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NoLimits Roleplay Job Guide

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NoLimits Roleplay Job Guide

This guide is here to help you through your first stages in our server. While you’re getting used to how the city works, and where everything is, these are some of the basic jobs where you can make money to give yourself a starting point for your roleplay. You are never limited to a job that is a game mechanic, be creative and come up with anything you want. If you want to deliver lettuce to restaurants, do it! You’re only limited to your imagination. - The best advice we can give you is to try, and to find out in character! - Each clock-in job typically has every step that you need to go to posted on the map, so if you’re confused, try consulting your GPS or reach out to someone in character to get help!



Clock-In Jobs

Noodle Delivery:
This job requires you to obtain one of the noodle cars when you clock in by pressing [E]. This will then route you to each delivery. Walk up to the blue circle at the door to make your delivery. Once you run out of supplies you will have to go back to the Noodle Shop and restock your supply by pressing [G] or return your car with [E].


Clock in at the backdoor with [E], then go out to the vines and pick grapes with [E]. Once you have enough, you need to go back to the barrels and stomp them to make juice. You can sell the juice to the selling spot located on your map, to other players, or figure out what else you can make with it.


Weazel News:
Clock in at the front of the station with [E] to get the reporter job. This will give you access to a number of commands. /cam will bring out your camera. /bm will bring out your boom mic. /mic will bring out the reporter mic. With having the reporter job, you also get the ability to update the city newspaper. The newspaper has 2 articles that can be edited. The left article can be changed with /titleleft [title of left article], /articleleft [body of left article], /titleright [title of right article], and /articleright [body of right article]. The best way to edit the newspaper is to have it open when editing. You can do this by walking up to a newspaper stand and doing /paper. Please do not abuse or troll using the newspaper. We have logs and will know who edits what.


Clock in at the truck icon location (Davis Quartz), enter the quarry and mine towards the center of the Work Zone. You need to be close to a rock wall then press [E] to mine, and click your left mouse button to mine. Then [Backspace] to stop mining. Once you get enough rocks, you can take them to the dam, to wash the rocks to get ores. Then you take those ores to the smelting factory where you can make them a liquid, then into ingots. Lastly, you then take them to the selling post in the city. 


The clock in for this job is located at Downtown Taxi Co, near the casino. Once clocked in, you will need to retrieve a taxi cab. You can get one by pressing [E] in the small orange circle near the barrel in front of the building. After you have retrieved your vehicle, you will notice there are several staging areas located around the map. Follow the prompts on your screen for instruction. Drive your taxi to one of these locations and wait to pick up a local fare. You can also take taxi calls from other players if they text the taxi line in their phone.


Peach picking requires you to clock in, pick peaches from the tree with [E] then going back to the juicer machine (near where you clock in). Once you make juice you can either sell it to other people, or take it to the selling spot located on your map.


Trucking Job:
Go to the trucking depot on your GPS and clock in with [E]. Then head over to the rental facility and pick out your truck [E]. Then you will need to go to the trailer spot to get the trailer you will need [E]. Back your truck up to the trailer. Then you need to get out of the truck and attach the lines and other various steps by following the guide at the top of your screen. Once your truck is ready to go, follow the GPS to your drop off location. You will need to back your truck into the delivery spot and press [E] to unload the cargo. They can be pretty tricky, but just keep trying! After you’ve delivered all of your cargo you need to take the truck back to the depot. - This is a fully custom trucking job now! It uses a "rank up system" where the more you do it, the more XP you get, the better routes/trailers you unlock. You get paid a flat rate based on the distance of your total route. You get paid at the end.


Garbage Crew:
Head down to the yellow garbage truck icon on your gps. Once there, you will need to press [E] in the circle to get your garbage truck. You can also do this job with your friends. Up to four people can join the job, yourself included. One person has to start the job and the other three just need to get in/on the truck. Once inside your truck, your GPS will update with each pick up you need to do. With all other participants on/in the truck, the driver will need to drive to the location on the map, then press [E] at the destination with the truck inside the yellow circle. That will then prompt the ability to pick up trash for everyone. Press [E] twice to pick up, and twice to throw in the back of the truck. Once done with your route, drive back to the garbage bay and return your truck.


Drag your fishing rod to “use” in your inventory. (Using bait prior to casting is optional.) Once you are waiting for a fish, you will be prompted to try to catch it with a mini game by pressing [G]. Take those fish to the fish selling posts and use /sellfish to make some money off your catches!


Scuba Diving:
Grab yourself some scuba gear and head over to the scuba clock-in area located on your map. Once clocked in and you have your gear on, head to the water in that marked area and you will see the spots in the water where you can search for treasure. Make sure you don’t go too deep! These items can be sold at the pawn shop or around the city. 


Head over to the casino and buy some chips at the cashier located on the right. Once you fill your pockets with chips, head into the room with the black jack tablets and do /playbj to try your luck against the house. Place your bets and play your cards with the prompts on screen.



 We have several things you can craft in our server. We aren’t going to give you any hints though, it’s more fun to find out in character! Trial and error is part of the process. 


Other Illegal Jobs:

We have a delivery job that is illegal, chop shop, plant growing and harvesting. We also have several different robberies including: ATMs, pacific bank, fleecas, money trucks, jewelry store, and houses. As always, the best way to find out, is in character.


Anything else you can think of doing, you can with the right mindset and imagination, with or without actual game mechanics!


Last updated: Sept 25th 2021

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