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March 27th Change Log

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March 27 Change Log

Hello!! We recently just hit 2700 members in discord, which is absolutely crazy! Especially thinking that we were at around 200 members in January! Welcome to everyone who is new!  This update is mostly car fixes and a lot of bug fixes.  A few changes to PD cars as well as the introduction of our new voice system (NOT tokovoip)THERE IS A YOUTUBE VIDEO EXPLAINING THE NEW VOICE CHAT SYSTEM! I SUGGEST YOU WATCH IT (LINKED BELOW)!!!!!


FiveM and Discord have been having a little cat fight over discord permissions and the use of them in FiveM, this means that our discord whitelist is disabled (because discord and FiveM's little arrangement is burning up right now).  This means that some clowns may start joining our server, we have already seen an increase in crappy RP, but our admins and automated anticheat is banning them as quickly as they show.  Be sure to use /report if you see anyone do anything they shouldn't be doing.  We want this server to keep improving in the quality of RP.  


Car Changes

Please note that these may not be final.  I am taking a break from cars after this week.  Next week and probably the following week there will be very limited car changes as I spent a lot of time this week doing these car changes and organizing everything.


Civ Cars

Every car that has custom mod kits are fully functioning.  After 6 hours of work I finally fixed every single mod kit in our server.  If a car is supposed to have custom body parts (i.e., Spoilers, bumpers etc.) will have them.  If they do not have them then they will only have a default mod kit (only upgrades for engine, suspension, window tint, wheel change etc.. basically no body parts..).

New Civ Cars (all of these have tons of body mods for the most part)


Rampant Rocket



Gauntlet Classic





Caracara (Lifted)




Issi Rally




Zion Classic


Range Rover Evoque (Back in dealer - fixed breaking issue)

Speedo Van


Yosemite Truck (Lowered)


Civ Car Changes

Porsche 911 TurboS now breaks down and is not indestructible.  Speed has been reverted. (Thanks to the police for notifying me about this)

Supra now breaks down.

Baller3 now breaks down.

BMW M6 Coupenow breaks down.

Range Rover Evoque now breaks down.

Convertible Lambo breaks adjusted

2013 Bentley has traction now

Outlaw now has a bit more durability

Lc500 now has a bit more durability

Lambo Huracans now has a bit more durability

Kamacho now has a bit more durability

Camaros now have more traction

X80 Proto speed adjusted

Entity XF speed adjusted

Blista Kanjo now has working mods and less wheel spin

Model S no longer uses gas  😉

Primo ard no longer goes 180 mph sorry

Furia speed adjusted

Asbo now has working mods and less wheel spin

Mercedes Benz x class has more storage

Stelvio has more storage

Gauntlet hellfire now has working mods

Audi R8 mod kit has been removed. It was too buggy and the custom body parts were glitchy.  You can only do default upgrades to it now.



Cop Cars

New Taurus for Master Trooper (slicktop) replaced old one.

Police Impala no longer as fragile as paper and more durable.

New 2018 Charger (slicktop with cool lights) for master trooper (blame Stacy D. for this decision... oh wait she gone :p)

1 new Unmarked car for Lieutenant+ (posted in police chat for you guys)

Police Corvette now has better brakes and turning

Police Taurus now have better handling but lowered speed a bit to be similar to chargers.

EMS Silverado has been added for our wonderful #EMSGANGGANG team!




- Police F6 impound shouldn't be buggy anymore

- Lost MC interior for garage area is back in.

- MRPD Medical room is now useful (you can place patients in there if they get hurt in cells)

- PD Locker room and PB locker room now allows you to change into wardrobe outfits. (anything you save at clothing store)

- Permissions of weapons for PD have been altered

- Jeb's towing has been restructured 

- Taxi clothes are now correct and won't be invisible

- Removal of Lamar

- New MUMBLE VOIP system.  See the BEST VIDEO TUTORIAL EVER by Matt and Stacy 😉 LINK:  VIDEO

- You can buy the radio at the hardware store, and to activate the radio you do SHIFT + Z OR /hradio



- Instead of making a new framework from scratch, the development team have decided to restructure our current one (ESX). This will still take time until it gets put into place

- New robbery system

- New drug system (crafting)

- Stress system 

- Crafting system

- An entire new phone! 

- New Jeb's towing / EMS cars.

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Director NoLimits Roleplay

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Buff robbery please. Me and 7 other people pulled off a pacific standard heist and got $29k which is not a worthy payout for all the preparation put to it an plans and plans with a getaway.

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On 3/28/2020 at 11:09 PM, Ryzil said:

Buff robbery please. Me and 7 other people pulled off a pacific standard heist and got $29k which is not a worthy payout for all the preparation put to it an plans and plans with a getaway.

Well if you read our rules, you'd know that you can only have 4 total people in any active scenario like that. So each payout would be higher. 


Maya Burger-Richards

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