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NoLimits Roleplay New Player Guide

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New Player Guide

Welcome to NoLimits Roleplay. Make sure to read out rules that are posted on this website!  Please take the time to read this guide to help you set up and get started in the city!  Be sure to join our discord to stay up to date on changelogs and community events!

Good vs Bad RP Video (this video is comedic)

Mic Setup

Follow this awesome guide by @Mackadoodle to set up your TokoVoip and Teamspeak.

Registering a Character

When you first join the server, you will be prompted to register a character. Please choose an appropriate name and change your clothing and features to anything you want.  If your clothes seem to go through your body, cycle through the “arms” section in the menu. If clothes are not showing, give it a few seconds to download, we have custom clothing in our server.This will fix that issue. If you ever want to change your look afterward, you can go to a Clothing Store/Barber Shop/Plastic Surgeon. If you ever want to make a new character, just log out and create a new one.  You can have a maximum of 5 characters.  You can swap between characters by relogging.  Each character has their own unique items, inventories, cash, job and assets.

If clothes dont show in clothing store, try the following: 

- Set your t-shirt 1 to 15 and your torso 1 to 15 (14 for females)

- Make sure t-shirt 2 is 0 and torso 2 are 0 

- Make your arms 15, and you will be shirtless basically, you can then go mess with tshirt/torso to fix it if shirts dont show, it's normally because you have a t-shirt 2/torso 2 set to a number other than 0.

- If your arms do not show, just change your arm 1. Make sure arm 2 is set to 0


Drivers License and Job

It is highly suggested to get a driver's license asap. The DMV is located on the map as "DMV" or a White Suitcase in the city. The driving school is located on the map and you will have to complete a written test prior to doing the driving test.  Once you get a license, find a job that is perfect for you. All jobs are different and require different interactions.   You will also earn your salary (paycheck) every 7 minutes in the game. After being around for a minimum of two weeks, you can choose to apply to join PD, EMS or any other whitelisted job or business we have.


Whitelisted Government Jobs

- Apply to become a Paramedic

- Apply to become a State Trooper


Whitelisted Jobs on the Website

- Apply to do your BAR exam

Apply to become a Mechanic


In-Character Established Jobs (Apply In Character!)

- Apply to Cherry Poppers

- Apply to Pearls

- Apply to Guido's

- Apply to the VU

- Apply to Comedy Club 

- Apply to Luxury Auto's 

- Apply to Dynasty 8

- Apply to Bean Machine

- Many other businesses in the city to apply for


Apply for Business Ownership

Check #business-licences


Clock-In Jobs on the Map

- Noodle Delivery

- Vineyard 

- Mining

- Taxi

- Peach Picking

- Trucking Job

- Garbage crew - can have up to 4 players working together



- Fishing

- Scuba Diving



- Legal crafting

- Illegal crafting involving weapons and drugs


Illegal Jobs

- Delivery jobs that are illegal

- Chop Shop

- Spots where you can harvest the base drug

- Plant growing and harvesting

- Robberies (ATM Robberies, Pacific, Fleecas, Money Trucks, Jewelry Store, House)

- Various other criminal activities that are found out in the city!


- Anything else you can think of doing, you can with the right mindset and imagination, with or without actual game mechanics!


Garages and Cars

You can buy cars at the PDM (Car dealership on map) OR Luxury Autos (this is a player owned car dealership!).  We have tons of custom cars and tons of stock GTA V cars.  We add new cars on a weekly/bi-weekly basis.  Garages are located on the map (blue square thingy).  At the garages, you will see a red circle (where you store your car), a green circle (where you take out your car) and a yellow circle (where your car is sent if impounded).  You can only store cars that you purchase in your garage.  You can only pull out cars that you own from your garage. Cars are impounded if: you leave your car in a non-populated area and run out of the area (car normally just disappears - FiveM/GTA thing, we can't change that), Police can impound a car if you are sent to jail, or one of the Towing companies may impound your car OR take it back to their lot for you to pick up for a small fee. Players can also steal your car if it is unlocked (use "K" to lock/unlock your vehicle). IF your car is in your garage or impound, that means it is somewhere out in the city.  You can wait until a server restart to get it back or try to find it.  You can sell cars back behind the dealership (you lose money obviously) or you can sell them to other players permanently using the /givecartitle command (must be next to the car that YOU own, the person must be right by you and the car as well). This command moves the car from your name to the other player's name, so use it wisely.  You are actually giving the car to that player for good.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!


