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Community Meeting 5/30/2021 Transcript

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Extending Roleplay/Win/Cop Mentality


  • I want to talk a little bit on a trend I am seeing lately within RP, first of all let me say you guys are super important to the way new people perceive the server when they first join and if their first interaction is with a “hook and book” cop with little to no roleplay then that first impression is not going to be good. It is completely fine doing the job because that’s how it would be IRL but we gotta remember this is an RP server and is not real life so we have room to bend a few things that would not happen IRL. As a crim I think I would be much happier spending the time in prison IF I had good interactions or a good chase before it all.
  • Too often we are seeing a car chase that should lead into a fun little foot chase end too quickly with someone tazing and instantly cuffing the person leaving no room for the other person to respond or do anything, we have a tackle mechanic for a reason, use it and when you do manage to tackle them before going in for cuffs ask for them to turn around and put hands up so its safe for you to go in for a cuff, not whilst they are in the tackled animation where they can do anything, yes they can start running again which is fine then you can warn them that they are going to be tazed if they don't stop and if they don't taze them that's fine, saying this crims if the cops have tackled and surrounded you and asked for you to put your hands up stop running and comply, this goes both ways, it’s kind of win mentality abusing your PD powers, there is a reason why it is a whitelisted job and requires more steps to get into than other jobs as you have a lot of tools at your disposal and just because you does not mean you should have to use them all the time.
  • This leads me into my next point about matching the level of weapon the crims are using to make the interaction fair to an extent, there were situations while i was on duty where a crim was using a melee weapon and swung at an officer and missed but the officer decided to pull a gun and down the crim, you have batons use them if you need to, you guys have a toolbelt full of stuff that can be used to defuse any situation, just take a step back and think about it before engaging.
  • My last point is being aware of how many officers are responding to a call and not inserting yourself into a scenario you was not initially part of, remember we changed the rule somewhat in your favour, you are to match the number of the crims +2 so you will always outnumber them, communicate how many people are involved and communicate who is responding and if you are not part then you should not be responding, we will start to enforce this rule more if we carry on seeing it broken and we get reports about it, also let the officers who were initially on scene decide what is happening, same scenario as I mentioned above about the crim who swung a crowbar at an officer once and then ran, when he ran we was on a foot chase with him and another officer came and basically did a drive by on him and drove off, that was not your scenario to insert yourself in as you was not part of the initial interaction. Nothing wrong with being a hard ass cop, or a hook and book cop but you can be both while still extending the roleplay for the person you are roleplaying with, thank you for coming to my ted talk.



Email Roleplay


  • In regard to the "email RP," emails for documents that you need to "sign in-character" are fine such as and not limited to: Dynasty 8 documents, PD warrants and documents, business contracts, order forms for businesses, and lawyer documents.
  • Emails such as: “Hey, are you awake?” “Hey, did you just shoot this gang member?” “Hey, did you get kidnapped?” are bad and considered metagaming (even if you address it "ic thru dms"). You should NOT be using Discord as a “group chat” for a gang or for meta information. If it is something you can utilize a phone in-character for to text/call someone or have a face-to-face conversation, you should not email (DM someone). Text messages do not need to be responded to right away.. let the rp slowburn and wait for a response in character. Only in situations where you absolutely must and cannot conduct the RP through in-game means should Discord be utilized (reasons above).
  • Essentially before “you email another player” think.. Can this be done in game without discord. If it is something you can text a player, text it to them. You can send photos over the phone, you can tweet, call, etc. You do not need to get an instant response. Part of the fun of roleplay is logging in to seeing a bunch of texts and messages on your phone from stuff that you may not have been around for. I personally log in to 10+ texts every day on Matt. I enjoy spending my first few moments waking up and responding to all the texts.. Most of the time someone responds and then I instantly get roleplay without having to search around. Playing phone tag with others can be a lot of fun.. Matt and Alec have been playing phone tag for like 3 weeks at this rate, and I have no interest in rushing the RP we have “through emails”. It feels way more genuine and immersive when it is all done through in game and in character means. It’s not really immersive when you get “an email” and the message above it is a message that has nothing to do with RP.



