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Name: Stacy Davis
Date of Birth: 02-20-1995 
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Sex: Female
Hair: Blonde (wearing a wig, slightly balding in the back of head)
Eye color: Blue (wearing prescription glasses, 20/80)
Body type: Fit and trained
First language: English
Other languages: A little bit of German 
Origin: Sandy Shores, San Andreas (The United States)

Early Life 
Stacy Davis, the daughter of Mia Davis, a nurse, and Henk Davis, a retired BSCO Sheriff, was born on a Monday, February 20, 1995 in Sandy Shores Hospital, San Andreas.

Stacy has had a very decent upbringing. Both parents local to Sandy Shores and both very hardworking individuals.
Her mother Mia was a very soft spoken, level headed woman. She loved Stacy with her whole heart and tried to show that in every way possible. 
Her father Henk on the other hand was a very stern, hard headed man. Henk always wanted to have a son, after realizing that their first child was a girl he was very disappointed. 

Mia and Henk unsuccessfully tried to have another child, but after many years of attempting they finally gave up.
Henk, a Sheriff at BSCO, always dreamed of having a son following in his footsteps, as he saw his dream crush before his eyes with the birth of Stacy he aimed a lot of his anger towards her. 
He was extremely strict and pushed her into a direction he would've with a son, pressuring her into what now is her passion, policing.  

Stacy attended Vespucci University and got an Associate of Applied Science in Criminal Justice . After being pressured by her father she continued her career path and entered the Police Academy in Los Santos. In 2016 she successfully completed the Police Acedemy and applied to a open position as recruit at the State Police.
After 4 years of employment with the San Andreas State Police her current position within the department is Deputy Chief, she's fulfilling a role as a supervisor and FTO.

Some of Stacy's qualities as a police officers are (but not limited to):
- Community relations
- Undercover operations
- Crime prevention
- FTO experience (85% success rate for officers that have been trained by Stacy)
- Leadership 

Personal life
Stacy currently resides in Vine Wood, in one of the apartments in Vinewood Boulevard. 
Her apartment has 3 bedrooms, two fully decorated for her 13 cats. 
Oscar, Muffin, Ginger, Fluffy, Tigger, Lucky, Princess, Simba, Felix, Daisy, Puss, McFloofy and her latest addition Jerry. Her latest cat Jerry was a gift from one of her Troopers, Ryan Smith and Jose Lopez after a conflict that he tried to resolve by purchasing her a Maine Coon cat worth $ 1500,- 

She's often referred as 'Police Mom', 'Babie Cop' or 'Stocy Dovis'. 
- Her first nickname 'Police Mom' originates that she's seen by many as a mother figure within the department and loves and scolds like a real mother would. She's often spotted in her Volvo SUV which adds to the characteristic. 
- Her second nickname 'Barbie Cop' comes from another civilian Darla DeFalco (Assistant Chief of SAFR), her long blonde hair and small facial features made Darla think she looked very similar to the doll named Barbie. The early relationship with Darla and Stacy was not the best, so this nickname was used in a negative way.
- Her third nickname 'Stocy Dovis with the Son Andreos Stote Poloce' comes from one of her friend Joshua Brill. Josh is a comedic character in her life and often likes to mispronounce people their names. Saying Stocy Dovis is one of the ways he tries to make her laugh and it stuck city wide. 

Stacy has many people she likes to call friends, a few of the most recurring people in her life are: 
- Bill Burr, Chief of Police, is one of her main companions in the city. Shes is his right hand and they share an office at the 5th floor at Vespucci Police Department. She will always refer to Burr as Chief or Burr unless they are private, they call each other best friend in private but do not want to be publicly seen as very close.
- Matt Jenkins is her go-to gossip friend. Her and Matt get into arguments constantly. A defining moment in their relationship was when Matt was Chief of SAFR and decided to steal her wig. A secret, only Matt knew at that time and Stacy is very insecure about. Making fun of her and posting pictures publicly of her without her wig really put a dent in their relationship. Currently their relationship is 'on good terms' but they will often break-and-makeup so don't be surprise when you see them argue over twitter
- Chuck Burger is a long time 'friend'. They only really call each other when there is financial gain of some sorts. Stacy likes Chucks company but him giving her a Twix laced with cocaine, which nearly led to her death overdosing on the cocaine, there is a huge dent in their relationship. Eating Twix has never been the same for her ever since
- Joshua Brill and Stacy have a love-hate relationship, she equally loves him as much as she'd like to strangle him. Brill always catches her off-guard with his funny humor. Stacy and Brill are often found arguing with each other about small things and ends in them yelling at each other or ignoring each other. Brill has a way to make her laugh like nearly no one else does, but also knows how to make her blood boil. He gave her the name Stocy Dovis but is often also just caught saying 'staaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacy' in the most annoying way possible.
- Jebadiah Abernathy has been trying to flirt with Stacy from the moment he met her. Constantly throwing compliments and smart indirect flirts in her direction. She's very flattered by him but her job and the age gap is in between her and him. 
- Nate Dogg is one of Stacy's longest friends. Nate has a really big heart for his friends and does whatever it takes to protect those, causing him to get in trouble with the law quite a few times. Him and Stacy often get into arguments about this but loves him to death! Nate is the only one that ever got Stacy to break SASP SOP!

Character traits
Positive character traits
- Ambitious 
- Honest
- Responsible
- Generous and kind
- Loving and openhearted 

Negative character traits
- Easily distracted
- Compulsive
- 'Too forgiving'
- Workaholic 

- Everything Starbucks (or coffee related) and loves being given a good warm cup of coffee
- Cats and receiving cute pictures of cats
- Loves SUV's and everything that looks like a MOM-van
- Loves the color pink (very often seen with a pink taser) 

- Getting flirted with
- Breaking laws (hates it when her friends don't follow traffic laws)
- Sauerkraut
- Holidays (because she's always alone)

Known facts about Stacy
- Wears a wig, blonde with a long braid, without a wig she's like a coconut.
- Married to her job. She has no time for relationships and is often spotted roasting thirsty guys.
- Known for her outstanding performance as a State Trooper and long employment within the department. 
- Pics up the phone with 'Hello this is Stacy Davis with the San Andreas State Police' 










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Name: Vince Vance
Date of Birth: 03-10-1988 
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Sex: Male
Hair: Blonde 
Body type: Well maintained
First language: English
Other languages: None
Origin: England

Early Life 
Vince was born in England in 1988, his mom (Sarah) was British and dad (Eric) was from Liberty City, after Vince was born the family moved back to his father's hometown in Liberty City. 

Vince had a very troubled childhood. After a few years of bliss Vince's parents fell on hard times, his dad Eric started working for some very dangerous individuals just to put food on the table,  and his mom Sarah went into severe depression while trying to deal with Eric's fall into crime.

Less than 18 months after working for crime families in Liberty City, Vince's father Eric was found dead in his car down a back street with 2 gunshot wounds, one in the chest and one in the head. Vince's mom Sarah broke down mentally and become highly unstable. The next several years was extremely tough for Vince, his dad was dead and mom was emotionally distant, he spent his remaining childhood keeping his head down and staying clean determined to learn from his parents mistakes. As soon as Vince was old enough, he left Liberty City and never returned.  

Career/Adult life

Vince has spent the majority of his working life as a Private Investigator, he started off small working privately for families tracking down partners suspected of cheating, until he took one job that would change his life forever. He reluctantly took a job from Ray, a crime lord operating an underground poker house who's partner had run away with a business associate. The money was too good to pass up and Vince had bills to pay. After tracking down the partner and accomplice, Ray saw something in Vince and kept him around. Vince was now working exclusively for Ray running several operations, his main job was running unofficial background checks on potential partners and assessing risks of rival gangs. He managed Ray's immediate staff and handled all disciplinary measures.

Life was good for several years, until cops started nosing around and tightening up on Ray's operation, Ray become very paranoid and started slipping. Vince noticed the lack of composure as the investigation's continued. One day Ray decided to personally oversee an exchange, something he never did. His paranoia however, turned out to be well placed as the cops had the meet point set up. Ray and most of his gang was arrested on the spot and served with several convictions. Vince however had made his own contingency plans in the build up to this. He had always been careful to cover himself by using burner phones and having no physical evidence tied to him. He had used a fake last name all along and cutting ties was easy for a man of Vince's abilities. Vince used his savings, resources and abilities to disappear. No convictions, no one chasing him and no ties. Vince laid low for several months before buying a ticket to Los Santos to start a new life.

Character traits
Positive character traits
- Methodical
- Ambitious
- Calculated
- Patient
- Loyal

Negative character traits
- Obsessive
- Compulsive
- Workaholic
- Stubborn 

Vince has a clean record, a special set of skills and is eager to start a new life in Los Santos. The true American dream. While he has good intentions on staying on the right side of the law, Vince has a tendency to be a magnet for trouble.

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Vince Vance




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Name: Matthew (Matt) Jenkins
Date of Birth: 09-28-1997
Sex: Male
Hair: Bleach Blonde (dyed - natural hair color is dark brown)
Eye color: Blue 
Body type: Average, has toned legs.  Spray tan addiction.
First language: English
Other languages: A little bit of Spanish un poquito
Origin: Richman, Los Santos 

Early Life to Current Life 
Matt was born to Karen and Mark Jenkins.  His father was a very well known lawyer across Los Santos.  His mother is a Professor of Nursing at LSU.  Matt had a very lavish lifestyle growing.  He always got whatever he want.  When he was 6 years old, his younger sister Mercedes was born.  Matt was an average student growing up, he never really got in trouble, but he was never really able to maintain long lasting friendships. 

