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Discord Roles


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Discord Roles

Directors are owners of the server. They run and manage everything from the community to the admins. Please remember to follow chain of command prior to reaching out to them about server related things. 


Lead Admins:

Lead Admins are here to help everyone! They keep the Directors in check with not only the Admin team, but with the community as well. They manage the acceptance and training of new admins and any punishment with current admins. They also handle everything listed below for admins.


Senior Admins:
Senior Admins are admins who have been in the admin position for 6 months consecutively. They help with voting on admin applications, and assist monitors NLRP related Discords. They also handle everything listed below for admins.



Administrators are those who deal with any issue you may come in contact with. Whether that be rule breaks, having answers of typical FAQ's, to helping with any tickets that end up being an admin related. They are your go to, and always willing to assist. 


Trial Admins:

These are our baby admins in training! This is not a guaranteed spot. This is the period of time they get to see everything that being an Admin entails. Once they complete 2 months of the trial phase, they can progress to full Admin if approved by the Senior+ team. Bare with them, as they are learning! - Our admin app can be found here: https://nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/forms/11-admin-application/ Please note, you must be whitelisted and been part of the community at minimum 3 months and active before applying. 


Discord Mods:

These lovely people manage nearly all of the Discord chats. They try to make sure everything is going as it should. They are here to help with any game and Discord related questions. They also take care of all of the member applications when they are available to ensure they are responded to within 48 hours.


Please keep in mind as all of these people are volunteers at the end of the day and sacrifice their free time to assist with keeping the community a fun place to be apart of.



These are the goats of the server. They are constantly working on bug fixes, and producing new things to better the server! Please remember to keep all suggestions in regards to the server on the forums suggestion page, not in their DMs unless they ask! They're working hard to give you new content! We are always looking for new devs! Message @Jeff Musk (Jeff M#1825) directly on Discord for more information.


Live On NLRP:
This role is given to you automatically by the bot. If you stream our community be sure to put NoLimitsRP in your stream title to be detected with the bot. Make sure to have your game activity on, twitch account connected, and streamer mode on as well! This role is removed once stream has ended, or the title is removed.


Noticed Member:

This person is chosen by you, the community - for great roleplayers within the server! Cast your votes for Noticed Member here:  https://nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/forms/32-noticed-members-submission/ This player once voted on will receive: The special role, Diamond Queue Prio for the month, and a spot on our Wall of Fame!


Event Coordinators:
These people sign up to host public events in coordination with the admins for items they may need spawned in. These events are not business related, and they create these events for everyone to enjoy. Usually they give out great prizes in coordination with sponsors from businesses.


Diamond, Gold, Silver, Bronze Supporter:
These are current supporters of the server! Your generosity in helping support the server is so appreciated. This role sticks with the person from month to month as they continue to support. They also get great perks alongside their donation. Thank you all so much! - Check out our Patreon here: https://www.patreon.com/NoLimitsRoleplay


Early Supporter:

This role is for anyone who supported the server in anyway, within the first 3 months of NLRP opening up. Thank you so much!


This role is for anyone who is currently supporting, or has supported in the past. As said before, thank you so much for your generous donation to the server to help keep it up and running!


Nitro Booster:

This is anyone who has used their Discord Nitro boost perk on our server, another form of supporting the server. Thank you!


Event Winner:

This role goes to anyone who wins our server wide events! Typically this is done once a year, and during the server anniversary week. Keep an eye out for one of our yearly Purge events.


This is anyone who is whitelisted in our server. We hope you enjoy your stay! - Our member application can be found here: https://nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/forms/7-member-application/

Gang Leader:
Anyone who has opened a ticket and let the admins know they are running a gang. Please see our gang rules at the bottom of: https://nolimitsroleplay.com/forums/index.php?/topic/19-nolimits-roleplay-rules/


Dev Tester:
This is anyone who signed up to be a tester of development when we need help, during open enrollment. 


Non Member:

Anyone who is a part of the server, and not yet whitelisted.













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