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NoLimits Roleplay Rules


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NoLimits Roleplay Rules

If you break rules you will be spoken with, which will lead to a warning on your record. More severe rule breaks will be met with a temporary ban or a permanent ban. Temporary bans can not be appealed (only permanent bans). Warnings have no impact on you and are just a documentation that an admin spoke with you. You can check your infractions with /mi in the city.


Bannable Offenses


Exploiting- If you find a bug or exploit in the server, you should open a ticket in discord and let staff know. This includes, but not limited to macros/auto button pushing. This includes using a stretch resolution or other combat mods to make it easier to win 'combat'

Hacking- Any kind of hacking. (Mod menus, money, etc.)


Offensive RP- Roleplaying sexual assault, suicide, terrorist, and pregnancy, etc. is not allowed. Torture RP must be agreed upon by all parties beforehand.  This can be a simple /looc. - Practice better bathroom etiquette on your own time.


Respect- No racial slurs, politics, homophobic slurs, religious hate etc.  Do not call people derogatory slurs because of who they are behind the screen, if a "male" is roleplaying as a "female" do not call them offensive slurs. - Do not have any political or religious activities/names included in your roleplay.


Warnable/Temp Ban Offenses


Body cam- Unless you're in a car in first person, through a windshield (like an actual dash cam), or have taken out your phone and record in first person, or using the camera prop - your "body cam" will not count, and will be considered metagaming. This information will be completely dismissed if trying to be used in a judicial way, as it will not be a valid format. The only time this footage will be considered: If coming from a police officer (They typically always have body cams) OR if you're using it in a player report.


Breaking character- Do not break RP unless spoken to by an admin who is investigating something as an admin. 


Corruption- Characters apart of PD or other Government jobs can not be corrupted unless the player opens a ticket asking for permission and explaining how it makes sense for their story/character progression.


Combat logging/storing- Leaving the server while involved in an active scenario with other players (being arrested, in the hospital, in a traffic stop, etc.) You are also not allowed to store a car in your garage mid pursuit or run into an apartment/home/motel to deposit items mid pursuit. Logging out within 15 minutes of a conflict scenario that you were involved in will be considered combat logging.


ERP- Is not allowed. We are going to draw the line at the point where clothes start coming off and graphic sexual acts become a thing. Hand holding, kissing, hugging, dirty dancing are all fine. 


FailRP- Using actions that can be unrealistic to real life or disturb RP experience of other people. Multiple rules fall under this.


Green zones- All hospitals are green zones. This includes, for example Pillbox's sidewalk, but not across the street. (Zero combat or guns allowed in these areas.) 


Large groups- You should not be in a group that is larger than 6 people in conflict. If conflict occurs, communication must be had to decide who will leave. 


Metagaming- Using knowledge gained outside of in-game RP. In our community, you are NOT allowed to use third-party communications at all, whether or not they are apart of the server or not. Do not be in a Discord call with your friends that are playing another game, while you should be focusing on RP. Do not go into other players streams while you are actively in the server.

New Life Rule- If you are downed and use /respawn you must not remember the scenarios leading up to that ‘down’. You can try to piece things together by asking around and gaining knowledge with clues, but your character will not remember it without proper investigation, and you should RP as such. Both parties should try to avoid each other for at least 60 minutes prior to engaging in any further interaction. If you get injured and down, you should focus on "healing" and "getting better" not focus on getting revenge. RP out your injuries. You may not use /respawn if EMS/PD is on the way to rescue you, or if you are in the middle of a scenario. Note: Being in a gang war is no exception to this rule.   


Powergaming- Using in-game or RP mechanics to alter a situation to benefit your character.  RP every situation to the fullest and do not ruin the experience of others.  Do not corner people in RP and force them to do stuff with no other choices.  Character must be human. No super-human strengths.


RDM/VDM- Random/Vehicle deathmatch.  You must interact with players and not kill others without a reason or any in character exchange. Before attacking another player, you MUST have an appropriate reason for doing so, and have engaged them in RP through verbal communication on site. No hitman RP.  Do not kill or down players before a server restart as a way to "mess around."