Matt was never really close with his father, he would spend his time coloring, drawing and dancing with his younger sister.  Matt and his sister Mercedes were extremely close growing up and would do many different activities together.  Matt had no interests in sports or fishing like his father did.  Growing up, most of Matt's friends growing up were females and he loved to listen to Britney spears and Lady Gaga on his iFruit touch. 

At the age of 16 Matt decided to come out of the closet to his parents.  The led to a huge strain on his parents relationship and eventually led to his father moving out.  Karen Jenkins was extremely accepting and told Matt "I knew about this the moment I saw Britney on that iFruit".  During the divorce, Matt's mother ended up gaining a lot of money from her ex Mark.  She was able to keep the family home in Richman and be able to continue providing Matt and Mercedes with the lifestyle they have been blessed to have.

Matt was able to continue to live the lifestyle that he grew up having. Matt did this until the age of 20.  When he turned 20, he met a man named Gary who was a paramedic.  They instantly hit it off.  Gary quit his job at the fire department and both him and Matt decided to buy a beach house near Del Perro Pier.  Gary wanted to start recording videos for a company called CNT with Matt as the main star.  Gary wanted to do car reviews, but Matt, who knew nothing about cars struggled with this.  Matt knew what cars were expensive and "boujee" but did not know anything else about cars.  Matt would bullshit his way through these car reviews in a sarcastic and comedic manner.  He would get hundreds of views and earn money from Gary for these videos.  Matt and Gary were living a great life together, they had money, cars, you name it, but they yearned for more.  They decided to host a "fake wedding" as a way to get free wedding gifts.  They spent $500 on a wedding $125 on a limo rental.  That was it.  They ended up getting over $450,000 in wedding gifts from their friends and family members.   Matt and Gary began to play their little games on many people across Los Santos for their own benefits.  Matt and Gary were notorious for talking their way out of anything, whether it be a simple traffic stop, or some big event that left Los Santos shook.  Matt and Gary never had a sexual relationship, and were mainly together for their willingness to work together towards one single goal: to maintain a lavish lifestyle.

Eventually, all good things come to and end though.  Matt found out that Gary quit his job at CNT and began to do drag shows.  Gary started using money from Matt's bank account to purchase wigs, makeup, high heels, crop tops, you name it.  Matt was furious when he found out about this because Gary was bumming around doing nothing.  Matt started to sell all of these items on ebuy and would try to earn his money back.  Eventually, Matt got fed up with all this and kicked Gary out of the house.  Gary now works at a 24/7 convenient store making minimum wage and still regularly keeps in contact with Matt.

Currently Matt has enough money to live lavishly for a while, he still has enough money saved up, but began to pick up miscellaneous jobs around Los Santos.  He worked under Chuck Burger at Luxury Autos an Assistant Manager.  This did not last long as Chuck Burger decided to fire Matt for not keeping up with sales.  Matt now has a job as the Main Janitor for the Police Stations across Los Santos.  He was also contracted by Benny's and Jeb's towing.  Matt wants to get back into the car reviews and has been hoping that Gary picks up the camera again some day soon! Matt really wants to get back into his old "Tea Time" episodes as well!


  • Matt currently resides in a beach house down by La Puerta near Del Perro Pier.
  • Matt is currently in a relationship with Trooper Damian Navarro.
  • Matt has been trying to get back into shape by going for jogs each day and doing squats.
  • Matt has not been in any major trouble with the law in the past 6 months. He has a clean record (except for one small written warning!)
  • Matt struggles with keeping some long lasting friendships as he sometimes uses people or will ruin a good relationship by "stirring the pot"
  • Matt loves Mariah Carey.  Any Mariah Carey, you name it, Matt will sing it. 
  • Matt only drives foreign and expensive ("Boujee") cars.  
  • Matt loves to call people on his phone. Calling and texting are Matt's main form of staying in touch with all of his friends.  
  • Matt often says sexual comments towards others.  They normally have no meaning and are often just a form of defense.

Close People

  • Stacy Davis, Deputy Chief of Police, is one of his main best friends.  They have a love-hate relationship that goes back for months.  Matt always calls Stacy whenever he needs advice, but sometimes Stacy will stress Matt out or open her mouth and expose something that Matt wanted her to keep confidential and private. This normally leads to Matt going to steal her wig to distract others and put the spotlight on Stacy.  Stacy is bald with a shaved head in the back.  Matt recently saw Stacy's "who-ha" as well.. This really has put a strain on their friendship and Matt's overall outlook on life.  At the end of the day, no matter what the argument is, Matt and Stacy always make up and carry on with their loving friendship.  They enjoy getting coffee and spray tans together.
  • Damian Navarro is Matt's current boyfriend.  Matt and Damian have conflicting personalities.  Damian is very strict, obedient, and lawful.  Matt on the other hand, is always looking to cause some minor mischief around the city and have a good time by causing unneeded stress on others.  Matt sometimes "lashes out" on Damian, causing Damian to just agree with Matt and put "Matt's wants" before "Damian's wants".  Matt was able to get Damian to dye his hair platinum and wear a Mariah Carey shirt! DEAD
  • Chuck Burger is one of Matt's closer friends.  Matt and Chuck have similar personalities when it comes to causing chaos and disorder.  They both agg eachother on and will often blame each other when caught by law enforcement.  Chuck is always looking for a quick way to make money, which is similar to what Matt loves to do.  Chuck often tries to help Matt with his love life.  Chuck tried to set Matt up with Bill Burr with the SASP.  Chuck was going to set up a Beyonce concert for both of them, but it ended up turning into a State wide scam, where Chuck started to sell tickets to a fake Beyonce concert to line his pockets.  DEAD
  • Josh Brill is one of the people that Matt loves to harass.  Matt and Josh go back over a year when Matt would seduce Josh when he was a Trooper.  Matt enjoys telling Brill about his love life and all of his major accomplishments and "tea".  Brill acts like he doesn't enjoy it, but deep down he loves it and lives for it.  Brill has recently started using some slang that Matt introduced to him such as "shooketh".  Brill recently broke into Vespucci PD and tried to assault Matt while he was cleaning, but luckily, Matt was able to hit him with a broom and call law enforcement to save the day!

Character traits
Positive character traits

  •  Funny
  •  Very staunch man
  •  Great at negotiating
  •  Very social
  •  Gets what he wants 99.9% of the time.
  •  Good at planning out his relationships.
  •  Always has an intention behind his actions (mostly positive ;))

Negative character traits

  •  Drama Queen
  •  Loves negative attention
  •  Manipulative
  •  A bit of an airhead
  •  Argumentative
  •  Very sassy
  • Loves to stir the pot with other peoples relationships.




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Name: Matthew Tillman
Date of Birth: 10-16-1990
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Sex: Male
Hair: Shit Brown (Receding hair line)
Eye color: Blue
Body type: Bordering on dad bod
First language: English
Other languages: Little bit of Spanish
Origin: South Grapeseed, San Andreas

Early Life 
Matthew Tillman  was raised in mid-Blaine County by his parents, Trevor and Lindsay Tillman.

He was brought up in a middle-class family that did not struggle to get by. He enjoyed spending his free time driving his father's truck around Main St. in Grapeseed. He aspired to be a first responder ever since he was a little boy. 

His father was a career firefighter with the Blaine County Fire Department, where he served 30 years. His mother managed the local 24/7. Both parents were supportive of his aspirations and could not have been happier with the outcome. 

Matthew Tillman began his professional career by joining San Andreas Fire & Rescue, spending his days speeding an ambulance around the state saving everyone he could. Over a long time, he rose through the ranks of the fire department, until he decided that he wanted to pursue another career. This "other career" was law enforcement. More specifically, the San Andreas State Police. He had worked side by side with them for a long time and he finally decided it was time to join the ranks.  Since then, Matthew has been working hard, eventually achieving the rank of Captain, where he currently stands.

Some of Matthew's qualities as a police officers are (but not limited to):
- Communicative
- Believer in Mutual-Respect
- Crime prevention
- FTO experience

Personal life
Matthew Tillman does not spend his money on luxurious living. In fact, you can most often find him on the couch in his office in Vespucci PD or in a ratty motel room at the Pink Cage.

When he is not on duty or asleep in some trashy motel, you can most often find him in one his two beloved cars. When feeling like off-roading, Matthew finds himself in a award-winning trophy truck at the Redwood Lights Racetrack. If he is feeling a bit faster, he may be in his 2020 Camero, which he bought for a rip-off price from Josh Brill.

While Tillman is mostly a lone wolf when it comes to socializing, there are a few people who stand out:
- Josh Brill: Brill is a long time business partner and friend of Matthew Tillman. It may be hard to see from the outside due to all of the conflict that takes place. Some examples may be a court battle, where Josh sued Matthew for allegedly running him over. Or, maybe when Brill tried to convince everyone in the State that he was dating Tillman. From the hostile business meetings to the contracted love handle squeezes, it is a very odd friendship.
- Chuck Burger: As most people know him nowadays, chuck is the famous owner of Luxury Autos. Tillman knows Chuck as the former, multi-time felon that he is. One could never know whats coming when there is an incoming phone call from Mr. Burger. Sometimes it's the, "Oh hey Tillman! I just got in a car crash and I am bleeding to death of the side of the road, AHHH!!! *hang up*". One of Matthew's favorites is the casual, "Tillman! I am in a car running from the cops, what should I do?" even when Tillman is the cop chasing him.

