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  2. Name: Chuck Burger Date of Birth: 01-27-1988 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Sex: Male Hair: No Eye color: Hazel Body type: More to love/eats too many burgers First language: English Other languages: Is learning French from his roommate Ricardo Toot Origin: Capital City, Liberty State Early Life Chuck was born & raised in Capital City, Liberty State. Conveniently named, Capital City is the capital city of Liberty State; a city not quite as big as Liberty City. Chuck never knew his parents. Shortly after being born, his mother Sharron left him & his sister Chicka with her mother (Chuck's grandma), Maya Burger. Grandma Burger always told Chuck his parents moved away because they were secret agents for the government and didn't have time to raise a child. Grandma Burger was a quirky, fierce woman who took no one's shit. But despite being slightly crazed and occasionally dropping Chuck to the floor with her wrestling moves, she was a good parent. All the way through high school, Chuck aspired to be a journalist for the Liberty State Times. He always got into places he wasn't supposed to in-order to get the details of a story. After graduating high school, he applied at Capital University, a smaller collection of school's there in Capital City. He majored in Journalism, eventually graduating with a Bachelor's degree. Shortly following his graduation ceremony, Chuck struggled to find work in his expertise. While at a recruitment center in town, he noticed a flyer announcing auditions for extras in a movie filming nearby. Never seeing himself as an actor, he was skeptical, but needed money so took his chances and went to the audition. Career Fast forward a couple months and after Chuck landed the role of 'Bystander #76' in a little indie film, he was on a new path to success. He packed his bags and assuming new found fame where it didn't exist, moved out west to Los Santos, San Andreas. His first few weeks in Los Santos went well. He landed a few other 'extras' jobs and was renting an apartment with some people he'd met. Months into the move however, Chuck began losing faith in his progression as an actor. He was about to give up when he bumped into the CEO of 'CNT', Gary Shmorshky. After becoming good friends with him & Matthew Jenkins, Chuck was offered the position of 'Director of Operations' where he was in-charge of day-to-day operations at the company. At CNT, Chuck was an actor, producer, director, and strong leader. He starred in & directed CNT original shows such as 'Pink Ponther' & 'Holiday & Hancock'. To this day, Chuck is now known globally for his appearances. Following success as a movie star, Chuck decided to become the General Manager of a Luxury Autos car dealership branch in Rockford Hills. As General Manager of Luxury Autos, he sells vehicles & leads his employees to success. You may be wondering why a movie star opened up a car dealership. Chuck isn't too sure either, but wants to be a man of many things & many professions. So, if he can be a salesmen, manager, and movie star at the same time, you bet he will. As movie star & car dealer, he gets to meet his fans and sell them cars at the same time. Some of Chuck's qualities as a salesmen & movie star are (but not limited to): Ability to switch between professionalism and fun with ease Doubles as his own security guard Is very persuasive Is very organized Jokes around a lot, establishing friendships with customers & fans Personal life Nowadays, Chuck constantly struggles with maintaining fame, crazed fans, and running his car dealership. There's so much he wants to do, but doesn't have enough time to do it all. He can usually be found hanging out with friends or selling vehicles at Luxury Autos. He doesn't spend as much time being an actor anymore now that he runs the dealership. He occasionally still lands a role, but it's usually a minor one. If he's not working, Chuck is usually out and about annoying his closest friends. Whether intending to or not, Chuck is always usually a main source of chaos. He used to get arrested all the time for crimes he didn't necessarily mean to commit. Now that he runs a business, he's made attempts to leave his life of 'unintentional crime' behind him. Likes Classic sports cars Fancy, unique clothes Cheeseburgers The police & EMS People who like his movies Making people laugh Baking Dislikes People who don't like his movies People who don't like cheeseburgers Thugs Candy canes Conflict Overly annoying people Nicknames Mr. Clean Chucky Chuckles Burgerman Famous movie star Lex Luthor Friends Chuck has many friends, but a few that stick out to him are... Jebediah Abernathy: Jeb & Chuck go together like cheese & wine. They share many ideals and have a jolly old time together. Chuck considers him a best friend. Jeb was Chuck's co-star in the CNT original, 'Holiday & Hancock'. They like to work together on many things and share ideas. Matthew Jenkins: Chuck always helps Matt with his relationship issues and ALWAYS comes up with horrible solutions (that turn into scams). Chuck thinks Matt is one of the funniest people he's met and has to credit a lot of his success to him when they worked together at CNT. Chuck hired him at Luxury Autos, but Matt shortly quit and claims Chuck fired him. Matthew Tillman: Chuck likes messing with Tillman, but quite enjoys his company. He'd never tell him that though. They don't hang out often, because Tillman is always busy with police work, but rest assured if Chuck needs a question answered, he's calling him. Ricky Bobby: Ricky is one of Chuck's newer friends, a police officer. They usually call each other about everything. Chuck thinks he's immune to him as a police officer. He tests the waters constantly, and usually gets away with it. Ricky is one of those people that brings out Chuck's funny side. Dallas DeFalco: One of his best friends ever. Dallas likes Chuck for who he is, not because he's a movie star, though he's certain he's secretly his biggest fan. Dallas & Chuck always go on crazy adventures together, whether avoiding crazed sniper fans or sharing a burger at lunch, Chuck & Dallas are two peas in a pod, but would never take Darla's spot as his BESTEST friend. Clarence 'Jimmy' Teller: Chuck refuses to believe that Clarence's real name is Clarence. He's always called him Jimmy and has no idea why. It's very confusing for others. Chuck always calls Jimmy when he needs someone to go along with whatever crazy things he's about to do. Josh Brill: Brill causes Chuck so much frustration, but Chuck would be lying if he said he wasn't a friend. Chuck has whacked Brill upside the head with a bat more times than he can remember, but yet can't seem to bring it to himself to blacklist him from Luxury Autos. So...friends? Stacy Davis: Chuck & Stacy have a complicated history. A history that involves scams, money, and chocolate covered shortbread candy bars laced with cocaine. In Chuck's defense, he thought he gave her the non-laced Twix. Since then, they really only communicate for professional reasons...or if Chuck needs something of monetary value. Chuck actually holds a lot of respect for her. They share a common interest in Starbucks. Transactions between the two almost always occur with Starbucks gift cards. Character traits Positive character traits Funny, intentionally or not Energetic & playful, yet serious when he has to be Somehow balances being a babbling idiot with being surprisingly intelligent very well Cares about his friends Negative character traits Gets annoyed very easily While he cares for his friends, he doesn't always show it Often chaotic & sometimes destructive Is a bad driver Known facts about Chuck Fought his grandma, Maya, in a cage wrestling match Dresses very dapper Has an enormous criminal record Has a signature walk Is a movie star
  3. Well if you read our rules, you'd know that you can only have 4 total people in any active scenario like that. So each payout would be higher.
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