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Every month one person is chosen as our Noticed Member! To nominate someone (not yourself) please use the provided form that can be found on our website! The perks include: A pretty shiny role right under Discord Mods and Diamond Supporter (if you do not already have it).




🧡 Willie Williamson (Dell Dekker)

Dell is someone you can really enjoy roleplaying with. He is super immersive and driven by storytelling. He can be comedic as well as super serious and intimidating.  He pays attention to the details other role players mention and uses them to further the story for everyone. His style is refreshing and we love having you around!




🧡 Mackenzie Waters

You have been such a delight to be around in both IC and OOC. You're always making everyone laugh, and include all kinds of groups in your role play. We appreciate how immersive and story-driven your characters are. You have a positive attitude that always just rubs off on everyone you're around, and we're glad you're back to stay.





🧡 Tony Slippers (DeadParrot)

You are an interesting and on top of all entertaining figure no matter the character you play. From Mungo's violent tendencies to his sometimes next to puppy like behavior and bardic talent - wherever you go, you always bring something extra to the table and you are anything but bland. Can only look forwards with anxiety filled excitement to what future shenanigans there are waiting for Mr. Slippers and those fortunate enough to get involved in your RP.


🧡 Ivy Olsen

You're so funny, and we love watching you adapt into our community. We think you've done a great job with your mechanic role play, from duct taping to gluing cars together, which we can't get enough of. We've been told you're a breath of fresh air in the community, and have been an absolute delight to role play alongside. Keep up the great work, and we cant wait to see what Ivy and her sister get into next!

🧡 A-aron Fairchild

You've done a lot of things progression, and long term role play wise that may not be completely open to the public eye, but we see you! (#nometa) Your commitment to helping improve Benny's, and overall role play style is something we love to see. You're hilarious, and seemingly get along with anyone that comes your way in RP. Your a hell of a great driver, and #LSU wouldn't be the same without Aaron's fat face. (Umee said that, not me.)





🧡 Juan Pablo Zapato

Juan Pablo from the immersive mexican accent, to the loyalty to Santa Muerta Vagos even when you were left on your own, you stuck to the roleplay and built yourself back up. Branching out to business owner and looking to extend the roleplay in any way you can to include as many people as possible make you so much fun to roleplay with. You're a great community member, as well as a wonderful roleplayer. All in all, Juan Pablo - "you're pretty good!"


🧡 Ron Brady (DaveClap)

Your characters have always been entertaining to interact with. Whether it was Gayenor, and just having some great banter with always, to Ron Brady, the man with a mullet and fun accent. There's never a dull moment in your immersiveness in you or your characters. We can't wait to see what you do with your Lawyer, and are excited you decided to help the server with DOJ!

🧡 Keana

You've come a long way with your RP (not in a bad way)! We've geuninely loved watching your growth as a roleplayer, and the development your character has gone through. You're hilarious to be around, and none of your hardwork has gone unnoticed. It's nice to see you come out of your shell more. Keep up the great work!





🧡 Bart Nelson

You're incredibly funny and a great roleplayer to be around. You make it super easy to enjoy roleplay when roleplaying with your cop, and sometimes that can be really stressful in that position. You're also incredible at making other believe the character is real. Also, we fully support your thigh modeling career.


🧡 S. Shepard

You have progressed so much as a roleplayer. Your roleplay is always very engaging, and energetic. There's never a dull moment when any of your characters are around. We love how much setup, and the creativity comes from you, in any scenario you're involved with. Keep up the amazing work!

🧡 Brighton Beans

You always go above and beyond with helping the Hen House have great events! Also the never ending banter with Erick is always so freaking hilarious. We love your goofy pictures on Instagram, and how immersive you are in roleplay. We can't wait to see what else Brighton has in store for the city to unfold.





 🧡 Johnny Silverhand

We're so very glad you decided to stay around. You are a great role player and we've loved the different characters you've brought to the city! Johnny and his amazing fighting skills and epic entrance music, as well as Mouth Music and his epic beatboxing. See you around, samurai!


 🧡 Victoria Blackwood

We have really needed more people to help with the DOJ push, and girl we appreciate the crap out of you for it! Your lawyer RP has been phenomenal. You did such a great job with your case with the copyright claims. We can't wait to see what other court cases Vicky gets involved in with, in the future. She has changed ALOT in the last year!

