on the side of the road, it makes it easiest on him, but he will try to pick you up off-road as well. You need to put it in the GPS once you get in the car where you want to go. - You can now enter any vehicle as a passenger by pressing "G". You need to be pretty close to the vehicle you want to enter to do this. This was mostly added as a way to enter the local taxi without carjacking him. This only lets you enter into the main 3 passenger seats in the car and does not include extra seats that truck beds, semis etc may have. - Panic button command for police now has an animation and automatically does a /me command when you do it. - ATMs can now be robbed using an item. - Weed field has been removed - There is a new way to grow weed in the city. We would like feedback on the amount given per plant etc after some of you have tried it. You can open a ticket with feedback regarding your thoughts on the new Weed system. None of our developers do drugs or weed in the city, so it is hard for us to precisely figure out a good and "balanced" quantity to receive from the plants. There is a limit on how many plants you can have planted at once. It is pretty self-explanatory in the city once you plant it .. You do have to "tend" your seeds throughout the process... You also have to buy the seeds from somewhere that makes a lot of logical sense. - Rolling paper has been moved to a new store and is no longer at a convenient store. - Some prices of items reduced. - You can destroy other weed plants using an item - Dragonfruit item in the stores which can also be eaten - A new SATRA job. Applications to this new department can be found on the website. More info will be posted in the Whitelist job chat room in discord. - New yellowjack interior, basic bar store is still inside, nothing else was added. - Henhouse issues with the door and fighting ring have been fixed. - New loading screen music and pictures - New clothing store UI! We have a new clothing store set up where you can type in the numbers of the clothes instead of shuffling through with keyboard. It will be easier to find specific items if you know the number for them Al has spent a lot of time perfecting this and making it work for our city, it is fully custom! - Most EMS cars have been reworked and reskinned. Some of them have also been replaced with lower poly models - The issue with not being able to buy EMS cars at a few ranks has finally been fixed! - WIGS HAVE BEEN NERFED. THE PERCENT CHANCE TO GET A WIG FROM FISHING AND SCUBA DIVING HAS BEEN LOWERED. We have a wigtastrophy going on in the city currently, which is hilarious, but we want them to be a bit more rare and not have 5000 of them in circulation - The car control UI (2 keybind) has been fixed and now properly works. - Pressing 3 to turn on and off your engine now properly works again. - Some drugs can now be "used" to gain an effect on your character - BUSINESS LICENSE UPDATE: To own a business, you will spend $100,000 on a license for the FIRST month. After that, the price will be lowered depending on the contract you RP out with the person who sold you the license. We understand that it may be hard to spend $100,000 each month on a license if your business is not making that amount each month. Try to negotiate what you believe to be a fair price in RP. All the money GIVEN to the person for the contract is "given to the government" (AKA DELETED FROM THE SERVER. NO ONE PROFITS OFF OF BUSINESS LICENSES). If you spent over $100k on a business license, for the first month, you will be accommodated in your second month payment and have even more of a discount. This is to all be done in an RP manner. - New cars (this is only a list of GTA cars, it is fine to use this as information in game since I think no one will realize these were ever even added if I didn't announce it ) - These also do not have custom handling. They have stock GTA handling and their prices reflect that. Vapid Ellie Enus Stafford Patriot Limo (may have some issues removing it from the dealership, you can /report if you have an issue) Vapid Clique Ratloader Rusted Rat-Truck Virgo Classic Cheetah Classic Infernus Classic Jester Classic Michelli GT Pegassi Torero Tornado Custom Turismo Classic Schlagen GT Minivan Custom Entity XF Ocelot Penetrator