Response Forms


  • Just going to briefly go over some of the response forms that we got from the announcements. Anything I do not cover will either be covered later in the meeting, is something dev related and is being discussed or is something the admin team did not think needed to be discussed at this time. We wanted to bring up more noteworthy issues, or bigger community problems. If your response wasn’t answered and you still want to talk about it, feel free to shoot me a DM.
  • Perma RP - Please do not auto disconnect when perma’ing your character. We do have a mortician who loves that kind of roleplay and it is a very limited role play she gets, as people do not perma very often. It may not seem like a lot to you but it is to her. If it becomes ‘too much’ just /looc her, and she will do less in depth when requested. 
  • Driving - There’s no reason to be constantly driving at your car’s top speed just because you can. If you’re rushing someone to hospital because they’re injured and there’s no one from SAFR around? Fine. Racing? Fine. Running from cops? Fine. So on so forth. But just to be going fast just ‘cuz you can is pointless. I’m not saying you can’t be a criminal and have to stop at every red light and go the speed limit. I’m just saying to slow it down a bit. 
  • Job progression - Like trucking, there were several requests for civ jobs to have progression stats. Just a quick update, the devs liked this idea, and it’s something they will be working on. - Also a note: some changes to trucking are coming. - We will look into balancing jobs so they are a bit more equivalent. 
  • Dropping items - Please stop reporting dropped items. With infinity it does not cause server lag like it used to. The only time it needs to be brought to our attention is when it's like 30+ different items that haven’t been picked up. If it’s like 5-10, just snag ‘em and pawn them if you want, or leave them. You never know if it could be part of someone’s RP. I did ask Jeff, our dev, if we could make them not float in the air, and he said he’d look into making them go to the floor so they don’t look weird.
  • Jobs -
    • Clothing: Wear clothes that make sense to what your character is doing. If you’re picking peaches you shouldn’t be wearing a suit. If you’re a mechanic, you shouldn’t be wearing swimwear. We’re all trying to be more immersive, and this is just one little thing that gives more depth to your roleplay.
    • Camping/Robbing: There should be slim to no reason you should be job camping with intent to rob a civilian doing a job. If you’re that desperate for money, go work for it yourself. If you’re a gang character, go beef with other gang characters, make a storyline out of it, then rob them. The only time you should ever be robbing someone doing harmless jobs is if you genuinely have a storyline built up with that person already, and this is potentially a revenge or retaliation in regards to that conflict. We will start warning people who are aimlessly robbing people for no reason. Make your RP make sense. You’re supposed to be logging in with intent for roleplay, not GTA Online.



Vehicle Balancing Poll

  • We have had a few people mention how fast our cars go in the server and wanted everything slowed down to a more realistic version of handling and speed, what this would mean is more realistic acceleration even though its pretty good in that aspect right now, for example the tuner cars that are priced between 400 to 900k are 10 second cars which means they do a ¼ mile around 10 seconds. Slowing down cars to the point that the fastest cars would do around 200 would also help people who fall through the map when driving fast. We are going to do a poll and what the majority wants and I will work towards that. My aim was to make it semi realistic and fun at the same time because it is a video game at the end of the day and we all play to have fun
    • Keep cars as they are now, no change
    • Reduce speeds/acceleration/handling down by approx. 25%
    • Complete overhaul, realistic handling, more chances for cars to spin out and be less controllable at high speeds etc. Keep in mind this will make a lot of cars drive the same and won’t be individually unique as they are now.


