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How To Check Car Polys, Texture File Sizes & LODs


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How to Check Car Polys, Texture File Sizes & LODs

Car Polys: The amount of polygons on a vehicle.  Normally we do not put cars in that are over 350,000 polys.  We make exceptions for some donator cars or very expensive models.

Texture File Sizes: How well textures the vehicle is.  Any type of vehicle file over 16,000 KB will not be supported in fivem.  The lower the texture file, the better.  Having multiple liverys etc is what makes this file larger and can cause performance issues.

LODs: The distance at which the car will stop loading in for other plays.  Every car needs LODs.  Sometimes cars do not have LODs or will have messed up ones.  This will make a car have disappearing body parts, mostly wheels, from a short distance.  

Step 1:

Download OpenIV: https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/openiv and follow the installation instructions. You need to verify your GTA V folder. 

You will also need a zip extractor. I suggest winrar

Step 2:

Open OpenIV and select Windows


Step 3:

The program will open and look like this: 


After it opens, select the mods folder, and then enable editing by clicking "Edit Mode" at the top.


Step 4:

Now that you have OpenIV ready, you need to find a car that you would want to test!  The best website to find them is: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles 

Make sure that any vehicle you find is an addon vehicle.  I can do replace vehicles, but I will not do them due to the hassle.  


Step 5:

Now that you have the car, click the big green download button and complete the download.  The file should open in winrar. For this example you will see addon, and replace. Click addon:


Continue to navigate through the add-on folder until you come across a dlc.rpf file.


Step 6:

Once you have the dlc.rpf file, you need to drag it to openIV (MAKE SURE YOU HAVE EDIT MODE ENABLED!)


Step 7:

In OpenIV, double click on the dlc.rpf file, you will then see "data and x64" in most cases.


The data folder is useless for testing cars in openIV - it has the actual car metas, such as handling, body kits etc.  You will want to select the x64 folder.

Step 8:

In the x64 folder, you will see: 


The file you want is the vehicles.rpf - this is where you can see poly count, LODs and texture file sizes.  The vehiclemods folder in this example does not matter and is useless.  If I were you guys, I would not worry about vehiclemods, as most cars have them, but do not come with any special body parts or extras.

Step 9:

Now this is where things get fun.  Double click the _hi.yft to test the poly counts of the vehicle.  See the image for explanations on rest.


Step 10:


Step 11:

Yes, this car does look like a very cool model, but it does have some issues.  Some of the issues could be corrected, and the car could be put in on very strict conditions, such as a donator car etc.  This car would not completely be denied, given it is not super high poly count, and the textures are VERY low.  LODs may be an issue but those could be changed and messed around a bit if this was something we really wanted.

Just because a car has low poly count, low texture, and LODs, does NOT mean it will be put in.  Cars can have a variety of issues in game as well, that you can NOT find in openIV.  This can include: Bulletproof windows, Bulletproof Tires, Glitchy body kits that don't have textures, Glitchy Body kits that have weird deformation damages, Tintable headlights and tailights that completely black out everything.

At the end of the day, I am currently looking for the best cars to put in, those that do not have weird issues.  Yes there are some cars that have the issues above ^, but I am trying to not continue to put those in.  I appreciate you guys looking into poly counts etc. for me.  It would be great if you guys only suggested cars that you have opened in openIV and made sure that they do not have any major issues.  

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