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April 23rd Change Log

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April 23rd Change Log




- Pillbox bed times have been changed. There is a 2 minute, 6 minute, 8 minute option

- Respawn timer has been raised to 5 minutes when no EMS are on duty

- Hospital bed check in time is now 5 minutes

- BMX Bike handling has been made more fun

- New item added to mining

- New Hooker's logo on the Army Flatbed

- The repair circle at MRPD has been moved downstairs due to cops not being able to see the extras when it is night time

- There is now a police impound in Paleto bay

- Pirate lockbox from Scuba Diving is now a usable item. Found out in RP how to open it.

- Prison sentences are no longer broadcasted in the "chat box". They can be found at a news stand.

- New "newspaper" has been added to the city. You can go up to a newspaper stand and do /paper and read the news. If you have the "reporter job" (you get this from clocking in to weazel news. Check the job guide for the commands on how to update the newspaper.) ANYONE CAUGHT DOING RULEBREAKING NEWS ANNOUNCEMENTS IN THE PAPER WILL GET A WARNING/BAN. Do not troll with it. It is there for people who want to actually report news in an immersive way.

- You can now change into the prison outfit at the prison inside of the shower area.

- All job circles and icons have been made consistent across the board. Some jobs optimized for performance

- Mechanics can no longer spawn props through their menu.

- Armor added to PD circle upgrades (to be on par with civs being able to have armor)

- Added a command to put players back in character creation for admins (check admin chat for it)

- Casino clothing store map icon removed

- 'Wig station" or barber shop added to the VU dressing room

- Societies are now logged properly

- /drag has been given to the nurse/doctor job at pillbox.

- You can now slash car tires by doing /slash if you have the appropriate tools in your hand.

- Morgue location (the press e to morgue) has been moved to hospital that you can take the elevator to (the dim hospital with no lights).

- ATM robbery notifications changed

- Handling Overhaul for GTA car's mainly (If any issues let Umee know)


Bug Fixes


- Pharmacy is now back at lower pillbox. It was accidentally moved

- Lux workers can now return a vehicle in any seat in the car - even if someone else is in the car.

- Vehicles can now be renamed properly in your house garage

- House garages now sort alphabetically

- Cruise control keybind removed from controller keybinds (making it more controller friendly). Cruise control can still be used using 'caps lock'. Controller players must use caps lock if they wish to cruise.


Edited by Umee
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