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Community Meeting 8/8/2021 Transcript


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Admin Clarifications / Petty Reports / Spawning Stuff

  • Hello everyone, I am going to make clearer how all the spawning in stuff with guns works with admins. The guns that are spawned in are to control the numbers of guns out on the server and from the outside looking in we think it is working really well, we spawn stuff JUST to control numbers of certain weapons in the server NOT for personal gain of our characters. Once we spawn X amount of whatever in and it is handed off to other members of the community the money gotten for the RP is put into a car and deleted off the server, we couldn't care less about the pixel money you get from it, we make RP scenarios out of it, whether that be a convoy, a drop off, anything for us to have a little fun and make it more immersive for everyone involved.
  • My second point is a bit silly to bring up but we have had complaints about it so I am going to address it. People have said “admins don’t go to the events I put on” or something along those lines. First of all being an admin is an OOC role and has no impact on the characters we play, second of all if we have RP reasons to not go to events we are going to follow our character's storyline in that aspect and not go. A good roleplayer tries to support other roleplayers when they do stuff in RP but a good roleplayer also follows their characters storyline and stays true to it and makes it make sense, for example try to be a scary gang who everyone fears, yet you do memeing stuff with PD and civs, if you are a gang be a gang, you should not get along with the whole server. This going the other way too, if you do gang like activities and a gang does some gang shit to you then you can't complain if you are playing just a “Civ”, these are just some examples which segways nicely into the next subject which is gang RP with currency but the main point is admin is an OOC title, our characters are not admins, onto you currency…
  • We also have seen an increase in a lot of petty reports, a lot of people not roleplaying the scenario out first before reporting it and while its going on getting OOC salty about it and saying borderline OOC stuff IC and then reporting every little thing cos you might not like the person ooc/ic which comes across that you are mixing OOC and IC, this is completely unacceptable, if we are to hold ourselves and everyone around us that we RP with to a higher standard of roleplay then we all have to set the example for each other. We are human at the end of the day, not every single scenario is going to go your way or be 100% within the rules, sometimes shit happens, there are no wins and loses in RP, each situation you find yourself in is story progression NOT a win/lose situation, roll with the punches.




Sexual / Vulgar Roleplay

  • Should not be saying sexual things in front of people that you don’t know. This can be very uncomfortable and unwanted
  • Should not be making sexual scenes (condoms, certain liquids etc)
  • Should not be making gross scenes (fecal matter and pee)
  • Should not be doing /me’s that aren't sexual but are intended sexual. /notice her cat purr (in context this is still ERP and we don’t allow this)
  • Should not be doing certain emotes that clearly imply sexual interactions




Valuing Lives


  • Cops: Okay, I’m going to start off with pd, lately we’ve been having a lot and I mean A LOT of reports about nvl and i don’t mean just cops not valuing their own life but not valuing other people's lives too. For bank robberies I understand that it’s kinda repetitive for you guys when it comes to the same demands but that’s how it is on this server and any server you’re going to play on and I’m sure you guys don’t / Shouldn't be upset with that as I’m sure chasing the criminals is way more fun than sitting at mrpd filling out the paperwork. So when you’re negotiating with suspects and they threaten to shoot the hostage don’t go “ If you shoot him I shoot you” No that’s not okay, you’re implying that you don’t care about the hostage’s life or it’s okay for the hostage to be shot cuz you’re going to shoot the criminals. Instead try to de-escalate the situation and show them that you care about the hostage life as it should be your number 1 priority. Now when it comes to shootouts, this is going to be as simple as I can put it. If you’re in a shootout and you go down and somehow get transported to pillbox and by the time you’re out the shootout is still going. Don’t  I repeat DON'T go back. Value your life you’ve just been shot and you’re still injured, going back into the shootout is suicide. What you should do is wait till it’s over and then you can go help transport the downed people but don’t get involved in the shootout
  • Crimes: Moving on to criminals. For the love of god please stop having the “No man left behind” mentality for example getting into a shootout and leaving and THEN coming back for that 1 friend that got downed. No this isn’t being a good friend or whatever you wanna call it. It’s NVL, take a moment to think about it, is it really worth putting everything you worked for at stake and I mean the rp you bullied up, all the cars you got and all the connections you made on that character just for that 1 person not to go to jail for x amount of time ? That’s how your character should be thinking. You’re about to go shoot up the whole pd ( possibly hit the person you’re trying to save in cross fire) and potentially risk your life for 1 person going to jail and it’s not even prison for life. This doesn’t just apply to pd and crime, I’m talking crime on crime too. Is it really worth risking your gang members and your life for a shootout / gang war over someone calling you a bitch or even twitter drama? No not really.. So make your rp make sense
  • Civs: Now civs, being in a car doesn’t remove the NVL rule, I’ve noticed this happens wayyy too many times where civs would get guns pointed at them and they would just drive off. Some would argue that “ oh I’ll just duck and hope the bullets don’t hit me cuz I’m valuing my life” No, you’re just saying no to potential RP by running away. You don’t know what that person wants from you, could be someone robbing you that you’ll go hunt them after for revenge or you could be a hostage for a fun bank robbery or try to talk to the crimes and have 1 of them slip a name or something that can help pd find them.There could be a lot of fun things to do from just being a hostage but driving off and hoping bullets don’t hit you isn’t the best way. As well as if you’re just a civ not a criminal. Don’t go after big gangs. It doesn’t make sense for business owners and civs to go start shit with gang members that can just shoot you and end your life. Stop thinking like oh, I’ll just be shot, revived and continue to talk shit. Value your life.





