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  1. Name: Andrew Aaron Matson Date of Birth: 3/17/2000 Zodiac Sign: Aries Sex: Male Hair: Brown, but routinely shaved Eye color: Green Body type: Average, 6'1" 175# First language: English Other languages: a few words in french, german, and russian, but not fluent in any Origin: Born in Kansas City, MO to a single mother who worked at a local hospital as a nurse. His father, a (now) high ranking military officer never knew of his existance. Concieved days before his father left for the military academy. Early Life: Andrew grew up in an apartment in midtown Kansas City, and spent many of his teenage years ditching school. At the age of 16, he hooked up qith a street crew known as the Brotherhood, which gave him the sense of family that was lacking in his life up to that point. By the age of 18, Andrew had moved out of his mom's apartmentthe house that several of the Brotherhood memerbers shared.Within a couple of years, however, Andrew began to attaract the wrong kind of attenetion for the local authorties, so it was decided to send him to San Andres for a frewsh start. He was set up with an apartment and a job as a deliveryman. Career: The only (legitimate) job Andrew has ever held is the delivery job that he currently holds with San Andrews Dining Concepts that was arranged for him prior to him move. Personal life: He has been single his short ife, ony having the occaisional one night stand back home. Likes: Vodka, italian food, punk music, the color green, chilling on a secluded beach or riverfront, baseball. Dislikes: Snitches, being falsely accused, most authority figures, cold weather, disloyal people. Nicknames: "Kid" "Drew" Friends: None locally, but back home his friends include: Jason "Torch" Scott, Joe "Jebediah" Biscone and his wife Holly, His childhood friend Kit del Grotto, Mike Stinger and his girlfriend, Candy Jackson, the owner of "The Rock", the bar where the crew frequently can be found.
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