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NoLimits Roleplay Immersion Guide

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NoLimits RP New Player Immersion Guide


We as an admin team wanted to expand on the new player guide to give everyone the best experience possible. We understand there are new players, and very experienced players mixed in our community. This guide will help everyone have the best experience and not break people’s immersion. We appreciate you taking the time to read this and go through all of this information!  We hope that it helps!


Use of /me

The /me command is very useful to show actions where there is no emote available. This is great for things like:

  • /me holds his/her hand, 
  • /me looks sad, 
  • /me fiddles with the radio.
  • /me grins, 
  • /me winks.

But it is ONLY for actions, NOT for thoughts. We’re not mind readers. 


  • Wrong:              /me thinks Betty White is a bad bitch.
  • Right:                 /me looks at Betty White, nodding their head in approval.
    • If you are wanting to have a thought expressed, or have an interaction with use /me as “/me has a puzzled look on their face”. That will usually give an RP response of “what are you thinking about?” being said out loud.
    • You can even use /me to let those around you know that you need a sec to pause the RP without ruining anyone’s immersion.
    • /me looks lost in thought.
    • Then type into local ooc - /looc afk 45 sec.


Use of /notice

The /notice command is used to help another character insinuate or "notice" something about your character.
Examples of this are: (For the sake of the examples, your characters name is Terry)


  • /notice is texting Stacy Davis a picture of the perfect romaine lettuce
  • /notice looks upset
  • /notice looks lost in thought
  • /notice has a shred of lettuce stuck between his teeth.
  • /notice has a gash to his right knee

In game, this would appear as:
 "You notice Terry is texting Stacy Davis a picture of the perfect romaine lettuce".
"You notice Terry looks lost in thought"

/notice gets replaced for "you notice [your character name]"

As with the /me commands, /notice is NOT a command to convey thoughts.

  • Wrong:     /notice is thinking about eating the juicy burger
  • Right:       /notice is licking his lips, looking and drooling at the juicy burger



"Flexing" a Muscle and Voice Chat

  • Sometimes players need to know how to do certain things. As an admin team we love that people want to help and not flood our /report in game. Be creative when telling someone how to do something. 
  • Bad example:  When telling a player how to put their hands up to “flex your ‘X’ muscle”. Where on the human body is the “X” muscle? "Use your 3 muscle to start the car!"
  • Good examples:  Try to be more creative with your responses!  Use things such as: “Put your arms in the shape of an X”.  “Turn the key 3 times to start the car”.. These can be fun to do and create.
    • A lot of times though, the use of /looc is best for that. See a cool emote you would like to know? Use /looc to ask “/looc what emote is that”. It might seem like splitting hairs but many players would rather see an /looc than to hear “think about dancing silly 4 times”.
  • Telling people to ‘flex their ‘e’ muscle’ is not going to catch you a warning, but it can be done better. 
  • Don’t be lazy with your roleplay, think of creative ways to explain things, and if they are just not picking up what you’re trying to put down just tell them in /looc. 
  • When someone “sounds like a robot” they most likely can not hear you. That is another time /looc would be perfect to use. The fix for a person sounding like a robot is for them to go into the settings and turning voice chat off and then back on. Using local out of character for this would look like “/looc You sound like a robot, turn your voice chat off and back on”. A lot of players know this fix and simply saying “/looc you sound like a robot” will inform the player and they will fix it on their own.


Game Crashes/Glitches

  • Sometimes your game will crash, or glitch out, causing a need to restart FiveM, or maybe you need to go afk over something IRL real quick.  
    • Bad example:  "I need to reset my brain"
    • Good examples:  Try to be more creative with your response: "I need to go to the bathroom!" and then excuse your character to an actual bathroom interior or to a bush maybe. "I need to take this important phone call" and do /e phone is another good example.
  • You will not get in trouble for saying "I need to reset my brain", but it can be done better.
  • Most players understand you need to restart. If someone is having voice chat issues, you can suggest “I think you need a nap”. It helps with the overall immersion of players. Sometimes it has been overheard “Why do you need a nap”. From personal experience when texture loss is an issue it has been heard as a response “I can see the ocean”. That is great. It is like that person is so tired they are seeing things they should not and need a quick power nap to get things back in order. 