Character traits

Positive character traits
- Brutally Honest
- Respecting
- Forgiving

Negative character traits
- Easily Annoyed
- Extreme Hard-ass

Known facts about Matthew
- Hates nothing more than a love handle squeeze
- Enjoys taking photos of San Andreas' chaos
- Likes trucks, but LOVES Fords.
- Almost always is wearing a hat to hide his hairline



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Matthew Tillman

B-2 | Deputy Chief | San Andreas State Police


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Name: Chuck Burger
Date of Birth: 01-27-1988
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Sex: Male
Hair: No
Eye color: Hazel
Body type: More to love/eats too many burgers
First language: English
Other languages: Is learning French from his roommate Ricardo Toot
Origin: Capital City, Liberty State

Early Life 

Chuck was born & raised in Capital City, Liberty State. Conveniently named, Capital City is the capital city of Liberty State; a city not quite as big as Liberty City. Chuck never knew his parents. Shortly after being born, his mother Sharron left him  & his sister Chicka with her mother (Chuck's grandma), Maya Burger. Grandma Burger always told Chuck his parents moved away because they were secret agents for the government and didn't have time to raise a child. Grandma Burger was a quirky, fierce woman who took no one's shit. But despite being slightly crazed and occasionally dropping Chuck to the floor with her wrestling moves, she was a good parent.

All the way through high school, Chuck aspired to be a journalist for the Liberty State Times. He always got into places he wasn't supposed to in-order to get the details of a story. After graduating high school, he applied at Capital University, a smaller collection of school's there in Capital City. He majored in Journalism, eventually graduating with a Bachelor's degree. Shortly following his graduation ceremony, Chuck struggled to find work in his expertise. While at a recruitment center in town, he noticed a flyer announcing auditions for extras in a movie filming nearby. Never seeing himself as an actor, he was skeptical, but needed money so took his chances and went to the audition.


Fast forward a couple months and after Chuck landed the role of 'Bystander #76' in a little indie film, he was on a new path to success. He packed his bags and assuming new found fame where it didn't exist, moved out west to Los Santos, San Andreas. His first few weeks in Los Santos went well. He landed a few other 'extras' jobs and was renting an apartment with some people he'd met. Months into the move however, Chuck began losing faith in his progression as an actor. He was about to give up when he bumped into the CEO of 'CNT', Gary Shmorshky. After becoming good friends with him & Matthew Jenkins, Chuck was offered the position of 'Director of Operations' where he was in-charge of day-to-day operations at the company. At CNT, Chuck was an actor, producer, director, and strong leader. He starred in & directed CNT original shows such as 'Pink Ponther' & 'Holiday & Hancock'. To this day, Chuck is now known globally for his appearances.

Following success as a movie star, Chuck decided to become the General Manager of a Luxury Autos car dealership branch in Rockford Hills. As General Manager of Luxury Autos, he sells vehicles & leads his employees to success. You may be wondering why a movie star opened up a car dealership. Chuck isn't too sure either, but wants to be a man of many things & many professions. So, if he can be a salesmen, manager, and movie star at the same time, you bet he will. As movie star & car dealer, he gets to meet his fans and sell them cars at the same time.

Some of Chuck's qualities as a salesmen & movie star are (but not limited to):

  • Ability to switch between professionalism and fun with ease
  • Doubles as his own security guard
  • Is very persuasive
  • Is very organized
  • Jokes around a lot, establishing friendships with customers & fans

Personal life
Nowadays, Chuck constantly struggles with maintaining fame, crazed fans, and running his car dealership. There's so much he wants to do, but doesn't have enough time to do it all. He can usually be found hanging out with friends or selling vehicles at Luxury Autos. He doesn't spend as much time being an actor anymore now that he runs the dealership. He occasionally still lands a role, but it's usually a minor one. If he's not working, Chuck is usually out and about annoying his closest friends.

Whether intending to or not, Chuck is always usually a main source of chaos. He used to get arrested all the time for crimes he didn't necessarily mean to commit. Now that he runs a business, he's made attempts to leave his life of 'unintentional crime' behind him.


  • Classic sports cars
  • Fancy, unique clothes
  • Cheeseburgers
  • The police & EMS
  • People who like his movies
  • Making people laugh
  • Baking


  • People who don't like his movies
  • People who don't like cheeseburgers
  • Thugs
  • Candy canes
  • Conflict
  • Overly annoying people


  • Mr. Clean
  • Chucky
  • Chuckles
  • Burgerman
  • Famous movie star
  • Lex Luthor


Chuck has many friends, but a few that stick out to him are...

  • Jebediah Abernathy: Jeb & Chuck go together like cheese & wine. They share many ideals and have a jolly old time together. Chuck considers him a best friend. Jeb was Chuck's co-star in the CNT original, 'Holiday & Hancock'. They like to work together on many things and share ideas.
  • Matthew Jenkins: Chuck always helps Matt with his relationship issues and ALWAYS comes up with horrible solutions (that turn into scams). Chuck thinks Matt is one of the funniest people he's met and has to credit a lot of his success to him when they worked together at CNT. Chuck hired him at Luxury Autos, but Matt shortly quit and claims Chuck fired him.
  • Matthew Tillman: Chuck likes messing with Tillman, but quite enjoys his company. He'd never tell him that though. They don't hang out often, because Tillman is always busy with police work, but rest assured if Chuck needs a question answered, he's calling him.
  • Ricky Bobby: Ricky is one of Chuck's newer friends, a police officer. They usually call each other about everything. Chuck thinks he's immune to him as a police officer. He tests the waters constantly, and usually gets away with it. Ricky is one of those people that brings out Chuck's funny side.
  • Dallas DeFalco: One of his best friends ever. Dallas likes Chuck for who he is, not because he's a movie star, though he's certain he's secretly his biggest fan. Dallas & Chuck always go on crazy adventures together, whether avoiding crazed sniper fans or sharing a burger at lunch, Chuck & Dallas are two peas in a pod, but would never take Darla's spot as his BESTEST friend.
  • Clarence 'Jimmy' Teller: Chuck refuses to believe that Clarence's real name is Clarence. He's always called him Jimmy and has no idea why. It's very confusing for others. Chuck always calls Jimmy when he needs someone to go along with whatever crazy things he's about to do.
  • Josh Brill: Brill causes Chuck so much frustration, but Chuck would be lying if he said he wasn't a friend. Chuck has whacked Brill upside the head with a bat more times than he can remember, but yet can't seem to bring it to himself to blacklist him from Luxury Autos. So...friends?
  • Stacy Davis: Chuck & Stacy have a complicated history. A history that involves scams, money, and chocolate covered shortbread candy bars laced with cocaine. In Chuck's defense, he thought he gave her the non-laced Twix. Since then, they really only communicate for professional reasons...or if Chuck needs something of monetary value. Chuck actually holds a lot of respect for her. They share a common interest in Starbucks. Transactions between the two almost always occur with Starbucks gift cards.

Character traits
Positive character traits

  • Funny, intentionally or not
  • Energetic & playful, yet serious when he has to be
  • Somehow balances being a babbling idiot with being surprisingly intelligent very well
  • Cares about his friends

Negative character traits

  • Gets annoyed very easily
  • While he cares for his friends, he doesn't always show it
  • Often chaotic & sometimes destructive
  • Is a bad driver

Known facts about Chuck

  • Fought his grandma, Maya, in a cage wrestling match
  • Dresses very dapper
  • Has an enormous criminal record
  • Has a signature walk
  • Is a movie star




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Name: Josh Brill
Date of Birth:  04-17-1995
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Sex: Male
Hair: Brown
Eye color: Green
Body type: Fit and trained
First language: English
Other languages: Are you kidding? Um no.
Origin: Los Santos, San Andreas (The United States)

Early Life 
Born and raised right here in Los Santos County. Brill comes from a strong family background. His Mother (Rebecca) and Father (Todd) both served in the US Military and retired with honors. He had a VERY strict up bringing although he might not show it alot of the time. He was raised with the mentality to "Be the best you can be" and not to be afraid of what other think cause at the end of the day, you are responsible for yourself. He is the only sibling in the family so naturally alot of the responsibility landed on him as his parents got older.

Josh was an allstar athlete in High School and LOVED to trap shoot competitively. He was regarded and a "class clown" but also "down to earth / go lucky kid" who knew exactly where he stood in life. Through out high school he developed MANY friends but was never in a "clique" he loved to socialize, goof off and be the life of a party and be apart of everyone. Although he played varsity sports he never let the "jock" stereotype get to him he was ALWAYS been very humble and has looked out for the little guy.  He was great in the classroom and ended up graduating with honors. Coming out of high school, Josh knew he wanted to evolved with Law Enforcement in some way. Whether that be crime scene investigations (Criminology) or just basic Law Enforcement. 

Brill started his career WAY back with the Los Santos Police Department as a lonely cadet in a massive city. Coming out of the police academy, Brill was a "hot to trot" cop. He was very good at what he did but sometimes let his emotion get the best of him. He climbed through the ranks where he made to A-1 Senior Officer. At this point Brill had a department switch to the San Andreas State Police where he took up the position as T-1 Master Trooper. He stuck with the State Police where he eventually made it to Asst. Commissioner and worked for 3 Years before retiring. The department then started to crumble due the fact of lack of leadership coming from the Commissioner. He decided enough was enough and resigned. A year or so more passed and a new department took over underneath the leader ship of Bill Burr and Stacy Davis. Brill knew these two are going to be the ones to "get shit done" and run a department like it should be ran. He figure he would reapply and give it another go. After getting back into the swing of things Brill became unhappy and "Burnt Out" after being a police officer for so long. He took a step back and officially hung his hat. Permanently.