  21. August 14th Change Log Thank you everyone for being patient while we were working through most of the major bugs. We've resolved most of the big game breaking bugs and are excited to start working on new scripts for our server. Reminder that you can make suggestions on the website right here. We will be changing to bi-weekly update from now on so we can focus on some bigger projects. With the exception for bugs, bugs will be updated once fixed the following restart. Changes - Some new female hairs have been whitelisted to the clothing wheel ponytail. - Henhouse now has an interior in Paleto. It has an icon on the map. - Weed selling bug fixed. You no longer sell more weed than you have. - Weapon crafting. You can now craft various weapons. It is similar to drug crafting and wine crafting. - Most illegal black market guns have been removed from the NPC to buy at. - Black Market NPC may have packed his bags up and moved due to police pressure.. - Guns at ammunation have been reworked for crafting. - 2020 Silverado and the F150 Raptor now have the same trunk size as the 2020 Ram - 3 new crafting tables around the map - One extra place to buy a weapon permit (Postal 60) - Notification for paychecks have been reworded to make sense - Notification for injured legs has been reworded to make sense - Garages are now at motels! You must own the motel though. It will display after you relog. There is NO impound at motels. You can only retrieve and store your vehicles at your owned motels. - All garage circles have been redone to be fluent with the rest of our server. This also means that the circles no longer clip through the ground weirdly - Bareknuckle Boxing interior has been removed - Troopers now have access to the older Dodge Charger and the Ford F150 - these are not new cars, just access to cars they couldn't access prior. - No grip: This is a new system we have with running and jumping "to get ahead in a chase". There is a 15% chance when you are running and jumping to "trip" or fall over. This is to prevent people from spamming jump when they are no longer sprinting. Be careful as if you are running and "trip weirdly" you can injure your head, legs, spine, or arms - The scene menu has been fixed. Orange color now works - Very minor clothing update to fix some of the broken textures we still had click here for all the numbers - Hostage taking. You can now do an animation and take someone hostage with a weapon to their head. Be creative with this. Most of you have realized that each week we are trying to give more and more mechanics to criminals to be able to continue their RP in a creative manner. Not every scenario requires a gun held to someones head or being taken hostage. Be smart and creative! > Keybind /th > There will be a prompt to accept the hostage taking to prevent powergaming, do realize that people have to put their gun down to be able to write /th so keep that in mind when roleplaying. - EMS can now get various tools for free from the armory in Pillbox behind the desk. It is accessible only to EMS.
  22. August 7th Change Log Thank you everyone for being patient while we were working through most of the major bugs. We've resolved most of the big game breaking bugs and are excited to start working on new scripts for our server. Reminder that you can make suggestions on the website right here. Changes - Some new female hairs have been whitelisted to the clothing wheel ponytail. - Hunger and thirst should properly be working again - When picking weed, there is a chance to get more than one bud - Another item is now able to cut zipties. (Not a knife or switchblade - we can't whitelist those since they are weapons) - Motels! Motels are back. Inventories are functional as well in them. You can have a wardrobe in there as well. There are 7 different motels around the map, each with a different purchase price. You can NOT invite people into your motel at this time, we are going to work on adding that soon. Motels have a purchase price as well as a 5% daily fee. The 5% fee is 5% of the purchase price which will automatically remove from your bank each night at a specific time, whether you are online or not. If you do not have money in your bank, your motel will get listed for sale and you will lose it and the items inside. I suggest always keeping a certain amount of money in your bank account to prevent motels from being automatically sold. We have it set up like this to prevent motels from sitting on banned players / inactive players. - New Ford Focus for PD corporals. - New police Speedo van - New ice cream truck at Commcerical Rentals - good for those that work at Cherry Popper. - Caracara suspension fixed. - Primo ard has a new body kit on it. All the mods are functioning and shouldn't "disappear" anymore - New D.O.C Skins for pranger, Police speed, and crown vic - Cadillac CTS V is no longer indestructible. - Sound of the Audi A6 has been changed - New food car liverys for some businesses in the city - Some old clothing textures removed and some new ones added. - Taking out of ambulance range has been fixed. - Scuba now has the proper tank and gear displayed. - Time to search a spot when scuba diving has been lowered, meaning quicker searching. - More rare spots added for scuba diving and some new items added as well. - You can now "use Stacy's Wig" as a male and female. - Mining has been reworked to add smelting - this will be used in crafting in the next few weeks, but the items can also still be sold. - For those of you who are lonely, you can now craft a pet rock and have a friend with you all the time - Clothing circles in the police stations now properly function - All "Vault Door is closing" notifications