Robbing people- You can not force someone to /givecartitle, force them to go to their apartment/house or to an ATM to take more of their items/money. You can only rob what that person has on them at the time. Robbing/taking hostage of cops- When attempting to steal ARs from cops, you are only allowed to do so if you have had sight of that weapon (in their hand) during that scenario. Once you lose sight of it (in a chase/you lose sight of the police officer), that resets your ability to steal it. If you don't see it, you cannot take it. - There must be a minimum of "medium" cop presence on duty for you to take one of them. You should not take cops or rob them from their police issued items if they are short staffed.


Twitter Accounts- You should only make fake twitter accounts if they have an RP purpose that benefit others besides yourself. You should not make fake twitter accounts to hide behind an anonymous screen for a reason that does not benefit the other party. Ideally you should only have 3 twitter accounts MAX per character (including businesses). You should not log into your other characters twitter accounts either. I.E Stacy should not log into Luna's twitter account.


Valuing lives- You must value your life as if it were your last. If someone is holding you at gun point, you must comply. If you are outnumbered, you must comply with their demands. - If a person values their own life and are following all orders, you may not kill them. If they are not cooperative, you do not have to value their life.


Vigilante RP- Please do not go around as a vigilante and trying to save other players from players.  (Civs from cops, cops from civs etc.) 





Discords- If you created another discord for either a business, gang or anything else that is server related, you must invite a Senior Admin+ to that discord and give them full permission to view every room. This rule applies to Admins who own a NLRP discord as well, the Senior Admin invited must be someone non-affiliated to that group. 


Firestarting- Do not post stuff in ooc places that will intentionally start arguments or hostility towards or between other community members. This includes streams, and Discord.


Music- Copyrighted music can be played at events (VU, Clubs, Parties, Gatherings etc.) as long as it is advertised that it will be played. We do not want streamers to have to worry about if music will be played at an event, thus advertising or permission from everyone at the gathering should be done. This will give streamers the option to know if they should show up in RP or not.  This can be as simple as "Music will be played at the event" in your advertisements or utilizing scenes such as "DJ playing music" etc. You can also post on the calendar on this website that music will be played at your event. If you want to have a private party and play music, that is fine, just ask if everyone is okay with music being played. - Play music where it make sense. We don't need to hear the music coming out of your car.

Permadeath- You decide when your character is actually dead. If you /me no pulse, dead - you are to delete that character. No one can powergame you into killing off your character.


Using /me-  /me commands do not describe thoughts. If someone does a /me command to take your phone, tracker, radio, or weapon, you must not use those items until they are returned to you. You can NOT lie using /me commands. You must cooperate, even if it "self incriminates."



Gang Rules

- 10-man limit per gang, normal 6 per criminal activity applies.
- Gang wars should be 1 v 1 between two parties, not multiple parties - Unless the RP calls for it, and all parties agree.
- Only gang leaders of gangs can declare/accept war.
- There must be a purpose, and resolution for war.
- War rules must be declared in the #gang-war-term room in discord (this is to help admins in any case of reports during a gang war) If you are a gang leader, open a ticket for your role.
- Limit your turf to holding a block/area, you don’t own and run the area around maze bank area, make it make sense.




Issues that are not listed in our rules will be up to staff discretion - staff have the final word in anything, do not disrespect them or argue.  Expect more to be added or changed here. We will notify everyone if significant changes happen to our rules. If you have any questions or concerns about the rules you can open a ticket in our discord.


This is the guideline that we as Admins follow. 


We make exceptions and will vote on permabans for situations in which a player is making multiple rule breaks in a short amount of time, or based on the severity of the situation and what was said/done. At the end of the day, everything is voted on based on this warning chart by Admins and Admin discretion is used in situations where immediate action is needed.



Immersion Guide Link

New Player Guide Link


Thanks for reading! 🙂


Last Updated: December 14th, 2021

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