After hanging his hat from policing he figured he would try and use his skills in the civilian life so Brill took up "Brill Security". This.......... didnt last long. Brill was washed up and just not the same Trooper he used to be. After his security firm failed. He took another interest path. Custom car work and Towing! Brill was able to land a solid job with this buddy Nate Dogg down at Bennys Custom Motoworks / Jebs Towing & Repair. He then set his mind to the job when he has now climbed to Head of Management and now helps run the company with the help of Clarence Teller and Jebediah Abernathey. Brill is EXTREMELY happy where he is at and cant wait for the adventures that come next!

Personal life
- Brill currently resides in Los Santos.  
- He owns a house up in Vinewood Hills where he lives with his 2 dogs Hunter ( Golden Retriever) and Hollie (Black Short Hair Lab)
- LOVES Classic American Muscle cars (His favorite is his '69 Dodge Charger)
- Has a large interest in Nissan GTRs
- Is a total gear head 
Brill has MANY nicknames given to him over the years some of the most prominent are:
- Brillo
- Brilly Willy
- Brilled Cheese
- Bonehead (Given to him by Jeb)
- That Mechanic (anyone who drives up to Bennys)
Brill has ALOT of people he likes to call his friends, but some of the main ones that he can be seen with are: 
- Stacy Davis: Oh boy, where do we begin? Stoocy is Brill's "Go-To" person / adoptive mom. From almost anything police related to just seeing whats going on. Although from the outside looking in, you might think these two cant stand each other but deep down, if shit goes bad, they have each others back. No question about it.

Matt Jenkins: Matt has ALWAYS been a thorn in Brill's side from the get go. From where he was a police officer chasing him and Gary around in their Lexus to now as a janitor at Vespucci PD. Although Brill would never say it, Matt is like a brother to Brill.

- Jeb: Good Ole Jebby Webby, without a doubt, this the biggest person Brill looks up too. These two bicker like CRAZY and constantly pick on and give each other crap. But in the end like the rest, Brill has his back. Brill holds him in a very high regard.

- Nate Dogg: Nate is Brill's longest lasting friend. These two and been through THICK and THIN together. From back when Brill was a cop to now at Bennys / Jebs towing. Nate is a rock for Brill. Brill leans on him more than Nate might know. And although they are not blood related, They are Family.

- Tillman: Tilly Willy is also a long lasting friend of Brill's. Tillman has been through alot with Brill. They joke and mess around with each other like no one has EVER seen. Brill even went so far to shut down a entire freeway to get Tillman a promotion back when Tillman was an EMT and Brill was a cop. There isnt a single thing Brill wouldnt do for Tillman.

- Chuck Burger: Chucky! Chuckels and Brill have always has an "odd" friendship, this friendship usually ends up with Brill getting hit by a baseball bat on most cases. Eventhough they pick and nag at each other, If Chuck needs Brill. Brill will be there.

- Clarence Teller: Clarence and Brill are ALWAYS running around together, getting into constant shenanigans together. Whenever these two are around each other, one is probably gonna go to the hospital while the other one goes to jail! 

Character traits
Positive character traits
- Hard Working
- Honest
- Loyal
- Goofy / Go Lucky Attitude
- Disciplined 

Negative character traits
- Easily distracted
- Defensive
- Can be SLIGHTLY annoying
- Sometimes careless

Known facts about Brill
-  Common nickname of "Brillo"
- Huge Supporter of the Police and EMS
- Loves his '69 Charger more than ANYTHING
- Is very loyal to his friends and family







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Discord: Brill#4895


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Name: Bryan Shepherd
Date of Birth: 01-21-1994
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Sex: Male
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue 
Body type: Fit 
First language: English
Other languages: French
OriginLos Santos, San Andreas (The United States)

Early Life 

Bryan Shepherd, the son of Matthew Shepherd. His dad was also a surgeon and his mother was also one as well. Bryan was born in Los Santos in Pillbox hospital on January 21, 1994, at 5 am.  Bryan was very close to his parents, and always spent time with them. He wanted to have the same career as his parents did, which was being a surgeon. Bryan doesn't have any brothers or sisters, as he was the only child. His parents never tried to have another child because of the busy lives of always having to work at the hospital.

Once Bryan started high school, he always had a main goal which was getting into medical school, his dreams were the be a successful surgeon, and already had specialties planned. Bryan was a hard working individual and always liked to help other when needed. Bryan was mostly the top of the class because of his hard work, he always stayed on task and was a very organized person. He liked to hang with his friends a lot as well, and depends on what the situation is, Bryan likes to work in groups with people he knew, or worked alone. Bryan wasn't just the "smartest kid in class", but he was well known for being athletic, he loved sports as well and attended on several teams such as, basketball, track. 

Bryan Shepherd attended Liberty University and successfully obtained his medical degree, he has completed medical school and moved back to his city, Los Santos to become a surgeon at Pillbox hospital. Bryan Shepherd has finally gotten a successful career as a surgeon at Pillbox hospital. He is now a Intern, and already has 2 specialties he wants to master. Bryan wants to specialize in Trauma-surgery, and Neurosurgery, and has been doing great so far according to his Resident, and Attending. Bryan Shepherd has been noticed by his skills when it comes to surgery, and will continue to be that hardworking individual he has always been.  

Some of Bryan's qualities as a doctor are (but not limited to):
- Community relations

- Operations

- Providing the right treatment and medicine 

- Leadership 

- Can become serious when needed, and can become a fun person as well.

Personal life
Bryan Shepherd doesn't own a house since he sleeps in the hospital, he has his own office at the back of the hospital with a nice view. Bryan owns a white Porsche 718 boxster, with the license plate "SHEPHERD" on the back. On Bryan's free time he likes to hang at Benny's for quite a while. 


Bryan Shepherd doesn't have a lot of nicknames, but he would either be called...

Chunky, because Bryan Shepherd sounds like someone else named Bryan Chonghi.

Mr. Sensitive, because Bryan sometimes get sensitive, and Josh Brill makes fun of that.

Shepherd, because my names too long for everyone to keep saying it.

Bryan Shepherd has many friends in the city, here are the main ones he always sees:

Clarence Teller - Bryan Shepherd and Clarence go WAYYYY back, Bryan always called Clarence for repairs, and ONLY him, for the longest time ever when Bryan wasn't a doctor. They always hanged out together and would break each others cars by accident. Bryan always stole Clarence's Bugatti for fun.  

Josh Brill - It all started when Josh Brill found me sensitive when I came to Benny's. Every time Brill heard my voice he would always say "Oh great, It's Mr. Sensitive", and I would always laugh after he would say that. Brill tends to be funny when he comes into Pillbox and deny's my treatment. 

Chuck Burger - It all started when Bryan saw Chuck's head, he always made Bryan  laugh because of the way he runs, and the several things he does. Chuck sold Bryan's car's personally and that made Bryan feel special. There's a lot of memories Bryan and Chuck have, and Bryan could never forget.

Kevin Cube - Bryan and Kevin go wayyyyyyy back, they met when Bryan first moved into the city. Kevin showed Bryan things around the city, and that's how Bryan knows the city by heart. 

Dwafen - Bryan and Dwafen met the day Bryan moved into the city, Bryan remembers when Dwafen didn't even work at benny's. Dwafen's also the one who fixes Bryan's car when he needs it.

Gabriel Salamis - Bryan and Gabe met in the city 2 months ago, they were interested in cars and would always buy cars to customize them and race at drag strips. Bryan is now trying to help Gabe start a business. 

Character traits
Positive character traits
- Loyal
- Honest
- Responsible
- Generous and kind
- Hardworking

Negative character traits
- Easily distracted
- Easily annoyed 
- Too kind 

- Sports cars
- Surgery
- Loves white
- Suits

- Dirty cars, clothes, etc.
- Breaking laws (hates it when her friends don't follow traffic laws)

Known facts about Bryan Shepherd
-ALWAYS wears a white suit on his civ time.

-Is now a surgeon at Pillbox hospital

-Drives a white Porsche with the license plate "Shepherd" 

-Sounds like Bryan Chonghi















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Proud member, supporter, staff, of the NLRP community.


Dr. Bryan Shepherd

Bryan H#0812

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Name: Jebediah "Jeb" Abernathy
Date of Birth: 08/23/1985, aged 34
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Sex: Male
Hair: None currently, normally light brown
Eye color: Hazel
Body type: Working man
First language: English
Other languages: Pre-school level German, Extremely low level Spanish, and words/phrase-level Dutch
Origin: Grapeseed, San Andreas

Early Life 

Jebediah, known mostly as Jeb, was born & raised on his family's farm in Grapeseed. Grapeseed contained a small-town lifestyle that always had suited Jeb and his family. Jeb, born to Rick & Mary-Sue Abernathy, grew up the oldest alongside his two brothers, Judd and Mark, and three sisters, Mia, Susan (Suzie) & Jade. Unfortunately, at the age of 17, Rick and Mary-Sue mutually split over domestic disagreements on how they believe the kids should be raised that put major tension on the family as a whole. Rick believed in hard work on the farm while Mary-Sue believed education was the answer to all. Jeb and Judd were ordered to live with Rick on the farm while Mary-Sue took Mia, Suzie & Jade to Vice City and eventually back to Los Santos so they could attend the Vinewood University. Jeb rarely gets to see his family, as the two men continued to work the farm while the women in his family focused on their education and starting their own families.

