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December 4th Change Log


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December 4th Change Log

Hello everyone!  Just a reminder that we are having a community meeting tomorrow (12/5/2020) as well!  The meeting will be at 6pm CST in discord.  The server will be down during the meeting.



- Snowballs can now be picked up with 'g' and thrown. They do not do any damage

- All items can be dropped again - we have a new way to find out if people are throwing a bunch of items on the ground to min/max profit gains.  Dropping an item is fine, if you have a reason in RP. Dropping to make more money at jobs is not allowed.

- Items now show how much they weigh in your inventory.

- New winter-themed wallpaper on your phone

- Bean machine now has a functioning society

- Respawn timer is now 15 minutes with ems on duty. Call them and RP out your injuries properly.  They play a pivotal role in the community, utilize them.

- Coordinates for stores have been cleaned up performance wise

- Comedy club interior removed

-Legion restaurant removed

- New bar added at legion square

- City hall in paleto removed

- You pay your citations in the city a the courthouse now

- Mirror park garage is now in the city. (All the cars transferred, you won't have to pay a fee if you had it at Mirror park)

- Mirror park house robberies removed.

- New robberies added around the map. (We plan on introducing more houses to be robbed, but more have been added today than removed. - we are working out a system with real estate and house robberies still, so bare with us!)

- ALL PAYCHECKS ARE $150 MORE. This is a "Tax Return" essentially.  For all the citizens of SA being good citizens and paying taxes.  We will lower the checks again back to their normal state in 2 months or so.

- More items added to furniture list (you can now have a stripper pole)

- Wine sell spot has been moved to a better location (you can sell grapes there, grape juices, and wine)

- Bug with carrying has been fixed.  You can no longer us radio while carrying a player (Carrying and using radio allowed for running)

- Fixing vehicles at LS customs will not work if two Jebs employees are on duty.  (This is not finalized, but put in place for now, we will monitor how this change is and look at feedback)

- All societies for food places now give 100% of the item sold.  (Original was 85% - restaurant societies will make more money now)


As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord. If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!

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Matt | Director | Matthew#9727

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Thank youuuuuu everyone for your hard work! ❤️

Kitty ♥ Assistant Director

NoLimits  Roleplay

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