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Community Meeting 10/28/2021 Transcript


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Misconceptions / Clarity on Questions


  • Why do admins own the big businesses? For example D8 lux and tuned in. These businesses were owned by an admin prior because of having to implement them into the server from a micromanaging POV for the sake of the server’s health. Another example is Umee own’s lux, which he got before +becoming an admin, as well as Jake who got D8 before he became an admin. Tuned-in is now owned by a non-admin after it was implemented and the hype died down. Another misconception is that Lux workers and D8 workers make a million a week. They don’t. Their automated paychecks are less than the EMS’s and PD’s. The owner of D8 makes $550 a check while the chief of PD makes $800 a check. Now when it comes to the weekly checks, D8 and lux are commission based and you have to be active to get paid. They also have caps on weekly earnings which means no matter how much a worker works in a week they can only make a specific amount of money. I have seen some of you guys make more in a few days than some of these employees make a week. These people put OOC work into forms and other related things, so it makes sense they make commission.
  • Why is It hard to get a job or why is an admin gatekeeping a job? It’s roleplay. Build a relationship and a connection IC. People aren’t going to hire a character they never met before or someone who has 500 citations or felonies. 
  • Why do Certain Admins favor specific groups? We don’t. We vote on everything as an admin team. It’s based on the majority and not because of “one person favoriting a group”. 
  • Do admins spawn guns for themselves? No, Matt and Laura spawn guns to admins who create plans and ideas on how it could benefit the entire server. Admins also do “mini heists” with community members who open tickets and have a roleplay and storydriven reason for it. Want to make a heist into zancudo and need armed guards there? Admins can be those guards that you take down to get whatever you are looking for. (Which can be a drug stash or guns etc.) It just needs to make sense.
  • Why do admins or devs get away with stuff like breaking rules? If you have valid suspicion/proof that an admin is doing something they shouldn’t be doing, you can make a ticket about it, or if you don’t want the admin to see it, fill out the admin report on the forums. The last step would be to DM Matt directly. We don’t tolerate admin abuse. If you’re not taking the appropriate channels to report people, including admins, then we don’t know there is an issue. Laura and Matt don’t know everything that is going on. Some admins have been removed for stuff such as abuse of powers in the past.

Dev applications are open and have been open for a while. If you would like to become a developer for our server feel free to DM Jeff, please do keep in mind that we’re looking for people who already have knowledge about coding and we’re not looking for vehicle devs.




  • If you are going to firestart anywhere you will be banned. We have no tolerance for it. Firestarting is when you are purposely posting something to cause issues and arguments or negativity. I have personally banned a dozen people for firestarting and have no problem with continuing to do so. There is a difference between fire starting and wanting to help make change and bring up concerns and issues. Spreading false rumors will also result in a ban as well. We are all adults and the server is 18+, even though some of you act like you’re 14. We don’t care if you have been here for over a year, you firestart, you’re gone. If you want to bring up your concerns or want clarification on something you can open a ticket, DM the Leads or even Matt, or report a person/admin on our website. You do not need to firestart.

TLDR: Mini Meetings


  • We're briefly going to be going over some of the things that were discussed in our mini meetings. Please note, not everything can immediately change, however we’re doing our best, both admin and dev wise to accomplish changes. We appreciate everyone who came to the meetings, and discussed what was on their chest, and it helped us gain a lot of insight on what people are looking for, as well as clearing up some questions.
  • The first thing that always gets brought up is a wipe of the server. And while we agree for the most part, we cannot wipe the server and have nothing to give in return. What I mean by this is there is no point of wiping the server, just to go back to the same economy. With no changes dev wise, it would end up back in the same state the server is already in. To do an overhaul is a huge project, and as of right now we do not have the dev team to produce that kind of change. If you think people are grinding now, imagine a wipe where it will be much more heavy of a grind than any other time. Our dev is currently working on bigger projects like a fully custom MDT for our server amongst other things that we don’t want to give away just at this time. 
  • There were mostly dev things discussed at these meetings, and I will go over some of the things that were suggested, that are going to be worked on by devs, so you can look forward to seeing them in the future. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on our public Trello to see what is coming up! The first one was adding more refuel, and repair, stations for aircrafts, as well as adding a garage close to a couple of the airports to put your vehicle away. We also agreed this is a good idea, and plan on implementing it. - More co-op legal jobs were also discussed, and we are thinking of how we can do this. If you have any suggestions specifically we’d love to see your ideas on the forum! - The cops wanted a Class 2 weapon so they can match criminals instead of just 1 upping them with ARs/Shotguns. We have a plan for this cops, don’t worry! It was also suggested that we add a /rob command, to avoid /me Fail RP. We have discussed this, we agree, and plan on implementing something for this. It may not be the traditional /rob you’ve seen on other servers, but we are going to work it out! There were a lot of more suggestions that we plan on looking at going forward, but these were some of the main ones that we felt like we should address at this meeting. Moving past dev things, here are a couple other things that were brought up. 
  • Ignoring Scenes - If there is a visible scene somewhere that portrays to your roleplay, or whatever you’re doing, make sure you react appropriately. If there is a scene of a locked door, you need to treat it as such. If you are trying to get past that door, to create conflict or for any other reason, make sure you are using /me’s and leaving trails of scenes that show the other party what happened. Roleplay is a two way street, and if you’re just deleting other people’s scenes with no roleplay behind it, and not leaving additional scenes to add to the roleplay, you are breaking the Fail RP rule. 
  • Foul play - The only thing I’m going to say about this is, go read the rule about Offensive RP. “Practice better bathroom etiquette” was added to the rules and we don’t want to hear about people 💩 on people, or leaving poop in places other than in a toilet is disgusting. Laugh all you want now, but it’s gross cut it out.
  • Exploiting - This will get you banned with no question. If something isn’t working as intended, and you happen to find out, report it immediately to avoid getting in trouble. If you think it’s smart to create a character, drop the money you get at start, and then delete the character, you’re sadly mistaken in thinking we won't catch you. Also, for those using EMS Revive on yourselves, or using it on your friends without proper RP… You will also catch punishment. There is no reason you should EVER be using this feature on yourself. This is the immediate catch of Exploiting and Fail RP. Go check in like everyone else. This goes for both PD and EMS. Exploiting is much more than this, but this is just an example. 
  • Lawyers - We want them just as much as you! The only issue is the lack of players wanting to roleplay that part. We are posting an updated list of those in practice, with their contact information in a IC chat room #state-news-feed that we will update as more join! You can use that information IC to contact them. If you’d like to be a part of DOJ, or be a lawyer, contact Billy for more info

Kitty ♥ Assistant Director

NoLimits  Roleplay

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