Admins in the City

  • As most of you know, the admin team loves to RP too. We would like help from all of you to make sure our immersion is not broken. Too many times, while in an active RP scenario, admins are approached and said to “Hey admin, can I ask you a question” or “Are you a god?”. That is going OOC and is against the rules. Remember, the rule states that you are only to go OOC when an admin asks you to, not the other way around. If you have a question type /report followed by your question in game, or make a ticket.
  • We are not “Gods” and referring to us as actual admins breaks people’s immersion at times.  But do not go up to admins in game and call them “the government worker or part of the city council”.. Darla is not a part of that, Darla is a part of the SAFR.. Stacy is not “on the city council” she is on the SASP.


In-Character (IC) Vs Out Of Character (OOC)

  • What occurs IC is not a reflection of who you are, or the person giving the RP as a human. We are all playing a character. That character should not be a direct reflection of who you are IRL. Sure some bits and pieces might be sprinkled in a character. What this is basically suggesting is if person A says that person B is a heartless bitch, they do not actually think that way about you. It is how their character feels about your character based on the RP given.
  • With that said, any IC conflict needs to be handled IC. Someone has a problem with your character, then you need to figure out a way for your character to solve that issue. Going to DMs to solve conflict takes away a chance for good RP. Most good people who RP always leave a door open for conflict to be resolved. It might be as simple as an apology, or it could be a more complex way of showing good faith. You have every right to RP your character to have a “fuck it” attitude and decide mending that relationship is not worth it. If that is the choice you make for your character do not be upset or take it personally when shade is thrown your way by another character because of this.
  • Furthermore, understand that some characters are tied together. Being that if two characters are close, then expect that if your character has a problem with one of those people, the other might have a problem with you as well. Depending on what the RP is, any conflict can be resolved eventually once the solution is figured out. Like so many staff say to people, want to know how to solve and resolve conflict? Find out IC.

    Use of Alt Characters

    The use of alternate characters is amazing to be able to start a new story. Alternate characters are often referred to as “cousin, uncle, sister, and brother”. Get out of your comfort zone. Try something completely different. If all your characters are related it can get really meta’y and hard to keep track of the details. We prefer NONE of your characters be related to each other for this reason. 


  • ‘But everyone recognizes my voice, and calls me by my Main, so I made this one related’ -

    To me, voices are so meta. If you recognize a voice and greet them... and they tell you “you’re mistaken... that’s not me.. I’m so-and-so.” Do NOT push the issue. Realize OOC this is an alt character and have your character introduce themselves as if it’s a stranger. Do not meta this information. Your character has no idea these people are ‘tied’ somehow.
     - Information that is known on a different character should not be shared. Doing so, saying your alternate character is somehow related to another character of yours is considered META and also falls under powergaming. 



What happens to your character good or bad is NOT happening to YOU. 

What is said to your character is NOT TO BE TAKEN PERSONALLY. 

It wasn’t directed at you..

It was directed at your character. 

That’s the fun of Roleplay. 

You can have these back and forth interactions with people. 

Good AND bad interactions, and you KNOW it’s all pretend. 

This isn’t real life, It’s roleplay.

Roleplay is a dance - You do something, people respond to it. They do things, you respond to it. Do not be afraid to lose. Losing brings such great roleplay. Nobody ‘wins’ all the time. Not criminals, not cops, nobody wins all the time. Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug. Don’t take things so personally. Letting someone make you look weak, and them look strong in a scenario is ‘taking a loss’ and hopefully roles will be reversed next time. Roleplay should be drawn out, do not try to end a scenario in 5 minutes.  Put effort into building the story, dance a little bit with the other person, go back and forth, give in, give out, have fun.


New Player Guide Link

Rules Link

This was created by: Toro and Currency

Posted and formatted by: Matt

Edited by Kitty
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