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  1. The more people we have, the better it will be! Get your friends to RSVP!!!!
  2. Come on out and party the night away with us. But BEWARE, not all among us are here to party. Will you make it through till the end or will the Reapers have to come collect your dead and rotting corpse? Friend or foe? Will you know? Help us figure out who the killers are or die trying. There will be music, dancing and food to go along with the murder and mayhem.
  3. Blista Kanjo Race Sponsored by The Bean Machine will be held at the race track behind The Casino. Starts at 5:00pm EST 1st place wins a fully upgraded Alfa Romeo 2nd place- 30K 3rd place 20K Food and Drink will be available from Guido's, Cherry Popper's, Pearl's, The Lil Teapot and of course The Bean Machine. Benny/Jeb's will be available onsite for repairs.
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    Information coming very soon!
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