have been removed. - The radius of /id has been lowered a bit to prevent everyone from seeing it - The /scenes menu has some new colors in it now - There is now a radio channel of corrections - Amount of cops needed for all criminal activities has been lowered by one. - Increased the chances of having the cops called on you when you are selling drugs. - A new "small jerry can" item has been added to the hardware store to use in crafting essentially. The Jerry Can was bugging out. Only three recipes use it and no one was at that point yet. - Payouts altered on a few jobs. Some jobs felt "too good" based on our transaction logs. We are glad that some of you figured out the wine recipes. I have also noticed some of you are figuring out the first few steps to drugs, keep it up, you will get there ! Things we're working on next - Gun crafting (coming soon!) - Better key/car system - Housing - House robberies and many more things found on our public trello
  23. Community Meeting Transcript (8/1/2020) This is a copy of what the Administration Team used to help guide the community meeting. I decided to post it here on the website for those who were not able to make the meeting to read and catch up on anything that they may have missed. Topic 1 (Open Server During the Day-Currency22) Recently, the server has opened up for people who have not filled out an application to try the server. This will hopefully bring our WL members up, creating an opportunity for more unique RP. As a community, we should all remember when we first started to RP. Whether on this server, or another server. With new players let’s be open to RP with individuals we have not seen before. This goes back to a topic we have talked about in previous community meetings, being a “yes” RPer. To keep people interested in the server they need to have a reason to come back. If a player feels excluded they most likely will not want to fill out an application to stay in the server to enjoy the other WL community members. This is in no way calling anyone out, or saying we are not doing that already as a community. More of something that we should all be mindful of. Topic 2 (Drugs drugs drugs-Currency22) Drugs have been re-worked. With other things as well. In the past the drug locations were static. Immediately people would hunt for them, and then give the location out. Either through twitter, or texts. We do not mind people trying to figure out drugs. It actually promotes RP. One person may know a step in creating a drug, and someone else might know another. They discuss, trade, pay each other, and can combine what they know. The latter, giving out information to “friends”, does not promote RP. The drugs and other new illegal activities are not supposed to be easy. Drugs are supposed to be difficult. The old way was boring. You asked for something more interesting and our dev team delivered in a big way. That being said, Admins are not making drugs, we’re not giving out hints, we are not involved. I promise you our characters WANT drugs too, but we refuse to metagame to make that happen. It’s on the community to provide drugs to us. Shout out to the few people who live at the crafting tables. I promise, keep trying. You’ll get it! Topic 3 (Metagaming - Toro) So I’m about to go on a small rant about metagaming. The reason for the rant is because to me the single biggest killer of a storyline is metagaming. Every RP server has rules about metagaming, and the basics are always the same. Your character can only know what they see/hear on the server. Whether they saw it with their own eyes or someone told them about it, that’s all they know. Obviously you as a player know so much more, but it’s the responsibility of every single member of this community to keep themselves in check, and be vigilant that they are only acting on things their character is aware of. Multiple characters - Since we have the ability for multiple characters, we need to be more mindful about relationships NOT carrying over from character to character. A new character doesn’t know anyone, and shouldn’t automatically fall into the same group of friends as your other character. The whole point of having alts is to do something different. Referring to your alts as a ‘brother, cousin, sister’ to your other characters is a slippery slope to metagaming, even if you don’t intend to. We have the opportunity to fill the city with all sorts of different people- there’s no reason your own characters should have relationships between them. Go out and forge those bonds with others. You can always send a msg to a friend on discord and create characters together that are already linked, like a married couple, or siblings, or something /me - When someone does a /me it starts with their first name. You DO NOT know this information. You do not know their name unless they or someone else tells you. Getting someone’s name from /me is considered metagaming. /id - When someone does /id the information is on the top