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Community Meeting 10/2/2020 Transcript

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Community Meeting Transcript (10/2/2020)

This is a copy of what the Administration Team used to help guide the community meeting.  I decided to post it here on the website for those who were not able to make the meeting to read and catch up on anything that they may have missed.


Topic 1 (Message from Directors regarding the Admin team - Matt)

  • The growth and development of roleplay on this server has improved so much in the last 10 months. The quality has risen, and we are strict when enforcing rules to maintain this level of quality. Some of the community supports us on this stance and others do not. We have always aimed to be a top notch roleplay server. Serious, with a healthy dose of fun. 
    • That being said, we as admins strive to have a community that is inclusive and non-toxic. We expand on those values by trying our best to have an admin team that is non-bias and transparent as possible. Recently we have had a few issues I'd like to address:
      •  If you are being spoken to about a report and you are uncomfortable discussing it with an admin you can ask for another admin to be present if available.  This does not mean the first admin is banished from the conversation. It's a compromise we are willing to make. Being able to pick and choose which admins you deal with is not in line with the inclusivity and non toxic direction we are aiming for in the community. If they are the only admin online, be respectful and deal with them and when you’re done, you can open a ticket if you so choose to discuss the issue with additional admins. 
      •  If you have a problem with someone on the admin team we have a report on our website you can fill out. It is only viewable by Directors, so feel free to air your grievances against the staff there with concise and well thought out answers. 
      • The Directors and other admins are constantly monitoring the logs of the server. We monitor each other as well. We have access to logs for everything. This includes /me. Admins are also allowed to be in Twitch streams to monitor those as well. This is not considered 'meta-gaming' - this is an admin doing their job OOC. If you feel an admin is bringing this OOC responsibility IC to metagame - please bring it to a director’s attention and provide proof.
      • We preach transparency. That being said - If you DM an admin about an issue in the server, chances are that DM will be shared with the admin team. We are a team and we like to approach these problems as a team. If you feel comfortable reaching out to a particular admin, feel free to continue to do so but know- we do share the info we get from community members with each other. We do this so every admin is on the same page, and we can improve the server as a whole.


Topic 2 (Gang Gang - Currency22)

