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NoLimits Roleplay New Player Guide


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New Player Guide

Welcome to NoLimits Roleplay! Make sure to read all of our rules that can be found here: NoLimits Roleplay Rules


Please take the time to read over this guide, as it will help you set up everything to get started in the city! Be sure to join our Discord for your whitelist role, and to stay up to date on change logs, and community events. We also did a comedic “Good vs Bad RP” video you can check out.

Please Note: All drugs and alcohol in game have visual effects, if you get motion sick or have a condition that is triggered by visual effects please be cautious.



Registering a Character

When you first join the server, you will be prompted to register your character. Please choose an appropriate, realistic name, and date of birth that matches your character’s story. Once completed you will be spawned at the airport to customize your character.

Make sure you cycle through the “tshirt” and “arms” options to make sure you have no poking through clothing or your arms showing through in some places. If you don’t see clothes at first, give it a little bit of time to download as we have custom clothing in our server and it will fix itself. If you accidentally back out of character creation, or you decide something just doesn’t look quite right, head to the “lips” (plastic surgeon) on your map to fix it. Alternatively, you can do /report and ask for the character creation menu again, or you could F8 Quit, relog and delete the character and start over. You can have a maximum of 5 characters, each have their own unique items, inventories, cash, jobs, assets, etc. 


Licenses & Jobs

It’s highly suggested to get a drivers license asap. You don’t want to get a ticket your first day! The DMV is located on the map as “DMV” with a white driving wheel marker. The driving school starts with a written test, then a driving test. There are 3 different driving licenses you can obtain: regular driver’s license, motorcycle, and CDL. You can also obtain your weapons license at MRPD, ask around in character for more info.

Once you get the proper license, find a job that is perfect for you! You will earn your salary (paycheck) every 20 minutes in game. After being around for some time and getting the hang of things, you can choose to apply for some of our whitelisted jobs such as PD, EMS, mechanic, lawyer/judge, or any of our other businesses. 


Whitelisted Jobs:              

 Application for EMS        Application for Police        Application for Lawyer/Judge


Note: You are never limited to a job that is a base game mechanic, be creative and come up with anything you want. If you want to deliver lettuce to restaurants, do it! You’re only limited to your imagination. Click here to see our more in depth job guide.



Apartments will charge you 3% of the original cost, daily. You need to have this money in your bank, not in your pockets. It will charge you regardless if you are online or offline. If you fail to keep enough money in your bank to cover your apartment costs, you will not only lose your place to live, but also everything in it. These items will not be refunded because of eviction.


Garages and Cars

You can purchase vehicles up to $100k from the PDM dealership. (You can also purchase donator cars here too.) This dealership is good for starter cars, but typically isn’t manned by anyone, and is with a game mechanic to view, then purchase the car. We also have a dealership called Luxury Autos that sells all cars (including those at PDM, and donator cars). This is a player owned dealership! We have tons of custom cars, and a lot of GTA V base cars as well. We add cars very frequently to the server. Going to this dealership provides a great optimal roleplay experience. Use the favorites option in your phone to reach out to someone if no one seems to be around and they will be in touch!


Public garages are located all over the map. You also have the ability to have one at your apartment or house, if you own one. At the garages, you will see a red circle (where you store your car), a green circle (where you take out your car) and a yellow circle (where your car is sent if impounded). You can only store/pull out cars that you purchase in your garage, unless you share a house with someone. Cars are impounded if: you leave your car in a non-populated area and run out of the area (car normally just disappears - FiveM/GTA thing, we can't change that). Police can also impound a car if you are sent to jail, or one of the towing companies may impound your car or take it back to their lot for you to pick up for a small fee. Players can also steal your car if it is unlocked. If your car is in your garage or impound, that means it is somewhere out in the city.  If you do not put your car in the garage, you will have to pay a fee at the yellow impound circles. They do not auto restore anymore on server restarts.


You can sell cars back behind the dealership (you lose money obviously) or you can sell them to other players permanently using the /givecartitle command (must be next to the car that you own, the person must be right by you and the car as well). This command moves the car from your name to the other player's name, so use it wisely.  You are actually giving the car to that player for good.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK! - You cannot do this with donator cars.