Jeb successfully completed high school in Grapeseed while working long summer days as a ranch hand, giving local kids lessons on horseback riding. Eventually, Jeb became a trust community member in the local farmers markets of Grapeseed and got a job working on tractors and other mechanical farming equipment, always saving his money for something. When his parents split, Jeb was able to scrape enough money together to finally purchase his own vehicle to get to school and provide utility for heavy duty work, a 1985 Chevrolet K30. Sunshine, rain, snow, storms, Jeb was always seen working the farms, helping his friends and family, and providing as much as he could.


Years later after working the fields, Jeb wanted a bit more. He knew his way around farm equipment, heavy duty mechanical equipment and everything between, including cars. Moving into the big city, Jeb found near-instant success within the city-wide community while starting up his own car body shop and tow company during the Public Works strike that lead to Public Works being scrapped, and had plenty of support to purchase his very own new work truck, a massive lifted Sandking XL. Over the years since the massive Public Works strike, Jeb's Towing and Repair was able to secure a foothold in the city as a permanent replacement for public works thanks to the major support coming from Benny's Garage, lead by Nate Dogg. Benny's Garage and Jeb's Towing merged in the late months of 2019, where they lead a large community of mechanics and gearheads alike.

Jeb has branched off into multiple different life changes over the years, including a 12-year enlistment in the San Andreas Navy, where he was trained as a Combat and Commercial pilot of multiple types of aircraft, including but not limited to helicopters, jets and planes. This has lead to propose the government to allow him to open Clear Skies Flight Club, which is still in development at this time. Jeb also worked alongside Chuck Burger in acting for CNT, co-starring in the production "Holiday & Hancock", a detective-style series. Jeb is known to be a supporter of local businesses and will often support those companies significantly more than large corporate-based companies, offering help to get jump-started as an investor.

Some of Jeb's qualities as a local business owner are (but not limited to):

  • Ability to be tough, but fair
  • Knowledge of management strategies for a better work environment
  • Charitably
  • Born leadership skills
  • Strong work-centered ethic
  • Clear understanding and empathy of social situations

Personal life
Jeb currently spends his time split between the busy work of his own shop & helping run Benny's with Nate Dogg, and spending quality time with the people he calls friends that are actually his true family. Jeb can be found working , or driving around on his favorite motorcycles or one of his cars from his large collection of everything ranging from the first-ever purchased Bugatti Chiron to the cheapest junk car he managed to get running again. 


  • Hard work
  • The SASP and SAFR
  • Classic and Modern sports/super cars
  • Trucks & Motorcycles
  • Smoking and unwinding with a beer
  • Breaks to relax with friends
  • America
  • Firearms


  • Thugs and street crime
  • Green/vegan food
  • Hippies and commies
  • Electric cars
  • Disregard for the rules/authority
  • Rude folks
  • Taxes


  • Jebby Webby
  • Jebediahman
  • Jebediah Abernathy of Jeb's Towing and Repair, Partnered With Benny's Garage
  • "Oh, YOU'RE the famous Jeb!"
  • The Mechanic


Jeb likes to be kind to all, however he does a core group of best friends, including but not limited to the following:

Stacy Davis: Calling her just about every day to flirt or say hello, Miss Davis may not fall for Jeb the same way he has fallen for her, but he would do anything for this kind soul. Jeb constantly looks up to Miss Davis in a way of endearment that cannot be matched. Miss Davis conducts herself in a way that he could only ever hope to match one day, despite being older than her. He admires ever interaction and holds it near and dear to his heart. She influences him every day to be the best version of himself that he can be and aspires to be someone that she can look up to the same way Jeb looks up to her. She got him to stop smoking weed and dial back smoking cigarettes, simply because she said she doesn't like people that smoke! Jeb would drop anything and everything for that chance to be someone Miss Davis would approve of.

Bill Burr: One of the first and oldest relationships of Jeb's, Bill Burr has been one of the most upstanding influences on Jeb's life. Similar to Miss Davis, Bill Burr is someone that Jeb admires and looks up to in the most upstanding ways. Burr's ways of demeanor and the way he carries himself is kind, fair and above all, professional. When Jeb came into town as a start up, there was Bill Burr with the San Andreas State Police, constantly challenging him to be the best person he can be. Jeb genuinely loves to hang out with Burr, whether it is in passing on a tow call for a police impound or doing something fun like running around the city as brothers. Bill Burr is one of the people he'd consider a brother more than a friend.

Chuck Burger: From the beginning, Chuck Burger and Jeb never quite saw eye to eye. Chuck would always be getting into trouble with authority and be getting into trouble with the police or trying to trick others out of their own hard earned money. Over time, Chuck and Jeb begun to connect and Jeb was able to see the charitable side of Chuck. Together they planned events together, supported each others businesses into success, and even co-starred in a TV show together, produced by CNT. Today, Chuck and Jeb are often seen together with some crazy idea or antic that they brewed half-awake hours before. Chuck is one of what Jeb would consider "The Greats".

Nate Dogg: Another Brother. Nate Dogg and Jeb are often locked into each other's lives for better. Nate gave Jeb a place to build from, invited him warmly into the Benny's Garage family and supported him through thick and thin. Jeb would do anything at Nate's will, and never back down. Nate's 6 o'clock will always be covered by Jeb relentlessly. Often, they are seen joking around about some rust bucket car or offroading through the desert and swamps together.

Josh Brill: Oh god, here we go. Jeb and Brill, there they go yelling back and forth at each other again about something so trivial, just wanting the other to succeed more than themselves. The amount of love Jeb has for Brill is something of a true "Bromance". Jeb cannot picture a better brother than the man Jeb can let his guard down with and be real with. An amazing friendship blossomed by amazing circumstances.

Clarence Teller: Jeb's "Second in Command" and Right Hand. Clarence is the selfless, hard working friend that Jeb wouldn't trade for the world. Clarence is the friend that Jeb needs to keep him from going insane from hard work. Clarence is around when Jeb needs him most, and is an awesome person that Jeb can blow off steam with. Some crazy ideas they have together can get them into trouble, but it's the kind of trouble you'd go through for a brother.


Character traits
Positive character traits

  • Hard Working
  • Fair
  • Kind
  • Honest
  • Brave
  • Loving
  • Clever & Witty

Negative character traits:

  • Hard headed
  • Close minded
  • Anxious
  • Easily Bored
  • Can Be Childish

Known facts about Jeb:

Always seen wearing his signature hat

Used to own a farm in Grapeseed

Must off-road 3 times a week or he will implode mentally

Aspiring photographer and film editor/producer


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Starch Masks

Ryan Grayson, Lost MC President

Jebediah Abernathy, Former Jeb's Towing Owner

Aspiring Pilot

Discord: Starch Masks#1337

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Name: Darla DeFalco
Date of Birth: 10-05-1980
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Sex: Female
Hair: Dark Brown
Eye color: Blue 
Body type: Barely 5 feet tall, petite.
First language: English
Other languages: Some Spanish

Early Life into the teenage years: 


When Darla was born, the sun was bright, birds chirping, and there was energy felt through the air. Darla was the first girl to be born in a family full of boys, and men. Family and friends of the family would travel from all over for a glimpse of her dimpled smile. Darla had a smile that would turn heads. The strong men in her life would fall weak. They would end up being suckers for Darla. Everyone except for her brothers. Darla's brothers made sure she would turn up to be a tough cookie in a very small package. Darla would run getting herself in numerous adventures under the careful watch of her brothers. As it usually goes, the older her brothers got, the more distant they became building their own life entering adulthood. Darla's mother ran off when she was young. It seemed like any other typical trip to the corner store to retrieve a pack of cigarettes, never to return. Darla's only memory of her mom is the sound of her voice. One she emulated as she grew up. Subconsciously keeping the memory of her mother alive, whether she realized it or not. Like many children who grew up in small towns, Darla went through school with the same group of kids. She wrestled with the boys mostly. Her motto on the school playground compiled to “talk shit, get hit”. Darla evolved the ability to defend herself with the baddest of the group. Darla gained the reputation to not be messed with. That reputation also garnered less desirable reputations. Behind her back she was known as a bitch, trailer trash, most notably “the one with those brothers”. Her brothers always kept an ear close to the ground for Darla.


Through school there was one boy who Darla could gravitate to. One who joined Darla gladly in her many adventures. He had hair that symbolized the title of “trailer trash”. Dallas DeFalco had golden blonde hair that caught the glimmer of summer sun, prominent even during winter months. Dallas was viewed as harmless. Darla's brothers adopted Dallas as an unofficial brother to Darla. Darla always caught his eye. They were like two peas in a pod. Dallas transformed to Darla's security blanket and rock. As days and months passed, Darla and Dallas bond grew. Their relationship tightened as their time together increased. Darla has always been a looker. Intimidation fell over the boys in her class from the sight of rough hands from the many brawls Darla started and finished. A secret Dallas knew about her is the soft skin on the underside of her hands. Symbolic to Darla's personality. Rough on the outside. Once the rough exterior broke through trust, her caring interior and relentless loyalty shined through like the dimpled smile exhibited at infancy. A trait Dallas adored.