  • Gang RP is very delicate. The gangs have a very clear understanding of how they interact with each other. Let me outline those interactions
    • Gangs take time to figure out who owns what territory. When a gang expands their territory, or moves their territory, a meeting is called to discuss the change of territory.
    • Conflict RP- This is a rule that is listed on the website. Gangs have every right to roll as deep as they like. However, if gun play occurs, the gangs understand that only 5 may shoot. If one gang member goes down that does not mean the others can shoot. So if a gang rolls somewhere 8 deep vs 3 and tensions rise and gun play happens, only 5 of those 8 can shoot. The other 3 either leave, or stand watching. That would mean if the 3 who are being shot at,  down the original 5, the other 3 remaining, if they are still there, must take the loss with the other 5 and accept the 3 they were shooting at won, and get to do what they like.
    • Gangs, just like with anyone else, must make their intentions known if they are going to declare war, or green light someone to be killed. Gang vs gang a meeting is called. At that meeting they state they are going to war, and discuss the rules of that war. Usually gangs will not want to shoot on site at a business, but those terms are outlined. At said meeting, the gangs will let the other gang part ways without shooting. Usually waiting a few hours or a day to actually start the war. Civilians, or other criminals must do the same with a gang. If you are upset with a gang, call a meeting with them. Gangs will grant meetings. It is part of their RP so people do not get blindsided by a gang. However, it is unfair for a gang to get blindsided as well, no matter how big or small a gang is. 
    • Gangs are not going to bother you if you are using a business in their area. Gangs though do patrol their area. If they see you they may try to pull you over to talk with you. Usually that conversation is to figure out who you are, and what you are doing. 99% of the time, if you pull over and have a simple conversation with them, the gang will leave you alone. If you run, be rude, shoot at them, you will absolutely have a bigger problem. 
    • With gang territory, they do not mind if anyone uses main access roads. Gangs discuss with each other very small specific areas they do not want other gangs in. If you are a civ or criminal and end up in one of those areas, the gang will let you know. It is your choice if your character abides by the gang request or not. If you choose not to, then do not be surprised if the gang gets hostile towards you. Even then let me explain how that would look in RP. Since I rp as a Vago I will use the Vagos in this example. Lets say you are hanging out in the Barrio. Vagos tag the barrio, and only the barrio. We see you there and we tell you that you can not be there without being invited. You decide to tell the Vagos to fuck off. Vagos warn you not to be there and make it very clear. Then you decide to show up again. Vagos will remind you to not be there. Then the Vagos will make it very clear if they catch you again they will shoot at you. If you show back up a 3rd time uninvited expect to be shot. That is the RP route you are choosing. Own up to your player decision.
    • Respect is not a foriegn idea with gangs. It makes sense as a person as well. Someone talks shit about your character, your character usually is not going to let that fly. Why would a gang?  It would make them look weak if they let someone post negative things about a gang on twitter, or talk to other people about it. Talking badly about a gang is creating conflict for your character. Do not cry wolf if you decide to talk badly about a gang, and next thing you know your character is being kidnapped and taken to a secluded location to talk about what your character has been saying.
    • Colors- Gangs do not care if you wear their color, or have your car in their color. They might talk to you, but overall you can wear their colors. The gang will have a problem if you create conflict, or commit a crime and claim to be in the gang associated with that color. 
    • If an entire gang is absent from the city for an extended amount of time, do not expect to come back and have things the same as they were before. RP changes, evolves. It is the same as the business. If you owned a business and left for months, you would not expect the business to still belong to you. Gang territory and clout surrounding a gang works the same way.
    • Gangs are closely monitored by the admin team. If you think a gang is breaking a rule, please report it. Gangs are not above the rules.


Topic 3 (Reports - Toro)

  • It is very common to hear during admin sits “why should I get a warning when everyone else does it”. This is not a valid excuse to get you out of a warning.  If you see something you know is a rulebreak, please send in a report.  Admins cannot see everything that is going on at all times. We like to roleplay too. Doing a /report lets us know there is something we need to investigate and we have no problem going and talking to that person. If we don’t get the opportunity to address it,  the issue just gets compounded. Someone else sees the person do the thing and then THEY think it’s okay behavior. Now there are multiple people doing the thing and it grows out of control from there. Not every /report results in a warning. We need the opportunity to address the behavior and help the person understand how they need to adjust their roleplay to coincide with the server we all enjoy. A big one is fail driving. Mainly during a police pursuit. If you crash your car- consider it a loss. Let the cop have that win - even if the crash was out of your control. Admins will warn people for rolling their car more than once - and continuing to drive it to get away from the cops. So in the future, please - if you see something- Report it. We don’t know if you don’t report these things.


Topic 4 (/carry- Ased)

  • So many times EMS get a call to a location and the person will not be there. Then soon after they will get a call to Pillbox and said downed person will be there on the floor because a friend, or someone carried them to Pillbox. Please stop doing this. It is a big waste of time for EMS and takes away from the medical RP they would like to enjoy. It is also FailRP. Someone is seriously hurt, even if they are not seriously hurt. You put in a call and it ends up being a waste of time for the EMS because people will not wait for EMS and simply /carry them to Pillbox. It is also yikes because it is awkward to do medical RP on the floor at Pillbox. You know EMS is on because of the timer. Using the 600 second timer to realize EMS is on duty is good Meta. So if you see the long timer, call for EMS and wait. If the timer goes off and you can /respawn, feel free to do so. That is not fail. Calling for EMS and then get carried to Pillbox is FailRP and a bit rude.