  • Hello everyone, I'm here today to talk to you all about creativity in roleplay. Lately it has seemed that everyone including myself and other admins are stuck in the same old rut. We log in, fix a car or two, go to guidos, yeet to your house and then log off to do the same thing the next day. There’s something to be said about switching up your every day, same old, same old to make everything more interesting for everyone. Now I know what you’re saying, “well I can’t play a crazy old Mexican lady who runs around with an old British man yelling dementia gang” but here’s the thing you don’t have to. There’s more ways to be creative than just creating a new character that’s completely out of the ordinary and while we strive for everyone to be different we also strive to have everyone be as creative as they can be. 
  • So how can I be creative? Well first things first branch out, you don’t have to have constant dance parties with your friends, you can go, grab a taxi and show a new person around town making new friends for the both of you. Y’all need to allow yourselves and your groups to be more inviting and to let more people in, you can’t judge a book by its cover and that person might be the one to constantly crack jokes and keep you all laughing but you never know until you live a little. Or they could be someone that you think is a friend and instead is a rat for the opposing gang and ends up stabbing you in the back. You never know what a new person may bring to your group but until you let others in you’ll never know what could’ve happened. 
  • The second thing I wanna talk about is being creative as a criminal and as a cop. This is something I cannot stress enough… creativity goes both ways. Criminals let me tell you something, y’all need to have some fun and try something different. Instead of bank hopping for three hours spend an hour planning out the most perfect heist for you and your boys. Then go and find your victim that you’re going to use as a hostage, not your friend, if you use your friend grandma will personally walk into the bank to chop you with her machete. Then once you have your hostage or even hostages if your plan was good enough then go rob the bank. At the bank don’t ask for the Los Santos special, allow for your roleplay to happen. Make each cop pop one of their tires and then go on your chase. Let me also say this…. Crims and Cops… you both have to be willing to win and lose, because let me tell you something. That money that you just got from the bank isn’t real and you’re not going to jail irl to get your hand held by big tiny. No you’re providing a fun experience for both yourself and the cops and you can make that money for your Jesko another day. 
  • Creativity is not about the cars you have or the money in your bank and inventory. It’s about providing a fun experience for everyone involved. At the end of the day it’s a game, nobody that you walk up to at the grocery store is going to care that you ride around in a Bugatti, clapping cops and drugs, hell you’d tell me that and I’d laugh my butt off while calling the cops because you’re insane. What I would care about though is you sitting there laughing your ass off while telling me how you juked three cops in a reliant Robin by hiding in a bush while dressed in a clown costume. Just have fun and let yourself be open. Make friends and let your creativity guide your experiences, try something new while letting yourself get caught. Winning or losing do not matter. What matters is whether or not you, pd, safr, mechanics, your friends, the hostage, and any one else that may be witnessing whatever you are doing have fun.



