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  1. Name: Stacy Davis Date of Birth: 02-20-1995 Zodiac Sign: Pisces Sex: Female Hair: Blonde (wearing a wig, slightly balding in the back of head) Eye color: Blue (wearing prescription glasses, 20/80) Body type: Fit and trained First language: English Other languages: A little bit of German Origin: Sandy Shores, San Andreas (The United States) Early Life Stacy Davis, the daughter of Mia Davis, a nurse, and Henk Davis, a retired BSCO Sheriff, was born on a Monday, February 20, 1995 in Sandy Shores Hospital, San Andreas. Stacy has had a very decent upbringing. Both parents local to Sandy Shores and both very hardworking individuals. Her mother Mia was a very soft spoken, level headed woman. She loved Stacy with her whole heart and tried to show that in every way possible. Her father Henk on the other hand was a very stern, hard headed man. Henk always wanted to have a son, after realizing that their first child was a girl he was very disappointed. Mia and Henk unsuccessfully tried to have another child, but after many years of attempting they finally gave up. Henk, a Sheriff at BSCO, always dreamed of having a son following in his footsteps, as he saw his dream crush before his eyes with the birth of Stacy he aimed a lot of his anger towards her. He was extremely strict and pushed her into a direction he would've with a son, pressuring her into what now is her passion, policing. Career Stacy attended Vespucci University and got an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice . After being pressured by her father she continued her career path and entered the Police Academy in Los Santos. In 2016 she successfully completed the Police Acedemy and applied to a open position as recruit at the State Police. After 4 years of employment with the San Andreas State Police her current position within the department is Deputy Chief, she's fulfilling a role as a supervisor and FTO. Some of Stacy's qualities as a police officers are (but not limited to): - Community relations - Undercover operations - Crime prevention - FTO experience (85% success rate for officers that have been trained by Stacy) - Leadership Personal life Stacy currently resides in Vine Wood, in one of the apartments in Vinewood Boulevard. Her apartment has 3 bedrooms, two fully decorated for her 13 cats. Oscar, Muffin, Ginger, Fluffy, Tigger, Lucky, Princess, Simba, Felix, Daisy, Puss, McFloofy and her latest addition Jerry. Her latest cat Jerry was a gift from one of her Troopers, Ryan Smith and Jose Lopez after a conflict that he tried to resolve by purchasing her a Maine Coon cat worth $ 1500,- Nicknames She's often referred as 'Police Mom', 'Babie Cop' or 'Stocy Dovis'. - Her first nickname 'Police Mom' originates that she's seen by many as a mother figure within the department and loves and scolds like a real mother would. She's often spotted in her Volvo SUV which adds to the characteristic. - Her second nickname 'Barbie Cop' comes from another civilian Darla DeFalco (Assistant Chief of SAFR), her long blonde hair and small facial features made Darla think she looked very similar to the doll named Barbie. The early relationship with Darla and Stacy was not the best, so this nickname was used in a negative way. - Her third nickname 'Stocy Dovis with the Son Andreos Stote Poloce' comes from one of her friend Joshua Brill. Josh is a comedic character in her life and often likes to mispronounce people their names. Saying Stocy Dovis is one of the ways he tries to make her laugh and it stuck city wide. Friends Stacy has many people she likes to call friends, a few of the most recurring people in her life are: - Bill Burr, Chief of Police, is one of her main companions in the city. Shes is his right hand and they share an office at the 5th floor at Vespucci Police Department. She will always refer to Burr as Chief or Burr unless they are private, they call each other best friend in private but do not want to be publicly seen as very close. - Matt Jenkins is her go-to gossip friend. Her and Matt get into arguments constantly. A defining moment in their relationship was when Matt was Chief of SAFR and decided to steal her wig. A secret, only Matt knew at that time and Stacy is very insecure about. Making fun of her and posting pictures publicly of her without her wig really put a dent in their relationship. Currently their relationship is 'on good terms' but they will often break-and-makeup so don't be surprise when you see them argue over twitter - Chuck Burger is a long time 'friend'. They only really call each other when there is financial gain of some sorts. Stacy likes Chucks company but him giving her a Twix laced with cocaine, which nearly led to her death overdosing on the cocaine, there is a huge dent in their relationship. Eating Twix has never been the same for her ever since - Joshua Brill and Stacy have a love-hate relationship, she equally loves him as much as she'd like to strangle him. Brill always catches her off-guard with his funny humor. Stacy and Brill are often found arguing with each other about small things and ends in them yelling at each other or ignoring each other. Brill has a way to make her laugh like nearly no one else does, but also knows how to make her blood boil. He gave her the name Stocy Dovis but is often also just caught saying 'staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacy' in the most annoying way possible. - Jebadiah Abernathy has been trying to flirt with Stacy from the moment he met her. Constantly throwing compliments and smart indirect flirts in her direction. She's very flattered by him but her job and the age gap is in between her and him. - Nate Dogg is one of Stacy's longest friends. Nate has a really big heart for his friends and does whatever it takes to protect those, causing him to get in trouble with the law quite a few times. Him and Stacy often get into arguments about this but loves him to death! Nate is the only one that ever got Stacy to break SASP SOP! Character traits Positive character traits - Ambitious - Honest - Responsible - Generous and kind - Loving and openhearted Negative character traits - Easily distracted - Compulsive - 'Too forgiving' - Workaholic Preferences Likes - Everything Starbucks (or coffee related) and loves being given a good warm cup of coffee - Cats and receiving cute pictures of cats - Loves SUV's and everything that looks like a MOM-van - Loves the color pink (very often seen with a pink taser) Dislikes - Getting flirted with - Breaking laws (hates it when her friends don't follow traffic laws) - Sauerkraut - Holidays (because she's always alone) Known facts about Stacy - Wears a wig, blonde with a long braid, without a wig she's like a coconut. - Married to her job. She has no time for relationships and is often spotted roasting thirsty guys. - Known for her outstanding performance as a State Trooper and long employment within the department. - Pics up the phone with 'Hello this is Stacy Davis with the San Andreas State Police'
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