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Community Meeting 3/5/2021 Transcript

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Vigilante Roleplay

  • Vigilante Roleplay...Intruding on roleplay scenarios that you have no involvement in. An example is if you see a cop randomly being taken hostage at legion square and you run in with a gun and save the cop from the hostage taker. It is frowned upon as you are randomly stopping someone else’s roleplay and scenario that they may have going on. Another example that we often used to see was people going to the police stations and shooting them up to “free their friends”. This has not been happening as much recently, but keep in mind that once you are in police custody, at MRPD or wherever, the RP shifts to the arresting / prison RP. If you want a chance to get out of cuffs you need to be on a prison transport bus - which was discussed at the last community meeting. One last concern community members have had in regards to vigilantism involves Civilians interrupting cops (examples: going past barriers, guns, cones. Specifically @ bank robberies. If you see cops have an entire street blocked off, go around, find another way. Don’t try to drive thru or “get a front row shot of what is going on. Go from a distance if you are really that nosey. Use your phone or binoculars.


Random Weapon Play

  • Random tasing (exclude organised events)
  • Flailing guns around with no valuing (cops and crims)
  • Pulling out guns for stupid stuff too fast. -> Talking shit doesn’t need to lead to guns.


Drugs / Robberies

  • Using supercars to peddle drugs on the street just to get away from the cops when they show up is a very win mentality mindset. If you are selling drugs the key is not to be noticed and to blend in with your environment so you don’t raise suspicion, using your own vehicle is fine but jumping out a Lamborghini to give packages to locals does not make sense RP wise, dress like a local, use local cars that blend in, the goal is not to get caught and for anything to come back to your character so why would you do it in your gang colors and personal supercars that will lead straight back to you, try to think about all aspects of what you are doing before you do it.
  • Police now have the right to permanently impound your cars if you are continuously using them in your own criminal RP. If you are using the same car to sell drugs all day or rob banks and the cops take it X number of times, they will permanently keep it and crush it or auction it off back to the public. Same goes if you leave your citations unpaid for months, there will now be stricter RP consequences for people who chose to continue to do this type of criminal RP


"Weird Roleplay Choices"

  • When you hear gunshots in real life, you realistically would not run towards them. You would be running away, taking cover, and cowering from the sound (usually). Even in roleplay this is how you should be treating the sound of gunshots. We all understand that in roleplay you respawn if you "die/go down", but that is not an excuse to be curious as to what events are causing the noise. You need to fear for your life in roleplay as if you only have one. This essentially could fall under the NVL rule. Are we really going to be this nitpicky?- Probably not. But if you seem to be a rubbernecker who constantly finds themselves in the middle of things you don't belong in, you may end up with a warning for it at some point.
  • Use scenes to leave clues. Not all clues have to be self incriminating.. Give cops something to go off of.
  • Stop hinting at rules in character. There's no reason the phrases "you need to value your life" should be coming out of your character's mouth. Roleplay first. Report after. We as admins can deal with rulebreaks as they come up and are reported to us, it's as simple as you opening a ticket. Just because you can point out "you shouldn't have 5 people right now" doesn't mean you need to. Sometimes breaking rules are good for roleplay. If you end up not agreeing with it, that's fine just report it, but stop talking about it in character. People are seemingly so salty lately about just handling roleplay first. 
  • Impersonating cops is no longer frowned upon when it comes to getting clothes from clothing stores. However, there needs to be a roleplay purpose behind it. Don't just impersonate a cop because you feel like it one day. Have a plan, or scene set up for it. Repetition of stuff is annoying, make it fun for everyone, not just yourself. Just do not do it everyday or every other scenario. - The reason this is changing is due to the fact you can realistically just buy police clothing off of things as easy as ebay. Don't be a troll with it though, otherwise we'll just revert this back to the old way of having to get clothes from an officer.
  • Talking while down and not focusing on injury: There is a reason your radio shuts itself off when getting downed. You turning it back on is an exploit of a mechanic, and is warnable. Don't do it. Focus on your injuries and stop making call outs when you are down. There's also no need to be making phone calls either when downed. - When with others, have them text EMS for you. If you're alone and done with the scenario that leads to you being down, then text EMS if you have a phone. - Don't just ping your friends to your location because you want a way out. If you plan on going the route of blackmarket MD, again, wait til the scenario is over to contact a friend. Anyone can do medical RP and help out with injuries. Make it easier for EMS, assist with the scenario, make it more interesting, and let them know what you did once they get there. Even if it's a simple "Oh I just help pressure on his wounds" whatever the case may be.



