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  1. Name: Josh Brill Date of Birth: 04-17-1995 Zodiac Sign: Aries Sex: Male Hair: Brown Eye color: Green Body type: Fit and trained First language: English Other languages: Are you kidding? Um no. Origin: Los Santos, San Andreas (The United States) Early Life Born and raised right here in Los Santos County. Brill comes from a strong family background. His Mother (Rebecca) and Father (Todd) both served in the US Military and retired with honors. He had a VERY strict up bringing although he might not show it alot of the time. He was raised with the mentality to "Be the best you can be" and not to be afraid of what other think cause at the end of the day, you are responsible for yourself. He is the only sibling in the family so naturally alot of the responsibility landed on him as his parents got older. Josh was an allstar athlete in High School and LOVED to trap shoot competitively. He was regarded and a "class clown" but also "down to earth / go lucky kid" who knew exactly where he stood in life. Through out high school he developed MANY friends but was never in a "clique" he loved to socialize, goof off and be the life of a party and be apart of everyone. Although he played varsity sports he never let the "jock" stereotype get to him he was ALWAYS been very humble and has looked out for the little guy. He was great in the classroom and ended up graduating with honors. Coming out of high school, Josh knew he wanted to evolved with Law Enforcement in some way. Whether that be crime scene investigations (Criminology) or just basic Law Enforcement. Career Brill started his career WAY back with the Los Santos Police Department as a lonely cadet in a massive city. Coming out of the police academy, Brill was a "hot to trot" cop. He was very good at what he did but sometimes let his emotion get the best of him. He climbed through the ranks where he made to A-1 Senior Officer. At this point Brill had a department switch to the San Andreas State Police where he took up the position as T-1 Master Trooper. He stuck with the State Police where he eventually made it to Asst. Commissioner and worked for 3 Years before retiring. The department then started to crumble due the fact of lack of leadership coming from the Commissioner. He decided enough was enough and resigned. A year or so more passed and a new department took over underneath the leader ship of Bill Burr and Stacy Davis. Brill knew these two are going to be the ones to "get shit done" and run a department like it should be ran. He figure he would reapply and give it another go. After getting back into the swing of things Brill became unhappy and "Burnt Out" after being a police officer for so long. He took a step back and officially hung his hat. Permanently. After hanging his hat from policing he figured he would try and use his skills in the civilian life so Brill took up "Brill Security". This.......... didnt last long. Brill was washed up and just not the same Trooper he used to be. After his security firm failed. He took another interest path. Custom car work and Towing! Brill was able to land a solid job with this buddy Nate Dogg down at Bennys Custom Motoworks / Jebs Towing & Repair. He then set his mind to the job when he has now climbed to Head of Management and now helps run the company with the help of Clarence Teller and Jebediah Abernathey. Brill is EXTREMELY happy where he is at and cant wait for the adventures that come next! Personal life - Brill currently resides in Los Santos. - He owns a house up in Vinewood Hills where he lives with his 2 dogs Hunter ( Golden Retriever) and Hollie (Black Short Hair Lab) - LOVES Classic American Muscle cars (His favorite is his '69 Dodge Charger) - Has a large interest in Nissan GTRs - Is a total gear head Nicknames Brill has MANY nicknames given to him over the years some of the most prominent are: - Brillo - Brilly Willy - Brilled Cheese - Bonehead (Given to him by Jeb) - That Mechanic (anyone who drives up to Bennys) Friends Brill has ALOT of people he likes to call his friends, but some of the main ones that he can be seen with are: - Stacy Davis: Oh boy, where do we begin? Stoocy is Brill's "Go-To" person / adoptive mom. From almost anything police related to just seeing whats going on. Although from the outside looking in, you might think these two cant stand each other but deep down, if shit goes bad, they have each others back. No question about it. - Matt Jenkins: Matt has ALWAYS been a thorn in Brill's side from the get go. From where he was a police officer chasing him and Gary around in their Lexus to now as a janitor at Vespucci PD. Although Brill would never say it, Matt is like a brother to Brill. - Jeb: Good Ole Jebby Webby, without a doubt, this the biggest person Brill looks up too. These two bicker like CRAZY and constantly pick on and give each other crap. But in the end like the rest, Brill has his back. Brill holds him in a very high regard. - Nate Dogg: Nate is Brill's longest lasting friend. These two and been through THICK and THIN together. From back when Brill was a cop to now at Bennys / Jebs towing. Nate is a rock for Brill. Brill leans on him more than Nate might know. And although they are not blood related, They are Family. - Tillman: Tilly Willy is also a long lasting friend of Brill's. Tillman has been through alot with Brill. They joke and mess around with each other like no one has EVER seen. Brill even went so far to shut down a entire freeway to get Tillman a promotion back when Tillman was an EMT and Brill was a cop. There isnt a single thing Brill wouldnt do for Tillman. - Chuck Burger: Chucky! Chuckels and Brill have always has an "odd" friendship, this friendship usually ends up with Brill getting hit by a baseball bat on most cases. Eventhough they pick and nag at each other, If Chuck needs Brill. Brill will be there. - Clarence Teller: Clarence and Brill are ALWAYS running around together, getting into constant shenanigans together. Whenever these two are around each other, one is probably gonna go to the hospital while the other one goes to jail! Character traits Positive character traits - Hard Working - Honest - Loyal - Goofy / Go Lucky Attitude - Disciplined Negative character traits - Easily distracted - Defensive - Can be SLIGHTLY annoying - Sometimes careless Known facts about Brill - Common nickname of "Brillo" - Huge Supporter of the Police and EMS - Loves his '69 Charger more than ANYTHING - Is very loyal to his friends and family
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