OOC vs. IC

  • People DMing OOC because of RP conflicts .. open a ticket or don’t respond If you have a problem with something that happened IC, report it. Do NOT go into that persons Discord DM’s and berate them for it. Don’t go and vent your frustrations to them, or anyone else who will listen. Leave it in the server, deal with it in the server. Don’t take the OOC feelings you have about what happened IC into someone else’s DMs. If you get a negative DM from someone about RP that happened, don’t engage. Don’t fuel their fire. Take a screenshot and report it and we can talk to them about taking things OOC. There is NOTHING that cannot be solved in character. There is rarely a reason to take anything to someone’s DMs
  • In RP insults are taken more seriously than Gun play, where in real life shootings are a whole lot worse than any fighting words. Deadly violence needs to be taken seriously. Gunplay ENDS Roleplay. Those that have known me for a while, know that I have probably said that line a thousand times. Guns are tools for roleplay, but they are tools for intimidation. Having a gun in your hand - not even pointing it- should make the person you’re engaging with take notice. Roleplay needs to be taken more seriously. If you were out somewhere and someone pulled out a gun- your entire demeanor changes. You do not want to upset this person, because you might die. You only get one life IRL right? You’re supposed to have that same feeling in server. 99 times out of 100 if you pull a gun on someone in server you SHOULDN’T SHOOT IT. It’s a tool to get that person to comply. If they don’t comply, aim the gun at them. If they still don’t comply - REPORT THEM for not valuing their life. The amount of gun fights in the server that people engage in on a daily basis is fucking stupid. The point was driven home to the admin team when we realized people took their life MORE SERIOUSLY in the purge event than they do everyday in a roleplay sense. That’s sad. Actually shooting someone - taking another persons life - IS A HUGE FUCKING DEAL. There’s mental ramifications from murdering someone, there’s legal ramifications- life in prison. I’m sure we all have felt the urge to just end someone IRL because of the frustration they cause. But we don’t because we think of the ramifications and it’s not worth it. We ask you to think of the ramifications in character and not be so quick to pull the trigger. “But I’m in a gang- gangsters don’t care - gangsters shoot” Here’s the thing- You’re NOT a gangster- you’re roleplaying. Roleplaying a gangster is all about building up the conflict, and if you are so quick to shoot that you don’t allow people to truly roleplay with you, then you’re not roleplaying. Go play GTA Online, and shoot whoever you want. There are plenty of other ways to strike fear in those around you, and intimidate those you come in contact with- without shooting your gun… ever. Keep in mind - Once you down someone , they don’t remember what happened. The fear you think you put in their head is gone. Want someone to fear you? Take them somewhere, threaten them, and leave them there… alive. So they remember the interaction. Be creative and use your imagination. The people who shoot all the time are not the ones being recognized in RP appreciation. Roleplay is a dance - why would I recommend a partner who stepped on my toes and didn’t let me dance with them?
  • People need to understand the consequences of their RP actions, both positive and negative.  When you do something in roleplay you gave a piece. Everyone involved gets the opportunity to add to it, and give their piece. Roleplay is essentially improv. Everyone adds to it. The outcome is not up for any one person to decide. You never know where things will end up. The things you do or say in roleplay have consequences - good and bad. You need to roll with the punches if something turns out differently than you expected. It’s the beauty of roleplay. You never know how things are going to turn out. Just deal with it in character, keep it all in the server and enjoy the ride.
  • People are not playing characters, but themselves and that is the reason why they can’t separate IC & OOC issues. When you’re new to roleplay it’s really easy to create a character very similar to yourself to get used to roleplay. You know how you’d react to different things and it makes that initial adjustment easier. I completely understand the reasoning, but I’m here to tell you it will end up causing more problems than it’s worth. When you play someone so completely different from yourself it’s really easy to separate the character and the roleplayer. Things can happen in character and you laugh them off out of character. It’s not a big deal - it doesn’t bother you. It’s very obvious that what happened doesn’t affect you personally, because you would have handled that in a different way. Said something else, done something else. There are distinct differences between you and the character. This is improv acting, it’s the true definition of roleplaying. Taking on a ROLE to play out. 
  • When you log in and essentially play an avatar of yourself the things people say or do to your character bother you. Your feelings get hurt, you take offense. You -behind the keyboard- feel an intense emotional response to what is happening to your video game avatar. It’s especially true in conflict. Someone wrongs you in roleplay, the scene is over and you log out- still having that feeling of being wronged. Like it happened to you. This leads to an inability to separate IC and OOC. Someone made you mad in character, and now you’re mad IRL. This behavior is what I refer to as “second lifeing. It’s not improv acting, you’re not playing a character, you’re just hanging out in a virtual world as an avatar of yourself. It’s not roleplay. People who second life in the server are bringing down the quality of roleplay for everyone who interacts with them. If you feel offended right now, I suggest you get out of your comfort zone and create an alt character. Someone completely different from you, and I promise you’ll enjoy the interactions so much more than you do right now.