Dallas took upon himself to date Darla. Constant questioning by peers acquiring when would he finally ask her out convinced Dallas to do so. For Darla, Dallas would always be there. Their early relationship was rocky. Darla wanted to spread her wings. Explore what others had to offer. Through mutual, whether admittedly so or not, experiments they played taunting jealously games with each other. Darla used her families trust in Dallas to chase other boys. Darla's early life was learning how to take care of her family. Running off to Dallas' house to learn skills her mother could not through being abandoned at such a young age. Darla absorbed cooking and house management skills watching Dallas' mother cook. Managing the whirlwind kept at bay in the DeFalco household. Dallas, even through knowingly being used, kept his loyalty to a fault with Darla. Never giving away her true intentions during her eldest years in high school. Through countless experiences Darla went through, she could always find comfort in Dallas. Darla would come to realize what Dallas meant to her. Commonly said at the DeFalco's was “be with someone who loves to put up with your shenanigans, not someone who you love for right now”. Entering a room like a bull enraged, Dallas seemed to be the only one who could calm her down. Time passed after high school and Darla found herself talking mindlessly still to Dallas while he worked at the local garage down the street. Darla admired the role model her father set forth, and adored her brothers to emulate their strong stature. As Darla matured, Dallas would become that twinkle in her eye once present as an innocent child. She became more and more drawn to Dallas.


Darla had big dreams and aspirations. One day, watching Dallas close down the garage shop, Darla had a moment of brilliance. It is in this small garage shop Darla's idea of dispute resolution in a therapeutic manner developed. Looking down at her battle ridden knuckles, Darla grinned at Dallas sheepishly. Without much convincing needed, the Bare Knuckle Boxing Club was formed. In small towns the ability to hold your own was looked at more than the drinking age. Darla would hear squandering, petty arguments among patrons fo the bar. Under the watchful eye of Dallas, Darla would approach with her sweet southern voice to inquire about solving their dispute in a therapeutic manner. Darla's club started small. As word spread each club meeting grew. Many nights after club meetings, Darla and Dallas would enjoy some beers and joints talking about the fights of the evenings. Here, in the dimly lit room of the garage that swirled with the sweat and blood of the evening's fights, Darla and Dallas rekindled their relationship. Games of jealousy ceased to exist. Their loyalty cemented like the landing of a right hook Darla gained from her tomboy years living with a house full of brothers.


Dallas, as it would be with anyone working at a small garage, became close with a local MC. Slowly being invited to events, Dallas and Darla became an integral part of MC gatherings. Embedding themselves more into the MC lifestyle the dealing and consumption of drugs increased. The MC lifestyle was as face paced as their burnout. Darla had bigger dreams, bigger aspirations. Dallas, knowing Darla so well, could see her wings starting to be clipped. It was in this moment they took a leap of faith. Darla appreciates effort. Her interest are not easily captured. Dallas knew he had the best. To be able to keep the best he needed to capture her interest one last time. Dallas, through another one of Darla's thoughtful sayings that would define her asked Darla to marry him. Promising Darla another chance for an adventure. Darla, unsure of his sincerity, hiding her own unsatisfied feelings, had a new fire lite her soul hearing Dallas explain simply “say what you mean, mean what you say”. Darla knew faith in a man who never wavered would give her horizon the expanding element it needed. Soon after a simple intimate ceremony, Darla and Dallas slipped away into the night starting a new chapter in their life

Moving to San Andreas: 

As they got off the boat, Darla looked at Dallas questioningly, “Los Santos?”. “Little bit of everything” Dallas explained. Darla despised big cities. Without much needing of an explanation they settled down in Harmony. A simple town that was easily missed at a blink of an eye. Darla convinced Dallas to apply themselves. They worked tirelessly, as a young couple, working hard during the day and studying at night. Darla, being much brighter, helped Dallas with his classes. Days, weeks, months, and years passed before obtaining Emergency Medical Certifications that would change the course of their lives. Darla proudly slapped an application on the dinner table for SAFR. Unsurprisingly Darla got offered a job, while Dallas struggled to find his way into the department. Like countless times before, Darla never lost faith in Dallas, and with her help a job offer was extended. A sign of good fortune came, one after another. During a rare day off, while enjoying a quiet breakfast morning together, they noticed a building up for sale. A building being desperately sold. All Darla saw was the repeated vision of her Bare Knuckle Boxing Club she had back home. Soon after, the building was bought. Darla's rut felt extinguished. Darla found a place where her wings spread, feeling all entirely new with a touch of home sprinkled throughout.


  • Painting
  • Dogs - has a 'Dog App' 
  • Photography
  • Country Livin'
  • Date Nights
  • Getting into shenanigans with friends


  • Deep Water
  • Heights - although Dallas's passion for parachuting has rubbed off. 
  • Guns
  • Morons
  • Bullshitters



  • Dallas DeFalco - Together for 20 years, married for 15. Dallas is Darla's everything. They are usually found together, either #SavinLives or #HavinFun Their bond could never be broken, they are seriously #couplegoals. Dallas has been in Darla's life for so long he feels like home. He is the center of her universe. 
  • Pearl 'DeFalco' Jackson: Darla and Pearl are cut from the same cloth, best friends from way back. Pearl gets along so well with both Darla and Dallas they've adopted her and made her an honorary DeFalco. Darla considers Pearl the sister she never had. Darla would do anything for Pearl, just as she would for Dallas.
  • Maxwell Chance III: Max is Pearl's boyfriend and fits right in with the DeFalcos. He's always up for an adventure, and Darla likes listening to him talk. Max is just a genuinely nice guy and understands if he hurts Pearl, Darla will take him out. 
  • Rocco White: Rocco was the first person to pull Darla and Dallas over and he will never live down the 'failure to maintain control of his motor vehicle' because he crashed into them while doing so. Over time, a friendship emerged and Darla is always happy to run into Rocco to shoot the shit for a while. 
  • Bill Burr: Police Chief Burr is someone Darla looks up to professionally, and has become a close friend to her and Dallas personally as well. 


Positive Personality Traits

  • Loyal
  • Can see through bullshit
  • Straight to the point
  • Able to listen
  • Thoughtful & Caring
  • Creative

Negative Personality Traits

  • Rough around the edges
  • Blunt, comes off as rude
  • Quick to bring hands
  • Zero tolerance for bullshit
  • Guarded, builds tall walls.


Known Facts about Darla:

  • Suffers from a serious case of 'Resting Bitch Face'
  • Pretends to be a great driver
  • Has a huge mop of very curly hair that she keeps tied back, and changes the color of often.
  • HUGE appetite, blessed with high metabolism, weighs 105lbs soaking wet. 
  • OG member of #EMSganggang, co-coined the term #SavinLives with Dallas.








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Judge Darla DeFalco - J
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Name: Ethan McPherson-Jones

Date of Birth: November 10th 1995

Zodiac Sign: Sagitarius

Sex: male

Hair: Black with highlights

Eye color: Blue

Body type: 6ft 1”

First language: English

Other languages:

Origin:  Abercyon, South Wales, United Kingdom


Early Life into the adult years:


Ethan was born on November 10th 1995, to Oliver Jones  and Sinead McPherson, they met when Oliver was stationed at a US military base in Wales, Oliver (Oli) moved to America when he was 15 years old and joined the US Military when he was 21. He was a well-liked person and rose to become senior aircraft technician within the US forces. Shortly after Ethan was born Oliver and Sinead had two other sons, Casey and Nikko, Ethan was so happy that he had brothers and they all moved to Liberty City when Oliver was posted to Fort Shoreside. Ethan grew up surrounded by love and happiness, but it was to be short lived, tragedy struck on August 4th, 2017 when Nikko was found dead in his apartment it later transpired that he died of a drug overdose. Ethan and Casey were heartbroken and decided to honour Nikko’s memory, Ethan applied at LIBTEC to become a transit authority mechanic, Casey joined the US forces to follow in his father’s footsteps. Ethan was accepted into the Liberty Transit authority maintenance dept and worked there for 4 years


Moving to San Andreas:


After the death of Nikko, Oliver, Sinead, Ethan & Casey moved to San Andreas in the autumn of 2020, this was due to Oliver getting posted to Fort Zancudo with Oliver not getting any younger they decided to settle down in San Andreas, Casey is still serving with the US Forces and was able to get a transfer to Zancudo alongside his father.

Ethan freelanced for a while after moving to SA working as a trucker and legal ways of making money. He applied to work at Jebs Towing and is currently a technician and owns a house in Mirror Park.



SUV’s – Anything that allows him to go off road and drive in the snow


Hanging out with his friends

Helping people in their hour of need




Speeding drivers

Drugs (after the death of Nikko)

Disrespectful people




Positive Personality Traits

  • Loyal
  • Can see through bullshit
  • Able to listen
  • Thoughtful & Caring
  • Creative

Negative Personality Traits

  • Overthinker
  • Zero tolerance for bullshit
  • Guarded, tends not to share his problems

Known Facts about Ethan:

He has a tech cert in vehicle maintenance from LIBTECH

holds driving license for nearly everything you can drive in San Andreas

Loves SUV’s and trucks



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Name: Consuela Diaz-Richards
Date of Birth: April 01, 1950
Zodiac Sign: What in the hell is that? 
Sex: Female
Hair: White
Eye color: Blue
Body type: Big, Busty and voluptuous
First language: Spanish
Other languages: English 
Origin: Mexico

Early Life 

Consuela was born in Tijuana, Mexico to a rather large family. She had 12 bothers and sisters who all lived in a tiny shack outside of the main city. She hated her life as a child due to the fact that she was constantly picked on by her siblings for being too small and too skinny. As she grew older she finally grew into her tall lanky body. This made her the perfect drug runner for her father. Her father was a very dangerous, mean man. He was one of the top drug smugglers in Mexico constantly peddling cocaine to Guadalajara to be distributed across the United States by his many family members. He began to use conseula as a tool for easily smuggling drugs across the border from the age of ten on. 

