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NoLimits Roleplay Rules

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NoLimits Roleplay Rules

If you break rules you will get warned or kicked.  Once you reach a specific number you automatically get banned for a day.  If you come back and break rules you will be banned for a week, and then after banned permanently.  Do not break rules.  We let minor things or slip-ups slide.  If you ever need an admin do /report or use discord.  Never break character for anything. Temporary bans can NOT be appealed


Abusing Emotes- Do not do unrealistic emote combinations or exploitable emotes.


Baiting cops- Do not start scenarios with cops without a roleplay reason. Cops are there to keep the peace and safety, not to continually be pulling people over who are intentionally trying to get pulled over. 


Breaking character- Do not break RP unless spoken to by an admin who is investigating something as an admin.  Use /report if you need an admin or if someone is breaking character around you.


Building up stories- We should all be trying to build up character story lines, we do not want to just start robbing banks or kidnapping cops within our first 24 hours in a new city. Try to make friends and build connections.


Casino- Is a greenzone. No robbing, no shooting, no gunplay, no drug activity in side. This is a social area for now. It is a new interior, with a new feature. A lot of people will be there. Avoid negative RP inside as much as possible, keep it related to the casino. If you want to beef, go somewhere else on the map. If caught doing any of the above at the casino, you will be warned


Character - Your character must be human. It can not have super-human strengths, special traits that make you more powerful than other characters. Your character must be able to communicate, having a secondary language is fine, but when communicating you need to communicate through English. Your character can not be an animal, it can pretend to be an animal but it will never take 'form'.


Combat logging/storing- Leaving the server while involved in an active scenario with other players (being arrested, in the hospital, in a traffic stop, etc.)  You are also not allowed to store a car in your garage mid pursuit or run into an apartment/home/motel to deposit items mid pursuit.


Discords- If you created another discord for either a business, gang or anything else that is server related, you MUST invite a Senior Admin+ to that discord and give them full permission to view every room.


Driving- Your driving should match what your character is driving.  Going up a mountain in a super car is faildriving. If you do something that is classified as unrealistic driving like the flipping a bunch of times, but then roleplay out the injuries, it is not fail driving, continuing to go afterwards is.


Dropping- You can't drop items just for the sole reason of min/maxing your financial gain or laziness. You can sell every item at the pawnshop or store them in local cars. The only acceptable time to drop items is for role play reasons (throwing away evidence, leaving clues etc)


ERP- Is not allowed.  We are going to draw the line at the point where clothes start coming off and graphic sexual acts become a thing. Hand holding, kissing, hugging, dirty dancing are all fine. 


Exploiting- If you find a bug or exploit in the server, you should open a ticket in discord and let staff know.  If you continue to exploit there will be consequences.


FailRP- Try to avoid gunplay 24/7.  Not every scenario should end or result in violence and shooting.  Use your gun as an intimidation/negotiation tactic. Fake hostages are also considered fail rp. This includes: using your friends as hostages, and paid hostages.


Firestarting- Do not post stuff in ooc places that will intentionally start arguments or hostility towards or between other community members.  We want a positive environment.  If you have an issue that needs admin intervention, open a ticket, use /report in game or use the appropriate forms on this website, not general chat on discord.


Green zones- All hospitals are green zones. This includes, for example Pillbox's sidewalk, but not across the street. (Zero combat or guns allowed in these areas.) The casino is also a green zone. Please see "Casino" for further info.


Griefing- Do not force people to give you their car title or take money out of their bank account.  You can not tell someone that you will "sell them your car" and take their money and run.  If caught advertising a car sale, you can not take their cash and run. 


Hacking- Any kind of hacking (mod menus, crosshairs, money, etc.) will result in a permaban.


Large groups- You should not be in a group that is larger than 5 people in conflict.  If conflict occurs, communication must be had to decide who will leave. Gangs can be made in RP. Gangs can only be a max of 10 people, with a max of 5 doing a criminal activity together. 


Metagaming- Using knowledge gained outside of in-game RP. (Stream sniping, non-RP text and voice chat rooms in discord). We are heavily enforcing this. Do not use the *home* button to look at the player list.  Do not use tilde (~) to look at numbers above heads.  These SHOULD ONLY BE USED IF YOU NEED TO REPORT ANOTHER PLAYER! In our community, you are NOT allowed to use third-party communications at all. We have radios and phones in game, use them! IE: Discord/skype. Use of 3rd party comms while in server is NOT allowed at all.  Do not go into other players streams while you are actively in the server!


Names- Make a reasonable character name.  Names that make zero sense are not acceptable. Do not have political, celebrity, troll, offensive names.