Gang Roleplay

  • Gang RP is clowny
  • Everyone is friends, helping each other because ‘friends’. For a gang it is ok to like people, want the best for them. However, you should be more focused on your own members. Making sure they are fed first. Sure a friend of yours might be robbed. Maybe you find out it is some random person and you help them. If you find out, or know it was a gang then your attitude towards that should be “well shit happens”, not to run and defend your friend at all cost. So many people have connected characters that do so much, it is impossible not to have conflict with someone who is no “friends” with a gang. Makes it so everyone is friends with everyone and conflict seems petty.
  • Be slower with the gang rp. Have a reason for what you do. 
  • Stop poking bears with gangs. Talk shit to a gang expect them to come find you. If you do not want that RP, think it is dumb, then do not RP that way. Leave a gang alone and they will leave you alone
  • Cops should be the “X” factor in your gang rp. Your gang RP should not be surrounded by going after PD numerous times.




Inclusivity, LGBT Friendly

  • As a community it's very important everyone feels comfortable and valued. We've been noticing lately that some people seem to have forgotten that we're all just humans and want to remind everyone; You should be treating everyone with respect and not discriminate/harass based on ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender or any other identifying characteristic to a person. We have people from all over the world, with different backgrounds, in our community, and we are proud to say this. We take pride knowing that we have reached so many different and wonderful people all across the world as a community. You should especially not be making jokes about sexuality, race and genders. There is a fine line between "funny" and harassment, we are a whitelisted server and 99% of you are 18+, meaning you agreed to our rules and have an understanding of what is socially acceptable in todays current world. We all play video games as an escape from reality, we roleplay to be someone who we may not be able to be in the real world. Respect each other. Just because you are a part of that sexuality/race/gender does not mean you can make jokes about it. Sure, it may not be offensive coming from your friend, but if a random person hears that, and then makes that joke, people get offended and we get reports, leading to people say "well so and so said that to x and didn't get in trouble". We can see you guys sending n-word over text or the f-word over text, and ooc in our discord as well. This has to stop, and we will start taking action when we notice it, even if no one reports it. Everyone has a place in our community. If you at any point feel like someone is not treating you equally or mistreating you for reasons above, please report this to the staff. We care about our community and will take the necessary actions to make this community an enjoyable place for everyone. We have removed players in the past for harassment, and will continue to do so if needed.
  • Do not bring up racist, homophobia, rape, child molestation, or anything else that can be a sensitive topic. We are here to RP and have FUN. It is not fun to deal with hearing or seeing that type of stuff in RP. If someone does bring up anything that can be racist, REPORT IT. do not feed into the rp and continue it and label each other ‘racist’ or ‘homophobic’ you are apart of the problem if you continue that rp.




Mob Mentality / Crim & Civ Roleplay / Win Mentality

  • As of late, the admin team has received an increased amount of reports disparaging criminal vs. cop roleplay. There has been an increased amount of cop-baiting, mob mentality, and win mentality from both sides. Both cops and criminals are guilty of this and neither side is innocent, so please don’t go around pointing fingers. As you all know, baiting cops by doing burnouts in front of them, shooting, or just doing stupid stuff to incite a chase or shootout is NOT allowed. You will be warned or banned for baiting cops, so stop participating in this behavior, you know who you are. Additionally, some criminals are guilty of only doing criminal activities when they KNOW they outnumber the cops by doing /players and seeing cop activity is low. Doing this is win mentality to an extreme. You shouldn’t only conduct criminal activities when you know you can win against the amount of cops that are online. As a general guideline and rule of thumb, if the cop activity is low, you should do criminal activities in groups of 4, if the activity is medium, then groups of 5, and if the cop activity is high, then running around with 6 people would enable both sides more interesting roleplay and make it more fun for both parties. By no means is this guideline a rule, if we receive reports about “they have 6 criminals and the cop activity is low” we will simply inform you that it’s not a rule and close the ticket. This is simply advice we’re trying to pass onto the community to hopefully encourage people to not outnumber cops in every scenario and improve the roleplay between cops and crims. Moving on, cops need stop to using their vehicles as weapons. Running over criminals at 150 MPH while they’re running away isn’t ever acceptable. The only thing that you should generally be using your vehicle for is to 1) drive and 2) use as protection from bullets, not slam into criminals or pedestrians at mach 3. Lastly, if you use emotes to gain an advantage in shootouts or any part of roleplay, this is win mentality and emote abuse and you WILL be warned or banned. This is a call-out to all of you who think it’s okay to /e passout3 in vehicles during a shootout. By no means is this ever acceptable. We do not care if you say “well so and so does it too” or “well this person said it was fine,” if you are caught doing this you will be warned or banned, end of discussion.
  • Win mentality. Losing builds so much more. Stop screaming the second you lose. Be quiet if anything and take the loss. Log off and do something else until you can OOC accept the loss your IC pixel took



Matt | Director | Matthew#9727

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