  • Locals should be treated as “players” downed locals..shooting locals should be valued.. They are not “just NPCs” who give you their car for free. Try to be more creative with locals.
  • If you arrive to a scene as ems/PD you can use /me commands to locals, the player around should answer the /me command truthfully about what happened to the local.. “/me looks over local for any injuries or clues as to why they are on the ground.? The player who may be in the area can answer using like “/me the local has gun shot wound to shoulder” blah blah.
  • Shooting locals “oh its locals - from civs” and cops just ignore.. If locals get hostile, you have reason to shoot. Self defense. You should not just recklessly around the server shooting and punching every local you see in sight. Value them. Would your character really go punch someone on the street? Would your character really steal a car?
  • Stealing local car after local car.. Especially in pursuits is very win mentality ish. Cops are told if their car gets disabled to pull over, call a mechanic, or drive back to the station to fix their vehicle and not go back in the chase. It’s okay to steal a local car for reasons of disconnecting etc, but you can still always call a taxi, call a friend, send someone a gps to pick you up


Slowing Down

  • Slow down your RP. Not everything has to happen in one week or one month. We are trying to build stories, what’s the fun in getting a mansion or your bugatti or whatever in 1 week? Once you get it then what? The same goes for friendships / relationships.. Try to build a slow burn effect in character. Not everyday do you have to do a big grand thing, some days you can just go walk on the beach with friends, go out to lunch, go out for dinner. Just because Pearls is “not open” does not mean you can not go there and RP with a “local waiter” etc..Not everyday has to be hosting an event, or robbing a bank and shooting up people. Change it up, have fun. Doing the same thing everyday on the same character can get very draining and boring. Make new characters, have fun.
  • Waiting for Licenses and cars / Offices*
  • One thing I have noticed is that people want that car right now. Or expect to get a business license or office overnight, glossing over the fact that these offices need to be “Zoned/Built/Filed with the city”
  • There is often RP behind the scenes. For example, when you come for a business license, while I could just say “Yes good good” and send you on your way, I choose to go to a lawyer, draft a contract, come back and have you sign it. The contract and deed and then provided to the Police department etc. There is no need to rush each step of your RP. Relaxing and letting things progress slowly will extend the life of your current “RP Project”.
  • Police interaction: As a cop there are occasions where people are eager to be booked ASAP. or wrap up their interactions with the Police and get back to their “ Real RP”. There is so much to be given from both sides through investigations, interrogations, or simple back and forth interactions from a crime or incident. 
  • Using tasing as a first-line reaction in order to restrain and individual can also constitute as rushing the interaction. There is plenty of interaction to be had from a prolonged non-threatening chase.
  • Use Calendar for events on website