The day after Consuelas 15th birthday her father took her on what would be her last drug run across the border. On the run before Consuela had met a very intriguing man that drew her attention from the day she met him. He lured her into telling him all that her father had been doing and when their next shipment would be. What she didn’t expect was the fact that he was an undercover police officer that was using her for information. The second they arrived in Guadalajara the police stormed the truck talking everyone but Consuela to jail. Consuela had seen the police cars following them and the second her father had stopped the truck she took off running. She never stopped and never looked back knowing that if she were caught she’d not only go to jail but she’d be killed be her father and his many workers. 

Consuela ran until she was hit with a car driven by a man named Donald Diaz. Donald immediately took her to the hospital, the two instantly fell in love even though he was 10 years older than her. Consuela soon found out Donald was a very rich man as he paid off the doctors from calling ICE to get her deported back to Mexico. Donald immediately took Consuela under his wing teaching her English as she healed and then taught her how to use her looks and words to con people into giving her their money for services she never provided. Consuela lived with Donald for ten years, moving from place to place before they were caught in Mexico City by a gang that had been screwed over one too many times by the now married couple. Donald was instantly shot and killed while Consuela was taken and tortured for months before she gave up where Donald had buried their millions. 

Once released from the five by five cell she had been kept in for nearly 8 months the now twenty-six year old had no money, no family and no place to go. She lived on the streets for weeks pawning her body off for food and whatever cash she could find. When she became too weak to move she all but gave up hope until a very curious man named Dr. Chico Levowitz came along. He was Mexican but was Jewish through and through. His name made Consuela laugh every time she heard it. Chico was 50 years her senior and had been a plastic surgeon for longer than she had been alive. The two instantly became friends for life. Chico nursed Consuela back to health while she taught him English to the best of her ability and in exchanged for a place to stay and a home to call her own she worked at his practice helping manage the front desk.

One day Chico asked consuela if she wanted to try something new and different. It was a new type of implant that he found that could be filled and drained to allow for the breasts and buttocks to vary in sizes as she pleased. Always being rather flat and always made fun of for it she jumped at the opportunity for free plastic surgery. So at the young age of 30 Consuela had plastic surgery allowing for her breasts and buttocks to grow and shrink as she pleased. At a younger age consuela kept her tatas and ass modest but after the age of 50 she made her tatas and ass as big as she could. This was to honor Chico after he died. 

When Chico died a part of Consuelas heart did as well. He had left her the practice and house to do as she pleased. She sold both and made her way back to New Mexico. Not in search of her family but in search of the cop she had met many years ago hoping he was still around. During her search she had found that her charges were lost years ago in a fire that had gotten rid of any of the files. Thus keeping her family members in jail but also kept her out of any more trouble. She had also learned that the cop she had been looking for was fired from the force after he had been caught using information he gained on the force to bribe people into giving him drugs to sell on the streets. She tracked down his address and once she knocked on the large doors of the barn she was told he was in she came face to face with Mickie Richards. 

Mickie was hesitant to trust her as he had been burned by his family many times in the past. However Mickie had been planning a bank heist and needed help. Consuela instantly jumped on the plan and the two instantly became flawless Bonnie and Clyde bank robbers in New Mexico. Once the two had a healthy bank account and had become bored with the crime life they decided to settle down in a retirement home outside of Los Santos. Consuela had slowly begun to get dementia with Mickie quickly slipping down the dementia hole. While telling stories of their bank robberies they repeatedly said that dementia gang had robbed the banks even though there had been no mention of that name before. 

One day Mickie got car keys off of an orderly and slipped out the back of the building. He took the car and drove off a cliff. The car was found burned and crumpled at the bottom of a cliff but Mickies body was never found. Consuela had a heart attack at the mention of the news and had to have a pace maker installed in her heart. During the rehab from that she slipped from the hospital and escaped to Los Santos where she now resides. 


In the beginning of her life she was a drug smuggler, she then became a con artist. Consuela did that for ten years before becoming a administrative assistant for a plastic surgeon where she did that for thirty plus years. That was her favorite job of all as she was able to make people lives change and had her life change as well through a loving friendship and through implants. From there she became a bank robber before she retired. 

As of late Consuela was the Co-Owner of SATRA the organization that was a front for feeding intel to criminals about their warrants with Dickie Richards. When SATRA was disbanded by the Chief of Police Bill Burr by way of Cassius Lover, Dickie and Consuela went back into the life of crime by forming Dementia Gang. 

Personal life

Currently Consuela Resides with Dickie. Due to the dementia she has no idea where they actually live but knows that every time she wants to go home her loving Senor sends her a location to put into the GPS. Even though she is technically still married to Mickie since the body hasn’t been found and they haven’t announce that him deceased, she has fallen for his brother Dickie Richards. Dickie and Consuela now have a very health and very loving relationship. 


Puta-This nickname was given by her dear friend Maya after Consuela consistently called her it. Even though Maya has no idea what it means she loving calls Consuela it every day. 

Pootah- Senor Dickie gave her this nickname one night when he had enough of her shit and called her a stoopid Pootah. She can’t help but laugh every time he says it as he constantly calls her the wrong name. 

Rosita-This was the nickname Mickie gave her after the dementia hit. Mickie loving called Consuela Rosita after his first wife that Consuela had smothered with a pillow unbeknownst to him as everyone else thought Rosita had died in her sleep. 

Suela- This is a nickname she gave herself. Consuela sometimes in her dementia filled state she called herself Suela forgetting her full name. 

Felipe is this thing working. Yes Abuelita it is. Gracias Felix I just want to make this easier. My fingers are cramping from the arthritis and everyone needs to know my true feelings about these putas that I call my “friends”. 

Okay so first, Aye Dios Mio who do I start with first. Aye let’s start with Señor Dickie first because he’s my favorite. Señor currently has my heart, I however have his tripod which in my opinion is much better than having his cold heart. Señor may make fun of me all the time but he shows his love in doing it. He may call me a stoopid pootah but he always ends the night with a sweet slsls, oh Juan they’re not gonna know what that is. It’s a kiss honey not any of that nasty stuff that’s gross. Señor and I have done many things together but our greatest accomplishment was bringing SATRA back and then getting it disbanded after the best Damn bank robbery ever. I will never forget that fucking day it was the best day ever. Señor and I have a lot of fun times with our grand children together and he is one of the best men I have ever met. I plan on making him my next husband because in my opinion he’d be the best husband out of them all and it would be an honor to die by his side as his wife. 

Okay next. Lourdes who’s next. Oh. I guess I should talk about that stupid fucking puta. Shit her names Maya. Maya Burger-Richards?/Metcalf? Aye dios mio it changes every day I honestly couldn’t tell you what her full name is. That woman is full blown bat shit crazy, riddled with dementia and hatred but I love her like a sister. I may have stolen her husband but I can assure you we’re still friends. We may best each other on a daily with machetes and baseball bats but we always have a cup of Mexican hot chocolate to settle our differences in the hospital. Maya and I may fight over which grandchild is who’s but I can assure you we love them all the same. She may be a puta but she my puta. 

Okay next let’s talk about Señor Atticus. His high pitched voice may drive me insane but he is my second favorite member of Dementia gang. He a grey haired old hijo de puta but he’s a nice man and a great lawyer. Atticus keeps dementia gang safe and is always willing to look into the eyes or the tatas to put him under. He’s a good man that is willing to do anything for dementia gang and we love and respect him for that. 

Next we’ve got little Kira and her wife. I honestly never remember the wife’s name nor do I ever remember what she looks like hashbrown dementiagang. They’re the best little grand daughters I could ask for. They’re always willing to rob a bank with grandma and grandpa and protect us. Kira and I guess lemme call her Shira are perfect. I would never want to rob a bank with anyone else. I trust those two girls with my life. 

And last but not least we have little Chico. You see little Chico, his real name is Sean,  Señor calls him See-ann, I call him little Chico because well he looks exactly like Dr. Chico my old best friend. Little Chico talks exactly like Dr. Chico used to and well he’s the only one that knows the true story of the operation, well besides Señor, but little Chico he’s the best. He loves to sell grandma cars and he sells them cheaper than that hijo de puta Javier down at pdm. Chico is amazing and even though I don’t see him often I always love to pinch his cheeks and get confused at his crappy American Spanish. Little Chico if you’re reading this I love you. 

Character traits
Positive character traits
Sassy- Consuela never backs down from a fight of words. She’d rather use her mouth than her tatas of doom to take care of her grandchildren. If someone disrespect her or her Señor you her her tatas that she’s going to use her words to shut them up  

Determined- Consuela is a very determined woman. From the start she always made a point to have a stable home and a stable friend or group of friends. After betraying her father she knew she needed to live a better life and has been determined to get to a place where she is comfortable enough to settle down and live out her life until the end.