How to Roleplay

We are a serious roleplay server that welcomes new players. We do not care if you have 0 RP experience, as long as you are willing to learn and try, then you are fine.  We are not going to put up with people who are trolling, or who have no intent to actually roleplay. We want our community members to always be in character and do as their character would. 

The biggest thing to realize is IC (In-Character) vs OOC (Out of Character) 
If your character didn't see it with their own eyes, or get told the information verbally or via text/twitter, then your character KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT IT. You will know a ton of things OOC, but you cannot use that information IC because your character hasn't been given that information. Keeping IC vs. OOC separate is something every roleplayer has to do. 


If you break rules you will get warned or kicked.  Once you reach a specific number you automatically get banned for a day.  If you come back and break rules you will be banned for a week, and then after banned permanently.  Do not break rules.  We let minor things or slip-ups slide.  If you ever need an admin do /report or use discord.  Never break character for anything. Temporary bans can NOT be appealed!

Here are some tips and scenarios that we believe will be beneficial:


You are jaywalking and all a sudden a car hits you going 40 MPH.  You get knocked out by the car. What should you do?  You can "call EMS" using your phone (U). When EMS arrives on scene you can verbally talk and tell them what hurts you or you can use /me commands to tell them your injuries.  For example: *EMS comes up and checks your pulse and looks for injuries, etc.* You do: /me is unconscious and seems to have gotten hit by a vehicle.  Left-arm has a lot of scrape marks and blood.  Right leg is twisted weirdly. EMS will then help treat your wounds, you should continue responding to them in /me commands or you can become conscious again and start talking or making sounds of discomfort.  You do not always need to roleplay unconscious! Never break character with EMS! 


You get into a verbal altercation with someone. The person decides to swing at you, punching you right in the face, you fall to the ground. What should you do? -Call EMS. When EMS arrives on scene you can verbally talk or use /me commands depending on what you believe your injuries are.  For example: *EMS comes up to you and checks pulse, looks for injuries, etc.* You say: "I was standing over here at Legion square, this man got aggressive and he punched me right in the face, my right eye is really hurting me right now!" EMS would then treat your wounds and make sure you are okay. Continue to respond to EMS. You can also call the police if you wish to press charges against someone. 


You get shot by someone multiple times. What should you do?   When EMS arrives on scene you can verbally talk or use /me commands depending on what you believe your injuries are.  For example: *EMS comes up to you and checks pulse, looks for injuries, etc.* You do: /me got shot multiple times, losing blood quickly and has a low pulse. Was shot once in the arm, twice in the right leg. EMS would then treat your injuries and taking you to the hospital for treatment



We are not a cops vs. robbers server. On our server, we try to avoid gunplay as much as possible. 99% of the time a gun is pulled, it should not be fired.  Taking someone's life is a BIG DEAL, and should be roleplayed as such. We want people to have fun, create a character, and be able to enjoy their time with us.  You should ALWAYS value your life, and follow our rules.  Breaking character is NOT allowed.  If you need an admin, you can simply to /report [explanation of what happened] and it will be dealt with accordingly. Never break character in front of EMS or police. Everyone is here to roleplay and have fun, do not ruin it for others or there will be consequences.  Be sure to read the rest of this guide as well as our rules posted on this website! If you ever have any questions, be sure to use the #help-channel in discord! Thanks!