IC vs. OOC


  • Once again, people not being able to separate IC and OOC are becoming a prevalent and common issue. Obviously, every single character in the city isn't going to get along, there's conflict RP and we support it. However, you, as a role-player, need to draw the line on where that conflict ends. Just because a character shot you IC doesn't mean you should go to a private and hidden Discord room with your friend group and sit there and shit talk them. NoLimits is a community of adults, with the exception of a few children (Zod), you should all be mature about the situation. Going into a private Discord call or text channel to make fun of someone and giggle about someone because of what they did IC is childish and has no place in this community. If you've gotten to the point where you can't separate this IC and OOC conflict, you either need to take a break or quit RP. IC conflict has no place OOC and OOC conflict has no place IC. Going after someone IC due to something they did or said OOC is first off, metagaming, and second off, immature. Conflict RP is supposed to have an end goal, the majority of conflict lately has just been a bunch of bickering between groups of individuals with no end goal or objective in sight, it's just bickering to bicker and it reflects poorly on the image of the entire community. Constantly going after another character every single day of nearly every single hour is NOT okay and is borderline bullying. Constant character conflict makes people not want to get on because they know they'll just get attacked by the same group of people. This goes along with slowing down RP; slow down your RP and think of more creative ways to create conflict rather than bickering over Twitter or shooting one another, there's plenty of creative people in this community so we know you're capable. If you feel that RP is affecting you OOC, and it can happen, open a ticket and discuss it with the admin team so we can advise you on how to proceed to evade that RP or consider taking a break from RP.
  • To touch up on relationship RP again, we, the admin team, do occasionally receive complaints about community members harassing or messaging others that they participate in relationship RP with OOC. If this happens, block the player through all avenues of communication, and if it continues, please let us know so we can take appropriate action. We have and will continue to remove community members who harass other community members or make others uncomfortable. The big takeaway with relationship RP in the city is that it is just that: roleplay. We understand that occasionally relationship RP can and will make its way out of the city, but please ensure that this is only done if both parties willingly understand and consent. Do not continue to try to take relationship RP OOC if the other party does not show interest. NoLimits isn't Tinder. If you message someone OOC and they don’t respond, take the hint. Just because someone wants to hold your hand IC does not mean they want to do it OOC. One of the big tips to ensure that IC RP does not bleed OOC is to ensure that you're playing a character different from yourselves. Many community players aren't playing characters, they're either just playing themselves or an exaggerated persona of themselves. Playing a character that's similar to you is only going to cause you to take IC conflict, things said and done to your character, OOC and make you upset. When you roleplay yourself, it's harder to comprehend that you're actually playing a character instead and that what's happening is happening to your character and not you personally.
  • To summarize, in regard to those who are bringing OOC conflict IC and creating IC conflict because of it, stop it. Just because you dislike someone’s roleplay or dislike an individual OOC does not mean you need to create conflict with them 24/7. If you dislike someone’s roleplay, avoid them as best as possible. Bringing your OOC quarrels in-game ruins the roleplaying experience for those who see it and are around it. Just because someone said something about you OOC doesn’t mean you need to bring it IC and shoot them for it or ruin their interactions with others. Nor do you need to take conflict that occurs IC into private text channels and Discord calls and make snide remarks about other community members. Once again, being unable to separate IC and OOC RP has no place in this community and WILL result in retaliation from the admin team.



Better Explanation of Roleplay vs. Ruleplay


  • We would like to remind everyone that the concept of roleplay over ruleplay doesn’t give you the right to break server rules. There are a few things that you need to consider before intentionally breaking a rule, stuff like, What rule is being broken, with who are you breaking that rule. If a rule break can create some fun and enjoyable roleplay for both sides, then it is fine. Both sides should be having fun. Rules should not be broken just because “you want to win a scenario”
  • To expand more I’d like to reference 1 of our old announcements about roleplay vs ruleplay. For example Fail drive: If you’re by yourself or with a friend and want to enjoy a silly ride up mount chililad in a twizzy or supercar, Go for it. But if you're running from the cops and you want to get away so you yeet your Bugatti up a mountain , yeah no.. don’t do that
  • Rdm /VDM you want to punch your friend just cuz they have a bug on their face, want to hit your friend (with a car) that is waiting for you to pick them up? Go for it.
  • You saw your enemy and you decided to run them over cuz your character doesn’t like them, yeah no.  There are many more examples but you can get my point. Just in general have fun with your roleplay while making others have fun with it too!
  • Please try to avoid reporting RP scenarios for other people that you weren’t involved in . Do not revenge report other players. We know when you are revenge reporting. Example: Person A reports you for something. And then you open a ticket about something person A did in RP to you 3 days ago after you get /warned or banned for something. If you didn’t have an issue with it 3 days ago, you don’t now.
  • Warnings aren’t that big of a deal unless you get reported for the same type of RP multiple times. Warnings are just a documentation for admins to know that you were talked to about a scenario that could have been improved