of the screen and everyone in the vicinity can very obviously read it. Unfortunately, the only person allowed to have that info is the one receiving the id in /me. IE the cop that just pulled you over. Unless someone does a /me and hands YOU their id, you need to pretend you don’t ‘see’ the id or have that information. Discord - Our discord is separated into sections. Any channels under IC chat / Businesses is considered IN CHARACTER. You should be speaking as your character in those channels, and anything you see or learn can also be brought into your roleplay. The OOC channels are the opposite. Those are for us as players to converse, and get to know each other, share things and talk about roleplay. Stuff you see in these channels is NOT to be brought in character. That is considered metagaming. Topic 4 (Event Coordinators - Laura) We will be creating a role for event coordinators, and want to see people create more events. In a few weeks we will select a few people that we feel like deserve this role and will get more tools from the administration team to create those events. (this will help with downtime server too) Topic 5 (Changes in DOJ - Currency22) DOJ is being changed. For the time being, going to court for criminal offenses is put on hold. It was a lot of OOC work. I know some of you may feel like that is not fair to be able to argue your charges. However, in the past month and a half, only 2 cases have been brought to DOJ attention. There is a lot of work OOC that goes to bringing a case to court. Toro and myself took over DOJ which we did not create. DOJ needs to be worked on more, revamped ect. In the meantime though, people can still bring civil cases to court. Meaning you would like to sue someone, you definitely still can. We still have lawyers in the city, and we have secured two judges who can hear civil cases and rule on them. For PD, you still can DM “James McGill” for higher level warrants. That needs to be a DM message that is done in character. Also PD needs to understand that messages may not be returned right away. That means you need to be patient and wait for that warrant response. A message outlining some expectations from PD will follow a bit after this community meeting. With that said, if you would like to help build DOJ, revamp it, feel free to reach out to Currency22. Keep in mind this is not something that will be done over night, but lots of meetings and planning. From personal experience, the failure of DOJ came from lack of planning, and depth of planning. If this interest you as a main story arch for yourself as a RPer, then my DMs are available to start a conversation. Topic 6 (EMS icepacks vs actual rp - Ashed) Effort into RP’ing your injuries. EMS is here to roleplay, and if they come out to your distress call to help you and hear “I just need an icepack.” It’s disheartening to say the least, and pretty lazy roleplay honestly. Use your creativity. There are plenty of injuries you can pretend to have that are not life threatening. Put some imagination into it. Ems can get boring, and without those creative calls to keep people interested in EMS, who knows what could happen to the dept. Why would I log in and do an EMS shift when I can get more interesting roleplay on a different character? Topic 7 (Tickets for reports - Matt) For major reports against other players and major in game conflicts, we are going to encourage you guys to open up tickets instead of using the in game /report function. /report in game should now be used for job changes, minor things. We do not want admins to have to be mediators in the RP server unless absolutely necessary. We do not want admins to have to TP to people to talk, while they are playing their character - not all admins want people to see their characters / hear voices that they may have. Topic 8 (Gangs - Mack) Give thanks to the current gangs and give praise to how far gang related RP has come in the past couple weeks. Really drive home about letting the beat build and not rush roleplay. The better stories come from taking the time to build it. Roleplay over gunplay. Tensions may run high between gangs and that’s gonna happen. But going straight to shooting someone instead of taking the time to roleplay a solution can end really good role play. Gunplay ends roleplay. Valuing life. Not everything has to be a war. Going to war is the last thing a gang should want to do. It creates such good roleplay when there are meetings and terms that are discussed. Don’t lie in /me’s. If you are getting robbed, take the L. It can create arc for your character in the long run and build a story. It doesn’t always have to be about winning a scenario. Some of the best roleplay comes from losing. If it comes to war, then the war(shoot on site) needs to be initiated by a meeting. Terms need to be laid out and both sides need to be able to walk from said meeting. Just because someone calls you a grape or banana or shit talks your gang, doesn’t mean start shooting.