  • PLEASE Don’t play yourself as a character. You might think it’s a good idea because you know what you as a person would do in any situation that you might face but it’s not a good idea. You can easily get offended for something that was directed to your character and only to your character. Roleplaying a character that isn’t yourself allows for more imagination and fun / immersive roleplay for example having that character in a different voice rather than your real voice. It will keep yourself and everyone around you immersed and will be even harder for you to break character ( obviously not everyone can do voices which is perfectly fine I was just giving an example of what you could do ) Also, Don’t think “how YOU would react in different situations but rather think how would your character react in that situation whatever the situation might be, getting robbed,kidnapped ,trash talked etc” Depending on the character story, different characters will respond differently to conflict.
  • Which brings me to my next point. The difference between IC conflict and ooc bullying. It’s perfectly okay for characters to not like each other and hate each other. Not everyone is going to get along with everyone, BUT you need to draw a line where things will end. That doesn’t mean your characters “hatred” for each other should end. But the constant back and forth needs to have an end goal / come to an end. Constantly going after someone everyday just because your character has conflict with them isn’t okay and is borderline bullying. It makes some people not want to get on the server because they know they’ll get attacked by the same person /group of people over and over which isn’t okay. If you ever feel like an rp scenario is getting to you ooc and that you can’t roleplay it out please feel free to open a ticket and discuss it with the staff team, we would be more than happy to help you out / give advise.
  • With relationship roleplay, we as admins get occasional tickets from community members about people harassing or messaging each other on discord based on roleplay that has happened in our server. We mainly advise players to block the person, and if it continues to let us know and we can take appropriate action. (We have banned players in the past for harassing others ooc and saying very explicit stuff that was non consensual). The big takeaway with having a relationship in the city is realizing that it is In roleplay. It is your character. Your character, is not you. Just because someone wants to hold your hand and touch your thigh in the server, does not mean they want to do that with you outside of the city. - If you choose to do so outside of the server as well, that is your prerogative. Just keep in mind, there are people that do not want to take that outside of roleplay. - We as admins aren’t telling you to not be friends ooc, but if you message someone for the first time on discord, and they ignore you, take the hints. Some people may not be looking for out of character friends or a relationship outside of the city. It does not invite you to message them on discord and trying to get that “ooc”. Becoming friends with others ooc because you roleplay with them is bound to happen, a lot of people RP with their close ooc friends. A lot of people also meet brand new people in RP, and just because you meet in RP does not mean you have to talk ooc or be friends or continue that relationship outside of rp. We as admins want to just remind everyone that we are roleplaying as characters. What happens in roleplay is happening to our character. Not us.


Roleplay vs Ruleplay

  • We have noticed that some people think that roleplay over ruleplay gives them the right to break server rules which isn’t the case. People need to pick their fight like who they break the rule with and what rule specifically is being broken. If a rule break can create some fun and enjoyable roleplay for both sides, then it is fine. Both sides should have fun. Rules should not be broken just because “you want to win” I would also like to add that. Not everything should be reported. This isn’t me telling you to not report stuff to us. But there are some reports that shouldn’t be reported but instead roleplayed out IC I.E 1) cops “Powergaming fines / time in jail” Corrupt cops are allowed on the server. If you run into 1 and you want him / her to suffer consequences for their actions, go to their supervisor IC and let them know. Corrupt / snitch RP in general isn’t bad and can create some good conflict RP in the long run, Also there are a lot of RP scenarios that could be roleplayed out and be enjoyable to get justice for your character IC rather than insta reporting someone for something that you didn’t like. Also please try to avoid reporting RP scenarios for other people that you weren’t involved in . If they don’t report it, most likely means that they enjoyed / didn’t mind the RP scenario and preferred to Rp it out. 
  • To expand more I’d like to reference 1 of our announcements about roleplay vs ruleplay. For example Fail drive: If you’re by yourself or with a friend and want to enjoy a silly ride up mount chililad in a twizzy, Go for it. But if you're running from the cops and you want to get away so you yeet your bugatti up a mountain , yeah no.. 
  • Friendly hostage: You thought of a funny / enjoyable scenario for a bank robbery for both robbers and cops and you want the hostage to be in on it. Go for it,
  • Tryna get as much money as possible from chain robbing banks and using your friends as fake hostages. Yeah no that’s nvl 
  • Rdm /VDM you want to punch your friend just cuz they have a bug on their face, want to run your friend over that is waiting for you to pick them up? Go for it.
  • You saw your enemy and you decide to run them over cuz your character doesn’t like them, yeah no.  There are many more examples but you can get my point. Just in general have fun with your roleplay while making +others have fun with it too!


DOJ / Lawyer

  • DOJ is being built by the ground up; need people to build.
  • Lawyer apps are open. You can fill one out on the website. Once you do so you will get instructions on how to continue.
  • Go into the RP that comes with being a lawyer, and all the RP avenues that open when there is a DOJ.
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Removed money truck rule, as it was reverted and wanted to avoid confusion.
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