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NoLimits Roleplay Commands/Keybinds

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/ad [msg] - post an ad in game. Can be used by pd, ems, civs

/anchor - anchors your boat
/articleleft (or /articleright) - edits the newspaper body once clocked into the Weazel News job

/atm - access an atm machine

/bag - toggle on/off bag

/bagdebug - to reset your inventory space when it doesn't detect the bag

/bank - access bank account in a bank

/bed - used to lay down in a bed at pillbox

/bmic - brings out a boom mic

/bpvest - check status of your bulletproof vest

/bracelet - toggle on/off bracelet

/cam - brings out a big recording camera

/carry - carry the player nearest you, the person being carried can do /carry to be dropped or the person carrying can do /carry to drop the person

/cleantable - clear the blackjack table of bugged cards. This is only on your screen only you will see the actions of this command

/cm - toggles cinematic mode

/decal - toggle a decal on and off

/die - makes your character "dead" aka grey screen in death animation to RP out injuries that may not have killed you but you feel like maybe should have (i.e. crashing your car going 140 mph). You do not need to do this.

/e [emote name] - does an emote from the f5 keybind if spelled out

/e c - cancel an emote

/e rprop - removes a prop that you currently have in your hand

/ear - toggle on/off earrings

/emotes - gives you a list of emotes that you can do

/frequency ### - Lets you change frequency of radio channel while it's on

/givecartitle- gives your car ownership to the person right next to you.. (this gives them ownership of your car.. use this carefully)

/givephonenumber - gives your players phone number to the nearest person

/glasses - toggle on/off glasses

/hat - toggle on/off hat

/health - gives a notification of health status

/id - shows your ID to an officer

/invfix - fixes/refreshes any stuck/borked inventory problems
/invin [ID] - invite someone into your apartment

/job - shows your current job

/keys give - give keys to the passenger (front seat) - you must be in the driver seat

/keys grab - grab keys to vehicle you are in (must be in driver seat)

/keys remove - remove your keys for current vehicle

/license - check your owned licenses

/looc [msg] - local out of character, used to send an OOC message to those around you (around 50 meters).

/mask - toggle on/off mask

/me [msg] - used to explain actions that you are doing i.e /me hands officer drivers license

/mi - checks all infractions you have on your account (warnings, bans, kicks)

/mic -brings out a small mic in hand

/myid - shows the number above your head, this is good to use when in a car instead of the ` key

/neck - toggle on/off necklace

/notice [msg] - used to explain actions that someone may notice your character doing i.e /notice is sweating

/pants - toggle on/off pants

/paper - open the newspaper at a red newspaper stand

/playbj - start playing blackjack in the casino at the tables

/players - shows emergency service presence and total number of players in city

/radio [#] - toggles the radio channel via command in cars

/removespikes - pick up spike strips after being placed

/removecone - pick up cones after being placed

/report [msg] - used to contact an admin that is currently in-game to help you with something

/roll # - Roll a dice

/rse edit - starts rockstar editor - this may crash you - it is best to load outside of server

/rse start - start recording with rockstar editor

/rse stop - stop recording with rockstar editor

/sellfish - allows a player to sell fish at the fish market

/shirt - toggle on/off shirt

/shoes - toggle on/off shoes

/shuff - move to driver seat in a car

/sit - toggles your ability to sit in specific chairs that aren't movable. Do /sit again to stand up. This only works in specific chairs

/slash - with appropriate tools, you can do this to slash a vehicles tires.

/startgolf - start golf at golf course (need to be at the little round building by the rental area)

/stopgolf - stop golfing
/titleleft (or /titleright) - edits the newspaper title once clocked into the Weazel News job

/th - take someone hostage

/togglechat - turns chat box on or off

/toggleme (body, chat, both) - toggle where /me's show up

/trunk - open the inventory of your trunk for your car. (esc) will close

/undershirt - toggle undershirt off

/vest - toggle on/off vest

/visor - toggle up/down visor

/vol - allows you to change the volume of your radio or phone

/watch - toggle on/off watch

/xhair - toggles in-game crosshair on/off



B - Point/Seatbelt in car

E - Horn/Interact with jobs

F - Hold F to exit a car and keep the car running and the door opened.

H - Headlights in car

K - Lock/Unlock vehicle

L - Enter the passenger seat of a car (This will not let you in driver seat)

M - Radio/Phone push to talk (Can be change in GTA settings, under general "interaction menu")

N - Push to talk

P - Map

Q - Car radio

R - Reload/Punch

T - Text box / Command Box

U - Phone - You must go to iFruit to buy a phone!

X - Hands up

Z - Cancel emote

2 - Open vehicle window/door UI 

3 - Toggle engine on/off

, - Rag doll

- - Left turn signal

= - Right turn signal

Backspace - Hazards

Shift H - Cycles through voice range settings

Shift + Spacebar + G - tackle

Ctrl - Crouch

Caps lock - Cruise control

F5 - Emote menu

F7- Inventory


Last updated: November 4th, 2021

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