Large Weapons

Taking big weapons out from your buttcheeks is considered fail RP. If you have a weapon larger than a handgun, please walk up to your car to 'retrieve' it or do a /me takes gun out of bag. The same standards are held for officers and will be treated equally when reported.

Players Menu

The following information is how to read the /players menu. When using /players it will show you how many cops, ems, and mechanics are on duty.      

For Cops:                                                                                                       For EMS/Mechanics:
None = 0     Low = 1-3     Medium = 4-6     High = 7+                            None = 0     Low = 1-2     Medium = 3-5     High = 6+


How to Roleplay

We are a serious roleplay server that welcomes new players. We do not care if you have 0 RP experience, as long as you are willing to learn and try, then you are fine.  However, we are not going to put up with people who are trolling, or who have no intent to actually roleplay. We want our community members to always be in character and do as their character would. The biggest thing to realize is IC (In-Character) vs OOC (Out of Character). Do not take anything out of character. If someone has some "beef" with your character in-game, RP it out. There is no reason to get offended OOC and bring it into Discord or other forms of out of game communication. Along with that, do not bring OOC, In Character.


If your character didn't see it with their own eyes, or gets told the information verbally or via text/twitter, then your character knows nothing about it, this is metagaming if you use it in character. You will know a ton of things OOC, but you cannot use that information IC because your character hasn't been given that information. Keeping IC vs. OOC separate is something every roleplayer has to do. 


Examples of roleplay reactions:

You are jaywalking and all a sudden a car hits you going 40 MPH.  You get knocked out by the car. What should you do?  You can "call EMS" using your phone (U). When EMS arrives on scene you can verbally talk and tell them what hurts you or you can use /me commands to tell them your injuries.  For example: *EMS comes up and checks your pulse and looks for injuries, etc.* You do: /me is unconscious and seems to have gotten hit by a vehicle.  Left-arm has a lot of scrape marks and blood.  Right leg is twisted weirdly. EMS will then help treat your wounds, you should continue responding to them in /me commands or you can become conscious again and start talking or making sounds of discomfort.  You do not always need to roleplay unconscious! Never break character with EMS!  


You get into a verbal altercation with someone. The person decides to swing at you, punching you right in the face, you fall to the ground. What should you do? -Call EMS. When EMS arrives on scene you can verbally talk or use /me commands depending on what you believe your injuries are.  For example: *EMS comes up to you and checks pulse, looks for injuries, etc.* You say: "I was standing over here at Legion square, this man got aggressive and he punched me right in the face, my right eye is really hurting me right now!" EMS would then treat your wounds and make sure you are okay. Continue to respond to EMS. You can also call the police if you wish to press charges against someone.  


You get shot by someone multiple times. What should you do? When EMS arrives on scene you can verbally talk or use /me commands depending on what you believe your injuries are.  For example: *EMS comes up to you and checks pulse, looks for injuries, etc.* You do: /me got shot multiple times, losing blood quickly and has a low pulse. Was shot once in the arm, twice in the right leg. EMS would then treat your injuries and take you to the hospital for treatment. 


Additional Notes:

We are not a cops vs. robbers server. We should all be trying to build up character storylines, we do not want to just start robbing banks or kidnapping cops within our first 24 hours in a new city. Try to make friends and build connections. On our server, we try to avoid gunplay as much as possible. 99% of the time a gun is pulled, it should not be fired, use it as intimidation.  Taking someone's life is a big deal, and should be roleplayed as such. We want people to have fun, create a character, and be able to enjoy their time with us. If you need an admin, you can simply to /report [explanation of what happened] and it will be dealt with accordingly. Everyone is here to roleplay and have fun, do not ruin it for others or there will be consequences. Be sure to read the rest of this guide as well as our rules posted on this website! If you ever have any questions, be sure to use the #help-room in discord.


Roleplay is a dance - You do something, people respond to it. They do things, you respond to it. Do not be afraid to lose. Losing brings such great roleplay. Nobody ‘wins’ all the time. Not criminals, not cops, nobody wins all the time. Sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug. Don’t take things so personally. Letting someone make you look weak, and them look strong in a scenario is ‘taking a loss’ and hopefully roles will be reversed next time. Roleplay should be drawn out, do not try to end a scenario in 5 minutes.  Put effort into building the story, dance a little bit with the other person, go back and forth, give in, give out, have fun.

Last updated: Novemeber 30th 2021

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