 🧡 Kia Rondo

You're very outgoing and funny, and always willing to help out new people. You are such a great RPer, and very great at changing your RP style to fit any kind of scenarios you're thrown in. Your hard work with Tuned-In has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for putting so much great RP and effort into the city, and making everyone laugh.




 🧡 Sunshine Greenlake

You have shown great roleplay in the time you have been here with Sunshine Sexy Stylez. People have loved your immersive RP and the effort you put into it with the range of sound effects you use. It is refreshing to see! Keep up all the good work and we are all looking forward to roleplaying with you more in the future!


 🧡 Chaz Dingley

You have gone above and beyond with your news reporter roleplay. All the work you do OOC for the roleplay and have a freaking website for your articles shows how dedicated you are to your RP and it has not gone unnoticed. It has become normal seeing you at every event with your camera standing off to the side trying to get interviews. Keep up the great work!

 🧡 Alec Singer / Miles Manik

Where to start with this one, we have noticed you have consistently shown great roleplay on all your characters that you play and people have loved role playing with Zacks brother on your latest character Miles. You have shown the perfect balance of being serious when you need to be and being funny in your RP. It has not gone unnoticed how you help new members to our server within RP and talk them through things when they are unsure. It’s always a pleasure to RP with you, keep it up!





 🧡 Charles Peterson

We were really glad to see when you came back. (RIP Sergio #LBM) Charles is super outgoing, and funny, and always is great to be around. It's been great seen you and the guys down at Drift Works inspire quite the drift scene. You keep us laughing with just about every scenario. Sheeeesh!


 🧡 Matthew DesJardins

We are very proud and happy to see the accomplishments and improvements you've made in roleplay. You're very immersive when it comes to your PD acting, and a genuinely funny person to be with in RP. It's been amazing to watch you climb the ranks in PD from just a little rookie to a Master Trooper. Congrats and keep up the great work!

 🧡 Zack Manik

You have a very creative mind when it comes to your robberies and criminal activities. You've always brought laughter into everyone's roleplay. We love seeing you at Guido's power hours, and can't wait to see what you get into next in your next chapter. Never stop playing your Zack character, we love him!





 🧡 Tiffany Realson

Extremely creative mind when it comes to organizing events at the VU. Your amazing advertisement, consistently throughout the year and being able to bring all the girls together, it's great! Everyone always enjoys your VU events and it wouldn't be the same without you! Thank you for your very in-depth roleplay!


 🧡 Dallas DeFalco

We have missed you so much! You bring such uniqueness to each character you play and your new police character is hilarious! You really set a great example for role players. You're really great at making people laugh and seeing the comedic side of RP. We're so glad to have you back.

 🧡 Yaz Kareem

You're fairly new to our server but your kindness and funny remarks really lift up everyone's mood whenever they are around you. You go along with whatever people throw at you and you're always ready for a new adventure. From Bean Machine to Mechanic, you've been a pleasure to RP alongside with. Keep up the great work, and we're glad you've called NLRP your home!



🧡 Reginald Doofus 

He always has great roleplay, and has fun characters. We have loved watching his criminal get himself in trouble, and also sneakily get himself out of it too! You've been a real pleasant person to RP with and are really funny. We're also really really grateful to have you as a judge!

🧡 Zalena Steinbeck

She has been very helpful in trying to keep the community lively. From opening up businesses, to DJ'ing, to having just an overall fun character. We love the amount of smiles she tends to put on everyone's face. Thank you for always being there to help everyone out!

🧡 Mister Bobbie

While he is still very very new to the community, his roleplay is amazing. He has a very creative character, and great voice acting to match. He has been a new refreshing face to NLRP and we can't wait to see what else he gets up to in RP! Your lawyer RP is top notch!




🧡 Misha Davis 

Misha, your doctor roleplay is amazing! You have great immersive sound effects, and /me's. You're always willing to make people laugh, and smile. Thank your for taking on the tough role of doctor, and helping Pillbox run strong! We know its not easy, but it's greatly appreciated!

🧡 Rangie Saldangi

Rangie is such a creative character. The champ, the WINNER of Hen House boxing night! You always make us laugh with your "Ohhhh YEAAAH's" and funny mannerisms. You have a great voice to fit that character, and your acting skills are 10/10. Thanks for bringing some fun into the ring!

🧡 Jasper "Jaz" Mayn  

Jasper is such an amazing character. We don't wanna give out too much meta info, but your story line is so in-depth, and creative. You always include other people in your RP, and it doesn't always benefit yourself. You also do amazing voice acting and are very immersive when it comes to your character.

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