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November 20th Change Log


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November 20th Change Log

Hello everyone hope you are all doing well! First of all let me say thank you for your continued support! We have been working really hard with our small development team and pushing through with a lot of highly anticipated stuff which we hope you guys will enjoy. Alongside bringing you guys new content we have been working on improving and optimizing the server to make it as smooth and enjoyable experience for all, we hope you guys like it!



- CUSTOM HOUSING. We are going to do this in character as much as possible. It is going to be ran by Matt and Al at the beginning. They will conduct interviews IN CHARACTER in the server. Do not message us regarding housing or getting a job/buying a house on discord. Each house can have a different interior and you can buy your own furniture and place it. You can give keys to others, invite people in, knock on doors etc. They have inventories and wardrobes that can be placed anywhere. Some houses may have a garage. You can ONLY buy houses through a real estate agent. Today and tomorrow (11/21/2020) Matt and Al are going to RP out setting up the business in character and getting licensing and establishing it. We are not selling houses right off the bat. Pay attention to twitter and adverts in game as well as on the in-character rooms on discord!

- Some house robberies have been removed to make rooms for custom housing.

- The percentages for some illegal items from house robberies have been increased slightly to compromise for the above.

- Custom clothing and hair have been redone. You will join the city with wacky clothing options probably. Please go to a  clothing store and barber shop and look at some of the new stuff added!

- Decals added to clothing store.

- Paleto PD service circle moved and added a vehicle delete.

- /help removed from loading screen.

- Law office renamed to Dynasty 8 for housing office.


Car Changes

- Some textures lowered on some cars.

- Some handling lines changed.


As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord. If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!

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Matt | Director | Matthew#9727

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Thank you so muchhhhhh ❤️ ❤️❤️ 

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Guest Smurf965
5 hours ago, smurf965 said:

so looking forward to be able to buy a house


I just hope everyone gets an opportunity of owning a house and what happened with the apartments doesn’t happen again

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