Discord Meta


  • We have the rule of having a senior admin or above in all discords that relate to NLRP. Any discord for a business or gang must have a senior admin or above in. This also includes ANY PRIVATE DISCORDS that has ANY information regarding the NLRP community in it. If you have a private discord that has information relating to anything IC in a hidden room and we find out as admins, there will be consequences for this. Discords are not meant to be a meta fest. 
  • Some things that you can use NLRP related discords for include:
    • Scheduling meetings and events with employees, groups
    • Writing rules, regulations, SOP for the group or business
    • Posting votes, polls, photos of members (not recipes)
    • Phone numbers, radio frequencies
    • Ads, announcements
    • You must have a senior admin + in your discord with all permissions and access to every channel
    • Post inventory or stock and prices once it is discussed in character
  • Do not:
    • Have full blown in character conversations “through a group chat”.. Do it IC. Set a time to meet up in character in the city… OOC convos are whatever as long as nothing IC is brought up through those.
    • Post things that happened at a specific location or conflict. Meet up in the city to discuss this “beef”
    • Use info found in your discord that you have not found out about in character (have a meeting to learn the info.. Not just a discord room that you saw while laying in bed irl)
    • Do not have private discords that you claim aren’t NLRP related but have private channels hidden from most of the discord that talk about in city related things
    • Recipes.. Do not just post photos of recipes.. Teach them in character through roleplay. Tell them what they need, do not just be like here is a photo of my screen!
  • Misc.:
    • Dark chat has been fixed up so the messages are not randomly jumbled anymore. Start using that a lot more when you notice the change is put in the next update.
    • We don't care if you tell people ooc if you plan on being around or your schedule IRL. Just do not “hey are u flying in”... find out through IC means if someone is around and in the city. Not through a discord message. Text someone when you wake up.



Self Transporting (To Hospitals)


  •  So we have heard from both sides of community, ems and civilians alike that some people are self transporting, which we would just like to say is completely fine in some cases, like in real life you probably wouldn't call an ambulance for the smallest thing and you might transport yourself to the hospital on your own, which again is completely fine, but there is a fine line between self transporting that makes sense and then having potential medical RP stopped
  • (scenario) say for instance that you are just chilling with your friends and someone falls down a flight of stairs and role plays out that he has a fractured wrist, having yourself or friends transport you to the hospital is more than alright, where as on the contrary imagine you were just in a vehicle collision at 150 MPH and you are roleplaying out that you broke one leg, and both arms, that is most likely something that you would not transport yourself or have someone else help transport to pillbox, boom that is where you would call and EMS to help with that scene as they (in RP) would have the tools to treat that. 
  • Now this does not mean think about self transporting hyper realistic here as at the end of the day it is roleplay and we are all here to have fun and have fun interactions, if you want to just go that extra mile then don't self transport in a time where you think you technically could, and give the EMS that roleplay, have fun with injury RP it has the potential to be the best. 
  • Just a little PSA if you want to come into the medical field in RP but you are struggling because you don't know much about how to treat injuries, our amazing nurse Misha Davis has made a copy and paste /me guides for all injuries, if you have any interests in working in pillbox as a doctor please feel free to reach out to Misha on discord for more information



DOJ / Lawyer

  • With the re-launch of DoJ the lawyers and judges will be roleplaying out different scenarios involving paperwork. (Marriage licenses, requests for name change, divorce decrees, etc.) to add to the immersion of DoJ roleplay. If you were already 'married' before DoJ was implemented and are asked for a marriage license by someone from the courts, you can just "/me hands over necessary paperwork" We are not requiring actual physical documents. If you would like to produce these documents to add to the immersion of the roleplay that's fine too.

Matt | Director | Matthew#9727

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