New Life Rule- If you are downed and use /respawn you must not remember the scenarios leading up to that ‘down’. You can try to piece things together by asking around and gaining knowledge with clues, but your character will not remember it without proper investigation, and you should RP as such. Both parties should try to avoid each other for at least 25 minutes prior to engaging in any further interaction. If you get injured and down, you should focus on "healing" and "getting better" not focus on getting revenge. RP out your injuries. You may not use /respawn if EMS/PD is on the way to rescue you, or if you are in the middle of a scenario. Note: Being in a gang war is no exception to this rule.   


Offensive RP- Roleplaying sexual assault, suicide, etc. is not allowed. Pregnancy RP is also not allowed. Torture RP must be agreed upon by all parties before hand.  This can be a simple /looc "hey do you mind if I torture you a bit for this RP scenario?".  We do not want people to be taken hostage and dismembered randomly or unwillingly - which is also power gaming.


Permadeath- You decide when your character should fully die.  If you ever do /me no pulse, dead -  you are to delete that character.  A funeral can be made, but other than that, the character is gone.  Your new character should NOT know anyone who your old character knew. No one can force you to permadeath.  Read more in New Life Rule


Planes/helicopters- Do not steal helicopters, planes or tanks from anywhere on the map.  If caught in one, you will be punished.  We will implement helicopters and plane licenses in the future.


Powergaming- Using in-game or RP mechanics to alter a situation to benefit your character.  RP every situation to the fullest and do not ruin the experience of others.  Do not corner people in RP and force them to do stuff with no other choices.  Wins need to be traded between characters.


RDM/VDM- Random/Vehicle deathmatch.  You must interact with players and not kill others without a reason or any in character exchange. No hitman RP.  Do not kill or down players before a server restart as a way to "mess around".

Recipes- We do not allow players to sell drugs and weapon recipes for monetary gain (money, cars etc.) [or for free]. The recipes have to be valued to be able to hold it's worth, telling everyone or selling your recipe will result into you receiving a warning. 


Respect- If you want to be apart of this community, you need to respect everyone.  No racial slurs, politics, homophobic slurs, religious hate etc.  You can show disrespect in RP (not overly toxic), but do not let it bleed ooc.  Do not call people derogatory slurs because of who they are behind the screen, if a "male" is roleplaying as a "female" do not call them offensive slurs. 


Robbing people- If you decide to rob other players, you must give them two specific choices.  One choice must be realistic (give me a water bottle, let me drive off in your car). The other choice can be unrealistic (give me $50k).  When the player complies with one of the choices offered they can not be shot.  

    You can only rob someone from their value-able items they are carrying at that moment. You're not allowed to force them to go to their apartment/house or to an ATM to withdraw more. Person robbed has to be honest about what they are carrying (if you're carrying 150k, you have to be willing to lose that if robbed). 

    There must be a minimum of 4 cops on duty for you to take one of them. You should not take cops or rob them from their police issued items if they are "short staffed". When attempting to steal ARs from cops, you are only allowed to do so if you have had sight of that weapon (in their hand) during that scenario. Once you lose sight of it (in a chase/you lose sight of the police officer), that resets your ability to steal it. If you don't see it, you CANNOT take it. 


Soundboards- Do not use soundboards in-game with voices that are not yours.  Music may be allowed on a case by case, but do not play random sounds out loud, music without reason.


Taking RP OOC/Going OOC- Do not take anything out of character.  If someone has some "beef" with your character in-game, ROLEPLAY it out. Do not take RP scenarios into discord.  Get a restraining order, call the cops, draw out the roleplay.   If someone calls you names that are obviously rule-breaking - then yes report it.  But you do not need to take a scenario out of character, this is roleplay, the real world is not sunshine and rainbows. Some people are rude, some are nice. React just like your character would.  If your character isn't the "brightest" go along with the names, have fun. Do not get "offended ooc" and bring it into discord or other forms of out of game communication. People play characters, each character is different. Along with that, do not bring OOC In Character; your character obviously does not know they are in a video game or know that there are admins. Please do not refer to admins as "Government Officials", or refer to things as "Government/Gods" as that breaks character.


Terrorist RP- Mass murder terrorist RP and mimicking real life historic events i.e. 9/11 is not allowed.


Using /me- Me commands are used to describe actions that your character can not do.  They can show facial reactions "/me looks puzzled", or body status effects for EMS.  "/me has multiple bullet wounds on left arm". /me commands do NOT describe thoughts.  Do NOT use them to signify stuff your character is "thinking". If someone does a /me command to take your phone, tracker, radio, or weapon, you must not use those items until they are returned to you.  If caught not complying with /me commands that are used in this manner there will be consequences. You can NOT lie using /me commands. You must fully cooperate, even if it may "self incriminate". Failure to abide falls under FailRP


Value of your life- At all times you must value your own life as if it were your last.  If someone has a gun to the back of your back while you are looking the other way, you must comply. Life is sometimes unfair. If you are outnumbered, you must comply with their demands, if you do not value your life, there will be consequences.


