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May 28th Change Log


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May 28th Change Log

Thanks to all the Developers who did all these changes! This has been one of our bigger change logs in a while. Many thanks to Obama, Mack and Jeff ❤️ 

Don't forget our Community Meeting is this Sunday, May 30th at 5pm EST! It will be in discord and streamed on twitch as well. We hope everyone can make it! We have some exciting things to announce.



- Police, EMS, Mechanic cars should not be super expensive at LS customs anymore

- Some racing changes

- Some car handling tweaked

- 150+ new house props thanks to Kitty

- Paychecks are every 20 minutes instead of every 15 minutes

- Honda NSX has been replaced with a lower poly RHD model

- Crusade hospital blip has been removed

- Tequi-lala has an upstairs bar now

- Midnight lounge has a blip on the map 

- Rental prices of trucking lowered (Trucking will see other changes soon as well)

- Some 24/7 convenient store "interact" has been moved back

- SAFR has new liveries for their tahoe (coroner and pillbox staff ones)

- Station 7 vending machine now works

- Cars no longer automatically go back in your garage on server restart. You now must pay impound fee if your car never makes it back to the garage. (This was a QOL that we thought was necessary given people not valuing their cars. If lack of valuing cars continue (from many people), we may increase impound costs or continue warning for it.)

- Emote changed for a few drugs

- Vehicles now stall for a couple of seconds if you crash them at a certain speed

- Jail time now decays at a rate of 15 x slower while offline. (Example: 10 minute sentence online = 150 minutes offline). This means you can play another character while in prison or log off and not have to sit in jail afk

- /emsrevive now heals the player as well and stops bleeding, injuries, limping, irritation etc.

- Weapon animation no longer plays when you get out of a car. (no more being able to meta if someone has a gun on them by them touching their booty)

- /scenes menu is easier to navigate through now

- Keybinds updated in loading screen

- When swimming underwater you now get a notification when you are running out of air

- /me command added whenever you craft anything (this will be monitored for meta gaming and if we as admins start to see issues with it, we will remove it on some items)

- Drinking and eating certain foods now have better animations

- Police Tahoe is no longer available for master troopers

- Removed the run vehicle plate from the police f6 menu.

- Motorcycles and Bikes no longer force a default helmet on your character

- Vehicle Stations for emergency services have some changes made to them

- When one bank is robbed, no other bank can be robbed for a certain time frame (we will monitor this change as well)

- Criminal activity payouts have been buffed to make it more rewarding for the risk you will be taking to complete one, with the buff and bank cooldown the admins will be monitoring the RP provided at said bank jobs to make sure people are providing new and an exciting RP for all parties involved.





Bug Fixes


- Annis hellion trunk space now reflects the size of the vehicle

- Drive thrus can now be accessed from the car by pressing "E"

- Chop shop now allows you to properly chop a 2 door car without having to take 4 doors off a panto etc.

- Weapons now have a weight in your inventory

- Jail menu fixed for police

- You no longer get released from jail by relogging after doing certain things in jail

- No longer have to buy tattoos twice in order for the last one to save

- Weapons script cleaned up heavily for performance

- When juicing peaches, if your inventory is full it will not let you turn the peaches in the juice despite the fact that you will have space once the peaches are gone - has been fixed

- When picking peaches, if you have space for one more but you pick more than one it will not accept the extra peach - has been fixed

- When choosing a walk and then going back to default and crouching the custom walk no longer comes back.

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