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  1. Luxury Autos Presents The Reliant Robin Destruction Derby ~ Location: Postal 648 – Time: Friday 8pm EST/1am GMT – All vehicles will be provided for the event. Do you think you have the ultimate car control? Fancy yourself behind the wheel of one of the most exciting yet feared vehicles in the world? Then show us what you got in the Reliant Robin Destruction Derby for your chance to win big! Rules are simple, the last one on their wheels and not their roof wins! We will have rounds depending on how many people sign up. Sign ups will be on the day come see Omar to sign up before the event kicks off! Please park at the Richman Hotel public garage and make your way down to the big field at the university campus, thank you! 1st – $200k – 2nd – $100k 3rd - $50k Hope to see you all there!
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