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November 7th Change Log


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November 7th Change Log

We have been working on optimizing the server and making it more smooth.  While we were testing on the dev server our fps have increased by 10-15.  We are still going to continue working on smoothing out scripts throughout the week and finishing up on the last few car textures that are problematic. Reminder that you can make suggestions on the website right here. (They will get looked at eventually once we finish the current tasks - they are never unnoticed.)



- Jeb's map updated 

- New loading screen and music

- Blackmarket has been removed.  The items are still in the city elsewhere. (No longer a 'hidden blackmarket')

- vMenu has been removed.  Admins know of the new commands.  

- Rockstar editor is available for everyone. /rse ['start' or 'stop' or 'edit]

- A lot of doorlocks have been removed for performance

- Laundry no longer reduces sentence by 2 minutes.  It is the same as other prison jobs now

- There is a new craftable item that used to be at the blackmarket.

- Mouths should now move when you talk

- Penal codes and citations have been changed for PD.  There are a few new citations.

- You can now fire people at societies and promote people when they are offline


Car Changes

- A lot of cars have been lowered on textures to help combat texture loss

- Almost every single car has had their handling altered in some way.  Some are better, some are worse.  If you have questions, problems or concerns DM @Umee


As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord.  If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!

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Matt | Director | Matthew#9727

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