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June 18th Change Log


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June 18th Change Log




- New key system! Keys no longer get buggy with the lock and unlock feature! You now get a set of keys whenever you spawn a car (police menus, garages, rentals, jobs etc.). This is not permanent (it resets when cars are put back in the garage / deleted / despawned etc.). Anyone with keys can lock the car and unlock it. For example: Stacy has a set of keys to Matt's house. Stacy goes to Matt's garage and spawns Matt's Panto. Stacy automatically gets keys for that panto. She can lock it and unlock it and store it back in the house garage. If Stacy DOES NOT do /keys give to matt, Matt will NOT have keys to HIS panto. Essentially, you only get keys to a car if you spawn it, regardless if you own it, or if the driver gives you keys. The keys disappear for everyone when the car is garaged or server restart. Keys do not last permanently. Cars are still registered in the database for the person who bought it. Which means if Stacy got pulled over in Matt's panto, it would come back to Matt. Stacy also can NOT sell the car, even if she tried. Police cars can now be locked. (Eventually the blacklist for police, ambulances and tow trucks will be removed since the lock system is 10x better). (Also eventually local cars will be locked and you will need to lock pick into them, but for now, you can steal local cars and get keys to them and lock them etc.) The new commands:

  • /keys give - this gives keys to the passenger seat player (you must be in driver seat to do this)
  • /keys remove - throws keys out the window of the car (must be in the car)
  • /keys grab - grab keys for the car from the driver seat 

- New feature added when you hold rev on a car

- Loading screen has some new photos and music

- The amount of trucking stops has been decreased (many people complained that trucking had sometimes been too grueling)

- You no longer aggressively speed walk after shooting and punching

- DMV test has been moved down south 

- Auto school MLO has been removed

- Milk added to convenient store . . . and beans. . .

- Burgershot store can now be accessed behind the counter as well

- Some trunk sizes increased

- Some new custom items for businesses added in (You know who you are, open a ticket whenever :)) 

- Tequi-lala now has a custom job (do a /report to ask for it), a society, and door locks on the doors to prevent squatters 

- Tons of more stuff, but FIND OUT IN CHARACTER 😉 



Bug Fixes


- Weapons that had issues being put into trunks have been fixed

- Dark chat now does not jumble the message history and stays in order

- No longer get notification that car is stalling when passenger

- The ped for oxy sales now shows for everyone in the server and is not invisible for other people

- Drowning notification fixed

- Throwable items no longer stay in inventory and glitch out (causing you to have to drop them)

- Two glitchy crafting tables moved to a more safe location (near the same spot)

- Weapons now properly calculate the weight when you are buying items (you no longer will go over weight limit)

- Riding a bike should no longer have a glitchy hat effect for players.

- Lexus GX460 dirt texture fixed

- Harley Davidson seating position for driver fixed

- Police BMW dirt textures fixed

- A lot of EMS and PD cars had their LODs lowered (meaning their lights and car won't be loading in from miles away)

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