Topic 5 (Event Coordinators - Laura)

  • We’re looking for event coordinators.
  • Currently we have 3
    • Omar Anthony
    • Vylette Skye
    • Stacy Davis
  • You can contact any of these in game if you’re interested in organizing events on a weekly basis.
  • Perks of being an event coordinator
    • Cool role
    • Easier access to have admins spawn in cars you need for your event
    • Permits are done by Stacy Davis
    • Helping the community grow and bringing people together


Topic 6 (Dropping Items - Mack) 

  • STOP DROPPING ITEMS. It hurts the server. Crashes it, drops performance. Find a local car, put it in the trunk of the local car. Do not know how to do that? Get in the driver’s seat, then press “Y” to access the trunk after getting out. Put items there. That is completely fine. But don’t just drop things on the ground. We still see players doing that. Caught doing so, you will get warned. Plain and simple. If you see people doing that please report it. It is so unfair to the server that performance becomes an issue because people will drop stuff. You know why it is wrong because of that. It’s also a min/max mentality. You do not want useless items, but that is part of the fun. Sometimes you get good stuff, sometimes you do not. Dropping stuff because you want to be able to carry more of the better stuff is a win mentality that we do not accept from people playing on the server.


Topic 7 (Jebs - Para)

  • This is very similar to the EMS topic. If you are going to call Jebs to have your car fixed, do not leave your vehicle. You know you are going to get a repair kit, then do not call Jebs. There might only be one Jebs tow worker on duty. They are answering your call, making another person who is waiting for Jebs properly to sit and wait longer. If someone happens to show up and give you a repair kit, be a nice person and text Jebs to let them know they are no longer needed. Waiting sucks. Going to a call where no one is there sucks more. Being the other person waiting for Jebs longer because they go to a ghosted call sucks just as much. Be nice. If you call Jebs, wait. If you end up getting help let Jebs know. We are teaching trainees to at least tweet out when a mechanic is on the way to the latest call with the first 3 digits of their phone numbers.
  • Lately we have been lucky to get one or two mechanics on duty, this wasn't always the case. There was a time we had more than 5 at any one time, so I will address that. We understand it is very frustrating, especially for the new players, when they have to go and fork out 1,500 dollars at LS because there are no mechanics on. In character, Jebs is going through some changes, all for the better and hopefully, you'll start to notice them starting this weekend. We want you to have interactions with the mechanics rather than a quick fix at LS. I have had quite a few people ask me about their applications to Jebs so to those of you still waiting on a response, it is coming, again, hopefully within the next day. What we do ask is when you put in an application, put as much effort in to it as you can. One word and one liners will straight up get denied, make us want you. Another point on the apps, I get that it is super frustrating to have put some effort in, have it denied due to something minor and then have to wait a week to reapply. That's something else that I'm hoping will get sorted for everybody. The plan is to make Jebs the place it used to be and continue to grow it so you all have that interaction and the affordable prices too with plenty more mechanics on duty.


Topic 8 (Crims vs Cops RP - Toro)