Funny- Consuela is always willing to crack a joke. She would rather get away with a 12 pack of Taco Bell tacos from a bank than get away with the money. She can joke her way out of any situation. Consuela would rather use her tongue than a gun to escape and uses her jokes to do so. 

Negative character traits
Easily distractible- Consuela easily gets distracted very easily. This may or may not be due to the dementia that riddles her brain but most of the time she forgets why something is happening and usually sounds too stoned to function. This sometimes has it benefits but usually gets Consuela into more trouble than ever.

Big Tatas and Butt- These slow conseula down immensely. Even though she had a hip replacement she is still exponentially slow and top heavy making her trip and fall more than the average person. Though she can deflate her tatas and buttocks she chooses not to making her easily recognizable and easily catchable. 

Language Barrier- Having grown up and lived in Mexico most of her life Consuela has a hard time understand other peoples accents and sometimes gets lost in her own stories. This can sometimes cause problems with the cops because she has no idea what they’re saying or can cause her to mouth off when not needed because she doesn’t realize what exactly they’re saying. 
Her grandchildren, nice and funny people, old cars, Señor Dickie, of course, robbing banks and jewelry stores, cleaning houses, looking at her tatas, talking about her tatas, showing off her body, being called big tatas and finally, swearing. 

Maya, stupid putas, people talking bad about Señor, guns, people talking crap about her grandchildren, mouthy people, disrespectful people, people that try to steal Señor from her, people asking to squeeze her tatas or ass and last but certainly not least, Maya. 

Known facts about Consuela
She absolutely hates Maya, she called everyone a puta no matter if she likes you or not, you can feel her walk into a room, she’s forgotten a lot of her Spanish, her tatas have cement and hot chocolate in them, she just inflated her ass even more and is currently showing it off, she’s co-leader of dementia gang, she constantly talks about Señor Dickie, her love for Señor Dickie burns longer than the sun and finally hashbrown dementiagang will always be her thing. 

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    Sammy Rose | Consuela Richards Karin Sass

Hooker's Towing | Dementia Gang | State Police


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Name: Kyrie Fuentes
Date of Birth: 1/18/2000
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Sex: Male
Hair: Black
Eye color: Hazel
Body type: Medium Built
First language: English
Other languages: Serbian
Origin: Dominican Republic, Puerta Plata

Early Life 

 Kyrie Fuentes, better known as ICEMAN was born on January 18th 2000, in San Felipe de Puerto Plata. Kyrie Fuentes had an older brother Sergio Fuentes. Growing up ICEMAN was a normal child who seemed to have a bright and good future. ICEMAN and his brother often went hunting to gain extra money for their family even though they had both a mother and a dad. Their dad owned a small carpet business which gained them a good amount of money. On April 26th, 2016 ICEMAN and Sergio went hunting in the forest as it was everyday routine. That was the day when ICEMAN got lost in the forest due to him chasing to catch a deer. He walked around for about 2 hours looking for his brother instead he ran into a hungry and lost wolf. The wolf attacked him, slashing his face with his paws causing him to lose his left eye. In the fight with the dog ICEMAN managed to grab his knife and stab the wolf in the head. Due to ICEMAN being in a lot of pain he loudly yelled in pain before falling in a coma. He was unconscious for 2 weeks due to the loss of blood. It turned out that as soon as Sergio heard that scream he ran towards it finding his brother laying right next to a dead wolf bleeding. Waking up and recovering from the wounds he got from that wolf ICEMAN cried for days due to him being insecure about his face. Sergio saw that and as a gift he bought him something that sticks with ICEMAN until now. That was his shemagh that sticks with him today too and he hasn’t taken it off until now. When he recovered, he soon returned to business college he was studying in. Everyone kept looking at him weirdly as he wore that shemagh. One certain group kept messing with him and one day ICEMAN had enough of it. He was a smart person, whatsoever he had mental issues. The day he had enough of it was the first time he has comitted murder in his life. No one found out about it for a while. One day the person was reported missing, everyone from his school was interviewed by the police. The only one they suspected to be capable of that was ICEMAN, as when they interviewed him he looked the officer dead in the eyes making the officer fear him too. They had no evidence against him so nothing could’ve been done about it. Until the day that they got a report from one of the eye witnesses seeing him choke that person to death in an alley where he hid him. So on February 12th of 2018, the Dominican law enforcement had no sight of ICEMAN anymore.


 ICEMAN was used to be just a regular hunter at first. Growing up he saw that people do not respect him and wanted to earn respect by force. As ICEMAN first landed in Los Santos he was a drug smuggler, whatsoever it all changed as he became apart of Senora Cartel. Due to the war with Arctic he became a convicted terrorist and it was hard for him to get job anywhere. He worked at Benny's for a day and is a gun runner in the background.


Personal life

 ICEMAN was a regular hunter, became a criminal due to the disrespect. He was never in a relationship due to him being afraid of losing his partner. Has deathwishes due to him losing his brother and often relieves his anger on others by being harmful towards enemies making them usually fear him.



  • Disloyal
  • Bullshitters
  • Most of Angels of Death
  • Troopers


  • OG
  • Crazy Motherfucker


  • Keith Peterson; Met KP through his brother Sergio. KP had an interesting personality to ICEMAN. They became very good friends due to both of them sharing same interests (money, etc.). As ICEMAN joined Senora Cartel, he got to know him even better which made him like KP even more.
  • Anthony Varela; ICEMAN met him through a mutual friend Keith Peterson. They met when Anthony was in process of becoming apart of Senora Cartel. First thing ICEMAN has seen Anthony do is walk down Forum Drive naked pissing in the backyard of Arctic's house. The friendship is still very strong
  • Dwafen Waffle; met him due to Keith mentioning rebuilding the Cartel and the only 3 remaining members are ICEMAN, KP and Dwafen. Dwafen is a good friend of ICEMAN and also is under ICEMAN in Senora Cartel. The friendship grew due to both of them staying loyal to Senora Cartel and relied on eachother.
  • Jesus; Met him in Paleto Bay as Anthony bought a new house. ICEMAN kept messing with him and that's how the friendship started.
  • Mike Lowry; Met him at Diamond Casino. As Keith was writing documents for his brand new business Mike and ICEMAN started talking and soon got to hang out. They did many things together and ICEMAN considers him a brother
  • JoJo Rodman; As ICEMAN returned he drove to Benny's for a vehicle repair. That's where he started talking to JoJo and Jamal Brown. They talked about Nate's car and how sick it was. They exchanged numbers and soon they were all in Vagos for a little bit, now all of them do their own things but still hang out.
  • Jamal Brown; Met him the same way he met JoJo. They talked at Benny's about Nate's car did many jobs together both good and bad. The friendship stayed strong
  • Mark Scott; ICEMAN met him the day he first landed in Los Santos. They met at Lux and became very close friends. They still talk a lot as well as hang out a lot. Mark replaced Sergio as Sergio passed away due to the incident with law enforcement.

Character traits
Positive character traits

  • Can be soft some times
  • Loyal
  • Caring
  • Trustworthy
  • Fearful (Good and bad)

Negative character traits

  • Psychopath
  • Short-tempered
  • Fast thinker; sometimes makes bad decisions, but doesn't change his mind once the decision is made
  • Doesn't forgive easily
  • Doesn't trust anyone
  • Hides emotions

Known facts about ICEMAN

  • He is a psychopath
  • Apart of Fuentes family
  • One of the heads of Senora Cartel
  • Convicted terrorist
  • Certified slav
  • Wears a shemagh
  • Has a license plate on his Chino Luxe ˝ICEMAN¨ as well as a 2017 ItalDesign Zerouno with license plate ˝FUENTES˝
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 Senora Cartel
 Discord: Alyosa#5239

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Name: Andrew Aaron Matson

Date of Birth: 3/17/2000 

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Sex: Male

Hair: Brown, but routinely shaved

Eye color:  Green

Body type: Average, 6'1" 175#

First language: English

Other languages: a few words in french, german, and russian, but not fluent in any

Origin: Born in Kansas City, MO to a single mother who worked at a local hospital as a nurse. His father, a (now) high ranking military officer never knew of his existance. Concieved days before his father left for the military academy. 
Early Life: Andrew grew up in an apartment in midtown Kansas City, and spent many of his teenage years ditching school. At the age of 16, he hooked up qith a street crew known as the Brotherhood, which gave him the sense of family that was lacking in his life up to that point. By the age of 18, Andrew had moved out of his mom's apartmentthe house that several of the Brotherhood memerbers shared.Within a couple of years, however, Andrew began to attaract the wrong kind of attenetion for the local authorties, so it was decided to send him to San Andres for a frewsh start. He was set up with an apartment and a job as a deliveryman.


Career: The only (legitimate)  job Andrew has ever held is the delivery job that he currently holds with San Andrews Dining Concepts that was arranged for him prior to him move.
Personal life: He has been single his short ife, ony having the occaisional one night stand back home.
Likes: Vodka, italian food, punk music, the color green, chilling on a secluded beach or riverfront, baseball.
Dislikes: Snitches, being falsely accused, most authority figures, cold weather, disloyal people. 

Nicknames: "Kid" "Drew"

Friends: None locally, but back home his friends include: Jason "Torch" Scott, Joe "Jebediah" Biscone and his wife Holly, His childhood friend  Kit del Grotto, Mike Stinger and his girlfriend, Candy Jackson, the owner of "The Rock", the bar where the crew frequently can be found.

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