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Member Representatives

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Member Representatives

What is it? How does it work?

- The main focal point of Member Representatives is to help connect the staff team with the community and bring forward and concerns that the member base may have.  You will work with the admin team to express concerns about the community and what you see occurring from your perspective.  You can bring up pressing topics to admins to help bring a change to the server.  Admins have a limited perspective on the server and may not see everything “the average player” sees. 

- You will not have any special privileges in the city or server.  You will have a discord role and access to chat rooms with admin reps.. (Not admin chats).

- This role has NO effect in the game.  You are a regular civ, you will not be dealing with tickets or any admin related reports.  This is an ooc role. 

- Member Representatives will meet with the 5 Admin Reps. on either a weekly or bi-weekly basis and have a verbal meeting about any issues or things they would like addressed.  

- The Admin Reps will work with the Member Reps to try to come to an agreement (if they can not, the admin reps can reach out to other admins).  Once an agreement is made, a member rep can post in #community-updates about the solution or what has been discussed with the admin reps. 

- Member Reps. will also be speakers at the community meetings each month.  We plan on having a community meeting once a month now, this will mean that the meetings will be shorter, and we are able to connect as a community and express any issues that we have before they become larger.

- This group is voted into their position by other members to represent them.  While being a Member Rep you must:

- Promote a higher standard of personal behavior and RP.

- Work with staff to create a better community environment for everyone.


Admin Representatives:

- The following 5 admins are leading this initiative at the beginning: Matt, Toro, Kitty, Umee & Mack

- After the first term, admins will be nominated and voted after similar to the members, but only senior admins+ can serve consecutive terms (Due to a smaller pool of people and not everyone wants to take this responsibility).

- Each term must have at least 1 Director, 1 Senior Admin, and 1 Admin.  Up to a total of 5 admins per term.


How to go about being a Member Representative:

- We will open applications to nominate yourself as a Member Representative.  You must have a clean record, be friendly with the current Administration team. If you were banned and had been unbanned, please reach out to see if you are able to nominate yourself (This will be case by case).

- After nominations have been made, we will open the voting up to the general public.  Everyone can vote for as many people as they want, but those with the top 5 votes will be “elected” for that term. The reason for voting is we want people that the community can trust to communicate their concerns with admin reps.

- All members of this team are voted by the community.  We will allow up to 5 members per “term”.  Each term will last two months. When the end of a term comes, we will open up nominations for 3 days and then allow voting for 4 days. After the 4 days, the 5 most voted for members will gain the role and position.

- You can be removed from the Member Rep. team at any point.  Some reasons for removal: Being banned, inactivity for a month, not filling your position as expected.

- Admins can not run for this position. You may also not apply for any admin position while being a Member Rep.

- If a Member Rep is removed, the other Reps can choose someone to take their place (as long as they are not an admin, and agreed upon by the admin team overlooking the Member Reps.) This person will serve the remainder of the person’s term.

- If you were a Member Rep for one term, you can not apply for the next 2 terms. This is to give more people a chance. If you were brought in as a replacement for a Rep, then you can run the next term.


If you think this is for you, then nominate yourself here: https://forms.gle/ReDpTZoLcJC5UNtE6

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