  24. July 31 Change Log Community meeting tomorrow at 5pm EST. We hope that all of you can make it! Changes - You can now put civilians in a car while carrying > Press 'E' While doing /carry to put someone in the car > Type /carry to get someone out of the car > Textures while being 'dead' and carried into a car and it will look like 'play dough' because technically you're under the ground. - You can now get out of police cuffs by a friend - not saying how though - You can now buy a car cleaning kit to clean your car without going to a car wash > Drag and 'use' the item close to a car to be able to use it - Admin chat can now be toggled in game. /toggleac will hide it. Admins should use this when they are streaming. - You can now zip tie civilians (basically cuffs). There is an item. Do not abuse this. You can /carry someone while they are cuffed and place them in a car. It puts a soft cuff on the person, so they can still run etc. - You can break zip ties off civilians using a specific new item as well. - There are now two functional beds in the prison hospital. - All three types of grapes can now be eaten - All grape juices and wines can be consumed - All motorcycles are a bit more durable. - Scenes has been rehauled, they can now be deleted, color changed, heights adjusted. - Fleeca banks take a bit longer to rob now.. It was way too quick and PD would show up and no one would be there. - New livery for the Prison Transport bus - A prison transport van is now in the police spawner. - Clothing outfits now correctly work in the police stations and hospital for police and EMS workers - /respawn /revive /heal and /emsrevive now set your hunger and thirst to 100. This is to prevent people from dying again after being revived. - Blimp spawnings *may* be fixed. - Vault door notification should not be global anymore - The recipe for Blanc De Noir works now, there was a minor typo - Issue with storing police weapons in trunk has been resolved. - If you are spectating as an admin you can press insert to see player info and give items etc based on your admin rank. - Jewelry store is back and able to be robbed. You can pawn the items or find the hidden place to sell the jewels for more money. - Cucumbers have been NERFED! Upcoming Keep and eye on our public trello to see what is being worked on - https://trello.com/b/zhSW36aW/nolimits-roleplay
  25. July 24 Change Log Be sure to log in by Sunday at midnight to get all your data from before migrated over. Read the previous change logs to learn how to migrate your character with our new character select feature that was introduced earlier this month! Anyone who does not claim their cars or migrate cash and bank will lose their stuff from before character select, thus it is very important you log in to claim your stuff if you want it. The community meeting is being pushed back one week (Next Saturday, August 1st at 4pm CST). Some of our staff team has had things come up spontaneously last minute and will not be able to attend the community. This also gives you guys some time to fill out the form if you want to speak at the meeting: https://forms.gle/n1gg4U24gCGordWA6 - Only fill this out if you want to have a chance to speak at our community meeting. There is more information in the link above. Changes - Jeb's interior frame drop has been resolved, but frames still drop outside. Thank to @iiXAtomXii - Mining! You can now go mining, you must clock in and stay clocked in throughout the process of mining and selling. Thanks to @JoshuaWashua and @Stacy Davis - /me can now be toggled to show on your character! Do /toggleme for the prompt to see how to toggle it. - Recipes now save for crafting. Once you figure out a recipe, it will display all the time at the bottom for *that character* Thanks to @Mackadoodle - There are more bicycle rentals around the map and in all major areas. - Emote prompt colors are now fixed - Taxi job is fixed, clock in and then get a taxi - Armory is now in the prison - Cop car spawn at prison in garage area - All custom car trunk weights have been adjusted if they were unrealistic, there were some super cars with 100 storage, those were nerfed, but also some SUVs that had 30 storage and those were buffed. - Police belts no longer flash and change when you pull your weapon out, because I removed it - Taser is now able to be taken out of the armory by everyone in PD and not just supervisors. - New vineyard job! You can now get grapes and stomp on them and maybe even craft some wine! You must clock in and remained clock in throughout the time. This is a fully custom job made by @JoshuaWashua and @Stacy Davis. They spent a lot of time creating this. @iiXAtomXii made the fancy cool barrels to stomp in as well! - New custom clothing for males and females (numbers were not changed, just new textures and colors added) Some ugly female hairs were replaced and ugly female clothes were replaced. Thanks to @Stacy Davis - There is a new illegal job somewhere in the city that involved delivering stuff Thanks to @Mackadoodle - Libertywalk GTR has a new sound - AMG GT 63s has a new handling - LP700 has a new sound - 2016 CTSV has a new handling - Police Volvo handling fixed - Range Rover Autobiography no longer sounds like a muscle car - it has a new sound (All the above car things thanks to @Plank) Upcoming Keep and eye on our public trello to see what is being worked on - https://trello.com/b/zhSW36aW/nolimits-roleplay
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