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  2. Thanks for applying to the SASP. Application Status: PENDING The supervisor team has been notified of your application and is forming a response. Please be patient while we make this decision. Response varies depending on the amount of incoming applications and the amount of troopers currently needed. Thanks again for your interest in joining the ranks of the the San Andreas State Police. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for applying to the SASP. Application Status: DENIED Your application to the San Andreas State Police has been declined for the following reasons: - (Reason Here) Feel free to reapply after 7 days if you feel you can correct the flaws listed above. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for applying to the SASP. Application Status: ACCEPTED Congratulations! You have made it past the first step in the process of joining the San Andreas State Police. Next, you must complete a minimum of 2 hours of FTO ride-alongs. Contact a supervisor to arrange a ride-along. A list of supervisors can be found here: nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/topic/42-sasp-supervisors/ Please come to the ride-alongs prepared by putting away all weapons, medications/drugs, and other unnecessary items.
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