Large Weapons

Taking big weapons out from your buttcheeks is considered fail rp. If you have a weapon larger than a handgun, please walk up to your car to 'retrieve' it or do a /me takes gun out of bag. The same standards are held for officers and will be treated equally when reported




  • /id - shows your ID to an officer
  • /me [msg] - used to explain actions that you are doing i.e /me hands officer drivers license
  • /looc [msg] - local out of character, used to send an OOC message to those around you (around 50 meters).  
  • /report [msg] - used to contact an admin that is currently in-game to help you with something. Do NOT abuse this or you will get in trouble.
  • /bed - used to lay down in a bed at pillbox
  • /job - shows your current job
  • /shuff - move to driver seat in a car
  • /cm - toggles cinematic mode
  • /givecartitle- gives your car ownership to the person right next to you.. (this gives them ownership of your car.. use this sparingly)
  • /hat - toggle on/off hat
  • /glasses - toggle on/off glasses
  • /mask - toggle on/off mask
  • /bag - toggle on/off bag
  • /vest - toggle on/off  vest
  • /shirt - toggle on/off shirt
  • /pants - toggle on/off pants
  • /shoes - toggle on/off shoes
  • /bmic - brings out a boom mic
  • /mic -brings out a small mic in hand
  • /cam - brings out a big recording camera
  • /emotes - gives you a list of emotes that you can do
  • /e [emote name] - does the emote from the list above ^
  • /e rprop - removes a prop that you currently have in your hand
  • /e c - cancel an emote
  • /ad [dept] [msg] - post an ad in game. Can be used by pd, ems, civs.
  • /givephonenumber - gives your players phone number to the nearest person
  • /radio [#] - toggles the radio channel via command in cars.
  • /togglechat - turns chat box on or off
  • /die - makes your character "dead" aka grey screen in death animation to RP out injuries that may not have killed you but you feel like maybe should have (i.e. crashing your car going 140 mph). You do not need to do this.
  • /hradio - toggles in game radio if you have the item
  • /sit - toggles your ability to sit in specific chairs that aren't movable.  Do /sit again to stand up.  This only works in specific chairs. 
  • /carry - carry the player nearest you. The person being carried can do /carry to be dropped or the person carrying can do /carry to drop the person. Do not abuse or there will be consequences!
  • /roll # - Roll a dice 
  • /bpvest - check status of your bulletproof vest
  • /toggleme (body, chat, both) - toggle where /me's show up
  • /th - Take someone hostage
  • /bagdebug - to reset your inventory space when it doesn't detect the bag
  • /rse start - start recording with rockstar editor
  • /rse stop - stop recording with rockstar editor
  • /rse edit - starts rockstar editor - this may crash you - it is best to load outside of server.
  • /trunk - open the inventory of your trunk for your car. (esc) will close
  • /clothing - open clothing wheel
  • /anchor - anchors your boat
  • /license - check your owned licenses
  • /playbj - start playing blackjack in the casino at the tables
  • /cleantable - clear the blackjack table of bugged cards. This is only on your screen only you will see the actions of this command.
  • /startgolf - start golf at golf course (need to be at the little round building by the rental area)
  • /stopgolf - stop golfing
  • /bank - access bank account in a bank
  • /atm - access an atm machine
  • /mi - checks all infractions you have on your account (warnings, bans, kicks)



  • A- Move left
  • B- Point/Seatbelt in car
  • C- Look backward
  • D- Move right
  • E- Horn/Interact with jobs
  • F- Get in car
  • G- Offer drugs to a local
  • H- Headlights in car
  • K- Lock vehicle
  • L - Enter the passenger seat of a car (This will not let you in driver seat)
  • N- Push to talk
  • P- Map
  • Q- Car radio
  • R- Reload/Punch
  • S- Move backward
  • T- Text box / Command Box
  • U- Phone - You must go to iFruit to buy a phone!
  • V- Change camera
  • W- Move forward
  • X- Hands up
  • Z- Cancel emote
  • 2- Open vehicle window/door UI 
  • 3- Toggle engine on/off
  • , - Rag doll
  • - - Left turn signal
  • = - Right turn signal
  • Backspace - Hazards
  • Tab- Weapons
  • Space- Jump
  • Shift- Sprint
  • Shift H- Cycles through voice range settings
  • Shift + Spacebar + G - tackle
  • Ctrl- Crouch
  • Caps lock- Cruise control
  • F5- Emote menu
  • F7- Inventory


Immersion Guide Link

Rules Link


Thanks for reading! 

Last Updated: January 6, 2021

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