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January 5th 2021 Change Log

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January 5th Change Log

The casino is subject to removal/changes depending on how it impacts the main server and if there are exploits that have been overlooked. We heavily tested it but you never know.

For the GRAND OPENING of the Casino (casino is not player owned - it is a public place), it is going to have a max limit of players in it. There will be PD outside keep track of how many are inside. We are not going to have 50 people run into the casino in 10 minutes. Listen to the cop outside please.  If you have ANY bugs/exploits found you are required per rules to tell us. If you withhold a gamebreaking exploit from devs/admins you will be warned or banned depending on the severity. We heavily enforce that rule.



- Major changes to PDM. You can only purchase cars under $100,000 there now and donor vehicles.

- New furniture to the housing menu

- MRPD and Pillbox now have helicopter spawners for EMS and PD. You must be trained with a supervisor to use these. Speak with department leaders.

- New player list that will fit up to 100 players

- Some items moved around in shops

- Snowmobiles are now retired from the server

- City hardware store was moved to Davis Mega Mall (was requested)

- LS customs now is not as picky with forcing you to "fix your car" before using it. It now checks your engine health to see if it is below a specific threshold before making you pay for repairs.

- Many job payouts have been altered

- Mining has been reworked to have a new step on the map while doing it

- You can now do /mi to see all your warnings/kicks on your record.

- You now must do /bank and /atm to access a bank or an atm.

- Police can now use the pillbox roof teleporter

- Issues with reviving and checking yourself in at all different hospitals has been fixed.

- Snow is now permanently removed from server restarts.

- Scenes now automatically delete after 4 hours to save server resources.

- Respawn and being carried bug has been fixed.

- Golf is now back! You must do /startgolf at the little circle hut by the "rental" at the golf course. You can then do /stopgolf to stop golfing. 

- Changes to loading screen music

- Peaches are now fully functional again

- Casino interior and blackjack are in the city. /playbj is the command to start the game. You buy chips at the cashier. Each chip weighs the minimum of .1 lbs. You can hold 550 chips max with empty inventory and bag. Each chip is worth $25. The controls will show on your screen while playing. You sell the chips you win at the same spot. While gambling, you can gain more chips that your inventory can hold, that is fine. You can not drop chips.

- THE CASINO IS A GREENZONE. ABSOLUTELY NO GUNPLAY, NO ROBBING, NO DRUG PEDDLING If caught doing any of that inside the casino / penthouse you will be warned. This may be changed in the future, but with the casino being new, and the hype it will cause, we are limiting this RP from occurring in this area as admins.

- Midnight lounge has a custom texture now

- Pawn shop is only opened during specific times during the day now.

- Weather syncing issue is now fixed. You will now see rain/thunder properly.

- Handling to some cars have been altered

- Dirt textures on a6, chiron, some cop cars, i8 LW, 20 silverado, and raptor have been fixed to not be so ugly and dirty


As always: If you have any bugs, please report them in #bugs in discord. If it is a major bug that is game breaking, open a ticket in the #help-channel-tickets!

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Director NoLimits Roleplay

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Will there be a vehicle catalog for everything over 100k? How can we browse the cars that were taken out of the PDM?

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2 hours ago, Shammmm said:

Will there be a vehicle catalog for everything over 100k? How can we browse the cars that were taken out of the PDM?

Can still view them at PDM. Just can't buy them there.

2 hours ago, liop210 said:

Hopefully that means get some more Lux employees :, - )

Not really needed when we're never busy.

2 hours ago, Silo said:

is Lux going to be open more then?


We're basically always open.. Just text the line. We don't wanna stand around all day so we go RP.

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Kitty | Vylette
Lead Admin | NoLimits RP   

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Posted (edited)

I remember the last time I requested someone at Lux they put an ad out saying they were too busy at a party. 

Edited by smurf965
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