  • I want to bring the community back a few months. Few months ago Staff saw a problem with criminal RP vs cops. They would fight tooth and nail to get away from cops. After listening and observing the community, we realized part of the problem was the massive amount of time a player would spend in jail, as well as the fine they would get associated with that. Fines and jail times have been lowered substantially. The RP got better, but it seems like crims have the mentality as they did before. Forgetting that we, as a staff, made it more RP friendly for criminals.
  • Now, Cops feel like they are a mechanic to get things done. That their only purpose in the server is to unlock the ability for a crim to do something.  For example, you can sell drugs only when at least one cop is on. I am sure lots of us would sell drugs whenever, but we have to wait for a cop to get on duty. What is happening after- is where the problem is. 
  • So said person waits for the cop to get on duty, starts selling drugs, and the cop shows up. We totally get it that you want to run from the cop. Cops love chases. That is completely fine to run from the cop. What is not fair is you drive the cop into an ambush. Even worse, if you get caught, your friends show up to get you out of the cuffs. Cops take a lot of losses. Their win loss ratio is not in their favor at all. For every person you see a cop send to prison, at least 5 have gotten away. It is not fun for a cop to catch you, only to get surrounded and shit on by your friends. It has made cops not want to log on to play. Cause when they do they feel like they get stomped on. That is not fun for anyone.
  • If you commit a crime, and a cop gets you. Let them have the win. If they provide evidence don’t deny it, admit fault if the proof is there and you may end up with a more lenient sentence for cooperating. Do not have your friends show up, surround the cop and hide behind No Value of LIfe to get your buddy back. 
  • We get the frustration, especially while in a chase, when a local or another player is somewhere you are not expecting and ends the chase early. Do not take out your frustration on the cop. That has happened to us all. Think about the cops as humans. If you have a good attitude, then the cop is going to have a good attitude back. They might knock off a charge, or decide to not fine you for every crime committed. Depending on the RP the cop may not. Let them have their RP and know you will return to your RP eventually after prison.
  • Pay your fines. It is not acceptable to rack up a large tab of fines to use that as a reason to shoot at cops, and resist so vigorously to not go to prison. You committed those crimes, and are choosing as a character reason to not pay your fines. Cops are going to hit you with more time depending on the amount of your unpaid fines. That is on you, not the cop. If you do not want unpaid fines to be a factor in your sentencing, PAY THEM OFF. For some of the criminals, think about how silly you look not wanting to pay 150k in fines, while driving half million to millions of dollars worth of cars. Respect the RP choice you make, and the RP that occurs because of it.
  • Cops - Play along with some of the shenanigans that people bring to you during these scenarios. Say yes to the roleplay. 
  • Crims - The cops are more likely to play along if you make it interesting. Think about the scenario you're planning beforehand. Is this going to be enjoyable for everyone? If I was a cop in this scenario would I have fun?


Topic 9 (Business Licenses - Mack) 

  • Go over expectations of obtaining a business license and what that entices. Go over the price of $100,000 for the licenses and negotiations for renewal fees. EXPLAIN THAT I DO NOT POCKET ANY MONEY FROM THIS. IT GETS YEETED FROM MY BANK ACCOUNT. Advise that if you are gonna own a business, try to be active with it. I get DM after DM for places that currently have been licensed out but nothing is being done with the location. 
  • Advised that no additional development work will be done right off hand for your business. You are supposed to be using your imagination and being clever with the business to create the roleplay. We do notice people that give exceptional role play at these businesses and when the time comes, we can talk about possibly doing something to help with the business or something to help excel your roleplay being a business owner. I really do appreciate everyone that has given me the roleplay and have created some interesting scenarios regarding Mack and the business licenses. If I don’t respond right away, don’t think I forgot about you or anything like that. I can get very busy but I promise I will follow up via IC email or IC in the city. Thank you to all business owners for bring that roleplay to the city. You guys are awesome.


Topic 9 (Lux RP - Car Meta - Umee) 

  •  I want to bring up the RP surrounding Lux lately in the last month or so, we try to roleplay out being SALESPEOPLE yet people don't go along with our RP and because they already know the process and bought a car before they rush the RP to get it over and done with e.g. giving ID before asked, signing tablet before asked to do so, some people treat us as mechanics to just sell cars at cheaper prices than PDM, we would like to RP too, we are not here just to hand you all discounts and let you be on your way with your shiny new toy.
  • Just because Matt asks for car suggestions does not mean you can bring this up in character. When he asked for suggestions a couple of weeks ago I have overheard conversations in lux about cars people have suggested “I think I will wait for X car” at which point Omar always asks how you know that car is coming in before him as he is the owner of the main car dealer in town, all this information is META and it takes away RP from lux workers. New imports into the city is one of the few times we get to do something different and that opportunity does not come often for us so we would like to make the most of it, it ruins our RP when there is a “win mentality” to get the new car first. The last shipment we had, people flocked to lux to the point where I did not want to RP there cos it ruined everything I had planned RP wise for you guys, let the car dealers do the hype building and reveals. Saying stuff like “I hope X gets imported” is completely fine but saying stuff like “I know X car is getting looked at cos I suggested it or I saw it on the government notice board” is complete meta and we want to put a stop to it.


Topic 9 (Member Representatives - Matt) 





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