Value other's lives- If a person values their own life, such as following all orders when at gunpoint, you may not kill them. If they are uncooperative, then you do not have to value their life.


Vigilante RP- Please do not go around as a vigilante and trying to save other players from players.  (Civs from cops, cops from civs etc.) For example: If you see a cop being taken hostage, do not just drive up and shoot the civilian to save the cop. Do not go up to an active arrest that you are not involved in and try to save the civilian and shoot the cops either. We do not want players to ruin other players RP..  This will be on a case by case rule, but try not to ruin others roleplay if you are not involved.

                                                              Gang Rules

-Gangs are not above server rules and are closely monitored by the admin team.

-10 man per gang, 5 man per criminal activity. (Robbing people, banks, etc.)

-Gang discords must have a senior admin in it will full permissions. (This is a server rule.) 

-You are not able to declare war on another gang until you have been accepted as a whitelisted gang. Other whitelisted gangs can declare war on you, but you can not declare war until approved. 

-All gangs must have their leader fill out a gang application: https://nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/forms/30-gang-application/

-War rules MUST be laid out beforehand in an IC meeting with both leaders, terms should be then written out, ‘emailed’ to both parties, and in the meantime sent to an admin+ so we know what is going on in case we’re needed to intervene. (Example: if you have a shoot on sight agreement, we don’t want to warn someone for RDM if you guys are okay with it.) Additional things we think you should discuss, but not limited to: Shoot on sight, who can get involved and amount that can be involved (up to 10 when its gang vs gang. 5 man rule still applies to other criminal activities), where attacks can happen, times, interactions with dead players, end goals, etc.

-You may have as many members as you want in your territory. If a fight starts on your turf, then all your members can participate (up to 10). However, if you go to another gang's turf you can only take 4 of your members with you (total of 5), and be prepared if you start something they can have as many as they want (up to 10) on their own turf.

-A gang war can only be GANG vs GANG (1v1). You cannot use alliances. For example Gang 1 and Gang 2 can't declare war on Gang 3. It must be gang vs gang.

-If during war the police show up, both gangs are not to turn on the police and open fire. This would be breaking the 5 per criminal activity rule as the situation has turned into gang members vs police.     

-Limit your territory holding to a block/area. 

-Some additional tips: Build storyline, you don’t always need to result to gun play, war needs to have resolution, and you aren’t hot shit on day one. Don't start a war just to go to war. We strive to be a serious roleplay server and will not have a server full of people just shooting each other for no reason. 



Roleplay is a danceYou do something, people respond to it. They do things, you respond to it. Do not be afraid to lose. Losing brings such great roleplay. Nobody ‘wins’ all the time. Not criminals, not cops, nobody wins all the time. Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug. Don’t take things so personally. Letting someone make you look weak, and them look strong in a scenario is ‘taking a loss’ and hopefully roles will be reversed next time. Roleplay should be drawn out, do not try to end a scenario in 5 minutes.  Put effort into building the story, dance a little bit with the other person, go back and forth, give in, give out, have fun.


/report - Use /report in-game to report any issue to an admin.  If no one responds after around 10-15 minutes you can place another one.  We can always see reports. We have a discord for larger OOC questions.  If you are ever caught lying to an admin, there will be consequences.  Use the -ticket system located in the help-channel in discord if you would like to make any complaints or in-game reports. 


Roleplay lingo - Do not refer to admins characters as "gods". Try to not say stuff like "reset my brain"..."Flex your "e" muscle"... There are a lot more creative ways to say some of these things OR use /looc. One example: "Put your hands up and cross them like an x" Use /looc to say things like this. i.e., "/looc I am having issues with my mic one minute let me restart".  We have /looc for a reason please use it


Testament / Will / Transferring Possessions - We do not allow players to transfer possessions between different characters of their own. Giving another player your cars / money / items to then later be given back to a different character you own is considered meta and will be treated as such. If you have any questions about this open a ticket.


Issues that are not listed in our rules will be up to staff discretion - staff have the final word in anything, do not disrespect them or argue.  Expect more to be added or changed here. We will notify everyone if significant changes happen to our rules. If you have any questions or concerns about the rules you can open a ticket in our discord.


Immersion Guide Link

New Player Guide Link


Thanks for reading! 🙂


Last Updated: December 23rd, 2020

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