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  1. Zod

    Scavenger Hunt

    Want to have a chance at wining 220k? You've come to the right place. Welcome to the scavenger hunt! Hosted by the Yellow Jack and sponsored by Luxury Auto's How this is going to work. On May 1st 8pm EST I'll be posting a picture of a location. You by yourself or with someone must go find that location where a panto is going be located. There will be an item maybe in the trunk or maybe in the general area. What is the item you may ask? That's for you to find out. Each item returned =$20,000 for a total of $220,000. Sign up is at the day of the event at LUX Rules -2 Mac per team -Must use the Bifta ( Will be provided ) -Must take a selfie with your partner and the car at the location -Must return the found "item" back to me (Matt Johnson) at LUX
  2. Zod

    Monster Truck Event

    You like driving monster trucks? You like climbing mountains? Well lucky for you we have the perfect event for you. The Yellow Jack is hosting a racing / mountain climbing event. Monster trucks will be provided at Paleto gas station where the competitors are going to choose their own path up mount chilliad. First to the top with the monster truck wins. More details will be released later. To sign up Text 588-1437 Or talk to Matt Johnson.
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