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August 23rd Change Log


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August 23rd Change Log


- The server now checks for your steam ID prior to joining queue and connecting (no more "no steam open!" after you try to load in).

- New 24/7 at 578 now has a functioning store

- New food items for Freaky Friday 

- Storage on owned aircrafts has been increased

- Price changes on some Aircraft vehicles and rentals

- New Luxury Autos interior

- New Hooker's interior

- Banks have been completely redone. FIND OUT IN CHARACTER 

- Drugs have been completely redone. Heroin will be redone soon. FIND OUT IN CHARACTER

- Crafting drugs has been removed. There are a few crafting tables still around for the other legal-type items.

- Drug selling has been redone, there is a different way to sell to peds now (Command is /dealer). FIND OUT IN CHARACTER

- Car handling tweaks (Ongoing)

- Tuning laptop has been rebalanced (worth getting your car re checked for a tune)


With the changes just made to drugs we understand that your character may or may not have known how to make the drugs prior however you will need to roleplay out that that is not the case anymore until you figure out the new system. "The Government" did not change how to make drugs, come up with a better excuse!


Bug Fixes


- Some clean up in loading screen

- Rotation with chairs and /sit has been fixed

- Scuba drowning notification fixed

- Scuba outfit allows for 55 lbs of weight

- Some typos in drug selling fixed

- /cm now allows you to toggle your weapon wheel

- Seating people in a vehicle has been reworked to make it more reliable



With the changes that have gone in today if you notice anything weird or unbalanced then please open a ticket in discord and DO NOT mention it in public rooms to avoid meta-gaming and we will take a look at it. Thank You!


Big big big shout to the development team who have worked almost non stop for the last couple of days. Special shout out to @Mackadoodle for reworking everything and making the server more immersive with what he has been working on! Jeff, Obama and Mack have been working pretty much flat out the last couple of days to get this update out to you guys in time, let's show them some appreciation in General chat in discord!



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